The Champions Volume 1 part 4

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The bomb exploded sending pieces of wood and glass in all directions. The vampires howled in pain as parts of there bodies began to smoke. Xander's idea was working. Xander waved his arm to the three people on the cliff above them and smiled as Max threw a maltov cocktail. Xander counted six vamps dusted and more would be soon. Xander turned in time to see another ten vampires run from around the back of the house. Breathing in slowly he withdrew his Katana and went on the attack. "Stay undercover Iz and watch your back!" Isabel nods keeping a cross in one hand and a pistol crossbow ready in the other. Xander takes a look back as he decapitates two vamps and see Max throw another cocktail. Deciding not to worry about them for awhile he moves closer to the cabin swinging his katana as he moves through the vampire horde. His eyes start to glow as he raises his quickening.With all the people watching he doesn't want to show his true power. No one but Methos and Duncan knew of it. And if Giles was researching he would probably find out soon enough. Xander had moved through a good portion of the vamps spinning and lunging as he went. He counted ten left. He watched as flames erupted about thirty feet from his position. Seven. He could do seven with little work. As he finished with the last he turned as he heard Isabel screaming. Looking to the edge of another cliff to his right he see's the lead vamp. The vampire is at least six feet four inches tall. Broad shouldered and muscular. It wasn't his size that scared Xander it was what the vampire was doing while standing over the limp form of Michael. Xander began running toward the vampire unleashing his full potential as he ran. Lightning enveloped him as he moved with nearly unseeing speeds. The vampire began his chants. " Malistas! God of Sin and Hate! With the blood of the otherworlder I beg of you! Grant me the power to do your bidding!" As the dagger moved toward's Michael's throat Xander hit the big Vampire in a flying tackle knocking both of them off the cliff. Xander and the vampires body's hit the ground two hundred feet below with a dull thump. With Xander's last breath he shoved a stake through the monsters unbeating heart. Then he died.


Isabel and the rest of the Roswell Gang looked over the cliff to see Xander's bloody body laying in pile of dust. Isabel had tears in her eyes and all but Max and Michael looked away in disgust. Michael finally broke the silence. "Lets go get the body." The rest of the group nodded slowly and walked back toward Xander's bike and Max's jeep. All of them in mourning for the young man who gave his life for someone he didn't know.


Max, Liz, Iz and Maria were in the jeep with Michael following on Xander's bike. Isabel was looking at the darkened sky and Liz and Maria were looking at her. Max wasn't really focused on driving. He was thinking back to when he had to pick up Xander. Something was strange about the young man. Something that he couldn't comprehend. Xander was in the very back of the jeep under a tarp. It had been about twenty minutes since his fall. The gang was shocked when they heard a moan from the back of the jeep. Max pulled off the road quickly everyone jumped out of the jeep as Michael pulled off the road on Xander's Suzuki. "What are we stopping for?" Michael didn't need an answer as Xander sat up and threw off the tarp. He stood up on shaky legs and stepped out of the back of the jeep. He saw the stunned faces. "I can explain. But can I get a shower first?"


Once again the Roswell gang stood in Xander's motel room. Xander walked out of the bathroom in only a towel. The girls blushed and Michael rolled his eyes. Max was just stoitic. "Hand me a shirt would ya Mike." Michael frowned and tossed Xander a black t-shirt. Xander grabbed a pair of black jeans and some other things and walked back into the bathroom to change. He walked out a few minutes later his long hair still wet and took a seat on the bed beside Isabel. "Ask away?" A thousand questions flew from five directions and he had to hold his hands up to silence them. "One at a time." The others nodded and all looked at Max. "What are you?" Xander chuckled and sat back against the headboard. "I'm the white knight." He saw the confused looks on the others faces. Xander sighed. "Demons and Vampires are real. All through history one girl has stood against the darkness. The Slayer. I fought beside the slayer for two years. Then. Well I was basicaly sent to hell." The group looked at him in shock. "To get out of hell I had to make a deal with the PTB or the powers that be. The overseers of humanity. I had to become a champion. But fate bit me in the ass and it turned out I wasn't a champion. I was and am the white knight. The protector of the slayer and leader of the champions. I think there's more to it but i'm cloudy on the details." The gang all nodded. "Anymore questions?" Max nodded. "Why are you here?" Xander sighed "Thats a complicated story. I came here to find someone." Isabel spoke up quickly. "Who maybe we can help?" Xander chuckled. "I've already found her." He said this while looking at Isabel. Everyone noticed. "M..Me?" Xander nodded. "You. And before you ask why.. Your a champion. Actually your the Earths Champion." Isabel was in shock. As were the rest of the crew. "But.. I'm not from earth." Xander chuckled. "The PTB have a really bad sense of humor. Like me. I was normal guy up until a few years ago." Isabel was still not comprehending what Xander was telling her. "What am I supposed to do?" Xander sighed and smiled. "I'll tell you that in a few days. Until then just have fun. Don't worry about the future. Can you do that?" Isabel nodded to herself more than to Xander. "Yeah." Xander's smile grew. "And how about dinner?" Isabel nodded absentmindedly then her head shot up. She smiled slighty. "Sure." Michael was about to open his mouth until he felt Max's hand on his shoulder. He looked at Max who shook his head. Michael relaxed. Liz and Maria simply stood there dumbfounded. Michael turned to leave first. "Your welcome." Michael turned back to him and flipped him the bird. Xander chuckled. "No Thanks!!" The rest of the Roswell gang couldn't help but laugh breaking some of the tension in the air. Xander smiled. "Nice guy. Really." The Roswell crew chuckle and move to the door Xander following.


The next few days went by in a blur of laughs. Xander and the Roswell gang became very close. Even Michael had begun to warm up to Xander. After he found out the two had alot in common. Xander sat on his Suzuki looking at the group. Isabel behind him. "You sure you want to come with me Iz?" Isabel nodded smiling slightly. "Yeah. It isn't like I'll be gone forever." Xander chuckled. "Max. You and the others will always have a place with us. You know that." Max nodded smiling. "I know. Nice meeting you Xander. Bye Iz. I'll see you soon." The goodbye's went by quickly and soon the two champions were on there way to the Champion Of Demons. Isabel yelled over the rush of air. "Can we not get a car?" Xander nodded. "When we hit L.A. Promise." Isabel nodded to herself and sat back for the long ride. She took a look back at Roswell. Her home. And she smiled. She never liked the place. And from what Xander said Max and Michael would be following them soon. Life was getting better. She tightened her grip on Xander as the bike hit the 80 mph mark. They drove on into the night.


Xander and Isabel walked down the streets of China Town. "So this whoever couldn't give you an adress?" Xander sighed. "Leo. And no he didn't give me an address." Xander walked up to an old man who was pushing a cart. "Excuse me sir. But do you know a man named Caine?"

End of Volume One.

I know it was a short volume but I'm giving each champion there own volume. There will be a volume two and most likely a volume three before I start on there sunnydale fics. I decided to break them down to keep the ideas all together. Well review. I'll start on volume 2 tonight. Of course I'm taking tomorrow off. :)

Steve: Don't worry I will write more character central later on. Volume two will be mostly talking. What do you expect. Its a Kung Fu the legend continues cross. This is where Xander will learn life's lessons. As will Isabel. Expect Xander to annoy the hell out of Capt. Simms and even get on Caine's nerves a little. And you can't help but think of how he'll talk to the ex-merc kermit.

MagnusXXN: Okay. time for a little confession. I only watched Season 1. and if i remember right Alex wasn't a huge part of it. and Was Tess even there? Again don't know. If those are your favorite characters i could look them up and put them in a later fic if you like. Just let me know.

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Kung Fu The legend Continues.

This is what I know. I'll start with a description of the show then move into the characters i'm going to focus on in the fic.

The story follows a shoalin monk named Kwai Chang Caine. After the temple he and his son live is destroyed and both he and his son think the other dead. Caine goes on a trip to find himself. Years in the future. I think 20 not sure. He finds his son. His son Detective Peter Caine is a homicide detective assigned to china town. Peter at first doesn't take his fathers path in life. But after a while he begins to train again.

Peter Caine: Son of Kwai Chang Caine. Adopted by a police captain he also joined the force. Though thought of as a loose cannon he is widely respected for his abilities.

Kwai Chang Caine: Peter's father. He is a shoalin priest and a master of Kung Fu. He uses many techniques that have been lost to man for centuries. He works in China town with an Apothicary called the Ancient. He helps the helpless.

Capt. Simms: Peter's boss. She and Peter have a sort of relationship. An off and on kind of thing. She is bossy but can back up her attitude.

Kermit: Kermit works with Peter. Kermit is an ex mercinary who is a computer expert. He always wears dark glasses so his enemy's cannot see his eyes.