Mutou Yugi was many things. An idiot wasn't one of them.

He knew there was a reason the villagers didn't like him. That said reason probably had something to do with the Kyuubi attack on his birthday. That he wasn't alone in his own head.

(A deep chuckle reached his ears from within. He pushed it away for now. He'd deal with it later.)

No, he knew what being alone felt like. He'd never have noticed it if he hadn't known how it was to be both ways before, but he did, so he had.

He knew they were connected. The monster fox and the villagers' hate. He wasn't very appreciative, but he was sure his isolation had been inflicted for a good reason, or someone who actually knew what was going on would've stepped in by now.

He hoped.

But despite the adults' prejudice, the children... were another matter. They didn't know. He probably would've heard the exact reason by now, otherwise. Children were pretty bad at keeping secrets. They were probably just following their parents' examples.

It... probably hadn't helped that his past self had proven them right.

He wouldn't lie - he could see how he'd annoyed them. He was lucky he had the support he did, between the hokage (and wasn't that suddenly interesting?), Teuchi, Ayame, and sometimes Iruka and a few of the boys in his class. Between the pranks and the constant insistance of...

(Pestering Sakura, trying to battle Sasuke, and announcing himself the next hokage constantly chose to roll through his mind)

... Yeah. He was lucky to have who he did.

With their hate justified, the other children... obviously left him alone. Thankfully, that was easily changed.

He just needed to mellow out a bit. And his old memories would do that for him.

People could be forgiving, if they saw something worth it. The petty actions of childhood could be forgiven and forgotten eventually.

All it would take was time.

... He was afraid the orange had grown on him, though. Thankfully, he missed his leather, too - maybe he could work something out that used both? He'd seen some of the older shinobi running around wearing weirder...

Uzumaki Naruto relaxed on the hillside, distracted by idle musings, and waited for friends to come to him.

A/N- Yeah, pretty short, and kinda half-hearted. Yugi's pretty laid back, though, and he Gets friendship. He doesn't have to think about it so much. And his problems are pretty simple right now, if you think about it. Sure, that kind of isolation is incredibly damaging for a child, but... Yugi isn't. A child, that is. He'll be fine from here.

There's a bit of contrast with the other two here as well, if you think about it. Malik and Ryou both have lives heavily veiled in the shadows, so they kinda have to think about them. Yugi... doesn't. He just operates on a smaller scale than they do, when he can, and when he's forced out of that? Watch out.

Yeah. The Akatsuki don't stand a chance.