*Author NOTES*

Before you start reading this, i just want to say this is my first fanfiction ever. So please i'm sorry if my english is horrible, it's not my primary language. This will be my own AU in a different timeline but it will obviously take place in the lylat system. The story will begin off in a chronologically way. ANTHROPOMORPHIC AU.
I've been wanting to make a fanfiction of my own ever since i got into Starfox. I kinda want this story to be passively-neutral i want to focus more on the relationships than rather making a lot of antagonists.
Story fits in Hurt/Comfort/Romance. Written in third and first person.

Rated M due to Violence, Language and Slight Sexual Content on the future chapters. (Will Warn!)

Starfox is owned by Nintendo. Story made by me.

Prologue: The Birth of a Young Fox.

It was a bright and sunny day. James McCloud and his dear wife Vixy we're having a good time at their residence. Before James became a pilot, he used to live a normal life. James and Vixy have been married for 10+ Years. James would do anything to be with his dear wife Vixy, he could never let go of her, he was always there for her when she needed him.
They lived in Corneria. James had his good old friends Peppy and Pigma.

-May 11th, 1991-

"Today marks the 9th month of your pregnancy babe, do you really think he's coming already?" James replied with a smile.

"I don't know but, i feel a lot of kicking...but, Are we really...becoming parents already?" Vixy said with a sad look on her face

"Why the sad look?" James dropped his ears.

"I don't know i just feel like i won't be a very good mother..." Vixy replied.

"Babe, trust me. You're gonna be a wonderful mother and there's nothing you should worry about. He's our baby." James said kissing Vixy on the cheek

"Vixy, Oh James i love you so much" She kissed him back and pulled him for a hug.

"ACK, Ooooh..." Vixy cried.

"What's wrong?" James replied.

"The baby, it's...it's..." Vixy said while struggling to stand up.

"Don't worry i'll take you to the hospital!" James said with a tear on his face.

James McCloud rapidly in a flash took Vixy to the hospital. He dodged every red light and tried to avoid hitting pedestrians.
He was really in a rush and he was really exited for his first baby.

They arrived at the hospital and rapidly headed to the emergency room.

"AHHhHHH" Vixy said while crying

"It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay" James kept repeating these words while holding her hand.

"Alright we're gonna need you to relax Miss, breathe slowly in and out." The Doctor said.

"A-alright aalrigh-t"

"3...2...1...PULL" The Doctor Yelled

"AAAAAHHHH..." Vixy kept crying.

"Babe...babe...shh it's gonna be alright" James said.

"It's almost here, keep pulling" The doctor said.

"I...I..." Vixy said while opening her eyes.

The whole room went silent, all you could hear was a baby crying.

James was crying tears of happiness, he was finally becoming a dad. The doctor grabbed the baby and gave it to Vixy.

"He's...he's beautiful" Vixy said while forming tears.

"What do you want to name him as?" James said.

"I was thinking of...Fox..." Vixy replied.

"Babe, that's...that's a very beautiful name, oh my god" James replied.

"He looks just like daddy." Vixy pulled James for a kiss.

One week has passed ever since Fox was born.

James could never let his eyes of Fox ever, he was super protective of him.

"Awww who's a cute lil Fox?, you are!" James teased Fox.

Fox was a very calm baby, he would barely cry. He was always sleeping most of the time.

"James dear, i'm going to the store to buy some baby food for Fox, are you okay with staying to watch him?" Vixy said while getting her purse.

"Of course i am" James replied while holding Fox.

"Take care. I love you" They both kissed romantically.

Vixy had left the house. James was all alone with Fox. He put on some television on a childrens TV show.
He sit down on the couch and put Fox on his lap. Fox suddenly opened his eyes and saw the television.
He seemed to love television a lot. He could never get his eyes off it.

About a few hours passed. James was feeling odd. He didn't know why.
He suddenly got up from the couch and grabbed his phone.

"5 Missed calls? From Peppy? What does he want?"

James tried to call Peppy back. It kept saying he was busy.

"Darn..." James said while frustrated.

Fox was sleeping in his crib. He was sucking on his little thumb. He kept moving around sleeping upwards or downwards.

James suddenly heard a knock on the door.

"Who is there" James said.

"It's IT'S PEPPY!" Peppy replied while panthing.

James opened the door, he saw Peppy holding his phone out.

"What is it?" James asked.

"It's Vixy..." Peppy replied with a frown.

"What about Vixy?, What are you trying to say?" James clenched his fists thinking Peppy was messing around.

"She's...she's dead..." Peppy replied and started crying.

"No she's not, how do you know, she's not DEAD!" James kept denying.

"Look." Peppy showed James pictures of the car, it had a bomb on it.

"It was Andross, he...he put a bomb on your car thinking you would get on it so he could kill you but...it killed Vixy instead"

James McCloud fell on his knees and began to cry. He felt worthless, pointless, and didn't feel like living anymore.
He then heard Fox crying alarmed that his Dad was crying.

"Fox..." James whispered.

"I'm really sorry this all happened James, i'm really sorry." Peppy tried to calm the Fox down.

"It's...-" James coudn't talk, he began to punch the wall.

"Wait. Stop! Don't do self-damage to yourself. It's not worth it"

"How am i gonna raise Fox all alone?! He's gonna need a mother too! Oh god..." James said.

"What are you gonna do with Andross?!" Peppy asked concerned.

"Andross...him..." "He's gonna get a beating of his life" James said furiously.

"How are we gonna get revenge on him" Peppy replied.

"Starfox." James said.

"Excuse me?" Peppy said confused.

"Isn't Andross a professional flighter? Isn't he a long time criminal? I mean. We could form a team and call it Starfox.
We could become the next-gen of cops. We can protect Lylat." James replied.

"But lylat has enough protecti-" Peppy got cut off

"LIES!, All lies!" James said while crying.

"Alright alright, but what about the little guy? Don't you think it's too early for him?" Peppy replied.

"Don't worry. Daddy says he's gonna become a great flighter. James said, trying to put a smile on his face.

*4 Years Later*

The team of Starfox was formed, James the leader and his two friends Peppy and Pigma became Ace and Skilled flighters who would always be on date with the crimes. Fox had just turned 4 years old. James McCloud was about to throw Fox a party.

"Dad dad!, where awe you? Fox said feeling scared he didn't see his Dad around.

He had just woken up from a long nap. He knew it was his birthday and he was happy to tell his dad.

"Dad...? Please twell me you're hewe?... Fox said forming tears on his eyes

"Dad..." Fox was about to cry, but then he heard a plate clatter on the kitchen.

He ran towards the kitchen and tripped. Luckily he fell on a pillow cushioning his fall. Fox heard a light flicker and-

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!" James turned on the lights with a smirk on his face. He had a birthday cake and gifts ready.

"Happy birthday boy, you finally turned 4 huh?" Peppy said.

"Ywes!" Fox said squealing wagging his tail.

"Son, are you ready to open your gifts?"

"I am!" Fox was eager to open his gifts. James handed Fox his gifts.

As soon as Fox opened it he rapidly started to cry tears of joy.

"Dad iss, twhis weally fo me?" Fox cried

"I love you more than anyone in this world, you've been a good boy." James replied hugging his son.

The gift was a Starfox official uniform hand-made for Fox. He had his own custom gloves, shirt, pants and boots.
They we're an exact replica of his dads.

"What are you waiting for? Put them on." James said eagerly.

"Look away, i donwn't want you to see mwe naked!" Fox replied.

The two of them looked away and Fox put on his clothes. James grabbed his son and put him on his back.
Fox started to feel sleepy and cuddled his dad in his back.

"You haven't even had your cake and you're feeling sleepy? Heh." James smirked.

"I...i want..." Fox could barely keep his eyes open.

"Don't worry you can have some later, now rest my baby..." James carried Fox to his bedroom. He put him in his bed and gave him a kiss. Fox smiled and went to sleep.

"So Mr. Dad, we have a mission right now." Peppy said jokingly.

"Haha very funny. What is it?" James replied.

"There's a mothership that crashed in the middle of Venom, Pepper wants us to check it out" Peppy said.

"But that's Andross's hideout." James replied.

"It seems critical, Pepper said it might be really urgent" Peppy said.

"Alright then let's check it out, call Pigma to get ready and we're off" James replied.

James arrived to the location pinged by his General.

"Do we really have to do this i mean, ANDROSS IS NEAR PROBABLY waiting to KILL US!" Pigma said nervously

"Oh shut it you pig and suck it up" Peppy said.

"S.O.S" James whispered.

"I'm gonna stay on the ship you check out what's happening over there alright?" Pigma said.

"You lazy slob..." Peppy said angry.

James and Peppy landed on the planet. Nothing was alive in here.

"No wonders Andross loves to live here, it's deserted" James said.

"Not only that, i just don't understand what he has against anyone" Peppy replied.

"Criminals are criminals, and they must be put to an end." James replied.

"This one ain't no joking matter" Peppy said while heading towards the S.O.S

Pigma called James on his radio.

"Hey James wanna know something funny?" Pigma said laughing.

"It's no time for jokes stop fooling around." James replied frustrated.

"Look behind you" Pigma said.

"Look behind me?-"

James and Peppy looked behind and saw a bomb, it landed right behind them and it blew them off into the distance. The S.O.S was coming from a hole. James and Peppy we're dangling on it. And last and clearly, they could see a figure in the distance.
It was. Andross.

"Oh Pigma, the bait you just brought." Andross laughed manically.

"Pigma, you goddamm, UGH!" James kept struggling to get up.

"So James your name? You need a little help?"

"Please..." James replied

Peppy hid behind a rock trying to not get caught by Andross.

"So what do you want to say before you die?" Andross smirked.

"Please don't..." James said while forming tears.

"Oh...you don't want to say anything?"

"I'm begging you, please don't harm me." James cried

"It's too late." Andross steps on James fingers.

James McCloud fell down the hole. Peppy didn't react because he didn't want to attract attention but he began to form tears.
You couldn't see anything but pitch darkness. And suddenly BOOM! And explosion was heard. Peppy got caught in the explosion But rapidly pulled out a shield. He got up after Andross left the area and left extremely harmed. He could barely ride the ship back without almost passing out.

"James..." Peppy began to cry.
"I gotta, tell...Fuck...Fox...he's not gonna l-like this"
"Oh Pigma you fucking traitor..."

Peppy arrived back to James Residence.

Fox was wide awake and watching television. He heard a knock on the door. He coudn't react to it since his Dad said he shoudn't answer the door but, as he heard Peppy he got exited and ran up to the door expecting his Dad to be here.
Fox quickly gets a chair to open the door.

"Fox..." Peppy said.

"Peppy? Are you okawy? Whewes Dad?" Fox said confused.

"I'm sorry Fox" Peppy grabbed Fox and began telling him the tragic story.

Fox started to kick and punch Peppy in denial thinking his dad was still alive.

"DAD DAD DAD! WAAAAHHHHHHH!" Fox cried so much he wanted his dad with him right now.

Fox suddenly heard a voice echo through his mind. It echoed and echoed.
Suddenly the Echos stopped, the words finally came to his mind.
Fox saw an illusion of his Dad while crying.

"Dad?" Fox said confused

"Son, I need to talk to you." James said.

"DAD!" Fox tried to call his Dad but he never replied. He cried so much that he had fallen asleep in tears.

"Oh Fox, do not worry as i will take care of you from now on. This StarFox business has to stop. For now. We need you to be safe The McCloud family..."

Peppy was destroyed, he had no one to be with either. His only option was to stay with Fox till he grows up. He forgot he can't enter the academy till he's on his 20s, Peppy wanted Fox to fulfill his fathers destiny.

-Prologue end-