Episode one: I wanted to be a hero, not a magical girl!

The park was full of people of all sizes. Kids playing around, teenagers hanging out in groups, and adults just relaxing in groups.

The kid we're focusing on, however, was different.

Nine years old with messy brown hair and empty eyes. His blank gaze directed upwards as he payed on the park bench, like a broken man. It's a wonder how such a kid could get this gaze isn't it? Well, the answer was simpler then you might expect.

"Irina..." He mumbled out.

His best friend had moved away. Plain and simple.

He could still picture the events of a couple of hours ago in his mind. The two of them hugging each other as tears flowed like rivers out of there eyes, but even that memory was fading like the rest.

It just... wasn't fair. Why did her dad's job have to make Irina move? Why couldn't he just stay with him? It would be easy!

Yet his parents told him otherwise, and he was forced to watch his best friend leave him. It felt like the bond that was always there was trying to be severed, but he held onto it like a life line.

And that led him here, alone on this bench where he cried the rest of his heart out. Leaving him with no more tears to shed.

The cool breeze touched his skin ever so gently that he barely noticed it.

...He better head home soon, it was going dark out. His parents must be worried. He left a note didn't he? Should be fine...

His body felt like weights as he tried to move himself up. It felt like every joint in it was rusty.

Eventually, he gave up. Content to just lie there.

...Was he forgetting something? It was... It was...

"Hey Issei. When we meet up again, let's be heroes, alright?"

His eyes widened as realization spread across his face. Memories of his time playing heroes with Irina coming back to him.

That was it! The promise he made with Irina before he left! He was going to be a hero! What was he doing lying down on a park bench like this?!

With renewed energy, he jumps up from the bench and forms a fist in front of his face with fire burning in his eyes.

He was going to become a hero and defeat the bad guy and rescue the girl! Then, when he meets up with Irina again, they can share their adventures with each other, and maybe team up like on those tv shows! And...and...and…

"I'm gonna be a hero." He said, really that was all that matters. He WILL become a hero!

Shouldn't be that hard, right?

So lost in thought, he almost didn't notice the pink blur that flew across the trees.

What was that?

It was zipping so fast that he could barely follow it with his eyes. As it darted around like it was looking for someone, stopping at moments, and then starting again before he could figure out what it- wait was it coming towards him?!

His feet reacted immediately as he began to run in an unknown direction. He didn't care where he was going as long as it could- oh god it was still chasing him!

There's only one thing to do at times like these! Run faster!

"Ahhhhhh!" He yelled as he began to pick up speed. His parents always told him that if someone was coming for him then he should yell. Surely it would apply to fling pink-red blurs.

And so, with all the stamina his nine year old body had, the chase began. Ducking and weaving through the trees until that thing stopped chasing him.

So absorbed in running, it was quite a surprise when he fell forward. "What…?" he said, looking behind him to find his foot caught on a root.

His foot started shaking as he tried to get the branch off. "Come on…" He muttered, beginning to use his arms in his goal to- oh god it was here.

"You know, you're never going to become a hero if you keep running away."

"Huh?!" He cried, suddenly from the trees a..a…

Was that a floating wand?! It looked like something out of a magical girl show! Pink and red, it even had a star!

"Luckily, that's where I come in!" The wand said, using it's wings to bend around. "I can give you magic to shoot lasers, a defensive shield, fly and more! For I am the magical stick of love and justice, Magical Ruby-chan!"

What. He… He had no idea what was being said. Magical stick of love and justice? This can't be real…

Though the lasers did sound pretty cool…

"Aha! I bet you're thinking 'There's no way this can be real!' right?" The wand said, floating up closer to his face.

"Are you a mind reader?!" He shouted. It could be possible, this was a magic wand after all.

"I can't do that, but I can do plenty of other things! So, what do ya say? Wanna become a magical girl? It could help heal that cut on your leg~" The wand said moving up to his ensnared leg and inspecting the area.

He winced in pain as the wand touched the blood leaking out from the cut.

Not like he cared about that or anything! A hero doesn't die, even when he's killed! Or at least that's what TV had told him anyways…

Wait what was that?

"What did you just say?" He asked. There was something suspicious about what it just said…

"I asked if you wanted to become a hero." The wand replied, flying back to his face.

"No no. You clearly said something different just then!"

"Details details." The wand said. "So what do you say? Become a hero and destroy all those that (I call) evil!"

A hero…

DIdn't he just say that he was going to become a hero? Maybe this was his chance!

Then again, the wand was fishy and looked like something out of a magical girl show. But…

Darn, looks like he couldn't justify any of those points.

What should he do?!

"If you want to be a hero, just grab my handle!" The wand said floating in front of him.

On one hand, this might be a bad move. On the other hand…

"Hey Issei. When we meet up again, let's be heroes, alright?"

...Yeah, he was going to fulfil that promise no matter what.

He reached out both of his hands and grabbed the handle as it flew into them. Warm with what he could only guess was magic.

"Hmhmhm. That was much easier than I thought it would be." The wand said out loud.

Oh no. It was a trick wasn't it!? He shouldn't have grabbed that handel! But no matter how much he tried to let go his hands wouldn't move.

"Conformation of a master through blood, a user contract formed through, and a heart of justice of a young boy as the catalyst! There's even something inside him too…"

Oh god. What had he done?!

"Now, should we finish this? Just tell me your name~" The wand said

He wasn't going to-

"I-I-Issei Hyoudou." He said against his will. It can control him, can't it!?

"You are now officially my master!"

A golden light shown blinded him to what was happening. He could feel the root coming off and floating upwards.

"Compact full open! Maximizing mirror world connections!"

He felt himself changing and moving around. Dancing to an invisible beat as different clothes began to cover him.

He could faintly hear the sound of Ruby giving comments but he couldn't make them out at all.

As the transformation seemed to end he..he…

He felt as if his pride had just burned to ashes.

"A new Kaleid Liner is born! Kaleid Liner Prisma Issei!"

As he landed back down onto the forest floor only one thing was on his mind.

What just happened?!

"Hmm, no. That doesn't seem to have a good ring to it. Ah, but I can't think of any more~" Ruby mused from his hands.

"Eh? What just happened?" He asked to the wand and- was it him or was his voice higher?

"Eh? EH?!" He yelled in shock as he found out what the wand had done. He was wearing a pink dress straight out of a magical girl show and that wasn't even the worst of it…

"Did you turn me into a girl?!" He shouted at the wand.

"Yep! Do you like it? I've been searching all day just to try and find an easy girl to become a magical girl. Sadly, I couldn't find any. So when I heard your call I just thought that you would have to do!" The wand explained.

"I asked to be a hero, not a magical girl!" He (She? No, he was a guy!) yelled.

"But a magical girls are heroes, aren't they?" The wand asked rhetorically.

It was at that moment Issei learned a very important lesson.

Always be specific when wishing for something, for you never know how it's going to end up.

AN: And so begins Issei's adventure as a magical girl.

I just genderbent Issei-fucking-hyoudou.

Dear god what have I done?

So yeah, props to Kaleid Liner Lias' Pawn for inspiring this. Somehow.

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