TITLE: Troubled Minds

PAIRING: Harry/Hermione past/possibly future

DISTRIBUTION: Ask and you shall receive

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Troubled Minds: Prologue


It was a warm summer night in July. New York was no exception today, yet some people didn't even drip a drop of sweat. Some even looked perfectly fine, like they were under some sort of spell. Many were not, that was just how some New Yorkers were, acting like they had no care in the world. But out of the thousands and thousands of people, there were the handful who were very special. Much like the Harmony and Stephanie Vigil or maybe I should say Hermione and Stephanie Granger?

Before we go any father, let me tell you some very important things that you should know about Hermione and Stephanie. First of all, Hermione left the Wizarding World. Why she did, was a question that people that were close to her still asked today. You see Hermione became pregnant in her 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The problem was Hermione became pregnant with one of her best friend's child. To make matters worse, he was the most famous person in the Wizarding World. I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. You guessed it, 'The Boy Who Lived', Harry Potter.

How Hermione became pregnant and why she left may be revealed later, but one thing I can tell you is that, an eleven year old Stephanie Vigil, also known as, Stephanie Granger, grew up without a father, without knowing about the Wizarding World, or that she in fact was a witch who was the daughter of the most recognizable person in the Wizarding World.

That all changed when Stephanie received a mysterious letter that was dropped off by on owl, on the day of June 31st. What was in that letter changed Stephanie's life drastically. No one knew, but this letter caused many great and terrible things that would happen in the next 7 years. All of this because of a simple letter. As the saying goes, good things happen over time, but great things happen all at once.


Stephanie laid in her bed thinking about her life and her mum's past. She knew she was a witch, who her father was (even though she never met him), that her mom went to a magical school called Hogwarts, and that her mum got pregnant at seventeen, left Hogwarts and never told her father she was pregnant. Her mum didn't have the slightest clue that she has knowledge about these things, especially that she knows that her mum is a witch and that she, herself is a witch and that her father is one of the most famous wizards of the Wizarding World. There was one problem if resolved there would be no problems any more, but that would mean she might not get a letter from Hogwarts. Stephanie would be turning eleven in November and that would mean she could be a first year at Hogwarts, but what troubled her was, do they send letters overseas? Stephanie definitely didn't want to go to one of the magical schools here in the States. She loved the States, especially New York, but she had British blood in her. She wanted to go back to home.

Questions kept on popping in her head continuously throughout the entire night. If she did receive a letter to Hogwarts, would her mother let her go? The only thing that Stephanie herself knew for sure is to never tell her mom that she knows who her father is or about her mom's past. That was the only problem in her mind solved. Her present problem now was she had to keep her mouth shut (Stephanie had problems with keeping secrets) and the fact she had about fifty more problems to solve. Knowing she wouldn't solve any more problems now, Stephanie fell into a dreamless sleep.


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