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It was the time of year most kids looked at with dread and parents with glee, the end of summer break. In Maxville it was the very same even with the Williams girls, dread sunk in when they realized they were now going to Sky high. The girls along with Magenta sat in the backyard the sun shining down on them, just laughing, being girls, not knowing what this year was going to bring them.

"So girls you going to invite us over," was heard from the nicely polished wooden fence that bordered the Stronghold and Williams property "Nope," Lyric Williams smirked her darker auburn hair over her shoulder her bright green eyes alight with mirth, her sister just huffed. Layla had ginger hair with brilliant pale green eyes with freckles crossing her button nose, their best friend had dark brown hair with matching eyes yet the three girls matched each other in every way.

"Come on over Will," Layla called out, a few minutes later three boys walked into the lush green backyard, with its mini bridge and pond it was so peaceful. "Thanks Layla," Will smiled taking a seat next to his best friend as she played with a few daisies.

"Can't stay long though, dad wants me home," Ethan smiled his glasses falling to the bridge of his nose as Zach smiled winking at Magenta who scoffed moving closer to Lyric. "Yeah, my mom will be here to get me any minute too. But I'll see you in the morning," Magenta said and right on the dot a horn blared as she brushed the dirt from her black jeans "See ya," Lyric smiled watching her friend leave.

"Well I am going to go eat and shower, Layla mom is at work at the Hospital until pretty late," Lyric was just one of those over protective sisters, Layla was so neutral with Lyric but if you messed with her friends or family she wouldn't hesitate to put you six feet under.

"I will be in, just give us a few minutes," Lyric rolled her eyes walking way watching as even Zach and Ethan left the two alone, she liked Will. They have known each other since birth but if he hurt her, she would hurt him ten times worse. The house was silent as she walked upstairs, her room to the left the furthest room, Layla had the room next to their mothers it had all the sunshine in the morning. The room was simple the bed un-made, framed pictures littered her dresser, and posters decorated the walls. She headed into the bathroom, a towel and a set of clothes in hand.

"Get up sweetie, Lyric Meadow Williams get your butt up now!" a very frustrated Summer Williams said to her sleeping daughter, Lyric was bundled in a thick blanket at five in the morning her alarm clock blaring music. "Five more minutes' mom, please," she murmured as Layla walked in "Don't give in mom, she'll never get up. I'll get the water," the tone in her voice wasn't one of joking, Lyric bolted from her blankets chasing her sister, their laughter was all Summer wanted.

"Like hell Layla,"

"I was playing, I would never," was heard as she walked down the stairs seeing them eating, Lyric was buttering sourdough toast, Layla was pouring a fresh glass of juice. "I am leaving for work, have a great day girls," with a kiss she was off to her office.

"Well we better hurry up and get dressed then head to Will's," Layla smiled cleaning her mess as Lyric just munched on her toast "If you insist,"

Lyric walked after her sister heading towards her room seeing her clothes out already "Well this is going to fucking blow," she said to no one as she pulled on a pair of skinny jeans with a pale pink, and blue lucky brand Ombre geo tank top, with leaf jewelry. Their mother didn't allow make up but she had eye liner and lip gloss, to which she applied before brushing her hair and deciding on leaving it down, with a huff she was on the floor getting her Maurice's dory metallic disc gladiator sandals before putting them on when her door opened "Done yet?"

"Yup," she smiled looking up at Layla, the two girls made their way out of their house cells in hand, as Lyric locked the front door. "So aren't you just excited," it wasn't really a question.

"I guess Layla, meeting new people could be fun" she smiled as they walked along the small path between the houses, the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen as the girls walked in, Mrs. Stronghold smiling at them.

"You both look so beautiful, Will is still getting ready. Is Summer gone for the day already?" she smiled placing bacon on the table Layla turning her nose up as Lyric took a piece, The Commander walked in giving Lyric and Layla a very tight hug "Look at you girls, wasn't it just yesterday Josie that we were changing their diapers," he removed his glasses like he was getting teary eyed.

"Yes Steve, remember when they used to play in the kiddy pool together," she said as Will walked into the room but Lyric was up getting nearer the door, Will was confused as normal.

"Lyric, I need to eat,"

"I'll meet you at the bus, they are getting rather misty eyed in here," she smiled as Will looked at both his parents before hurrying, Layla also excused herself walking out with her sister.

"Why wallow," Lyric said as they reached the bus stop "Because they are parents," Layla shrugged her shoulders, her green top falling off her shoulder.

"Damn you both to hell," Will was beet red holding his chest when he reached the bus stop "Not our fault, I would have just taken my plate and left." She watched as Will took Layla's hand when a car pulled up to the stop.

"Hey girls have a super great day, oh and you too Stronghold," it was Mrs. Marks, Magenta jumped from the car "Thanks Mrs. Marks," was said. Will had more of a dead tone, Lyric jumped on his back her legs around him. "So heavy," he moaned as the bus pulled to the curb.

"Is this the bus to Sky high?" the girls all looked shocked he would ask something so freaking moronic "Excuse me freshmen, get on this bus," with that Will with Lyric still on his back climbed on to the bus with Layla and Magenta behind them looking worried they'd pissed the driver off already.

"Do you want every super villain to know the location of Sky high? What's your name freshman?" he demanded as Lyric was seen rolling her eyes.

"Well just so you know most super villains would already know since maybe one of their children go to sky high, just an fyi for you," Lyric said as Will was trying to hush her, Magenta tried to hide her giggle but it escaped.

The driver gave her such a look "Will Stronghold," he said as the driver smiled "Wow the Commander and Jet streams son, Ron Wilson bus driver," he smiled showing Will to a seat Lyric just climbed over into an empty one, Layla sat with her true love, Magenta made sure she was sat with Lyric as Zach was flirting with her, Ethan was chatting away with Will.

Lyric's point of view…

Well if you love flying buses and screaming Sky high is definitely your school, when the bus came to a screeching halt the doors slid open so that we all could file off. "Here you go Will Stronghold, if you are early or late or just need to talk," we watched as he handed Will a white card with small black writing, Will smiled "Thanks Ron," as he stuck it in his wallet, it was a nice gesture.

"Come on girls," I said putting my headphones in scrolling to Spotify, going to my playlist "Trapt" hitting play hearing Back Rose come on while Magenta did the same as me, Layla was telling Will "I can't wait to graduate and save man and woman kind, and let's not forget animal's too," her smile brilliant as he just smiled nodding at her as she talked his ear off about her plans. I loved her enthusiasm, how nothing could stop her from reaching her goals.

"I am going to blow Booms mind," Zach was bragging as we made it to the court yard "You glow Zach, like those things ravers use," I mentioned when dust flew up we looked around seeing nothing but other students rushing around the dirt. When the dust finally cleared I saw two guys standing cockily, one was a little shorter and pudgy, his hat backwards while the other guy had light brown hair a tad long, with black and white clothes he was much taller than his friend. They stood their arms crossed over their chest looking at the small freshman class. They seemed far too cocky, they needed someone to knock their egos down a few notches. Not me but someone.

"So welcome to Sky High, I am Lash and this is Speed. We are here to collect the fifteen dollar new student fee now," he held out his hand and a few started to get money out "I didn't read anything about a new student fee," Ethan piped up as I tried walking past them "Don't listen to them, here are the real rules," she stopped us from leaving, her name was Gwen Grayson, so we stood listening well I was playing angry birds on my phone, it was the Star wars edition all I heard was her laugh then the words "So if you follow those simple rule you won't fall off the school," I looked up near the same time as Magenta, we both looked very confused.

"What was that about falling off the school?" I questioned "Weren't you paying attention?" Ethan says as I shook my head no "No I was on a particularly hard level of Star Wars angry birds," they all gave me a look as the girls started laughing.

"Not like you were paying attention Magenta," I bumped her shoulder "I was at least playing mine craft not angry birds,"

"Come with me to Power placement," it was Principal Powers, we walked behind her into the large gym, sitting on the bleachers as she started to the podium with Boom. "You are here at Sky high to learn to use and master your powers," I started to tune her out after that, my power was everyone's power I could take theirs, I was a leach.

Then she was gone like a shooting star when Boom started calling names, it was slow so I played on my phone as he kicked that girl who turned herself into a ball, I watched her bounce off a wall. "Marks, you're up," we watched as our friend went up Layla held my hand her eyes worried as Magenta transformed into a Guinea pig, it had a Magenta streak in it very adorable.

"That's it, not even a swarm of Guinea Pigs? SIDEKICK," She was herself again as she walked off with "bite me," she flopped down next to me "What a dick," she mumbled a nasty look on her face.

"Williams," he was giving me a headache "Which one sir?" Layla asked in a very polite tone "You," he smirked as she stood walking down the few steps.

"Sir, I don't believe in using my power unless the situation demands it," she was trying to explain herself, I already knew she was going to go through with this.

"Well this is the situation and I'm demanding it, now do it!" He snapped "No," she stood taller "Are you refusing to show me your powers Williams?" he was angry now.

"Yes," she wasn't backing down even as he screamed sidekick her ginger hair blowing back "Don't be such a dick, my sister doesn't have to show you anything she doesn't want too," I was walking down the steps pissed.

"After lunch you can be next," he smiled as I snarled "Come on before you do something even more stupid," Magenta said grabbing my hand as we walked out heading to lunch together.

"You okay Layla, that was really a brave thing, to stand up for what you believe in," I smiled at Layla who looked so happy that I was happy with her decision, she should have known by now I always had her back.

"I am okay, thank you for sticking up for me," she smiled taking out her lunch as Will and the boys went to the line to grab theirs, we sat having ours packed already. I unwrapped my sandwich taking a bite as the boys sat, we all started joking around, Will looked around his eyes going wide.

"What's wrong hunnie bunnie," we all turned to Layla even Will who was blushing like mad "Hunnie bunnie?" I smiled starting to laugh with the rest of our friends much to the embarrassment of Will and Layla.

But Will just turned back around looking over his shoulder, I took Magenta's Zinger giving her my apple in turn she gave me an angry look as I ran my tongue along it "So gross," she breathed out in a low tone.

"Will what the hell are you looking at?" I asked him after a few minutes "That guy hasn't stopped looking at me," so we all looked the guy was with a few others but he was looking at Will with death clear in his eyes. His long hair touching his shoulders with a deep red streak, a black long sleeved shirt with a red over shirt, dirty boots, faded jeans, and a thick chain hanging from his side.

"That's Warren Peace, your dad put his dad in prison, Quadruple life sentence," Zach whispered leaning over the table towards us, I relooked at the guy, yeah I could see that. I just turned around finishing my lunch as did the others we had to head back once the bell rang, I was the last up seeing the guy Peace was gone.

Zach was planning on cutting me off when we went back into gym, he wanted to impress Boom, I was all for him embarrassing himself. Will turned the corner, in normal Will fashion, wasn't watching, so he walked into his new stalker or best friend. Warren Peace who looked down at him; the look he gave made us all step back "Excuse me, sorry we weren't watching," Will mumbled out his hand in my sisters.

"I am not sorry, I didn't bump into him. I was clearly watching where I was walking," I said more to Magenta who just gave me a look like I was crazy as she pulled me passed Will and Peace I let my fingertips graze the very small patch of skin near his gloves feeling heat seep into me like liquid fire "Let's go before you get Will killed, he can do that shit on his own Lyric,"

"I was only messing," I smiled as we entered the gym as Zach nearly knocked us over running to the stage, within minutes he was placed in the sidekick class as I walked on stage "Come on Williams, I see you have a mouth do have the power to back it up?" he was a dick as I held my hand out a ball of blood red fire shot out nearly hitting him, oops.

I didn't know…

But when I walked off that stage I was a Hero along with Will, who had just days before come into his powers. We walked out together heading to the bus knowing as long as we were with Will, Ron Bus driver wouldn't leave without us.

We still noticed Warren was watching Will with hate filled eyes as he sat in a Chevy while we boarded the bus. "You should watch your back with him Will," I said as we both watched him watching Will.

"Yeah," was all he could say in response.

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