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She remembered.

She remembered every last bit of it.

Oh yes – the Shikon may be 'gone', but the price that was paid was much too heavy to carry for anyone.

'So why couldn't I be reborn with none of those memories,' Kagome thought, not bothering to wipe the blood off her hands nor even look at the dead man before her filthy bare feet, 'And just be a normal girl?'

This was her punishment.

A punishment she so rightly deserved for all the lives she had ruined and killed indirectly when she had shattered that accursed jewel.

The weight of the deaths of her precious comrades from that place was too much for someone as young as her to bear – and so, she simply shut all emotions away.

Her only goal now was to survive and get back to her rightful home.

'But they keep coming,' Kagome stared down coldly at the man who had tried to lure her to try and come with him (though she knew that his sweet words were utterly false and he really was trying to kidnap her for perverse reasons), 'Something about being one of the very few Asians left?'

"We've got the serial murderer now!"

Kagome heard the shout from overhead and what sounded like wires and zipping, but the only action she did was pull the hood of her cloak closer to face when she was suddenly surrounded on all sides as the soldiers landed on the ground from tall buildings using that strange gear she had seen before.

"Tch," An annoyed male sneered, but was quick to observe the dead man and seeing that his throat was slit – just as the other three men found only days ago, "And we're before the Military Police? How shameful for them."


The man now known as Levi glanced over to the blond man named Erwin Smith, raising a brow to him to ask silently what he wanted. The man simply gestured his head and Levi followed the motion before his eyes widened ever so slightly at the surprising sight.

Emotionless blue eyes stared at him and certainly Levi had seen such apathetic eyes before, but never on a child so damn young.

"Are you fucking with me?" Levi said darkly, looking rather angry, "Are you saying that a tiny brat managed to kill three grown men all on her own?!" He growled, narrowing his eyes even further when he noticed the strange dagger-like blade firmly clenched in the child's hand.

"At first glance, it appears that way," Erwin said calmly, staring at the quiet girl as she stared right back with those dead blue eyes of hers, "Is it possible to have such skill at such a young age?"

Levi frowned, "What the hell could you be planning, Erwin?" He asked as his scowl deepened as the blond man glanced back at him.

His next words shocked Levi and it caused the girl's head to tilt as if she could not believe what she was hearing either. In fact, most of the soldiers there had to double take at the proceeding words.

"Have you ever had a little sister before, Levi?