I groan and jiggle the doorknob to my apartment "well this is fantastic" I sigh and I here someone click their tongue "well I never" I turn to see a woman staring at me and I glare back "have you never been locked out of your apartment before?" I growl and she walked away. I look down to realize I'm standing there in red booty shorts and a black crop top and I blush furiously. I suddenly remember who I let hold onto my extra key in case of emergencies and start walking towards b4. I knock lightly and my neighbour Barry opens it and I can't help but notice that he was in nothing but boxers. I blush lightly "h-hey Barry" I say and he looks at me "hey Caitlin". I look up at his eyes and see his eyes quickly looking me over and I clear my throat "I kinda.." I start before I hear a moan coming from his apartment "Barry hurry up! I'm getting cold!" I hear her voice and I quickly turn away "sorry, I didn't know I was interrupting" i mumble before turning and walking away. "Caitlin wait!" I hear Barry say and grab my wrist "that's just my roommate Iris" and I look up at him " the what about Barry I'm getting cold" and he looks away "I was supposed to be getting her a blanket" and I blush "sorry about that" and he winks "hey maybe we could go back to your apartment and get to know each other" and he grabs the key and we walk back