So I originally posted this on my Tumblr and then decided "Huh. Might as well put all of my Tumblr originated stories on here."

NOW behold, in no particular order, my randomly updated Fanfiction for my stories about SVTFOE that are written on Tumblr!

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Marco stuck his head out of his bedroom door, narrrowing his eyes and surveying the hallway to ensure that no one was there.

He swung his door closed and rapidly locked it, revelling in the soft click that sounded below the knob. Dropping to his knees, Marco checked under the bed, dove to his trunk and glanced inside, then somersaulted to his window and peeked outside. He slammed the panes shut, drew the curtains, and darted to his closet.

Marco shoved aside the dozen red hoodies that hung from their hangers, digging deep into the back of the tiny room. From under his shirt he drew a key on a cord and pulled it off his neck.

The key fit snuggly into the lock that Marco had on the safe tucked into the back of his closet, and he turned the key ever so slightly, grinning when the tumbling sound inside the lock reached his ears.

Putting the cord back around his neck, Marco swung the safe door open and reached inside, pulling out a smaller safe, this one with a combination lock. He spun the dial, hitting the number 13 three times, and clicked the door open.

"Finally," he whispered, his voice wavering as he smiled. "Finally we can be alone, and no one has to know about you."

From inside the safe he pulled out the softest, most comfortable hoodie he had ever purchased and pressed it to his cheek, looking back nervously at the red hoodies hanging above him.

He turned back to the hoodie in his hands, a smile lingering on his lips as he traced a finger over the gentle bright blue fabric.

"No one needs to know," he murmured again, tucking the hoodie back into the safe. "No one needs to know that blue is my favorite."

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