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'Damn it yesterday's me,' Owen groaned inwardly. He honestly felt like punching himself in the face right now. Or Vic's face, preferably. That would be therapeutic. 'I should've thought this through a bit more. Been a man and said "No" to Simon. But nope. I just could not do it. I couldn't say no to that insane super rich boss of mine.'

The reason for Owen's discontent was in the form of the six dinosaurs in front of him. That's right, six dinosaurs. Four Velociraptors plus two Indominus Rex. It wasn't exactly what a normal person would call a winning combination. On the bright side, there was a fence in-between them. On the down side, they needed that fence in-between them. Badly.

After getting picked up for work in a jeep that Simon had sent unnecessarily early, Owen had been quickly brought to the Velociraptor paddock. It was still under construction, at least the area where spectators would stand still needed work. As it was, the part where the Raptor Squad would live was all set up. The only thing out of place was a hastily placed wired fence down the middle of the paddock. It was clearly placed there in order to separate the Velociraptors and the I-Rex twins. Not a bad idea, Owen approved of it actually as long as it wasn't a permanent thing. That way he could ease them into getting to know each other. In his head, Owen considered that fence The Great Fence. Mainly because it was doing a great job at separating the little terrors.

Hopefully it wouldn't be required forever. Either way, it would be useless soon. If they didn't get along soon enough, once they hit their growth spurt that fence would be as useless as the management team at the park.

Luckily enough, he had entered the side of the paddock without the Velociraptors. A small mercy considering everything that's happened to him so far. As soon as he'd entered, Gale jumped from his arms onto the ground and made a beeline straight for the fence. On the other side of the fence, Blue also started moving towards the fence at the sight of Gale.

"Shit." Owen muttered, quickly jogging over to them.

In his arms, Frost shifted uneasily.

Blue's eyes shot up to look at Frost. She bared her teeth threateningly.

Gale roared at Blue in response. It wasn't really all that threatening, but it was surprising. And definitely louder than anything Blue or the others were capable of. The Velociraptors immediately backed away a few steps from the fence, their eyes focused only on Gale.

Owen wanted to think that Gale reacted that way in defense of Frost. But he was pretty sure that Gale only did it because she didn't like being ignored. That, or she wanted to fight. It was probably the last reason.

"Gale, that's enough," Owen muttered. He walked forward, getting in-between Gale and the fence. Turning, he stared at Blue. "Same goes for you Blue."

Blue stared back, almost defiantly before squawking up at him.

"Blue, I love you girl but I still have no clue what the Hell you're saying to me." Owen deadpanned. Not for the first time, he wished he could somehow understand them. On the other hand, he was glad that he couldn't otherwise he was sure he would be very disappointed to know what they really thought of him.

Blue hissed and turned to glare at Gale again. She took a few steps forward and started to pace in front of the fence.

"Wonderful," Owen mumbled, rolling his eyes at her reaction. He leaned down to place Frost on the ground gently. "So this is going to be my day, huh?" If only Claire would allow him to drink on the job. Realistically, it most likely wouldn't end well. But still, he was sure it would make him feel better.

At least he was outside. The paddock sure beat the stuffy makeshift outdoor room that he had to be in before. Owen stretched a bit before looking around. The paddock was definitely going to be well built. It should hopefully last a few years before they needed to invest in something bigger to give the Velociraptors running room. Maybe they'd give them a paddock like Rexy. Well, maybe not for Frost and Gale if they both grew bigger than a T-Rex. He shuddered at that reminder, inwardly hoping that the scientists calculated that part wrong at least.

The sound of metal being chewed on brought Owen out of his daydreams. Looking down, he saw that Gale was done posturing and was now ready to go at it with Blue. At least that's how it looked since she was trying to chew her way through the fence to get at her. Luckily, her jaw strength seemed to not be enough for her to get through it currently.

"Gale…" Owen crooned softly. "How about you let go of that fence, ok?"

Gale twitched a bit at hearing his voice. She didn't let go of the fence, but she did stop trying to chew on it.

"That it," Owen reached over and gently petted her head, moving his fingers down and around her neck before moving towards her jaw. "Now let go."

Gale bit down on the fence hard, bending the wires a bit.

"Tch," Owen stood back up. "Well that figures."

That trick usually worked on the Velociraptors to make them stop biting something. But then again, they were more into the whole pack ideal. Maybe because the I-Rex was made to be a solo hunter, they didn't really care to listen? Well, it was just a hunch on his part. It looked like he would have to start with the usual.

Owen reached into his backpack and pulled out a bag, which instantly caught the attention of every dinosaur in the paddock. Both from its look and the smell originating from it.

"Never have I been happier that you're all meat eaters," Owen said, smirking a bit. "I mean, if you had been herbivores, we would've had nothing in common at all." He pulled out a piece of jerky and stuck it in his mouth.

Frost moved closer to him and sniffed the air curiously. On the other side of the fence, the Velociraptors all stood close to each other and looked up at him readily. Owen shot them a smile, seeing that they recognized what they had to do. He pulled out 4 more pieces and tossed it over the fence to them.

Blue and Delta managed to catch their pieces in the air expertly while Charlie fumbled and Echo waited for the piece to drop before tearing into it.

Owen glanced at Echo, noticing how into eating the piece she was before looking back at Frost. He held up a piece of jerky. "Do you want this?"

Frost leaned back and opened her mouth wide, cawing up at him.

"I guess that's a yes." Owen leaned down and placed the piece in her mouth.

Frost bit down instantly, barely missing Owen's fingers.

Owen sighed in relief, thankful that he didn't have to get new bandages again. He flexed his fingers slowly, feeling the phantom pain of past bites through them.

By this point, Gale had finally let go of the fence and was now eyeing the bag of food in his hand.

"Ok Gale…" Owen took step forward. "Eyes on me."

Gale continued looking at the bag, either ignoring or not listening to him.

"Gale." Owen said louder.

Gale twitched a bit and looked up at his face.

Deciding it was good enough for now, Owen threw a piece of jerky down in front of Gale.

Gale jumped to it and started to devour it, not unlike Echo.

Normally, Owen would have started out with feeding Gale by hand like he had with all of the others. But in her case, well, Owen was sure that wouldn't work out. It would never work out actually. And he liked his fingers where they were.

Another hiss on the other fence made Owen roll his eyes in exasperation.

"I know, I know," Owen sighed heavily and looked at Blue. "But there was no helping it."

Blue squawked at him.

"It was Simon's orders!" Owen countered. "What could I do? Say no?!"

Blue looked at him angrily.

"Well I couldn't, ok?" Owen looked away. "Who knows what he would've done to me… He's crazy. Everyone here is. Even me. I mean, I'm actually trying to have a legit conversation with you right now and I bet if there were people around they would report that I need a shrink."

Blue turned and started pacing by the fence.

"Yeah, you walk away." Owen said angrily. He was angry at himself though. But it helped to vent. And since there was no one around but his Velociraptors, well, they were the lucky recipients of his vent sessions.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that," Owen said, looking down at the others. And he was. Using different tones signified different things. Since they couldn't understand each other, the best they could do was read intent. And the sound of voices was a huge indicator. Being angry meant being firm with them. Which in this case, showed that he was in charge. Although since Blue walked away, it showed she didn't care. Or maybe it didn't, pack dynamics were hard to narrow down. It just varied, depending on the situation. In this case, there was no way to tell how they viewed this change until something big or obvious happened.

"Alright, how about we start training?" Owen asked rhetorically, clapping his hands with false enthusiasm.

They all looked up at him curiously.

"Ok, just follow me." Owen said, moving back slowly while holding the bag of jerky up tantalizingly.

They all unhesitatingly started to follow him.

"Good," Owen pulled some more pieces out. "Now stop."

On the other side of the fence, the Raptor Squad listened. While on his side of the fence, neither of the Indominus Rex listened. But that was to be expected for their first training session.

"No, stop." Owen put the pieces back in the bag and held up his hand.

Frost and Gale both looked at it, then the bag.

They did manage to stop walking closer though.

"Good." Owen said after a moment. He pulled enough pieces out for each of them and threw them over.

As they ate, Owen pondered about what to do next. They were too young to learn anything complicated. So for now he would just need to get them as used to him as possible. If he was lucky, that would make them less likely to kill him later. Unrealistic, sure. But one could hope.

"Well now," Owen drawled, gaining their attention. "May as well get used to each other."

The sooner they got along, the better for everyone. Especially him. After all, they shared DNA. Even if only partially. They would get along eventually. There was nothing to worry about. He could handle this.

"So what did we learn today?"

Owen groaned mentally as he heard those words. He would offer a sarcastic response, but he liked to think that he was better than that.


On second thought.

"That you're a bitch?"

Zara glared and responded with a swift punch.

"Sh-!" Owen grabbed his arm in pain. "What the Hell, Zara? That hurt!"

"Maybe you should learn how to talk to a woman properly." Zara countered.

Owen decided not to go with the obvious response to that. Unfortunately, the smirk on his face was pretty telling.

Another punch was swiftly delivered.

"Come on," Owen moaned in pain. He rubbed his arm and moved his other hand away from Zara. "Can't you see I'm already in pain here?"

He held up his hand, which was pretty bruised. A few band aids were randomly stuck on it. They didn't do much to cover anything, but it was something.

Zara eyed the hand in disgust. There was a bit of worry mixed in too.

"It seems like you're getting hurt more often." Zara remarked.

"You don't say?" Owen rolled his eyes.

"I'm serious, Owen," Zara said sharply. "If they're harming you this much already, how will you be able to handle them when they fully mature?"

"I'll manage," Owen argued. "I mean, it's a bit tough right now. But it's just a phase. It's not like they do it on purpose. Well, they do in a way, but they don't do it all the time. They'll stop eventually. They were just riled up today."

"Oh? And why was that?" Zara asked.

"I'm still trying to figure that part out." Owen muttered.

"Why am I not surprised?" Zara rolled her eyes. "Maybe you should do that instead of sitting here in my office."

"But your office has the best view out of any room I'm allowed to get into," Owen complained. "My office has a clear view of a wall."

Zara remembered that. Claire has very specifically made it so that Owen would get that room. She decided it would be better to not mention it.

"Don't you have work to do though?" Zara asked instead.

"I plan on going back later," Owen shrugged carelessly. "There's not much I can do now. If I try to train them too much in a short amount of time, nothing will stick. Plus, I'm hoping maybe they'll learn to tolerate each other on their own."

"That doesn't seem like it will work." Zara said hesitatingly.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't think of anything else to do." Owen grinned. It wasn't exactly something to be proud about. But his best work came from random decisions so he was sure this should work out the same. Plus, the Great Fence was there to separate them. Even if by some miracle they decided to work together to break it in order to fight, they wouldn't be able to. Not at their age.

"Are you sure you don't need help with those dinosaurs?" Zara asked.

"They're looking for someone to help," Owen replied. "I can manage this. Really."

"Well, if you say so…" Zara turned and started to sort through some papers on her desk.

Owen glanced around some more before remembering the second reason why he had come here.

"Actually, I could use your help Zara." Owen said.

"Sorry, but I don't really want to help with raising mutant dinosaurs." Zara said instantly.

"How do you know about th-?" Owen started, before remembering just who Zara's immediate boss was. "Oh, right. Claire told you, huh?"

"Mhm, she had me run paperwork about it," Zara confessed. "She wasn't happy to see you in charge of another upcoming attraction here."

"Why am I not surprised?" Owen sighed. "Well relax, I wasn't going to ask for help with those two. By the way, they're hybrids. Not mutants."

"Same difference," Zara patted down a stack of papers before throwing the pile into a box marked for shredding. "So what's the favor exactly?"

"I need a ticket to get an old friend of mine here," Owen said. "She's really interested in seeing the park."

Zara froze.

"Think you can do it?" Owen asked.

"And why would I do something like that?" Zara said icily.

"Wh-?" Owen leaned back in his chair at her tone.

"Do you realize that would be a gross misuse of my powers?" Zara continued, her tone not changing at all. "There's a wait list for this park, Owen. I'm not going to bend the rules just so you can get your girlfriend into the park."

"Wa-." Owen tried to cut in.

"I seriously can't believe you'd ask me that, Owen." Zara said angrily.

"Hold on!" Owen held up his hands defensively. "She's not my girlfriend! She used to be one of my teachers. Well, sort of. She worked with Alan Grant."

"… What?" Zara asked.

"Ellie Reiman. Used to be Ellie Sattler," Owen explained. "Maybe you heard of her? She's a paleobotanist. That means… Okay, I'm not sure what that means exactly. She deals with plant fossils I guess. Right?" He trailed off, realizing he actually didn't know what she did. Now and back then. Huh. Well he was more interested in Alan. Alan's work, not Alan himself. Although he was pretty badass. But that was obvious and anyone could see that.

"Owen," Zara waved her hand in front of Owen's face after he appeared to drift off in his thoughts. "Are you ok?"

"Hm?" Owen looked back at Zara. "Yeah?"

Zara sighed. "Why do you want to bring a Jurassic Park survivor here?"

"She was just interested in seeing this park." Owen said. It could be the truth. Honestly, he still didn't know why she wanted to come at this point. So it wasn't like he was lying. She really did want to come.

"Really?" Zara looked skeptical.

It was understandable. No survivor had ever come back to the park before. Except for Alan Grant apparently. But in his case, he was tricked. And he did not like talking about that. To be tricked into going to a death trap by someone who owned a business that specialized in remodeling bathroom fixtures and kitchens was nothing short of absolutely shameful.

"Well we've gone pretty far without a major incident," Owen said before deciding to amend himself. "That has hit the news."

Owen was suddenly reminded of the I'm A Jurassic World Survivor shirts that the park was currently selling. It was a bit in poor taste, but it was better that the Jurassic Park Survivor shirts that they had wanted to sell first. Needless to say, that get put down fast. He would have to steer Ellie away from the gift shop while she was here. And Rexy. And the Velociraptors.

"Fair point," Zara conceded. "Still, do you really think I can do something like that?"


Zara glared at him. "Seriously?"

"Well it's not like I know your exact job description." Owen replied.

"Do you even know your own job description?" Zara questioned.

"Do you know my job description?" Owen countered.

"Touché." Zara had to give that one to him.

"So can you do it?" Owen asked.

Usually, workers could get a discount or something. But since he was a contract worker, that wasn't possible for him. At least not officially. And he just knew Claire would make things harder for him if he tried to get it for himself. Hence the need to ask Zara.

"Fine, but you'll owe me." Zara said after a moment's consideration.

"Really?" Owen sighed. "Fine. What do you want?" Hopefully it would be something easy.

"I'll let you know later," Zara smirked. "But for now, leave. I've had enough of you stinking up my office."

"Why yo-" Owen wisely didn't finish his sentence. He grumbled as he left the office, childishly slamming the door hard as he left.

Meanwhile, in the lab of an evil scientist.

"So it looks like we know where the Indom-whatever Rex's are." Vic said conversationally. The tone didn't match the look of utter frustration on his face as he glared at Henry.

"Indominus Rex," Henry said calmly. "You helped choose the specs for them. You could at least remember their proper names."

"Oh yeah," Vic said sarcastically. "Frost and Gale, right?"

"Not the most proper names for dinosaurs." Henry admitted.

"Why him?!" Vic ranted. "Out of all the dumbasses at this park for those freaks to get attached to, it had to be Owen Grady?"

"Oh?" Henry rose an eyebrow. "I thought you liked Mr. Grady."

"I like what he can do," Vic wagged a finger at the doctor. "He does good work. I doubt anyone else could tame a Velociraptor. And while that's good and all, the way he views them is annoying. Like they're family or something. They're meant to be tools, not pets. And given the DNA in the Indominus Rex, I'm worried it'll be detrimental to our plans."

"I wouldn't go that far." Henry said.

"What?" Vic blinked.

Taking a closer look, he noticed that Henry had not been paying attention to his rant at all. Eye twitching a bit, he looked over to see what the good doctor was looking at. After a moment, he snickered.

"Is that footage from today's training session?" Vic asked mirthfully.

"Correct," Henry nodded. He opened up his research notes and started adding more information while watching the footage play. "As you can see, Mr. Grady will have his hands full with them. It will no doubt be fruitful having him keep them. We can see how they develop. If anything goes wrong…"

"It'll be his fault, not ours," Vic realized. "Which will mean we will know what works and what doesn't work for the next batch."

"Exactly," Henry said. He closed the video and saved his notes before closing everything and shutting down. "So it won't be detrimental at all."

"Seems like it." Vic grunted.

"Now then, please get out of my lab," Henry made a shooing motion. "I don't want your messing with my work space."

Vic had half a mind to do just that at that moment. But considering that he needed the doctor, and the fact that he wasn't sure what exactly was in the test tubes, he decided to just leave. He made sure to childishly slam the door extra hard on his way out though.

Meanwhile, in a bathroom.

"So it looks like we'll have another attraction soon." Rose said.

"Oh yeah," Guild said. "The Shamu dinosaur, right?"

"No!" Rose shook his head. "Not that one, you idiot. The hybrid dinosaur."

"Oh yeah!" Guild nodded. "The Indominus Rex. Right?"

"Yeah, that one." Rose said. "But I'm pretty sure it's Indominus Rexes."

"I'm pretty sure you're wrong there, my friend," Guild countered. "Rex can be both singular and plurus. Like fish. I caught a fish. I caught a lot of fish. No one says fishes."

"Is that how that works?" Rose questioned.

"Well Google it if you don't believe me." Guild said.

"Too much work," Rose sighed. "I'll believe you. It seems right. More importantly…"

"More importantly…?" Guild echoed.

"Why on earth did Owen name them Frost and Gale?" Rose asked, totally dismayed.

"Why does that matter?" Guild asked.

"Because!" Rose shouted. "That's not what's next!"

"What's next?" Guild asked.

"Foxtrot and Golf are next!" Rose said passionately.

"Now those are horrible names for dinosaurs." Guild stated.

"They're horrible names for anyone," Rose said sagely. "But that's not the point. The point is that those names were next in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Owen is Alfa, then there's Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Next in order were Foxtrot and Golf."

"But what about Blue?" Guild asked.

"Oh, that one should've been Bravo." Rose said.

"But he didn't do that." Guild said.

"And that's what else pisses me off." Rose said, grinding his teeth.

"Hey!" Claire yelled at them through their walkie-talkies. "What have I told you two about talking on the job?! Shut up and start mopping!"

"Yes ma'am!" They both shouted before getting back to their new jobs.

Cleaning all the bathrooms in Jurassic World.


"So what're you doing for the upcoming Christmas party?" Zara asked conversationally.

"Hm?" Owen glanced over at her. "What do you mean exactly?"

"The Secret Santa event," Zara replied. "Remember?"

"Oh yeah!" Owen's eyes lit up a bit. "Yeah, I got my gift for her."

"Her?" Zara rose an eyebrow. "Who did you get a gift for?"

"Claire." Owen smirked.

"What did you buy…?" Zara asked, paling slightly.

"Well, you know how much she likes Rexy?" Owen asked, grinning.

"Yes." Zara said. She didn't like where this was going.

"Well I got her one of those adult inflatable T-Rex costumes." Owen said happily.

"She's going to hate you." Zara said unhesitatingly.

"Even better, I got her some dinosaur-themed lingerie to wear under it." Owen continued.

"She's going to murder you." Zara amended. 'More importantly, who sells dinosaur-themed lingerie? And why?'

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