"SPRINGTRAP!" yelled Bolt to the top of his lungs, "Where are you you nasty scum!? Come here right now!"
Springtrap stuck his head out of the vent.
"What?" he said unimpressed, "what happened?
"What have you done to Sarada and Himawari?"
Springtrap grinned a little.
"We want slaves to sell, not dead meat," said Springtrp, "Sarada was wounded yesterday. We are healing her now."
"What about my sister?"
"She's mine now. She was my price. You know how bunnies appreciate eating veggies? I guess a sunflower fits into this category."
"You have her?!"
"That's right! She's mine for me to do whatever I wish with her!"
"What?" said Naruto, "why you little-"
Springtrap jumped at Naruto and kicked him on the chin.
"Little?" he asked, 'In a few years, I'll be taller than you! I'm already taller than Bolt and I'm younger than him!"
Hinata hit Springtrap on the chest. He did not budge and grabbed her hand. She tried to pull away, but his grasp was too strong. Naruto aimed a punch at his face, but Springtrap was already expecting that. He pulled Hinata towards him and placed her right where Naruto had sent his punch. Naruto stopped himself milliseconds before hitting her. Seeing that, Springtrap pushed her towards the fist. He finally backed from them after that.
"You," said Naruto, "what will you do to my Himawari?"
"Whatever I wish to do," he answered, "If I want her to live, she lives. If I decided she should not live, she dies. If I want to hit her, I hit her."
"Now you will feel the pain my siblings felt, knowing their loved one was suffering or at the hands of an enemy, yet being unable to do anything about it or knowing what it was."
"I will kill you for this!"
"Do that and your daughter will suffer more!"
Springtrap walked back towards Bolt.
"Don't turn away from me, Scumtrap! said Naruto.
Springtrap turned quickly.
"What did you just call me?" he asked. His eyes were the definition of pure rage. The look in them pierced Naruto with fear. He pushed himself against the column. Springtrap kept his eyes locked on him. He turned the rest of his body and began to walk towards him. Soon, he was upon Naruto once again. He saw Naruto shaking. Without a warning, Springtrap kicked Naruto in the gut, knocking the air out of him. When Naruto breathed once again, Springtrap grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him towards his face.
"Take a look at me," he hissed, "can you see your death in my eyes?"
Naruto just stared.
"This was the look you gave me that day."
Springtrap let go of Naruto and walked towards Bolt. Bolt's eyes also defined pure rage.
"Springtrap," he said, "I'll get you for this! At that colosseum I will! And when I do, you will regret ever laying your eyes on my sister."
"HA!" said Springtrap, "You saw what I did to your father! You won't last a second in the colosseum! Well, you will cause I wanna have fun slowly destroying you like you did back in the days. But you get what I mean!"
"All the time you waited I got stronger with power and force! Now I'm invincible compared to you!"
"You are not! You are weak! You only beat us because we can't use chakra!'
"And frankly, neither can I! I got kicked out of your academy before I learned how to use it. Now we are fair!"
"This isn't fair! You can't punish my sister! I tortured you! I alone deserve to suffer!"
"You all tortured me! You and your friends! Your families did anything against it? Your father listened to me?"
"No but-"
"No buts! This is simply the punishment irresponsible parents and family members get for not watching over their own kids and keeping them away from trouble! If one of them ever tried to stop their kids from getting me, that entire family could have been spared."
"You can't just get a little girl for this!"
"I'm the 'president' of this place! I am Fazbear's Fright's Obama! I can do whatever I please!"
"What does being the "Obama" of this place have to do with torturing kids?"
"I don't know! But if I can do whatever I please, I can make it have something to do with it! And plus, I'm younger than you!"
"Dude, your puns and riddles are so bad! What are you? Bugs Bunny?"
"I don't know! Is he supposed to BUG people?"
"GAAAAAHHHHH! Stop that! One more of those puns or unfunny jokes and your going to sleep with the fish once we are out of the colosseum!"
"I already sleep with fish! I have an aquarium right beside my bed!"
Bolt's patience had expired with that. He stood up and lunged himself at Springtrap. Springtrap dove right between his legs and grabbed his chain in the process. He pulled the chain towards him, making Bolt do a forward flip. Bolt landed with his back on the floor at full force. Springtrap got up and backed away. He watched Bolt's attempt to stand. When Bolt almost succeed in sitting, Springtrap walked towards him and pulled his leg back, preparing a kick.
"Stop!" called an adult male voice. Everyone turned towards the door. It was briefly opened and a shadow stood right behind it.
"Spring Bonnie," he said, "remember I want slaves to sell! No one wants beaten up slaves! So please, if you want to hurt them, get their emotions instead!"
"Okay chief," said Springtrap, "after all, emotional pain is much more painful!"
"Hey you!" called Naruto at the shadow at the door, "what has this rodent pet of your's done to my daughter?"
"I'm not a rodent you moron! Rabbits are from a different family called Leporidae! Wait, I'm not even a rabbit! I am stuck inside a rabbit costume because of Bolt! Wait, so Bolt turned me into a rabbit! So he is a magician that gets rabbits out of the hat, or from the nowhere I should say!"
"Will you shut it, Misery Bunny?" called the shadow, "You got nothing to do and make those stupid puns to pass time right?"
"Why would I do that? I'm used to sitting in a room staring at the wall all day!"
"I want you to stare at people all day soon!"
"Can I do that creepy hiss of mine (Jumpscare sound of FNaF3)?"
"Depends. Get to work! Get out of there! Being near these people will make you mad soon!"
"Hey," said Bolt, able to stand again, "where is my sister Springtrash's boss?"
The shadow began to laugh.
"Oh my," he said, "Springtrash! That's just perfect! I'll add it to my names for Misery Bunny list!"
"And," said Springtrap gazing angrily at him, "I'll, add it to my motivation phrases to kill at the colosseum list!"
"Anyway!" said Bolt, "I will get you both! Believe it! You can't just get us like this and get away!"
"Purple guy says 'you can't'!" said Springtrap, "Obama says 'yes we can!'"
"Stop that!"
"Nope! And we already have gotten away with it!"
"You won't this time! I will get out of here and hunt you down again and you will see."
Springtrap walked up to him, eyed him, and whispered in a low inhuman toned hiss that sounded rather robotic: You are never going back, cause you got spring trapped.
The phrase echoed about three more times before vanishing. Bolt did not feel frightened, yet, he could not move. He began to feel pain from sharp objects entering his body. He tried to scream, but no sound came. Springtrap walked away towards the door.
"Get back here," Bolt managed to moan, "you can't leave us like this! Fight fair and square!"
Bolt lied still for a long time. He kept hearing in the distance the same phrases over and over again from Springtrap:
"Purple Guy says "you can't"! Obama says "Yes we can"!"

I waited 7 chapters to show a jokey Sringtrap! My dad said he reminds him of the Joker here. He loves puns and all sorts of jokes (unless they are super dirty cause he's 12).I recently heard about this phrase from Obama and had the idea! For those who don't remember the "Purple Guy" thing, on chapter 3, Bolt asked them to call him Purple Guy because of his bruised face. So he says "You can't". And yeah, Groundbreaking reference near the end! I don't know if your in favor or against Obama, but it's not really meant to be offensive (i'm against Obama though). Well, it was not a vey good chapter I guess, but I will make sure they do get better (and that springs won't change the subject so quickly).