Alright everybody, welcome back to The City of Angels story. This will be the last chapter of the story. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy what I have in store for this ending. Read on to find out what happens.

With the infamous Raul Menendez being locked up for good and the entire U.S military infrastructure being rid of the Celerium worm, it was a good day for Cole and David, who were now going to the Vault to see Frank Woods, David's guardian.

"I swear, you're going to love this guy." David told him.

"If you say so Mason." Cole replied.

"David Mason for Sgt. Woods."

"Another Mason?" The guard asked.

When they heard this, they immediately got worried. They knew Menendez said he would come after them again but not this quickly. Cole and Section immediately prepped their B23R's and started to run for the building.

"Secure the building!" David ordered.

Running up the building and making their way to Woods' room, they didn't see Menendez in there. Instead they saw Woods talking with a older man, acting like old friends.

"Hey kid!" Woods greeted when he saw David, "Wait, who the fuck is this guy?" He asked when he saw Cole.

"Oh yeah. This is Cole Phelps, he helped catch Menendez."

"Right, anyways." Woods continued, "Let me introduce you to somebody. Al, this is Dave."

"How ya doin?" David greeted.

"And Dave, this is your Dad."

Those four words struck David harder than he expected. Looking at the other man, he did look like his dad, only a lot older. As for Cole, he was confused since Mason told him that his father died during the operation in Los Angeles. Even though he couldn't grasp his head around it, he assumed the future had some technology to bring people back to life. Besides that, he had no idea.

"Dad?" David asked, "What the fuck?"

"Ah, you're a couple of fucking broads. Work this shit out on your own. I'm going to talk to Mr. Save the World." Woods told them, rolling up to Cole.

"Still got that scar?" Alex Mason asked his son.

David nodded.

"You made me proud that day."

"I fell…"

"Yeah, but you got back up."

While father and son were having their little talk, Cole and Woods were busy chatting.

"Well, well, well. Why do you remind me of one of those fucking stereotypical 1940's poster boys?"

"Because I was frozen in 1947, according to David." Cole told him in his usual monotone voice.

When Cole told him that, Woods burst out laughing, with Cole just looking at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. That just sounds so fucking stupid. But since Mason senior survived a bullet meant for Menendez, I think it's plausible."

"Where's the cemetery?" Cole asked out of the blue.

"Why? You want to visit someone?"

"Make that a lot of someone's." Cole replied, walking out of the room.


Cole managed to find the Cemetery thanks to some helpful citizens and police officers. Walking inside, Cole had a somber feeling. A part of him wished that he was killed during the two operations he was in. As long as it allowed him to see his friends again, he wouldn't have cared how he kicked the bucket. However, instead he was walking around the cemetery looking for gravestones that read his friend's and family's names. And he eventually found them. So far, he'd found Bekowsky's, Rusty's, Briggs', Elsa's, his wife's and daughter's gravestones, and finally Earle's, even though he caused him much grief during his LAPD career. Slumping down, Cole just sat in the grass in front of all of his friend's resting places.

Hours passed before Cole finally picked himself up off the grass and started walking back to the Vault, albeit slowly. During the time where Cole was sitting there, he contemplated using his B23R to kill himself. However, he knew it would've been stupid, as he wasn't depressed, only sad. As he was walking back, he ran David Mason, who was looking for him. He eventually caught sight of Cole and made their way over to him.

"Hey Cole, how's it going?"


"What's wrong?" David asked, "You were visiting someone?"

"A lot of someone's. All my friends, they all died thinking I was dead. Then I wake up and find out I skipped a whole century and no one I know is still here." Cole replied sadly.

"Hey, if you never waked up, I probably would've died back there." David told him, trying to make him feel better, "Also, Menendez would've probably killed me too."

Listening to David, Cole realized it was true. During those two operations, Cole was the one to save him time and time again, as no one else was there to help him.

"You're right, but what am I going to do now?" Cole asked, "I'm not a detective anymore."

"Who said, you didn't retire did you?" David told him.

A few months later, thanks to David's influence and his and Cole's actions in Los Angeles and in Haiti, Cole was able to return to police work and become a detective again. Although it took some time for Cole to understand new procedures and how to utilise new equipment, it didn't take long. For once, Cole felt at peace as not only did he manage to save America from a narco terrorist, he also managed to rid himself of his personal demons. However, he was going to have to be called back to the front lines, sooner or later.

And what I mean by sooner or later is that Black Ops 3 is coming out soon and I intend to make a sequel where an older Cole Phelps has to fight whatever enemy because they didn't tell us yet. However, I hope the game's going to be awesome. Anyways, thanks 4 reading, check out my other stories, I'll see you guys later, Lt-RexCole out.