Penelope looked at her clock 7:15;she sighed, she was meeting her date at 8:30 that gave her no time to get ready. This morning she thought she'd have had more time to change and get ready but Hotch asked her to run some programs that caused her to stay later then everyone else. She was glad she brought her clothes to work just in case.

Everyone was gone this late and there were no cameras in her office so she figured what the hell, I'll just get changed in here really fast. She put on her iPod to some music she could dance to while she got herself ready. Normally she would never be this free at work but she knew being a Friday everyone had left the building hours ago.

Derek had stayed to finish some paperwork for Hotch. Jack had a basketball game that night and he didn't want Hotch to miss anything so he offered to complete it for him. Derek had nowhere to go, his recent breakup had turned him off of going to the clubs for a while.

He finished the last form and made his way out of his office. He was halfway down the hall when he noticed Garcia's light still on. She must have left the light on He thought. He was glad he had her office code so he could turn it off.

He made his way over to her office entering the code and walking in. What he saw stopped him in his tacks.

There stood Penelope facing away from him shaking her ass to the beat of her music. She wore only stockings held up by a garter belt and see through panties. His pants instantly tightened at the sight causing him to groan loud enough to make Penelope spin around.

"Oh God!" She screamed frozen in place.

She was caught so off guard she was frozen staring at him with her eyes wide. Derek couldn't help but cast his eyes along her body. He followed her red cheeks down to her exquisite breast moving up and down, as her breathing was heavy from the dancing and shock. He let his eyes travel further down her stomach to the front of her see through panties. His breath hitched, as he was able to see her lower lips.

His sharp intake of breath brought her back to reality and she grabbed her dress covering her body.

"Oh my god Derek I'm so sorry. I didn't know anyone was still here or I would have gone to the bathroom." She was so embarrassed she backed up and pressed herself against the wall wishing the ground would swallow her.

"Penelope" He whispered.

"God" she cried again. She turned her body from him bending over pushing her ass out to put her dress on. Once she had the dress covering her body she turned back around to see Derek still standing there wide eyed at her.

"Morgan I am so sorry I put you through this. Really I am, I didn't think anyone was here. I have a date in less then an hour and I needed to get changed."

Now that she was dressed he finally found his words. "Baby Girl, it's fine. It's not like I have never seen it before. I was headed home when I saw your light on. I was just coming in to turn it off." He moved so he was standing behind a chair so she couldn't see the bulge in his pants.

"Derek I really am sorry. Can we please just pretend this never happened?" She begged him.

"Consider it forgotten, Sweetheart. Have fun on your date." With that he left the room as fast as he could.

She sat in her chair with her head in her hands trying to calm herself. She picked up the phone to call and cancel her date. There would be no way in hell she would have the nerves to show up and act normal tonight.

Derek got home and went straight for the liquor. Normally he wasn't a hard drinker but tonight he needed something. He had just seen his best friend pretty much naked and there was no way he was going to get that image out of his head any time soon.

He skipped the shot glass and took a swig right out of the bottle. Taking a deep breath he made his way over to his couch plopping himself down. He couldn't ignore the painful arousal he was still sporting. He closed his eyes trying to think of anything else. It was the wrong choice to make. As soon as his eyes were closed images of her body began cascading threw his mind. Her plump bottom bouncing against him as he took her from behind, her perfect breasts swaying back and forth. He moved his hand to his bulge tugging on his pants hoping to make some more room.

He opened his eyes taking another swig of the bottle. "I've got to do something." He said out loud. She said she was going on a date tonight. It annoyed him to think another man could see her body. That body should belong to him and only him. He had been toying with the idea of asking her out for a while now but he never seemed to have the courage when he was around her.

That ends tonight. He got up grabbed his keys and headed to her apartment.

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