Title: Transcending

Author: Crimson Coin. Crimson_Coin@yahoo.com

Rating: PG13 . maybe 15

Summery: Can multiple couples transcend boundaries to find love.

Disclaimer: I do not own the WWE, the English language, Spain, or anything else used to write this story. It is entirely fictional.

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Lita paused just outside the door to the hotel room she and Jeff were staying in that night. She had left her things in Trish's room and was now beginning to doubt she had the strength to carry through. She let out a sigh. "No. I have to. For me." She took a moment to gather herself before slipping the key card into the slot and quietly opening the door.

The only light was a soft yellow glow emanating from around the corner. 'He must be reading' she thought as she eased the door to a close. Lita cautiously peeked around the corner, spotting him lying on the bed, his eyes closed and his book rested on his bare chest, holding his page. A soft smile fell onto her lips at the sight of him; he looked so young and innocent, almost like a small child. She stepped closer, her eyes skimming his body, his form already well memorized.

Lita took a deep breath, trying to still her racing heart. She couldn't let it happen again. She knew her heart couldn't take the pain all over again. She knew it wouldn't be easy, especially the way he was dressed, or lack there of. Bare chest, bare feet, his hair down, faded light blue jeans with the knees cut out, (why he did that she never could understand) and his boxers peeking over the top.

He wiggled his toes as he shifted his weight on the bed, licking his lips. Her eyes widened as he mumbled her name, his hand rubbing his chest a moment before he stilled, settling back into the bed. God, this was not going to be easy.

She walked towards the bed, carefully, sitting down and taking the book off of his chest. She looked at the cover, smiling again as he rolled onto his side to face her. 'Wuthering Heights'. She shook her head. He could be such a hopeless romantic. She jumped when he spoke.

"Don't you lose my page." His eyes still closed as he addressed her.

"I won't. Don't fuss." She answered. "You can be such a woman at times."

He opened a single eye, glancing up at her. "Oh really. Well, I'm sorry. Maybe I'll just start reading Playboy and become a chauvinist bastard."

Lita shot him an incredulous look. "Right like you'd ever be able to act that way. You're a chick and I've come to accept that fact."

He shot up placing a quick kiss on her lips then lying down again. "And that's why you love me." When she only sighed at his words, he sat up, cross-legged, a concerned look in his eyes, a slight frown now marring his face. "Baby, what's wrong?"

She couldn't look at him, her eyes downcast refusing to meet his. "I can't do this." She said, her voice low. "It's getting too.heavy. I don't know."

Jeff shook his head. "Wait. What are you talking about?"

She stood, walking away keeping her back to him. "Us. I . I don't. I can't do this anymore."

"I don't understand. What's wrong?" he paused his voice now growing cold. "Is it another guy?"

She viciously shook her head. "No it's not another man. I just. I can't."

"At least have the damn guts and courtesy to look at me when you leave me," the sting in his voice impaling her to the core.

She steeled herself before turning to him, but the look of him brought her to tears, the raw emotion and pain in his eyes and on his face not at all matching the venom in his voice. "It." she swallowed hard, choking back the tears so she could actually speak. "It's not working. Our careers and ."

"Is that what you think?" he interrupted her. "I'm not my brother. I'M NOT MATT!" he screamed at her, standing up and ripping his tag team title belt off the desk. "This doesn't matter to me." He shook the belt for emphasis at her. "This doesn't fucking MATTER!" Jeff stormed to the balcony door swinging it open and hurling the belt over the banister and into the night. He pointed out to where he threw, neither having any idea where it landed. "That is what the god damn thing means to me."


"You let me finish." He commanded, rampaging over to the desk and picking up the Smackdown contract that was only so recently offered to him, and only him. He bent down, grabbing the metal garbage can and going outside with them in hand. He turned back to her, his eyes piercing hers. "This is what this means to me." He ripped the contract in half then in half again, continually ripping, his eyes never leaving hers. "I don't want it. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN DO YOU HEAR ME!! FOR LOVE!!!" he yelled into the night. He threw the pieces into the metallic can, then pulled the box of matches from his pocket, striking one and dropping it.

They both stood there, silent, their eyes transfixed on the flames shooting out of the metal can engulfing, destroying. He looked up to her. "Amy." All harshness gone from his voice, she glanced up at him. Their eyes locked, Lita's breath catching in her throat as she watched the light dancing across his face, the look in his eyes amazingly intense. "I am NOT my brother."

She looked away from him, turning her head as the tears pricked at her eyes. He stepped over the burning can, standing so close to her now she could feel the heat emanating from him. "Please don't. I know that. I know you're not." She mumbled.

Jeff hooked his finger under her chin, guiding her eyes back to his. She allowed the gesture but closed her eyes to keep from looking at him. "Look at me." He said. When she did nothing, he said it again, more powerful this time. "Look in my eyes."

She opened her eyes and gasped at his closeness. They were almost nose-to- nose, his forehead mere centimeters from hers. Her eyes skimmed everywhere but his eyes.

"My eyes." He commanded.

And her eyes flew to his, the emotions swirling in them causing her knees to give out.

He quickly wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her up but not breaking the intense stare he had her engaged in. "What more do I have to do?" his voice hardly above a whisper. "How else can I prove to you I'm not him?" He leaned his forehead against hers. "How many times do I have to tell you 'I love you' before you'll believe me?"

They stood there in each other's arms, neither one of them knew how long. But Jeff didn't say another word. He was still waiting for her response. She sniffled. "I . you." she pushed away from him wiping her eyes. "How could you do that, toss everything away like that? That's you life, your future. Jeff, they were going to give you a raise and a big push and.How can you."

He lifted a hand, silencing her. "You think that's my life?" he shook his head. "No. My friends and family are my life. You are my future. I'm not going to lie to you. I love my job. The rush of performing, the rush of the fear, it's a blast." He paused, his eyes shining with the recollections of the excitement his career gave him. Then he grew serious, stepping closer to her again. "But it's not about money, it's not about fame. Unlike him, I'd give it all up right now just to be with you." She only stared at him in disbelief. "Do I have to prove it?" He walked past her into the room towards the phone.

She shook off the feeling of shock and quickly closed the door, running after him to stop his hand before he could dial. "You don't have to do that. Please don't." He hung up the receiver and she walked the other way, running a hand through her long red hair before turning back to him. "I've been hurt so many times before. I don't want to be hurt again. I couldn't handle it, Jeff." She sighed. "I should just walk out that door before." she wiped the tears from her eyes before looking back to his. "I should leave you before I hurt you, before you hurt me.it's not right."

A tear slipped from his eye and Lita nearly crumbled at the look of him. "Give me one minute. Just give me one minute to convince you. Please." He begged.

She blinked her own tears back, her mind racing at what to do. She knew she should just leave now. Leave before she couldn't. Her heart on the other hand . "In one minute, convince me this - we - are right." And she steeled herself ready to fight whatever it is he had to say.

He nodded silently as he exhaled, stepping closer to her. He stood mere inches from her his eyes boring through hers. "I love you. And I know you love me too even if you've never said it. We're meant to be together, you and I. I know it." He smiled at her, her heart melting despite her best efforts to remain a wall of ice. "Who else would be able to deal with the antics I pull?" he sighed a moment before continuing. "That's why you can't leave me. You know this feels right. I know you do from your eyes every time you look at me. Look in my eyes. What stares back at you?" He reached up, lightly trailing his fingers over her cheek as he whispered. "Adoration."

She felt her knees trembling again, but locked them; standing of her own accord, not showing him how much he was moving her.

"I can see it in yours too. You love me; I can see it." He smiled slightly at that. "Yes, I can. That's why I can drown so easily in those beautiful eyes of yours. We fit together. When I'm with you, we meld, join, perfectly. A perfect fit. When we sleep at night and I'm holding you in my arms, it's like our bodies were meant to be that way. We are two halves of a puzzle, each completing the other. And I know you feel it too." He walked over to his suitcase, pulling something out and concealing it in his hand. He exhaled nervously then looked back to her. "You trust me right?"

"You know I do, Jeff." She said, softly. Her voice never sounded so emotional or soft like that before.

He nodded, then undid the button and zipper of his jeans, pulling them off and standing before her in nothing but his boxers. He turned to her then, his arms outstretched. "I'm not a WWE Superstar. I'm not a champion. My name is not Hardy. My name is not Jeff. You are not a WWE Diva. Your name is not Dumas not Amy nor Lita. We are not American's; we are not Christians; we only are. We are here as us and nothing else. Just you and me. Woman and man."

Jeff fell to his knees at her feet, never once breaking the eye contact he demandingly held. "As a man, I'm here before you. Nothing hiding me." He opened his palm revealing a small box and then he opened it.

She gasped at the sparkling ring inside, the diamond look almost perfect, flanked on either side by beautiful deep blue Sapphires. The metals of the band, white and gold intertwined in a braid, wrapping dutifully around each other and the stones. God it must have cost him a fortune.

"I want you." He continued. "Not Jeff wanting Amy. A man wanting a woman. I, a man, am asking a woman to be with me. Husband and Wife, man and woman, together. I have nothing to offer you but me." He looked at the box in his hand. "Well, this and. you know what I mean. I."

"Stop. Shut up. Just shut up." She ordered, shaking her head at him, the tears scrolling down her cheeks.

A look of intense pain and embarrassment slammed itself onto his features as he stood. "I.I.Oh God."

She held up her hand, her teary eyes reaching for his. "You had me at 'I love you.'" She sniffled then smiled through the tears. "You bastard, you had me at 'I love you.'" With that said, she lunged into his arms, the Hardy easily catching her and holding her against him with a sigh of relief. She buried her face in his neck as he did the same in her hair.

He nuzzled her throat a moment. "Baby, that was so cliché." She let out a laugh at that, pulling away and looking up at him. The winning smile he gave her melted the last ice wall surrounding her heart. Jeff shook his head. "So late 90's. Well not exactly the same wording as Jerry Maguire but close e."

"Jeff." She interrupted placing her fingers over his mouth and she smiled beautifully at him. "Just put the ring on my finger." He smiled against her fingers, kissing them lightly before bringing them down and slipping the ring on her finger with a shaky hand. She just stared at it a moment a look of awe on her pretty face. "Hun, this must have cost."

"You're worth it."

She looked up at him, shocked. "But where . the money, it must be so expens."

"You're worth it," was all he responded.

Lita reached up, caressing his cheek, and he leaned into her touch a moment before grabbing her hand to place a soft kiss in the palm. Then he looked at her, a foolish grin on his face. She laughed at him. "You're such a goof." He only nodded. "So, are you going to wipe that stupid grin off your face?"

He shook his head. "Not for a while, baby."

"Well I can think of a better use for your mouth." And the seductive predatory look she flashed him made him groan. She chuckled at that, quickly reaching up to cup the back of his head and pull him towards her, kissing him with everything inside her. He let out another grumble as she slid her tongue into his mouth, possessing him, claiming him as her own.

He quickly gathered her into his arms, relishing in the gasp that escaped her at his control. He walked over to the bed, slowly laying her down, never once breaking the kiss, keeping her with him as long as he could. Once she was settled into the mattress, she reached up, pulling him on top of her. He broke the kiss at the contact, staring into her eyes a moment before moving his head towards her ear. "I love you." He whispered before placing a soft kiss on her ear. He slowly continued down her neck, "I love you," he whispered again then barely brushing his lips over that spot. He quickly reached for the hem of her shirt, yanking the garment over her head before he continued down her body, meticulously repeating the gesture every inch he moved. The lower he moved, the tighter Lita grasped his hair, his hot breath, the light kisses mixed with what she knew he was saying more then enough to drive her wild and she couldn't help but arch off the bed into his touch.

She let out a soft moan, her eyes fluttering shut, as she felt his tongue lightly tease her naval ring then he moved back up her body, inch by inch, continuing the torturous whispers and kisses. "I love you," he mumbled against her throat again, then placed a soft kiss. But this time he moved up to her lips, pausing a moment so she could taste his breath.

"I love you."

"I love you," she said with him this time. Jeff, caught off guard, pulled back a surprised look in his eyes. She'd said it. She'd finally said those words he'd been waiting to hear come out of her mouth. She slowly opened her eyes, looking up at him. Both depths shining with the passion, raw emotion.

"God, Amy." He ground out before kissing her hard and pressing himself as tightly as he could to her. He wanted to show her, to let her feel, to love her. He reveled in the moan that escaped her at the closeness of him. She wanted him. He wanted her, and she damn well knew that now and just for emphasis he pushed his hips further into hers, just in case she missed his reaction. The passion of the kiss had Lita spinning, her head swirling with what he was sparking and arousing within her. And then he pulled away, flashing a silly grin. "So about this me being a woman thing."

Lita rolled her eyes, flipping him onto his back and easily straddling his hips. She smiled at him and lightly traced her fingers down his bare chest. "I tell you what." And he raised his eyebrows, quizzically. She lay on top of him, elbows on his chest, her mouth barely touching his. "Then why don't you prove to me that you're a man?" she murmured, grinding her hips into his.

She gasped as he flipped them again, taking control and pinning her to the bed. A passionate glint in his eye and a smile on his face. "Oh I can do that." The redhead let out a laugh before pulling his head down to hers, crushing their lips together in a passionate embrace.

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