Hi! This is my first couple fan-fiction on Fairy Tail. It's least likely going to be good. Couples: Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia,and Gale. Other characters are going to be there, too. (And two OC's). I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL!

"Natsu!" Lucy yelled. "What?" he said eating flames from a torch. "Gray, where are your pants?" Cana asked as she drank beer. He was wearing boxers and Wendy was hiding her face and it was red from embarrassment. Erza was eating her strawberry cake. Let's hope Gray doesn't blame Natsu. The last thing we need is Erza... Her cake hit the ground and was stepped on by Juvia. Black oar came from her, Really! Really! I frinkin jinxed it! Where is Jellal when you need him to calm down Erza?

"This is going to turn into a wreck" Lucy whined. "I didn't take your pants!" Natsu yelled red flames from the background where behind him and ice colored for Gray. "I know you did you bastard!" Gray yelled. "Stop!" Erza ordered. They stopped, including Max who was with his broom. Lucy chuckled at the fact of how Erza scared Natsu. The master walked in, "What happened here? Did Natsu, Gray, and Elf-man get in a fight, again?" He yelled. Chairs were every where, Erza's cake was speared everywhere (do to the fact Juvia had it on her shows) , and Cana's drink was every where... again...

"Not Elf-man. Just those two" Erza said pointing at Gray and Natsu. Lucy felt someone shaking her, her eyes opened to see Natsu. "Where you dreaming about that again?" He asked looking annoyed. "Err... yes" She said. She laughed slightly. "You two got the punishment of your lives!" Lucy said. Happy was eating fish on the bed. Lucy heard the crouching sounds, she shook her head as she stood up next to Natsu. "I'm going to head to the guild. See you there?" he said as Happy took off. Lucy nodded. They went out the window, again."Will you stop going out the window and use the door like a normal person!?" Lucy uttered under her breath.

Lucy was finally ready when Erza burst the door open. "Geez! Erza you startled me!" Lucy said. "Do you know where Jellal is?" Erza asked. "Guild?" Lucy said slowly backing away. She look a little... scarier than usual. Poor Jellal if it's bad... "Ok thanks" she dashed out.. Thank you for using the door! Lucy thought. She went out, Plue followed her. Lucy arrived at the guild to see Erza talking (to what look intently) to Jellal.

Gray was sitting next to Juvia at one of the tables. (Juvia was in her own little world. Run for it Gray). Mira smirked a little as she passed Lucy. "Why are you smirking?" Lucy asked. Happy was smirking, too. "You like himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Happy said pointing to Natsu. "Shut it cat! Natsu was the one who went into my house!" Lucy snapped. "Please don't start Mira. One Happy is enough." Even though she said that, Lucy knew she was thinking the same has Happy. "Why don't you do it to Gray..." Cana said. He shot her a death glare. Lucy chuckled. She knew how much Gray hated it, so naturally she did it. Little did she know she would't see Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Jellal for years to come...

Sorry if that was a short chapter. This is still my first Fairy Tail fan-fiction.