The Champions. Part 1.

Xander turned right taking the ramp off of the interstate. He was smiling to himself his eyes hid from the sun by a pair of ray-ban sunglasses. He looks to his right at the name of the town he has just entered. Roswell. New Mexico.


Isabel Evans sat at the bar of the Crashdown Cafe. Maria, one of her 'friends' stood on the other side leaning over the counter. "So Isabel. Whats up?" Isabel only shrugged. She never really answered anyone but Michael and Max. It wasn't because she wanted to be a bitch it was because she didn't want to be close to anyone. She didn't want anyone to get close to her. "Well aren't you in a talkative mood." Isabel again shrugged and took a drink of her sprite. Maria gave up and walked toward a waiting customer. Isabel sat alone at the counter as the bell above the entrance rang and a Xander walked in. He sat beside her as Maria walked up to him. "What can I get you?" Xander looked around for a second. "Crash and Burn Burger, Little green fries, and a sprite." Maria nodded writing everything down. "It'll be about ten minutes." Xander nodded and looked around the cafe one more time. His eyes settled on the girl beside him. "Hey. I'm Xander." Isabel nodded. Xander tilted his head and looked at her face. "Oh hello Xander i'm.... Your supposed to finish that sentence." Isabel turned and sent him a glare. Xander smiled at her. "Isabel." Xander nodded. "Nice to meet you Isabel. What do you usually say after the pick up line?" Xander said this with a smile and Isabel couldn't help but chuckle. "I wouldn't know. I don't try to pick girls up." Xander shrugged. "Me either. Probably because I'm not very good at it." Isabel was smiling openly now. " Well your doing a pretty good job today." Xander looked at her curiously. "Really. So does that mean you'll eat lunch with me?" Isabel just shrugged and Xander motioned his arm to an empty booth. "After you me lady." Isabel rolled her eyes and the duo walked to the booth.


Michael and Max walked into the crashdown as nightfall settled on the horizon. As usual Michael was the only one talking. "I'm telling you Max. I have a bad feeling." Max only nodded as he and Michael sat at the bar. Michael looked around the cafe then tapped Max on the shoulder. "Who's Isabel talkin to?" Max turned around and looked. " I don't know." Before Michael could say anything Maria walked over. " They've been talking for hours. What about I don't know." Michael looked frightned. "You don't think.?" Max shook his head. "No. She wouldn't do that." Michael doesn't seem so sure. Max sighs. "Lets go." Michael nods and puts on his 'im a badass face' both Max and Michael walk to the booth. "Whose this Iz?" Isabel looks up and frowns at Max. "Max, Michael this is Xander. Xander this is my brother Max and my friend Michael." Xander holds out his hand and shakes Max's. Michael simply looks at the hand until Xander drops it. "Nice to meet you." Michael looks at Xander as he talks to Isabel. "We need to leave Iz. Got stuff to do." Isabel looks like she's going to protest but relents. "I have to go Xander. See you later?" Xander nods. "Yeah I'll be in town a few days." Isabel nods smiling and stood walking out the door with Michael and Max. Xander laid some money down on the table and walked out the door toward his hotel room.


Xander walked into his room picking up his phone and dialing a number from memory. "Hey Giles." He seems to be listening. "Great. We only need about 6 bedrooms. Convert a warehouse or something." He listens for a second nodding. "Yeah. I'm in Roswell with the Earths Champion. No I haven't told her yet. I want to ease her into the idea." He listens a little more. "I know Giles. Look I'm not giving a 18 year old girl a crash course in the night life." He nods his head to himself again. "I know. Look I have to go. Tell Willow to find out all she can on Isabel Evans." Xander listens again for a few second. "Yeah she's the Earths Champion. Tell the gang I'll be home in a few weeks. Bye." Xander hangs up the phone and lays back on the bed. After a few minute he looks out the window to his right. The sun has almost completely sit. "Lets see if Roswell has a nightlife." With that said Xander stood picked up his duster and walked out the door.

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