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Scars are wounds that healed in time,

Scars are memories of the past.

Scars are what make us human whole,

Scars are our identity,

Scars are marks that tell a tale.

Recca niichan,

I'm sure you have scars too.

Scars that you've obtained,

While training to be strong,

While trying to protect your hime,

While you fought to earn your dragon's trust.

Mikagami niichan,

Scars are part of you too.

You've scarred yourself,

When you trained to avenge your neechan,

When you fought to protect Yanagi neechan from harm,

When you tried to save me from Mokuren Nagai,

When your neechan died.

Fuuko neechan,

You've been scarred too.

You were scarred,

When people called you ugly,

When you tried to save someone from being bullied,

When you fought to save Yanagi neechan from the enemy,

When you trained to be strong.

Domon niichan,

You are not spared too.

You earned your scars,

When you were called stupid,

When you were underestimated my the enemy,

When Fuuko neechan never return your feelings,

When you trained day and night to prove us wrong,

That you were strong too.

Yanagi neechan,

You've scars too,

Even though Recca niichan try hard to protect you from harm.

You get your scars,

When you see Recca niichan getting injured,

When you see Tatsuko neechan flirting with Recca niichan,

When any of us were injured,

When you feel that you couldn't do anything to help us.

Kagerou neechan,

Scars, they belong to you too,

When you see Recca niichan getting hurt,

When you see Recca niichan and Kurei fight,

When you know that you can't die with Recca niichan,

When you know that you can't touch Recca niichan too,

When Recca niichan didn't believe that you were his mother.

I've my share of scars too.

The scars reminded me of the wounds I've obtained,

When I fought to protect Yanagi neechan,

When people think that I'm just a kid,

When I had to leave Kurei,

Because I had lost my faith in him,

Because he was no longer the Kurei that I knew.

Scars are wounds that heal in time,

Unlike wounds,

Scars don't hurt.

They just memories of the past,

They remind us of our mistake,

To ensure that we don't walk that path again.

Scars make us human whole,

They are marks that tell a tale.

Scars made me what I am,

For I am Koganei

The boy with the scars.



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