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~*~*~ Innocent Eighteen ~*~*~

Chapter five

Sha Gojyo felt like yanking his long red hair. What the fuck is wrong with those two!??

He sweat dropped as he studied the two people sitting at the table. Son Goku had turned his chair around so that he can lean on the back of the chair. His large gold eyes were currently staring lovingly at the person across the table.

The other person, named Genjo Sanzo, didn't saw the look on his pet's face, as a newspaper stood between them. Quite suddenly, Sanzo closed his newspaper just in time to catch the saru staring dreamily at him.

Goku, not expecting this, jumped out of his chair and blushed heavily. He turned towards Cho Hakkai, who was heading towards the door. "Ne Hakkai! I'll help you with the shopping!!" He said it loud and quick, fishing up Gojyo's suspicion.        

"Ano, it's okay Goku. I can-" Hakkai didn't get to finish his sentence as Goku had already pulled him out of the door.

It was hardly visibly, but if you look closer, Sanzo's cheek was slightly tinted bright pink. He tore his eyes away from the door and return to his newspaper, just to find Gojyo's face inches from his. Sanzo pointed his gun at Gojyo's temple in normal reflex.

"Okay, spit it out, corrupted monk. What's up with you and monkey-boy?" Ignoring the chances of getting shot in the head, Gojyo kept his sly smile on. There was not much 'advance' relationship between Sanzo and Goku. This was unexpected.

"Nothing." When dealing with an idiot, there's no use of a spirit-ascending gun. Sanzo kept his precious gun and picks up the newspaper, determine to shut Gojyo out from his thoughts. He had told the truth, nothing had happen since that day.

"Huh? Come on, Sanzo-sama. Share some of your 'exciting' experience with the expert." Gojyo smiled gleefully. "Something 'good' must have happen that day." Everything that came out from his mouth had something to do with 'bed'.

Sanzo's vein throbbed. [I will not shoot him, I will not shoot him………damn, I will shoot him.]


"Can't you be any gentler, baka saru?"

"B-but Sanzo, I never done this before………"

"Relax, I'll teach you how it's done……… Kuso!"

"Ahh!! Gomen, did it hurt?!!"

"Ch'. You're doing it all wrong! *Sigh* I'll do it myself."

Sanzo took the ointment from Goku's clumsy hands. He applied the medicine on the ugly dark purple patch of bruises on his arms. Damn that Gojyo! The ero-kappa had caused him so much unwanted 'pain'.

Suddenly getting very fed-up, Sanzo stopped treating his bruises. He recaps the bottle and placed it on the table. "What?" He frowned irritably when he saw the large innocent gold eyes following his every move.

Goku averted his view, as Sanzo sounded so unfriendly. Was it his imagination that this cold-faced Sanzo had hugged him and planted a small kiss at his temple twenty minutes ago? The blond priest noticed his pet's sullen look and felt guilty. Using a softer tone, he asked again. "What is it, Goku?"

"I want it now." The monkey said without blushing or ruining the innocent flashing in his eyes. On the other hand, Sanzo's heart was hammering away and he felt his body turned hot. [Goku wants 'it'?]   

"You promise me." Goku had the most adorable expression on his face. His head tilted a little to the left, eyebrows tied into a knot and the pouting luscious lips are just begging Sanzo to taste them. Just when Sanzo was about to make a move, Goku had to spoil it all.

"You promise to give me an answer if I stayed."

Sanzo gave himself a mental slap on the forehead. So that's what the saru had been blabbering about. The answer of whether he lov-


Shit. He wasn't ready for this. What he had blurted out this morning was just something used to make Goku stay. He thought the saru had already forgotten about it already. But looks like he's wrong.

"Ne, ne, Sannnzooo!! Why aren't you answering me??" He was worried. What if his guesses were wrong and Sanzo doesn't love him? No. No! Goku breaks his promise to Konzen and stayed. There were only two reasons for it. One, he's dead. Two, Sanzo loves him.

Clearly number one is out of the two reasons, so that leaves……… "Sanzo?" He stared hopefully at his guardian. The man stared down at his clutching fists.

"Water." Sanzo finally lifted up his head. It's not the right time. "Goku, go get me some water." He had chickened out and ran away again. Goku did not try to hide the hurt, anger and despair from his face. But he obeyed and poured Sanzo a glass of water.

After the Sanzo took the water, Goku headed for the door. It hurts to see the boy like that. Sanzo did not try to stop him. Maybe they needed some time apart. Goku stopped at the doorframe. "Sanzo." He looked up at the boy who called his name.

"If it's so hard for you to answer, then you shouldn't have stop me from leaving." The door slammed shut. Whoever says 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words could never hurt me'? Sanzo could prove this wrong right this second.

End of Flashback

"Urusai!!!!!!" The infamous paper fan made contact with Gojyo's head. Sanzo didn't need this ero-kappa to remind him how his relationship with Goku was such a failure. Since that day, Goku had been avoiding him. Well, he's not the only one playing I-want-him-but-I-don't-want-him-to-know game.

Sanzo, being a champion in this game, isn't much of a help. They desperately wanted each other; anyone with eyes could see that. Save the monk and the saru themselves. If only they would give in to each other, then things wouldn't be so complicated.

As Gojyo covered his head in painful agony, he was sure Sanzo-sama didn't notice the evil glint in his fiery red eyes. Hehehe……… *Smirk*

"What are you smiling for??? Ero-kappa!" *Thwack*



The door creaked open to reveal a semi-dark room. Violet eyes scanned through the room cautiously. Unsatisfied that he found nothing, Sanzo returned his view to the two people behind him. "Are you sure about this?"

Hakkai smiled and easily disguised the fact that his eyes were wandering all over Sanzo's appearance. Sanzo wasn't wearing his usual attire. A loose fitting white shirt and faded blue jeans made him look twice as dashing as he usually is.

Sanzo shoved his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans and slouched a little. "I just don't understand why do I have to change room."

Gojyo quickly wrapped his arm around Hakkai's neck and pulled the man closer to himself. "The innkeeper said your room was infested with mice, so you have to change room. Ne, Hakkai?"

Hakkai blushed furiously. He had never been this close to Gojyo (save the last time they hugged). He could see the flecks of dark crimsons in his fiery red eyes this moment. "Um." Was all he could manage to muster out.

Sanzo eyed the two male companions and frowned. "But I didn't saw any mic-" He was forcefully pushed into the room. And the door suddenly slammed shut right at his face. In normal reflex, Sanzo grabbed the doorknob and found it locked from the outside. "Oi!!"

Gojyo pulled the key out from the keyhole and grinned at his partner in crime. "Easy." He dropped the key into his pocket and headed down the corridor. "It'll work this time."

Hakkai grabbed onto his collar. "Matte (Wait)!" With too much force as Gojyo loses his balance stumble backwards. He recoiled with Hakkai and they both fell down.

Sanzo searches for his gun to shoot the door open but he can't find it anywhere. Then he finally remembers. Hakkai had offered to polish his gun……… Damn him.

Gojyo flipped himself around. "Hakkai!! Why'd you………" His mouth dropped open. The Hakkai below him had the most 'inviting' face Gojyo had ever seen. With his cheeks tinted red and his lips slightly apart, Hakkai looked edible. Gojyo had to swallow his saliva as his lips suddenly felt dry.

Hakkai shifted uncomfortably under Gojyo's weight. He don't mind having this position with Gojyo anytime, but for god's sake, they were still situated in the corridor!! "Um……... Gojyo, can you-" He was silenced as Gojyo lips had pressed tenderly on his.

Sanzo tried his best to calm down and not to do anything stupid. Example, hurl the door down and execute the very unlucky ero-kappa. He let his hand drop from the doorknob and looked around the room once more. Knowing that it'll be quite some time before the idiot kappa lets him out and stop this ridiculous joke, Sanzo lied on the bed. What better ways to past your time then to sleep?

……… what's this? Sanzo found a huge lump beside him. Mice?

He frowned and flipped the covers away to find a half-naked Goku sleeping underneath. The little saru turned slightly and started to stir awake.


Goku felt as if a brick hit his head. What happened?

He remembers Hakkai giving him a cup of tea and then……… He falls asleep? (Gojyo had obviously spiked the tea.)

Sitting up drowsily, he rubbed his eyes in a childish manner. Why did he suddenly felt so cold? Goku looked downwards. Oh, he's not wearing any clothing except his boxers. No wonder he's freezing! He felt around blindly for the blanket and touched another hand instead.

Goku almost leaped out of his boxers. "Sanzo??!!!" All the drowsiness fled. "What are you doing……… no, wait. What am I doing here?" He looked at Sanzo for some answer but the monk gave none.

It was very hard for Sanzo to resist the urge of gritting his teeth and cursing aloud. With a vein throbbing on his forehead, he asked Goku. "Tell me, baka saru. Why are you here?" He crossed his arms in front of his chest and tried to avert his eyes away from Goku's naked chest.

Being an innocent creature, Goku did not notice the uneasiness of Sanzo caused by his nakedness. Instead, he happily obliged to his guardians question. It was quite some time since they had been alone in a room together, just him and Sanzo.

After hearing the monkey's side of the story, Sanzo could possibly guess the 'trap' laid by Hakkai and Gojyo. His hand itches for the spirit-ascending gun. That'll have to wait for later as he had to get out first. What should he do now? "Goku." The boy's heartbeats quickens upon hearing his name. "Use your staff to break the door down. I have to get out."  

Yes, he has to get out. Before he loses control and pounced on Goku. Look at them, sitting together on the bed, not to forget that Goku's half-naked. Anything could happen. That's how dangerous this situation is. Sanzo have to leave, he would never hurt Goku.

The boy had those sad looks in his eyes again. And then it happened. As slowly as ever, Goku crept towards his guardian. Sanzo was finding it hard to breath but he did not move or stopped Goku. Until their bodies were inches apart was Goku willing to stop advancing.

Goku's small arms smoothly glided around Sanzo's waist as if he was holding something precious. His hands met at Sanzo's back and they locked tightly together, indicating his possessiveness over the blond guardian. The last step was when Goku stared innocently into those frantic violet eyes before he snuggled onto the crook of Sanzo's neck.

Sanzo's whole body was set in flames, especially his lower part. He could feel the Goku's hot breath on his neck. The saru must have showered today, as his brown coloured hair smelled of shampoo. Giving up to his 'small' urges, Sanzo run through Goku's unruly soft hair with his fingers massaging Goku's head.

He could swear the saru purred with pleasure and snuggled even closer. How wonderful if time could stay like this forever. However, Goku broke the silent. "Why do you always want to leave me? Don't you like being with me?" Goku regretted opening his big mouth as the massaging motion on his head stopped.

[No! Wait! Rewind! Please don't answer me!] Goku pushed himself away from Sanzo and jumped up from the comfy bed. He doesn't want to hear the answer. He doesn't want Sanzo to hurt him. But mainly, he doesn't want Sanzo to……… hate him.

"I'll get the door open right now." It was Goku's turn to desperately want to run away. He moved quickly towards the door and raised his arm, intending to call out his staff.

"Goku." Two hands stretched from behind Goku and pressed the door. The boy stiffened, and turned around. Sanzo was standing there with an angry expression. Goku took a step backwards but his back had touched the cool wooden door. There was no place to run as Sanzo had trapped him with both hands on either side of his head.

He felt small and vulnerable with Sanzo cornering him like that. Sanzo's angry look did not leave his face. Goku shuts his eyes and covered his ears with both hands. "Don't say you hate me!!" He cried out loud.

That angered Sanzo even more. He doesn't like Goku being so scared of him. Why couldn't the saru see how important he is in Sanzo's life? Hate? Sanzo could never hate him. It doesn't matter now; Sanzo was tired of playing the hide and seek game anyway.

He leans down and planted a soft kiss on Goku's forehead. The golden eyes snapped open and the saru stared up with an unbelievably adorable reaction. It only made Sanzo want more.

With a slow rhythm, Sanzo's butterfly kisses made it's way down onto the middle of Goku's eyebrows, his nose bridge and the tip of his nose. Goku's heart pounded as he waited in anticipation for the next kiss to land.

Sanzo gently lifted Goku's face and gazed at his blushing pet. "Close your eyes, baka." Goku blushed even more but obeyed. His lower lips trembled as he waited. But with his eyes close, he did not see the evil smirk on Sanzo's face.

He leaned down again and kissed……… the corner of Goku's lips. The poor saru almost died wanting his beloved guardian to kiss him directly on the lips. But Sanzo did not heed his 'needs'. The kissing continues.

Sanzo slowly made his way down Goku's chin, biting and sucking at the same time until Goku couldn't hold in his moans. It took a lot of control and force, but Sanzo finally stops himself from going any further. Sweat formed on his forehead as he breaths raggedly. Kissing was not enough.

Goku cracked one eye open. Is it over? He hoped not as he was still unsatisfied. The blood rushing inside his head was making him dizzy, but he wants more. He almost cried in unjust when Sanzo dropped his hands and moved further away.

"Sanzo………" Goku clutched Sanzo's shirt to prevent him from moving away. He looked at Sanzo sending the message that it would be too cruel if it ends here. Sanzo grinned evilly again; he had predicted the saru would stop him.

"What is it?" He masked his desire with a non-of-my-concern tone. Goku was not sure how to answer him, so the poor saru continues to blush. Not wanting to tease Goku anymore (actually Sanzo just can't wait any longer), he captures the saru's lips.

Goku's knees went wobbly; it was Sanzo's arms around his waist that stop him from falling. He couldn't think of anything else save the playful chewing and licking Sanzo was doing to his helpless lips. The only sound he could hear was the pumping of his own heartbeats.

Sanzo broke the kiss. His lips traveled to Goku's ear and he whispered in a low and musky voice. "Open your mouth." While he's at it, Sanzo kissed Goku's earlobe too.

Goku obediently opened his mouth slightly. When Sanzo attacked his lips again, a low groan escaped from his throat. Sanzo had slid his tongue into Goku's mouth and was currently playing with Goku's tongue, teasing it and daring it to play along. Which much to Sanzo's amazement, Goku was very good at.

Sanzo was clearly losing the tongue game, so he might as well give up and let his pet explore his mouth throughly. Man, the saru was good. He had lightened every single flame in Sanzo's body in just a matter of seconds.

That's it. They were losing control. Kissing did not and cannot cure their hunger. Without breaking contact, Sanzo carried Goku from the door to the bed. He laid Goku on the bed and settled on top of the saru. Sanzo was careful not to crush Goku under his weight.

Goku felt his skin on fire as Sanzo's hand travel around his chest. The fire turned into a volcano erupting when Sanzo replaced his hand with his lips. He groaned in pleasure as Sanzo nibbled his skin once in a while. Goku's hot body was dumped with cold waters of fear as Sanzo reached for the only garment he's wearing, the boxers.

"Matte!!" Goku grabbed the hands that were about to tug his boxers away. Sanzo looked at his small lover irritably. He'd better have a good reason for stopping this. Sanzo needed 'it', badly.

"What?" Sanzo sat up straight and took this opportunity to wipe the sweat on Goku's forehead with the back of his hand. Goku blushed like a beetroot when he noticed Sanzo was straddling on his stomach. This is no time for blushes!! Excuse! Think of an excuse!!

"Erm……… clothes." Sanzo frowned trying to figure what the saru was talking about. "Goku – naked." Goku pointed at himself and Sanzo nodded. He knows the saru isn't wearing clothes, isn't that obvious? Goku then pointed at him. "Sanzo – fully clothed."

It took a while for Sanzo to understand him. Sanzo sighed in defeat. The monkey had stopped him because he doesn't want to be the only one naked around here?? Without hesitating, Sanzo crossed his arms and grabbed the hems of his loose white shirt.

Ever so sexily, he hunched and removed the shirt. The moment his broad, tanned chest was revealed, Goku had to swallow the drool back into his throat. More blood rushed into his head, making his face even redder.

Never looking away from the monkey's face, Sanzo tossed his shirt away carelessly. In a very seductive and sexy tone, he asked. "Now……… where was I?" As he continues his kisses, his hands wandered to Goku's boxers again.

Goku had never felt this dizzy in his whole life.

(After one minute.)


Hakkai and Gojyo stopped their 'activities'. They exchanged knowing looks. That was Sanzo's voice. They unwillingly separated and quickly wore their clothes.

"Shit, this has to be good." Gojyo muttered under his breath as they walked towards the room. He swears that just for another second longer, Hakkai would have been completely his.

"Maa, maa. We better hurry. It sounds serious." Hakkai blushed when Gojyo naughtily steals a kiss from him. Hakkai would have never imagined being over the lost of Sanzo so quickly. He owns it all to this red haired guy.

They stopped in front of the room where Sanzo was located. Gojyo fished out the key and opened the door. The two peeked inside the room.

Sanzo had his bare back facing them. Without even turning, Sanzo called out to them. "Hakkai, Gojyo, come here." Their cover was blown.

"What happen?" They walked into the room and finally saw the problem.

"Baka saru had nosebleed and he fainted because of the lost of blood." Sanzo said with a vein throbbing intensely on his forehead. Goku was unconscious while Sanzo tried to stop the bleeding using his white shirt.

Hakkai and Gojyo tried their best not to laugh. They failed miserably. Poor Sanzo-sama. With no gun and paper fan, he can only yell, "URUSAI!!"


(A few days later)

"Tell me what's wrong with this picture." Gojyo nudged Hakkai using his elbow. The moment Gojyo and Hakkai stepped into the room; they saw Sanzo seated on the bed, wearing his usual robe and smoking a cigarette. Goku? Well, the saru was sleeping. Nothing unusual?

Hakkai strained out a small smile. Nothing unusual, except Goku was using Sanzo's lap as a pillow and the blond monk was gently massaging his saru's brown haired head. Sanzo was careful not to let the smoke disturb his sleeping saru. Goku, curled up like a kitten, had his hand on Sanzo's kneecap.

"Gojyo, we came at the wrong time. Goku still hasn't recover from that nosebleed and his asleep." Hakkai and Gojyo had to bite their tongue to stop the exploding laughter when the word 'nosebleed' was mentioned. It's either that or get shoot by Sanzo.

According to the disappointed saru, Sanzo did not continue where he left off the last time. It seems like the monk's pride was ruined by the nosebleed incident. Which was pretty bad since Sanzo didn't even try to kiss him anymore.

"Um……… A re? Ohayo Hakkai, Gojyo………" Goku did not move from his comfortable position. He stifled a lazy yawn and then closed his eyes again. Sanzo seemed irritated; he put out his cigarette in an ashtray. 

Gojyo rolled his eyes. It was late evening for Christ's sake. "Oi, baka saru! How long have you been sleeping?" He took a step closer then proceeds to poke Goku on the forehead. Gojyo's action only caused the saru to pout and turned his back towards the kappa. To Sanzo's horror, Goku nuzzled his face on Sanzo's abdominal.

"Get up already! Hakkai wants to talk to you." Sanzo pushed Goku away but the saru had a tight grip on his robe. "Baka! Get up! My legs are numb already!" In truth, Sanzo was getting hard.

"Just a little longer………" Came Goku's sleepy reply. Sanzo would not tolerate with his disobedient. He searched inside his robe for the ultimate weapon. *THWACK!!*

"Itai yo!!!! Sannzoooo! That hurts!" Goku jumped off of Sanzo and rubbed his head. Some things just would never change. Gojyo was clutching one hand at his stomach and the other at Hakkai's shoulder for support. His booming laughter covered Hakkai's small chuckles.

"Come on now, Goku. I'll buy you some meat buns." Hakkai always knew the correct thing to say. Goku skipped happily out of the room following behind Hakkai.

"We'll return your saru after a while, Sanzo-sama." Gojyo did not forget to tease Sanzo before shutting the door.

"Urusai. You can keep him." Of course, that was just an expression of words. Sanzo would never mean what he says when it comes to Goku. Finally alone, Sanzo picked up his reading glasses from the bedside table and proceeds to read the newspaper.

After half an hour, Sanzo felt uneasiness taking over. The room felt not right without a certain brown haired saru. Where is he? Why is he gone so long? Sanzo restrained himself from getting up and go hunting for the saru.

Another ten minute passed. Sanzo could not concentrate on his newspaper. Obviously, he was worried. It was near dinnertime and Goku was not back. [Gah, what the fuck. Might as well look for him.] As he was about to put down the newspaper, the door opened.

Quick as a flash, Sanzo brought up the newspaper again. "Sanzo?" Goku called out.

It was a normal reflex; he doesn't want the saru to see how worried he is. Too much pampering will spoil the boy. "Finally remembered to come back?" Sanzo said with a somewhat sour tone. He did not like Goku spending more time with Gojyo. Who knows what the ero-kappa is thinking about?

Sanzo already sensed something terribly wrong when Goku did not reply. The newspaper in his hand was 'brutally' snatched away by Goku as if the saru wanted attention. Behind those reading glasses, Sanzo read the expression on Goku's face.

The saru looked……… sad? More likely depress and dreaded. Sanzo was surprised when Goku reached out his hands and took off his guardian's glasses. He was surprised, but he stayed expressionless. What stupid game is the monkey playing?

Goku's golden orbs never left Sanzo's face as he simply placed the glasses on the bedside table. Sanzo could see it coming, he could stop it by hitting Goku on the head but he didn't, just because Sanzo wanted it too.

Goku leaned forward and tilted his head to press his wet lips against Sanzo's dry ones. Sanzo had been waiting for this. Apart from enjoying the free kisses from his saru, Sanzo tasted around Goku's mouth.

He was once again surprised that his guesses were wrong. The saru doesn't taste like wine, beer or anything alcoholic; therefore Goku is not drunk as Sanzo guessed. Why is Goku acting so……… needy? Sanzo's brain did not have much more space left to think as Goku deepens the kiss and aroused his 'excitement'.

Goku's hands were placed on Sanzo's robes, carefully tugging at it, trying to undress Sanzo. On the other hand, Sanzo had no control over what he was currently doing. His hands had snaked around Goku's waist and were caressing the naked piece of skin underneath Goku's shirt.

Sanzo's warm hands slides upward, lifting Goku's shirt higher and higher until Goku had to raise his arms to let Sanzo pull off the his shirt. He returned to the job of undressing Sanzo while the monk planted wet kisses on his neck.

Hearing a deep sexy growl coming out from Goku's mouth encouraged Sanzo to let his kisses roam. First, down the healthy bronze chest. He nibbled and sucked every piece of skin he could find. Next, Goku's bellybutton, Sanzo could feel the grip on his shoulders tightens as he playfully licks Goku's little bellybutton. 

Before he could get any lower, Goku lifted Sanzo's face and resumed kissing at his slightly bruised lips savagely. Eventually, Sanzo's robes and the black coloured clothing inside were successfully thrown aside. He was left with a pair of black pants.   

Goku returned the favour with pleasure. The boy's hungry lips traveled from Sanzo's lips, down his neck then his bare shoulder. "Kuso………" Sanzo moaned silently as Goku bit his shoulder.

He didn't know monkeys like to bite too. "Kiss, don't bite." Shoving his hand through Goku's unruly hair, Sanzo swears that the saru had bitten him again.

Then, very firmly and surely, Goku slowly pushed Sanzo's chest, hinting for the monk to lied flat on the bed. At first, Sanzo fights it, he knows exactly where this is going but now is just not the right time. There's something troubling Goku.

Violet eyes searched golden ones. Sanzo only found lust and……… love? He was caught unprepared when Goku used more strength to push him down. Sanzo landed heavily on the mattress. So the saru wins. Goku crept on top of Sanzo and straddled his hips. Just the same way Sanzo did the first time.

Goku leaned down to continue the kissing and he had his whole body glued with Sanzo's. The monk almost looses his cool when Goku's naked chest was rubbed against his. He tried to push Goku away, but his hands were busy caressing the flaming body on top of his.

"S-Sanzo………" Goku's lips were just beside his ear. His breath came hard and harsh. With a mixture of sweet, sexy and innocent he requested softly. "I want you."

His words were magic to Sanzo. The monk snapped out of the passionate frenzy. Using full speed, Sanzo turned the tables around. He went on top of Goku and pinned the saru down. Sweat tickle down his chin and splats onto Goku's sweaty chest.

Goku had too much fun being the one in control. It was time for Sanzo to take over the rein. His face was inches away from Goku's hot and burning face. The tip of their nose touched but their lips stayed apart. "Are you sure about this?" Slightly brushing his lips over the saru's teasingly, Sanzo asked.

Goku nodded and slides his hands into Sanzo's chest to feel the frantic beatings of the blond's heart. He averted his view from Sanzo's chest to his shoulder and Goku found many red markings. He was the culprit of the ugly red blotches on Sanzo's body. Looking up higher, he saw violet eyes looking at him in amusement.

"Seen enough?" Not that Sanzo minded his body being admired. Goku blushed more at Sanzo's comment. "I'm not going to continue this."

The blush from Goku's face immediately disappeared. "Why?" Goku frowned and quickly wrapped his arms around Sanzo's body, afraid that Sanzo would leave him right this second.

Noticing Goku's reaction brought a warm and comfortable rush into Sanzo. "Because you'll get a nosebleed and I have to take care of you again." That was just an excuse to get back at Goku for biting his shoulder.

"No, I won't! I promise!" Goku blurted out before he realized what he just said. It just shows that Goku needs Sanzo very much now. And to prove it, Goku planted a kiss on Sanzo's lips.

Which Sanzo returned back as equally hungrily as Goku. He reached for Goku's boxers and hoped what the saru promised was true because he wasn't going to stop for anything this time. Goku had started the flames first, so no matter what happens, he'll be the one responsible to put out the flames.

Sanzo was lost in the world where only he, Goku and the bed existed.


Goku's stomach grumbled. It should, both he and Sanzo had missed dinner. Sanzo gently patted the brown haired head that was lying on his chest. He was sure he had worn the saru out but Goku seemed to have more energy compared to him. "Go get change and we'll get something to eat."

"Don't want to. I'm not hungry." Came Goku's mutterings. He started kissing Sanzo's chest, making Sanzo all hot and ready for another fling again. Sanzo tried to get Goku off with no avail. Well, the baka saru is not the only person who needed to eat around here!

"Baka saru! I'm getting pissed………"

"But I want to spend more time with you!!" Goku said aloud and to Sanzo's surprise, have tears in the brim of his gold eyes. Okay, there's definitely something wrong with Goku since he came back from Hakkai and Goj-.

"What did Hakkai and Gojyo wanted to talk to you about?" There's the problem! Sanzo was a hundred and ten percent sure of it as Goku looked guilty. The saru finally confessed.

"T-they, they told me you are going to……… die soon because of a strange disease." Goku chocked a little before continuing. "Gojyo told me this is what you wanted before you……… go." And with that, Goku couldn't help himself but to allow his tears to fall. "I don't want you to die!!" He wailed and flung himself onto Sanzo.

Sanzo had the most enormous vein throbbing on his forehead that nobody had every seen. Everything was clear to him now that he knows Hakkai and Gojyo were involved. The two bastards lied to Goku! There was a sickening feeling rising inside him. Did the saru slept with him only because he was lied at?

Will he regret it if Sanzo told him the truth? For just a second there, Sanzo was selfish enough to consider the decision of not telling Goku the truth. But then this wouldn't be right. He can only hope that Goku will still stay when the ugly truth is out. "Stop crying, baka saru! I'm not going to die."

That immediately caught Goku's attention. He sat back and wiped away the tears on his face. "What do you mean?"

"Hakkai and Gojyo told you a lie. They are sick people." Sanzo hide his expression flawlessly. He waited for Goku's reaction. Which didn't come at all. Goku just stared at him with his eyes wide in shock. There was a pain shooting up Sanzo's body. He had to remain cool. "I guess you would want to leave the room now, huh."

Sanzo reached out moodily for his robe. Goku held his wrist. "Why would I? I told you I'm not hungry and I want to spend more time with you."

Not fully understanding nor listening to what Goku was saying, Sanzo shoved his hand away. "It was a lie, Goku. I'm not going to die, how stupid can you be?"

"But I still want to be with you because I love you."

"I already told you I-" Sanzo frosted in mid-sentence. What did Goku just said? Love?

He understands this. After spending a night with Goku, he knows the Goku's 'love' wasn't any brotherly love or friendship love. It took a while for Sanzo to melt it all in.

Now is the right time. Say it! "Yes."

"Huh?" Goku had question marks appearing on his head. He wonders why was Sanzo blushing.

"My answer. Yes, I love you." Sanzo couldn't believe it. He had said those three words. And they weren't that hard to say after all. Taking the stoned Goku into his embrace, Sanzo begins to kiss Goku's temple.

Goku stared up at Sanzo with those lovingly golden eyes of his. "Is it for real?" He asked in an unsure yet anticipating tone.

"Damn you baka saru. Don't doubt me." Another kiss successfully landed on Goku's neck.

"Ne, Sanzo. Aren't we supposed to go get something to eat? Hakkai and Gojyo might be worried." Goku managed to talk without moaning as Sanzo chewed on his earlobe.

"Tell Hakkai and Gojyo to screw each other." Which they were doing right this moment. "Eat?" Sanzo smirked. "I only eat baka saru like you." Before Goku could yell 'I'm not a saru!', Sanzo had already blocked the words using a passionate and hot kiss.

It was still a long way till morning comes. Sanzo and Goku have all the time in the world.

End of Innocent Eighteen

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