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This. This could not be happening. When he had agreed to help her, this was not what she had in mind. In fact, this was the farthest thing from what her mind could possibly have imagined. He had returned to Konoha of his own free will, hadn't he? He was now part of Konoha, wasn't he? And though he was never considered a friend of hers, he was still Naruto's best friend, right? In theory, she should be able to trust him, shouldn't she?

Then how? How was it possible that she was chained so tightly to the wall that she could barely move her wrists and legs? And why? Why was Uchiha Sasuke standing several feet away, doing nothing but surveying her like a sacrificial lamb?

"Uchiha-san, what…what is going on?" she asked, unable to keep her voice from sounding small and distraught.

Uchiha-san, she called him. With everyone else, it was always, 'Naruto-kun, Kiba-kun, Shino-kun, Lee-kun…' But when it came to him, it was always, 'Uchiha-san.' That alone was enough to make his blood boiled. He smiled. Let's see if she'd still be calling him that after he was through with her.

He took a step toward her and another and another and, before she could think to stop him, he's was within a hair's breathe of her. Hinata flinched when he ran his fingers across her cheek. "Uchiha-san, what are you doin-"

Her words were effectively cut off when his fingers roughly gripped her face, cupping her cheeks and titling her up until she was forced to look into his cold and emotionless eyes.

A heartbeat passed, then two, then three as they stared at each other; his dark unblinking eyes gazing into her pale confused ones.

Then he shifted and before she could understand what he intended to do, his mouth was on hers.

Too shocked by this sudden action, Hinata stood motionless as he kissed her. Softly, his lips brushed over hers, gently, tenderly. His tongue caressed her upper lip, tracing slowly and sensually, making Hinata gasped.

For so long, she had dreamed of her first kiss. In her secret fantasies, she had pictured Naruto kneeling at her feet, professing his love for her and then Naruto would engulfed her in a tender embrace, kissed her gently on her cheek or perhaps placed a chaste kiss to her lips and if all things went perfectly, she wouldn't even faint.

And in all those fantasies, it was always Naruto, who professed his love for her, it was always Naruto, who kissed her, and it was always Naruto, whom Hinata kissed. In all her dreaming, awake or asleep, Uchiha Sasuke had never once played a part. This…this was not how she imagined her first kiss to be. And he-he was certainly not whom she had intended to give her first kiss to.

Hinata jerked her head away. "No!"

Undeterred by her refusal, Sasuke merely cupped her face, turned her back toward him and recaptured her lips. Hinata whimpered softly when he nipped and gently tugged at her bottom lip but refused to grant him entry. All ruse at gentleness vanished as his fingers tighten around her cheeks, applying enough pressure so that she was forced to open her mouth and his tongue took the opportunity to slide in.

Having never been kissed before, the hard thrust of his tongue, the heavy, steely weight of him as he shifted closer, pinning her defensively to the wall so alarmed Hinata that she did the only thing she could think to do. She sank her teeth down on his tongue, hard.

Sasuke flinched and stepped back from her, his brows snapping together. He looked quite furious and Hinata visibly quailed from the menace shooting from those crimson eyes.

Wiping the blood from his lips, he glared at her. "Try that again," he growled, his hand sliding into her hair and yanked, hard. "And I'll cut off your tongue."

Fear raced down her spine. "Why are you doing-"

Once again, his lips closed over hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth, hard and wet and deep. There was nothing chaste or tender about this kiss and despite the chains around her wrists and ankles, Hinata struggled vehemently against him.

Sasuke was not a man who placed much value in kissing but kiss her he would. He'd kissed her, consumed her and when he was done, he'd make sure there was nothing left.

His fingers tighten painfully in her hair as he jerked her head back, crushing his lips even tighter against hers. Forcefully, his tongue demanded her submission as he battled her for control, his tongue stroking hers; taking and taking.

The sensation was disturbing and fascinating and left with no choice, Hinata stood absolutely motionless as he continued to plunder her mouth.

After a while his kisses became less violent and vicious but much more sensual and erotic. He nibbled and sucked at her lips, enticed and stroked her tongue, kissed her mouth sweetly and passionately; charmed endlessly until her lips were swollen with an excess of kissing. Yet still he continued to kiss her, as if she was his only source of life.

Hinata was shaking uncontrollably when he finally released her and if the wall wasn't already at her back and she wasn't chained securely to it, she would've stumbled to her knees. She could still feel Sasuke's lips on hers and the taste of him as his tongue played with hers. Something was building in her, something she couldn't name.

"Let me go, Uchiha-san," Hinata plead, breathless. "This-this is not what we agreed on." The sickening thought that she might enjoyed what he was doing to her terrified her.

He moved until he was pressed tight against her. His body was very hard and despite the chill in the room, heat came off him in waves, warming every part of her body it touched. The chains rattled as he pressed her against the wall and she was reminded again of how very powerful he was. Physically powerful but emotionally unstable; a very dangerous combination.

Sasuke buried his face in the base of her throat, roughly nudging her face to the side and set his lips to the silky curve of her skin. "Is that so?" He murmured, placing small kisses down the long line of her throat. "I don't remember ever going over any terms." He paused, his tongue darting out to lick the point where her pulse thudded frantically.

Hinata gasped, shuddered, felt her mind and her senses surrendered under the weight of his assaults. None of this was playing out as she'd imagined it would. When she had agreed to do this, her innocent mind never once thought that this was what he was going to do to her.

"Please," Hinata begged. "Please stop this. This…this has gone too far."

"Has it?" He breathed, sinking his teeth into her soft creamy neck and biting into the flesh.

Hinata squealed, the feel of his teeth and tongue on her skin more shocking than painful.

She was struggling against him, writhing against his body and he was enjoying it. For all her pathetic attempts to shake him, she still couldn't move, could do no more than squirmed. She was under his control and he felt his cock harden even more at the thought. "Fighting me is pointless..." Sasuke mocked, his tongue licking at her blood. "But please do continue with your pathetic attempts. It's quite arousing…"

At his words, Hinata froze.

"No," Hinata whimpered in fear, her eyes taking in the kunai in his hand. When? How?

He smiled, a wicked, cruel, mocking smile and with deliberate slowness, slashed the sharp tip along the top of her breasts, cutting away the material of her kimono, leaving her front protected in nothing but her laced bra.

"Black," he muttered. "Wouldn't have thought it of you."

"Please stop," Hinata pleaded, struggling to move away, shameful tears starting to sting her eyes.

"Careful Hinata," he whispered against her neck. "Wouldn't want to damage your beautiful flawless skin."

If only she weren't quite so beautiful. If only she hadn't looked at him with that damnable compassion, the kind of look that made him want to run away and hide in a corner. Perhaps he wouldn't be here, doing this to her.

But then perhaps he would.

With a slight jerk of his wrist, the kunai cut into the right strap of her bra and her breast spree free. Another quick cut and both her breasts were now free from their restrained, naked; two soft globes, just begging for his touch.

"No," she begged, completely horrified with embarrassment and fear. "Please."

"You're ready to fear me?"

The question was grated out as he trailed the tip of his kunai along the ends of her kimono, slowly up and down the side of her right leg. If his aim was to scare her, frighten her, to show her that there were no real protections against him then he was succeeding. She was scared. She was terrified.

But no matter how much he frighten her, Hinata was a Hyuuga and she would not cowered before an Uchiha. "No," she answered, surprising him as much as herself. "You're nothing. There's nothing you can do to me that would intimidate me into submission."

The moment those words left her mouth, she realized how unwise they were. Now, he would think she was challenging him, calling him in on his threat and that was the last thing she wanted. Whatever game he was playing, she didn't want any part of it.

"Nothing, Princess?" he said in a cold, determined voice. "Let's see how you feel about that after I'm done with you!" Flinging the kunai against the opposite wall with a loud clinging noise, he grabbing the front of her kimono with both hands and ripped them apart.

Stunned by his boldness, Hinata's eyes widen in shock and her whole body burn with embarrassment. And all too fast, she realized with mortification how easy it was to sound brave but how very problematic it was to play the part when your naked body was on displayed before your enemy. He was serious. He was completely and utterly serious. He meant to rape her.

"Cry" he whispered against her neck.

She shook her head, tears pooling beneath her eyelashes. "No."

He smiled as his lips brush against her neck. "Pride," he whispered, his tongue trailing kisses along her neck, "is an emotion we both know too well."

No matter how scared and upset she was, he was determined to make sure that when his fingers finally glaze over her center, her pussy would be wet and dripping. And when he pressed his thumb against her clit, it'd be swollen. He aimed for her ultimate humiliation and he'd accept nothing less. She would tried to resist, but her body would betray her. By the time he was done with her, she'd be flushed and flustered and begging for his touch.

His fingers hovered, an inch from her breasts, then, very gently, almost as if he wasn't sure she was real, he traced the tips of his fingertips across the exposed flesh of her breasts.

The unexpected caress sent a torrent of heat through Hinata. She had expected him to grope her, roughly, without thought or care. But the gentle touch rocked her—it held a wondering sensuality that confused and beguiled Hinata.

She'd never been touched, not as he was touching her and Hinata found that she had no defense against him. No one had taught her the proper way to respond shall she ever found herself aching for her enemy's touch. For a small window in time, Hinata forgot where she was, who she was and why she should be fighting him. She gasped, trembled as he closed his hands around her generous breasts and cupped them appreciatively; possessing, caressing and playing. A wicked shot of desire went straight to her core and to her horror; her skin heated, her cheeks flushed, and her panties soaked with the guilty evidence of her arousal. Dismayed and ashamed, Hinata jerked her gaze from him.

He smiled, pleased by her responds and nuzzled the hair away from her neck, exposing it to his mouth and tongue as one blunt fingertip traced the ring of each harden peak. A small moan escaped her lips before she could stop her traitorous mouth. "Yes," he groaned, rolling her harden nipples between his fingers, pinching and tugging at the dark peaks.

"Please stop," Hinata moaned. She could feel her heart beating, a frantic, daunting beat that threaten to burst through her chest. "Why are you doing this?" she asked, trying desperately to will back control of her body and mind.

For a moment he just stared at her blankly. And then an odd expression flashed in his eyes and Hinata prayed that it was leniency. And in any other man, it might have been, but not him, not Uchiha Sasuke. He wasn't capable of such an emotion.

The question stupefied him. He froze, his brows deepening into a frown. Why was he kissing the Hyuuga heiress? Why were his hands running all over her body? She was all the things he'd never had, all the things he'd given up. She symbolized everything he hated. Weak, pathetic, gullible, innocent…and yet she had everything he'd ever hoped for in life: a position, a home, a family...

"Stupid question," he answered, dismissing her as easily as he would a child.

Knowing that it was useless to beg him or reasoned with him, Hinata stopped begging him. Instead, she held still, stood absolutely motionless, focused all her attentions on battling the temptation he forcefully lavished on her, determined to rise her mind above the fog of her wracked and wholly compromised senses.

But Sasuke wouldn't have any of it. He was determined to make the Hyuuga heiress respond to him. He lowered his head closed his mouth over one dark rosy nipple and deliberately bite down, his teeth tugging roughly on her harden peak.

Hinata stifled back a moan, her stiffness slowly dissolving against her will. His hands slipped beneath her kimono and Hinata shivered at the contact of his fingers gliding over her bare legs. Fear. She told herself. It could only be fear.

He paused at her knees to caressed…then those questing fingers slid higher, caressed again as if testing the firmness of her thighs, and then slid higher still, the frantic closing of her thighs nothing more than a second distraction as he forced them apart and his long fingers slide into the hollow between her thighs.

"Wet," he groaned against her breast and Hinata wanted to die with shame. There was no hiding her body's treacherous responds, not when he was touching the evidence of her betrayal.

His fingers probed and stroked. "Can I fuck you, Hinata?" He whispered hoarsely before taking her other nipple into his wet mouth, his thumb pressing down on her clit. Hinata shuddered, clamped her teeth over her lower lip as a moan threaten to escape.

His mouth open against her dark peak and his tongue lapped gently. "Would you let me fill your tight juicy cunt with my hard cock and pound your pussy until it is sore and used?" His fingers stroked, then pressed further, deeper.

She was so lost in the sensations taking over every aspects of her mind, her body; she barely heard him, but she felt the unmistakable sharp tug on her panties that ripped it open, and then the hard thrust of a finger inside her. "Uchiha-san…"

Sasuke thrust first one finger, stretching her, stroking every inch of her tight core, preparing her for what was to come and when she was slick and wet, her juice coating his fingers and trailing down his hand, he added another finger and began repeatedly thrusting his fingers deep into her drenched sheath. He felt the sensuous shivering deep within Hinata, felt her drenched vagina clutched tightly around his fingers, imprisoning him in her wet welcoming warmth and fought not to lose control.

Hinata dug her nails into the palms of her hands. Straining the bonds on her body, her hips tried weakly to stretch out of his reach, fruitlessly trying to prevent him from going too deeply by any means she could. But he merely grabbed the soft globes of her buttocks, tendering messaging it deceptively before roughly pushing her toward his pumping fingers. Hinata squeaked, whimpered, and moaned helplessly as his fingers rammed deeper, straight to her dripping core. Never before had she experienced such devastating pleasures and her eyes fluttered closed. Pain and pleasure, sweetly combined to perfectly inflict mayhem on her intellect.

The sound of his laughter made her eyes fly open in sudden dismay. "You're too easy, Hinata," he murmured. "I need more of a challenge. You're supposed to be fighting me, remember?"

Oh my God, what was she doing? She had fought against her father and his callous strictures all her life. She wanted to be strong, wanted to be independent. How had she end up here, chained to a wall, at the complete mercy Uchiha Sasuke?

They had asked for his help and he had agreed. He had deceived them, lied about his true intentions, and mocked her for her trust. And yet, look at her! Bound and defenseless, her clothes torn, her body exposed, moaning helplessly against his touches and wishing, almost witlessly, for more. All her morals and determination had simply gone up in smoke, overwhelmed by the expert touches of a man, whom she had never personally spoken more than a few words to. A man whom she had seen for herself cared nothing for proprieties or loyalties. And he knew she loved Naruto. Everyone knew.

"Stop!" Hinata cried, completely ashamed and shattered by her lack of resolves. "Let me go, Uchiha-san," she begged, desperate to get away. "I won't tell anyone, I promised." She didn't care that the tears she fought so dreadfully to hold back were now falling like rain, all she wanted was for him to leave her alone.

"Ah, sweet, innocent, respectable, little Hinata," he purred. "Still so respectful even with my fingers buried between your legs." He worked his fingers deeper and watched as she whimpered softly. "Makes me genuinely curious rather you'd still be calling me 'Uchiha-san' with my head between your legs or my cock buried deeply in your cunt, taking you hard and fast."

He pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy, stepped back from her and began shedding his clothes.

"No," Hinata sobbed, frantically shaking her head. "Please…don't…"

Unyielding, he held her gaze as his hands closed over her thighs, forced them apart and positioned his shaft at her entrance. "Shall we find out?" With that, he lifted her and slammed her down on him.

"No...stop...Oh god, please stop!" Hinata screamed, fighting and thrashing with all her strength.

"Hinata-sama!" A voice called, far in the distance. "Hinata-sama, are you alright? Hinata-sama?!" The voice called again, fear and worry evident.

Hinata was still crying, screaming, begging for him to stop when her father rushed into the room.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked, his authoritative voice snapping Hinata out of her nightmares.

"Hinata-sama, are you alright?" Ko asked as he patted his mistress gently on her back. Hinata was drenched in sweats, her kimono soaked through. "Bastard," he muttered, glaring at the other man in the room. "What did you do to Hinata-sama?!"

Uchiha Sasuke slowly and calmly opened his eyes and stared unflinchingly at the Hyuuga's branch member.

"Answer me!" Ko demanded of the younger man when he merely continued to stare at him.

"Ko," Hiashi commanded. "Leave us."

Ko hesitated but nevertheless obeyed as he stood stiffly to his feet and left.

Hinata was panting so hard, she could hardly formed a word. Even if she could, she was in too much shock to say anything. Beads of sweat trailed down her heated skin and Hinata realized, to her horror, that her hands had gripped so hard to her kimono that she had tear the ends. For several minutes Hinata struggled for breath as she tried desperately to gather her scattered thoughts.

"Hinata," her father ordered. "What happened?"

A genjutsu. It was all a genjutsu. Still, her hands trembled slightly; she couldn't help it. She was fighting everything within her from rolling into a ball and crying herself to sleep. Oh God, it was nothing but a genjutsu…

Clenching her trembling hands into fists, Hinata straighten her shoulders and forced herself to look up from the floor and into her father's piercing, unsympathetic gaze. In a broken, quivering voice, she said, "I've failed. I'm sorry, father."

"How did she do?" Hiashi asked the young man seated several feet away.

Uchiha Sasuke didn't know what finally pushed Hyuuga Hiashi to demand an attendance with him but he knew what drove him into asking for Sasuke's help in training his daughter in mastering genjutsu and that was all that really matter.

"Horrible," Sasuke replied and from the corner of his eyes, he could see Hinata flinched visibly as if he had struck her. "She wasn't even aware that she was in a genjustu and in the end, was not able to break out of it. I had to release her on my own."

Hiashi sighed in disappointment. "How long would it take?"

"The previous agreement of once a week will not be enough."

"How often and how long?"

In a seamlessly calm and monotone voice, Sasuke answered, "At least twice a week. At her level of skill, I'll say three months." And when the Hyuuga head readily agreed to his suggestions, Sasuke betrayed nothing by revealing nothing. He didn't even allowed a smirk to grace his perfectly masked face.

Hinata was too embarrassed, too ashamed to reveal to her father what he had done to her and he knew it. Nevertheless, Hinata reached for that small light of salvation. "I want to set some ground rules," she forced out.

Her father turned toward her, a little surprised by her request.

Without even looking in her direction, Sasuke said, "No ground rules. Everything goes."


"I'm sorry to break it to you, Hyuuga-san," he said, finally turning toward her and pinning her with his deathly gaze, "but do you expect your enemies to follow rules?"

Uchiha Sasuke was many things. But she doubt by any stretch of the imagination he was sorry. She would not back down. Not after what he had put her through. She refused to go through that again. "Then I want Ko in the room when we practice."

Again, he shook his head. "No. He would be tempted to release you, thus, rendering this whole training pointless. I want no one granting you release," and at this, he allowed a small, almost invisible smirk to play across his lips, "unless I deem it so or until you break out of it yourself."

Hinata wanted to jump across the room and wipe that knowing smile off his handsome face. Instead, she settled for biting her lower lip in frustration. It was perfectly logical. There was nothing she could argue against that. Regardless, she would still tried. "Then I want-"

"There would be no further discussion on the matter," her father's voice cut in. "There would be no rules. Hinata, you're dismissed."

Hinata wanted to refuse. She wanted to scream and yell and reveal to her father what he had done to her. She knew without a doubt that if her father knew what sort of genjustu training Uchiha Sasuke was putting her through, he would call it off instantly and have Sasuke thrown in jail. But she couldn't, not with him looking at her that way, not when just the thought of voicing it out loud was enough to paint her cheeks red, not when she could feel this fear dancing inside her stomach, not when she was fighting against an unnamed emotion that she didn't want to call excitement.

On shaky legs, Hinata struggled to her feet, made her way to the door, open it and let herself out, without another glance at Uchiha Sasuke.

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