Tittle: Dark Eyes

Author: Andro

Rating: Around R

Pairings: Y/Y

Type: AU

A/N: I'm really not that familiar with the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe(I'm actually writing this for a friend-*waves at Mel*), so I've decided to make this into an AU fic-this in an Alternative Universe, the Duel Cards don't exist, and things will be different, okay? If I get enough reviews asking for one, I'll try to write a lemon. ^^ Errm..please go a bit easy on me, ne? _ Other extra notes: Yugi will seem a bit OOC for the first few chapters, but he'll eventually go back to being his extremely cute, genki self. ^_^ Oh, and extra: ~_~ Does anyone know what the first name of Yugi's grandfather is? Thanks. ^^ I'm putting Sakano as of now, but I'd just like to know so I can call him by his right name. ^_^;


Prologue: Trouble


Skin rubbed raw against rough cement as the young teen skid violently to a stop on the sidewalk a few blocks away to his house. Bitter tears stung his violet eyes at the feeling of humiliation and pain. Above him, the sun gleamed mercilessly, not caring about what went on with him. With pitiful little Yugi Mouto, fifteen year old sophomore at Araga High School, who currently lay on his side, motionless.

With a low groan, the teenager began to move after a few seconds passed only to be jerked upwards by the brisk hand that had gotten a hold of his uniform jacket, and found himself looking into malicious black eyes. Ahel Dagashita. Tall, black haired, darkened, with an edgy temper and a penchant for torturing younger students.

Swallowing nervously, Yugi pressed his lips tightly closed, angrily keeping back the tears that threatened to spill, or to say anything that would get him into more trouble with the junior. //Why does he hate me this much?\\ The boy thought miserably, wishing he were stronger, not to mention taller so that he could at least defend himself. Nervously, the hand that still managed to held on to his backpack tightened, turning white from the effort.

"Mouto, Mouto, did you really think that changing routes to your house could stop me?" Ahel demanded, brutally shaking his spiky haired prisoner back and forth, not really expecting an answer to his question. He most certainly did not expect getting hit on the head by said captive, but the high schooler found himself lying on the ground, blinking dazedly at the pain that throbbed darkly on the back of his head; staring up at a scared looking Yugi.

The violet eyed fifteen year old looked down at the other, who had bullied him and backed away, holding his back protectively in front of his chest. //Why did I do thatch, no, he's going to kill me now. I'm going to die.\\ Spurned on by this moment of perfect clarity, Yugi turned tail and ran for all that he was worth, shoes striking the ground and making sharp turns around the edges. Time ceased to make any sense to him, for three eternities later, he was collapsing on his living room couch in the home he shared with his grandfather, Sakano Mouto, not quite sure how he'd made it there.

Drawing in great gulping breaths, Yugi finally let go of his book carrier when his frightened mind registered that he was home, safe and that Ahel did not know where he lived. Or at least he didn't think Ahel knew where he lived.

//I have to calm down, Ahel can't possibly know where I live of course. He's not that obsessive, I mean, I'm sure he has other victims to torture as well, he can't possibly keep track of us all.\\ The teen reassured himself, nevertheless rising from his seat after a bit to make sure that all the doors were closed.

A relieved look crossed his features and Yugi Mouto relaxed, body sliding into a more peaceful position, now that he wasn't expecting to be hit. However, this fading of aldreline rush brought back the pain that demanded his attention. Glancing at his reflection off a wall mirror, Yugi cringed slightly at the sight. Getting pushed down on hard surfaces really did not do anything good for his looks.

Large violet eyes peered at the reflective surface, showing misery in them as they studied the long, angry looking red area around the right side of his face. It was red and raw, and burned. Hissing softly, Yugi brushed a piece of blonde hair behind one ear and leaned closer, studying the damage. The thing that really worried him was if it got inffected-that would make the whole thing even worse, and that he did not need.

Sighing, Yugi bowed his head, mind reminding him of one important fact. //You've got school tomorrow, how will you survive?\\ Pushing away the worry for now, the boy walked into the bathroom, searching for some kind of disinfectant that he knew that in there-somewhere. Now the only thing he had to do what find it, which really was easier said than done, as he had horrendous look with finding items.

The sound of a door being shut heavily made Yugi jerk back from his spot on the floor with his head stuck in the lower cabinets, gasping as he smacked head on with hard, unforgiving wood. Groaning to himself Yugi retreated, pressing a hand against his forehead, triumphant with the Bay's Disinfectant Water in one hand, and on the other, a quickly developing painful headache.

Wandering outside, Yugi craned his neck, peering over a corner at the old man that had entered the building. "Hi grandpa." He greeted softly. His voice was sweet, though sounding weary and tired.

Senior Mouto was a man in his sixties, and the family resemblance was very strong with both grandfather and grandson, especially with the violet eyes trait that they shared, though over the years Mr.Mouto's eyes had faded to a lighter, dimmer color and had lost the innocence and wonder that often shinned brilliantly in Yugi Mouto's wide eyes. But now there was no light in them, and the rash like crimson marks on his face hinted at that Yugi had indeed run into some trouble with that bully Ahel earlier. This was the third time this month by Grandfather Mouto's count, and who knew about the things that Yugi didn't tell him, with fear that he'd worry too much?

Frowning faintly, Mr.Mouto took off his jacket and hung it up on the coat rack, brain wandering over to the invitation that he'd received from his good friend Sawayuki Nagasaki, a man that he had known from University when he had been studying design. Born into a traditional Japanese family who maintained a well known dojo, Sawayuki was now almost seventy, just like he was, and they were getting far into their ages. They both now had grandsons to take care of, and they had not seen each other in over a decade. It was high time that they met again, Sawayuki had claimed in his letter, inviting Mr.Mouto and his little grandson Yugi to come to the country, so see the dojo and to meet. Initially, he had been leaning towards declining the invitation, for it was November, and little Yugi would not do well to miss school. However, the turn of events with the bully had taken a serious turn, and perhaps it would be good to get Yugi out in the country. As as Sawayuki owned a kendo dojo, he might learn some self-defense moves that could help him.

Having made up his mind, Grampa Mouto smiled cheerfully, pretending he had not noticed the state his little Yugi was in.

"Good afternoon Yugi, I have some good news."

Cocking his head to the side, the tri-colored teen blinked and followed his adopted parent into the kitchen, pausing to snag a napkin off the table to spill BDW on it and press it on the bruised flesh, drawing in his breath softly as the searing sensation multiplied, but that only meant that it was working he supposed.

"What is it?"

Drawing pants and pots out to cook dinner, Mouto turned on the stove.

"I received a letter from a dear friend a bit ago inviting us to spend some time with him. I would like for us to go so you can meet him. He is the Master of a dojo Temple outside of Kyoto." Turning, the old male patiently filled a pot with water from the sink, avoiding his grandson's eyes.

A glimmer of interest entered Yugi's eyes and he sat up straighter from his seat on the kitchen table.

"Dojo? That's wonderful Grampa!" He paused. "But what about school?" The question was hesitant-it wasn't that he didn't want to go, in fact, the complete opposite, it would be nice to get out in the country and away from the city-and Ahel. However, school was important as well..

"Well, we won't be long too much, just about two weeks. Your grades are good, it won't make much of a difference." Yugi smiled weakly, thinking of all the home work that he would have to do to catch up-even if he was half a week ahead of his class...He pondered briefly.

"Grandpa? When are we leaving?"

"Well, I suppose on Monday morning-why?"

Yugi smiled faintly. "Well, I'll be missing school no matter what I do, but if I can really hard tomorrow, go to Saturday, Sunday school and take some assignments with me, then I should be okay, maybe just two, or three days behind." He cringed at the thought of being caught by Ahel. Well, he supposed he'd just have to start running home really fast.

Narrowly missing getting his shirt caught on fire, Mr.Mouto grinned, proud of his grandson.

"Then it's settled then, better get packing, because on Monday morning we set out to visit the Nagasaki Dojo."


Chapter 1: I've Seen You Before


Carefully balancing the stack of books in his arms, Yugi read each of the titles out loud to make sure that those really were the ones that he needed. "World History Volume three, Biology two, The Life of the Gods.." His voice trailed off, mouth forming the words though no sound came out as his eyes trailed lower. Yes, he had everything. Since he had studied and worked so hard for three days, he had managed to make up work so four extra school days, not counting having gone to school on Friday itself. Which meant that when he got back, he would only be four days behind. At least it was not as bad as two weeks.

Stepping over to his bed, the spiky haired teen crammed the books inside his suitcase, packed and ready for the three hour car trip the next morning.

Brushing haired a strand of hair, Yugi pulled down the top of the carrier and closed it, hearing the quiet click in the silent room. So that was it then, he thought. All that he needed was packed, dinner was eaten, a shower had been taken and homework had been done.

//I suppose I should call Jou, Bakura and Anzu just one more time..\\ Yugi thought, turning to reach for the phone before he remembered that Jou was out with Kaiba, Anzu was most likely sleeping by now, and that Bakura had been moody these past few days, like someone had been bothering him. Raising violet eyes towards the ceiling, Yugi pondered upon what was wrong with his friend for a few seconds before shrugging. If something was really wrong, the silver haired teen would tell him, right? Besides, he had left the number of his grandfather's cell phone(unused as it was) with Anzu, so if they ever needed him, they could easily reach him.

Pulling the black suitcase off his bed, the fifteen year old dropped it next to the door and yawned. //Maybe I should just go to sleep. I do have to get up at seven, and I'm tired from working so hard...\\ Decision made, a happy smile turned his lips and Yugi threw himself on his bed, not bothering to change into his Pjs and pulled up his dark blue covers, reaching out with one hand to turn off the lights.

//Night Grampa.\\


"And the capital of Florida is..?"

Bored red eyes stared back at her from the other side of the table, belong to one Yami Nagasaki; heir to the Nagasaki Dojo, grandson of none other than the legendary Kendo Level 5 Master Sawayaki Nagasaki. And the dark haired girl sitting with him, looking exasperated was Sayeka Onori, one of his closest friends. Her blue eyes glared at him.

"Yami! Come on, you're supposed to know this."

Leaning back, he ran a hand slowly through his stiff black, violet and blonde hair smirking faintly at the disgusted look the younger girl was throwing him.

"Come on Sayeka, let's just take the day off. Grandfather's friends are supposed to be getting here in about ten to twenty minutes, and all that you can think about is quizzing me on the capitals of the United States?"

"Well, yes!" She admitted, leaning back as well and rubbing her neck tiredly.

"Ah, what the hell, I can't get any work done either and I can't remember if it's Jackson or the Tallahassee.." Dropping her head, the sixteen year old closed her book and gathered the collection of notebooks and pens spread across the low table, making everything neat for viewing.

"I wonder how he's like?" She mused, clicking her nails against the hard wooden surface, attracting the older teen's attention.

"Who is like what?"

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking." Sayeka pointed out reasonably, perking when the sound of a car pulling up nearby reached her ear.

"They're here!"

Yami looked half amused, half annoyed.

"How do you -do- that?" He hadn't heard anything, but since she was always right about things of that sort, he sighed deeply and followed the girl who had all ready by that time left to greet his grandfather's friends.

Passing by said man's room, Yami stuck his head inside and informed the old man that 'they' were here.

Well, except he was interrupted by the scream.

"Yami! IT'S YOU!"


Gazing quietly outside of the car at what seemed like an endless expanse of undeveloped land, Yugi let his head slide with a quiet thump against the glass, mind hazy as he was partly allowing himself to sleep. It wasn't like he was missing anything but cows and lakes.

Closing his eyes, the teenager drifted peacefully into slumber's welcome arms, not noticing that they had arrived at a large, temple like structure until his grandfather shook his shoulder firmly, calling his name. Blinking rapidly, Yugi first stared at Mr.Mouto before smiling sheepishly.

"Sorry Grampa, dozed off..." Glancing around, his eyes stopped blinking so much, wanting to see everything at the same time. The whole place was absolutely -amazing-. The original structure, intricate carvings sliding up the walls...

Unlocking the door, Yugi quickly stepped out, almost losing his balance from having been sitting for so long. Stretching his arms far above his head, the teen studied his surroundings more carefully, noting the care that had went into the rock garden, the healthy trees that rustled quietly in the morning light, and the gently waving paper dragons. It was very peaceful, and Yugi loved it. It was the kind of place that one only saw in movies, and he half expected a samurai to walk out of nowhere any second.

"Yami! IT'S YOU!"

Dropping back, Yugi cringed at the sudden shouting, looking confused at the black haired girl who had appeared out of the dojo's main building, looking highly amused.

Glancing at his grandfather helplessly, Yugi tried to back away from the brunette girl, who didn't seem to pay much attention to what he was doing, just looked him up and down with a puzzled look on her face.

"You look like-his brother or something!"

Steps came from inside the building, and then Yugi stopped thinking.



Shooting a questioning glance at Sayeka, Yami stepped out into the light of the day's early morning, almost wishing he had remained asleep through it- whatever it was going to be. The dark-haired girl though, apparently didn't seem to hear him, only staring at something ahead with a slack jaw.

"You know, that really isn't a good look for..." He began teasingly, then stopped, catching a glimpse of the wary looking boy pressed against the white car, looking pale and confused. And he was staring at Yami himself.

"Damn." Sayeka murmured, summing up nicely the situation, glancing back between her friend and the other unknown teen. If she hadn't been friends with Yami for years, she would have demanded to know why he hadn't told her that he had a little brother. //They're so much alike..\\ The dazed thought crossed her head. //Yami's taller, and definitely sexier, more like what the kid will be in five years probably..\\

Next to her, Yami looked expressionless, but his eyes never wavered from Yugi, nor did Yugi's eyes ever leave Yami's. Frowning, Sayeka tried to read Yami's feelings, but she was completely shut out. Whatever he was thinking, it was obviously not for her to know; so she sighed and shrugged, trying to bring back a cheerful smile for the old man who was looking amazed at the similarities between the two, not noticing the look they were sharing.

"Well? What are you all st-oh." Sawayuki Nagasaki began, trailing behind his grandson.

Deciding the silence was enough, Sayeka threw herself into a flurry of activity.

"Look! They're like twins! Yay! Now I get to order two Yami-kuns around!" She squealed, dragging said Yami up to the yet-unknown teen and throwing her arms around him as well.

"Welcome to Nagasaki Dojo! I'm Sayeka Onori, and this is one of my best friends, Yami Nagasaki, and you are?"

"Y-Yugi Mouto."

Sayeka beamed at him.

"Hi Y-Yugi! Kind of creepy how you two look alike, no?" She commented rapidly, words spilling out right after the other. The other teen still looked pallid, though managed to nod and smile faintly, even though it faded quickly since Yami was not smiling, and simply kept looking at him.

Swallowing nervously, Yugi offered his hand to the man that looked like him- but dozens of times better. Hundreds really, with those leather pants and jacket...

Sweatdropping lightly, Yugi began to let his hand drop, since it was obvious that the older teen wasn't going to accept it when warmth wrapped around it, squeezing firmly and he drew in his breath slightly, squeezing back out of reaction. Violet eyes drawn to their clasped limbs, Yugi slowly looked up, for Yami was half a foot taller and met turbulent ruby eyes.


"Hello." Yami greeted back, unconsciously leaning forward over the younger man to study his gaze better, noting the grotesque contusion blemishing Yugi's fine complexion. //Trouble?\\ His mind analyzed coolly, taking in the weary, not quite gullible emotion in the purple eyes. He frowned, a slight crease of skin on his forehead, still not letting go of the other teen's hand. For some queer reason, he felt potently attracted to this smaller, delicate version of himself and craved to protect him, as he looked like he wasn't doing a great job of that himself. //Maybe it's because he looks like he could be my younger brother.\\ Yami told himself, knowing that it was outright lie even before the thought was finished.

"Uhmm..." Switching gears between Yugi and Yami, Sayeka looked toward the older men helplessly, wondering in they had any clue about the just over- all weirdness of the situation to found they had left, chatting amiable about the old days off into another part of the Nagasaki Home. Twitching, she grumbled men disgustedly under her breath and fwaped Yami.

"Oi, give him some breathing space, eh?"

Pulling back, Yami gave her a frosty glare, making Sayeka step back, a hurt look crossing her face. Ignoring Yugi, she settled her hands on her hips, frowning.

"Yami, what is wrong with you?" She demanded. //Why is he acting so odd? I mean, okay, the thing with little Yugi is kind of creepy, but still, Yami has never looked at me that way. It's like I don't even matter and I just interrupted his absolute favorite thing to do..\\ Gaze flicking to the younger teen who still looked nervous, yet strangely not scared by Yami's thorough examination of him back to the senior himself. Something began to click inside, but Sayeka ignored it, standing her ground.

"Forget it. Come on Yugi, I'll help you with your stuff okay?" She suggested abruptly, turning away from her friend and picking off the heavy suitcase from the back seat of the car, grunting when she couldn't hold on to it and it thumped heavily on the ground. Grateful at being distracted, Yugi sighed.

"Sorry Ms.Onori, it's really heavy because I all all my books in there." He apologized, reaching out to pick up his belongings when a a hand behind him reached out and picked it up easily with one limb, making Yugi blink faintly in awe. There was no way he'd ever be able to pick up something that weighted that much with that much ease..

Then Yami started moving and for the first time Yugi noticed that they still had not released their hold on each other, as he was tugged along. Raising his gaze, he fixed it upon the older man, noting again the similarities between the two, not protesting as he followed him into the dojo, leaving an equally reticent Sayeka outside.


Sayeka gets nicer! I promise! ^^