Hey everybody, Lt-RexCole here and I just wanted to say hello and thanks for clicking on the story. Anyways this story has been in my brain for a while and I originally wanted to do this as a comic on DeviantART but it never came to fruition. So as a result, I decided that this would be done in written form, since it would be easier for me. Anyways, here's the story.


That's the last thing Cole Phelps felt like before he was submerged by a sudden rush of water shortly afterward he rescued Elsa from Ira Hogeboom with the assistance of Jack Kelso and Herschel Biggs. Despite the ability to do so, Cole knew that there was nothing left for him back on land, considering the scandal ruined his life and the corrupt men in power that he fought hard to take down would be free anyways, ignored Jack's request to take his hand and instead let the water take his life. The only catch was that the water failed to kill him, as Cole suddenly found himself waking up in the river tunnels.

"What? I'm alive?" Cole asked himself, coughing up water that was in his lungs.

Cole couldn't believe it. The fate that he'd accepted suddenly decided to let him off. Unable to comprehend this, Cole assumed that it was life's way of mocking him and making him suffer more trials before some lucky criminal managed to put a bullet in between his eyes. However, as much as Cole wanted to mope, he knew that he had to get out of the tunnels and report to the nearest LAPD station. All the while, Cole kept hearing noises in the background, which sounded like explosions.

"Must be a hell of a battle up there." Cole thought, grabbing his gun and loading in a new clip.

Making his way to the entrance, Cole noticed that the River Tunnels looked decrepit since a lot the walls had cracks and even some of the ceiling had fallen off and appeared to have been covered wholly in ice at one point, like the whole place was frozen over. Also, as Cole kept hearing explosions in the background, he assumed that there was a giant battle between the LAPD, U.S military, and the invading Soviet Union, since relations were pretty sour bby 1947. As he got to the entrance of the River Tunnels however, all his assumptions were thrown out the window. Instead, Cole saw something that would've been in a far future science fiction movie. There were tall towers that were on fire and were being bombed by strange looking planes. Also, buildings and bridges were getting blown up by these planes as well and Cole could see people running away in fear.

"This can't be real, it's all a dream!" Cole told himself, rubbing his eyes, only to open them and find the same scenes in front of him.

Knowing that standing there wouldn't solve anything that was happening, Cole began moving from the entrance of the Tunnels and towards the streets in hopes of finding a LAPD car or some officers in hopes of making sense of situation and maybe helping out. Turning the corner of the street, Cole saw some officers shooting at a incoming plane under the cover of their car doors. Unfortunately, the plane managed to pierce the car doors, resulting in the deaths of the two police officers. Trying to avenge the officers, Cole popped a few shots at the plane, only for the bullets to ricochet off it harmlessly. Turning his attention back to the dead officers, Cole checked one of them and noticed that the bullets fired into him effectively turned his body organs into mush.

"These don't look like normal wounds." Cole mused to himself, studying the dead officer's entry and exit wounds.

"Car 12DG, Car 12DG, come in." The dispatcher of the car said, trying to get the officer to answer.

Against his better judgement, considering he'd been knocked out for 78 years, Cole picked up the radio.

"This is Car 12DG, go ahead."

"Uh, I don't recognise this voice, please verify."

"Detective Cole Phelps, Arson, Badge 1247." Cole answered, hoping that his answer would mean something.

"Uh okay, Detective Phelps, rendezvous with other LAPD units in escorting the President's convoy."

"Copy." Cole responded, glad that the dispatcher believed him before grabbing the dead officer's gun and ammunition and sitting in the car, "Now, where's the President's convoy?" Cole asked himself.

As if answering his question, a computer in the car in lit up and showed Cole the way to get to the convoy via GPS.

"Well, that's convenient." Cole remarked before driving off to meet up with the convoy.


For Seal Team commander David Mason, also known as Section, it's been a tough few days for him. Not only did he learn that his father's death came from his guardian Frank Woods by accident, his good friend Mike Harper had been killed by a CIA operative Farid in order to keep his cover intact. Also, things went bad to worse when he managed to capture Menendez and take him to the U.S.S Obama for interrogation, only for everything to go to shit when Menendez's Mercs assaulted the Obama and he escaped. Even worse, his teammate Salazar turned out to be a double agent who killed two sailors and Farid. Finally, Menendez infected the entire U.S Military infrastructure with a Celerium Worm that he snuck on board, taking control of all the drones. Thankfully, not everything was bad since the Chinese came to assist the Americans and it saved the ship. However, things were meant to go bad eventually, especially when Menendez redirected all the drones to Los Angeles, where Section was escorting President Bosworth by VTOL, only to have it shot down. With air transport compromised, Section placed President Bosworth in an armed convoy and began escorting her through LA to get her to the "Prom Night" bunker. Even then, Section had better days than this, especially since he now had to deal with a bleeding man in the van.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" The bleeding man gasped.

"Sir, I can't help you unless you calm down! You need to stay calm!" Section instructed.

"It's still bleeding!"

"I'm giving you something for the pain!" Section responded, sticking a syringe in the man, causing him to pass out, before turning his attention to the other people in the car.

"Madam President, the drones took out Air Force One and Marine One! We cannot extract you by air!" An agent named Johnson informed the president.

"Jones, what's the status on the other convoys?" President Bosworth asked.

"LAPD reports surface streets are compromised! Hundreds of heavily armed Mercenaries have struck LA simultaneously." Jones replied, as Section pulled out and prepped a KAP-40.

"Any word on casualties?"

"Downtown L.A. evacuated, preliminary reports are below expectations." Johnson replied.

"Thank god." The President remarked before turning to Section, "Mason, what's our next move?"

"Madam President, we're taking you to the Prom Night shelter under the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown." Section replied.

"Johnson, I want troops on the streets and these drones dealt with." President Bosworth ordered.

"NORAD scrambled two hundred FA38s. They're less than five minutes out." A agent named Samuels informed, as Section looked out the window and saw that there was a LAPD chopper with FBI agents in it helping escort the President's convoy.

"This is what Menendez planned all along. Taking out the G20 leaders will cripple capitalist governments across the world." Section mused to himself, finally understanding how all his experiences with Menendez ultimately led to this.

The helicopter then moved in front of the convoy. Suddenly, a rocket hit the helicopter, causing it to spin out and crash into the street and land in the way of two patrol cars and the van, taking out one patrol car, while the other one barely dodged the wreckage. Another explosion in the road caused a motorcycle unit in front of the lucky patrol car to blow up, knocking the driver off and causing him to hit the windshield of the van. Finally, another explosion caused the lucky patrol to be knocked off the bridge while a drone flew in low and dropped a bomb, causing the van to overturn and crash, knocking Section out.

5 minutes earlier

"Guess this is the convoy." Cole assumed as he pulled up in front of a very large armored van, along with other LAPD units.

As Cole made his way to the highway, he learned a few things from the police radio. The first was that these planes were actually U.S Military drones that were infected with a virus by a terrorist named 'Raul Menendez' who was using them to not only attack cities in America and China, but to also take out the President. The second thing that Cole learned is that there is expected to be heavily armed mercenaries destined to attempt to take out the President as well. Also, one the way there, Cole noticed the various destroyed and burning buildings and dead civilians and police officers alike. Seeing this sickened Cole and made him angry, especially since it reminded him of his experiences in Okinawa and Sugar Loaf during World War II. Even if what he was seeing was real or not, Cole made a promise to himself to bring 'Raul Menendez' to justice, even if he had to put him down. So far, he been driving in front of the armored van for a few minutes now with nothing happening. When a flying machine adorning LAPD colors flew in front of Cole's police car, all of the sudden it was blown up by a rocket, with the wreckage falling in Cole's way. Swerving out of the way, Cole barely missed it while the patrol car next to him was taken in. Before he could get a breather, the motorcycle unit in front of him was blown and his body flew off Cole's windshield, much to his horror. Before Cole could think about what was going on, a explosion underneath his car caused it to be launched off the highway.

"Is this the end?!" Cole wondered as his car began spinning in air, before landing upright, causing Cole to slam his head on the dashboard, knocking him out.

Well, that's just the introduction to this small little idea of mine, check back for the next part.