4 ½ months went by and it was the happiest time of her life. Kagome was all smiles every day even though now she was as big as house. Her stomached seemed to double in size every month to the point she needed help just to get out the bed. She waddled and wobbled every where she went and her stamina was so low she could only stand for a few minutes at a time. But it all made her happy, the babies seemed to be growing just fine and everyone catered to her needs.

Besides the winter time always made her happy, she was born during a snow storm and always loved the white cold flakes. Right now, matter of fact, she was disobeying Sesshomaru's direct orders of bed rest to stand by a window in the war room. The room was empty besides from her usual crowd of people that wouldn't let her out their sight for a moment. Hampton, Sesshomaru, Akito and the Healer. They were worried about the speed of her pregnancy and were not sure how long she would carry. So where ever she went, they went, just encase, but she didn't mind, she was just happy they didn't force her to stay in bed all day. Hampton and Sesshomaru were viewing maps, pointing out which villages were struggling to harvest enough food during the winter. Akito was standing guard as usual and the Healer was reading a scroll he brought with him to pass the time.

Kagome pushed the shutters open and smiled at the scenic view, the white blanket that covered the ground, the frosty ice icicles that sparked in the sunlight. The brisk cold air, so fresh and clean, her hand reached out, trying to catch soft crystals in her hand when the first cramp hit her. She grabbed her stomach and glanced down. What the hell?

Someone noticed her sudden pause in movement, she turned at the call of her name but her vision was suddenly blurring. A wave of dizziness hit her and she grabbed the window seal she was just leaning out of to steady herself. What was going on?

Her name was called again but it sounded like she was underwater, another cramp hit her, hard enough to make her sink to her knees. She tried to cry out but it came out as a gasp instead.

Akito was the first to reach her side after seeing her slow collapse. " My lady." he whispered, a hand reaching for her forehead.

She pulled away when he touched her. He looked down to his fingers, they were red, a slender eyebrow raised, " You're burning up."

She let out a breath, smoke came out, " It hurts." she mumbled.

He shook his head, looking to the window pane she was gripping for dear life, the wood was burning around her hands. He stood, calling to the old wise owl, " Healer!"

The old demon immediately came over, bending next to Kagome and Akito. " What's going on?"

Akito shook his head, " She's hurting."

Brown eyes blinked, " Hurting?" he touched Kagome's stomach, " Where does it hurt Kagome?"

Blue eyes closed tightly as she gripped the wood tighter, this time the scream escaping her gaining all attention. Sesshomaru and Hampton immediately made their way over, " What's wrong with her?"

The healer pulled his hand from under Kagome's kimono, " Bless the heavens!" his fingers were coated in blood, " The pups are coming."

Hampton blinked, " She hasn't carried them long enough for them to come out."

Kagome screamed again as another contraction hit her, powers striking out like lightening, cackling around her. Everyone jumped back, the purity around them stinging their skin.

The healer scooped Kagome up in his arms, ignoring the burning, " We have to get her to her chambers, her barrier will contain her powers."

Sesshomaru nodded, taking her from the healer, the stinging just a tingle to him. " Let's go."

Hampton nodded, " I'll get the midwives." turning, running out the door and down the hall.

Akito, Sesshomaru and the healer raced down the hall. Inuyasha saw them and followed, " What's going on?"

" The pups are coming." Akito mumbled.

Inuyasha blinked, it was happening, he was going to be an uncle, " Oh shit."

Akito pulled the door back to the bed chambers, Sesshomaru hurried over to the bed they were just in a few hours ago. Hampton came into the room with Mae, Shinshi, Jenika and Tamillia, Kagome screamed again as she was set on the bed, hands grabbing her stomach, the pain was getting worse. Her powers cackled, striking out, the barrier around the room pulsed, absorbing the purifying lightening, no one getting harmed.

Inuyasha helped Tamillia roll in bassinets, preparing for the babies, Jenika bringing in a bucket of warm water and towels, Mae pulling at Kagome's kimono and stuffing pillows behind her back to prop her up.

Kagome screamed as another contraction hit her, Mae reached over to grab her hand but Tamillia popped it away. " Her hands are on fire."

Brown eyes glanced down, sure enough Kagome's hands were enveloped in flames. " Is that normal?"

Shinshi wiped the sweat dotting Kagome's forehead with a cool cloth, " Nothing's normal when it comes to Kagome."

" Fuck!" Kagome cried out, as pain seized her. " It hurts!"

Sesshomaru walked over to her and grabbed her hand, to show support, the flames turned blue, not burning him, she squeezed it tight, he took the pain. " You got this."

Kagome nodded, then gripped his hand, another contraction hitting her, " I got this." she gritted through her teeth.

The healer was already between her legs, checking to see how far along was she, he frowned, " That's odd." he blinked and looked up, " Did you take something?"

Kagome frowned, " Take something? No." then gritted her teeth again, eyes shutting as more pain hit her. Sesshomaru rubbed her hand, then glanced to the old owl, " What's wrong?"

The owl glanced around, everyone was helping turn the room into a birthing room, he stood, taking the moment to move over to Sesshomaru's side, " I think she was induced." he whispered.

Sesshomaru blinked, " Induced?"

The healer nodded, " She's too far along too fast, I think someone slipped her something to start her labor."

Sesshomaru frowned, " Why would someone..." he was cut off as the sword on his hip begin to pulse. He looked down, grabbing the hilt of the weapon. Tenseiga. Amber eyes immediately glanced around the room, if the sword of life was pulsing that meant death was near by. A shadow crept along the wall for a moment and he stared at it. Thanatos.

Kagome screamed again as another contraction hit her, Sesshomaru turned to her, grabbing her hand, taking the pain of her squeezing. Pale eyes glanced up to him, trying to catch her breath, he was staring at her, a hard emotion in his eyes. She frowned as Mae wiped sweat from her forehead from the other side of the bed, " What is it?"

He stared at her, permanently memorizing ever curve of her face, knowing and accepting what was going to happen." You got this." he mumbled.

She smiled, closing her eyes as another contraction hit, Kagome tried not to scream but the pain was overwhelming, definitely something she wasn't expecting. And she was tortured before. Twice.

She grunted, trying to get use to the pain, " Never doing this shit again."

Sesshomaru stroked her sweating brow, " You would so, in a heartbeat."

She laughed at him catching her bluff, the healer was back between her legs, checking her again. She was already 8 centimeters. These pups would be here in no time at all.

Kagome screamed again, " I can't take this shit!" Inuyasha snickered softly, blue eyes snapped in his direction, " Shut the fuck up Inuyasha!" He laughed again, covering his mouth, she frowned, " Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!"

Laughter and smiles erupted around the room as Inuyasha found a nice home on the floor. Kagome smiled, trying to slow her heartbeat, not letting go of Sesshomaru's hand, blue flames inching up his arm. She suddenly squeezed the appendage again as another wave of pain hit her.

The healer bent between Kagome's legs, " It's time to push."

Shinshi rushed over, helping the healer with the supplies, the old owl nodded, " Okay, Kagome the next pain wave, I want you to push as hard as you can for ten seconds okay."

Kagome nodded, trying to catch her breath, sweat dripping down her skin like water, Sesshomaru touched her shoulder, stroking her hand with his thumb, " You got this."

She nodded with a weary smile. The pain hit her before she can say okay, the healer looked down, " Push!"

She grunted, doing as she was told as the owl counted down from ten. Kagome breathed as he hit one, " Good job Kagome! Now Push!"

She screamed as another wave of pain hit her, pushing with all her might, " I can see the head Kagome! One more push come on!"

She squeezed Sesshomaru's hand, closing her eyes tightly, grinding her teeth as she pushed. Crying filtered through the bed room, Kagome took huge gulps of air, looking up. Shinshi was smiling from ear to ear, tears in her hazel eyes, wiping the baby's face, " It's a boy!"

The healer took a look at the baby, his eyebrows went up, surprise on his face, " He's a full blood demon."

Inuyasha made a face, confused, " How's that possible?"

Hampton shrugged, " Maybe because Kagome turned into a demon herself."

The healer shook his head, " That happened after she was pregnant, it may be power related." he muttered, Sesshomaru and Kagome were two very powerful individuals, maybe the blood had to be full to be able to coexist in a child.

Kagome screamed, another wave of pain seizing her, stirring everyone from their thoughts, the owl got back to work, " Here come the next one. Okay Kagome, on three push. One, two, three!"

Kagome grunted, pushing the next baby forward, she screamed as another wave hit her, " Push Kagome, push!"

Shinshi turned after placing the now clean baby in one of the bassinets, the healer waved her over to get another blanket ready, " I can see the head! Come on Kagome push!"

She screamed, the pain felt like it was crippling her, closing her eyes tight, hanging on to Sesshomaru like he was an anchor to life. He touched her arm, " Your doing good Kagome."

" One more big one Kagome, come on you can do it!"

Crying filled the room, Shinshi smiled widely, " It's another boy!"

Kagome smiled, Mae wiping her forehead, Jenika helping Shinshi clean the baby. The owl took a look, making a face, " Another full blood."

It was an odd thing, the miko gets pregnant by a demon, then turns into a demon herself still with her miko powers and able to have full blooded demon babies. It didn't make any sense, how was it even possible.

Jenika placed the child in a bassinet, " He's healthy, that's all that matters."

Kagome agreed, then grimaced as a wave of pain hit her, the healer tore his eyes from the child, looking back to Kagome, " The last one's coming."

Kagome screamed as pain ripped through her, feeling it more intensely now that her endurance was running on pure adrenaline at this point. She squeezed Sesshomaru's hand, her flames now covering his entire arm, her eyes shut tight. Her powers lashed out fiercely, sparks starting fires all around the room.

Akito took his spear and tapped the bottom to the floor, sending a blast of cold air in all directions, putting out all the flames.

" Push Kagome, push!"

Kagome screamed, pushing with all her might, her aura suddenly exploded in the room, her barrier tripling in power glowing a heavy dark pink. The glow suddenly zapped out like lightening, whipping around the room, Kagome gasped as it wrapped around her friends and loved ones, swinging them around the room like a toy. Sesshomaru stepped forward to the pole of the tester bed that was first used to stabilize the barrier. Laying a hand on it, releasing his own aura, the barrier around them turned to a marble of pink and green, some parts blending colors. It pulsed once before settling to a violet purple, dropping everyone to the floor.

The healer returned to his spot between Kagome's legs, a bit dizzy from the joy ride, " I can see the head. You can do it Kagome. One, two, three, push!"

Sesshomaru returned to her side as everybody picked themselves off the floor, taking her hand, the flames again turning blue and inched up his arm. Kagome screamed, pushing with the rest of her energy, a soft whine filtered through the now quiet room, the owl smiled, holding the small baby in his arms, " It's a girl." he whispered and another full blood demon.

Kagome smiled, her breathing was shallow and rapid. Sesshomaru turned to her, " You did good."

She giggled, her tired eyes refusing to close, " I wanna see my babies."

Sesshomaru helped her sit up carefully as Shinshi wheeled the three bassinets over to their side of the bed. Carefully she picked up the first two, placing them in Kagome's arms.

Twin boys. Their short, perfectly messy silver hair, just like their father's but their tips were a royal blue. Their ears were pointed, almost elf like, on the center of both their foreheads was a blue crescent moon that was entwined with white lightening. Magenta stripes were on there eyelids as well as one stripe on each of their cheeks matching the single stripes on their wrists. A royal blue marking started from under their right arm, crossed over their back, around their waist and circled down their left leg. Smooth ivory skin. Soft, plum, pink lips. Sesshomaru smiled as Kagome began to cry, watching as one boy yawned cutely, tired eyes opening slowly, amber eyes looking around.

Shinshi smiled at the touching scene, holding the last baby, " And here's your little girl." she whispered, placing the baby in Sesshomaru's arms.

Icy blue tresses splayed about on her head and yet her bangs were a sharp silver like her father's unevenly falling into her eyes. Eyes that were hard to describe, they were not your typical blue, imagine diving into the deep sea of the Arctic, imagine chipping off a piece of the very base of an iceberg. Then imagine rolling that piece of ice in the night sky. That would be her eyes. Such an glacial deep blue they seemed to glow.

Her ears pointed like her brothers, on the center of her forehead the same blue crescent moon but was entwined with pink lightening instead of white. Magenta stripes were on her eyelids as well, one stripe on under each eye much like her grandmother, InuKimi. More like her mother, she had 2 needle thin royal blue markings starting from under both arms, crisscrossing over her back then around hir waist and circled down each leg of tiny little body, exotically beautiful. Soft, plum, pink lips.

She blinked for a moment, soft ivory skin rubbing against his arm, a small arm reaching up as if she knew, touching Sesshomaru's chin. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Shinshi giggled, she had him already wrapped around her finger.

Kagome smiled, holding her boys, watching Sesshomaru play with the small hand of their daughter, " What do you want to name them?"

Sesshomaru looked up, " I don't know."

Kagome smiled at her sleeping babies, " How about Shiro and Atomi. After your father Tashio and my father Tomino."

Sesshomaru smirked, " I'm sure they'll both approve." he then looked to his daughter, sleeping in his arms, " What about this little one?"

" You name her."

Sesshomaru thought for a moment, staring at his daughter. " Saya." After your mother, he thought.

Kagome smiled, " How you know my middle name?" she looked to the little girl in his arms, " It fits her though."

Everyone came closer to see the babies, Inuyasha rubbed his head, " So we just gonna pretend that you didn't almost kill us."

Kagome just kept smiling, handing one baby to Mae and another to Tamillia, " Sit boy."

They all laughed as he crashed into the floor, Kagome smiled, enjoying the moment of love in the room. She was happy, so happy. A shadow caught her attention, blue eyes went wide seeing Thanatos in the corner by the door. His cloudy eyes stared at her, his head nodding ever so softly, her heart beat tripled, immediately understanding what it meant. It's time.

Eyes wide and wild she turned, looking to Sesshomaru who was still by her side, " I love you." she declared suddenly and loudly.

The randomness made everyone in the room turn to her, but she was still staring at her mate, " I will always love you. Forever love you."

Tears spilled from her eyes, " You love them, you love them like you never loved anything in your entire life. You protect them, never leave them, they should never know pain like I did. You take care of them. Take care of our babies."

Hampton raised a brow, confused like everyone else, " Kagome what's wrong?"

She glanced to them, looking them all over, her breathing shallow, her voice rushed, " I never thought I'd get a second family, I love all of you. You guys made my life so much better."

Inuyasha shook his head, " Woman what you ranting about?"

There was a sudden gurgle in the quiet room making the half demon blink in confusion. He raised a brow, Kagome's mouth was bleeding. Before he can question her on her condition, a thin line appeared across her neck.

Screams from the maids/midwives was heard as blood gushed from the wound. Kagome fell limp, back onto the bed, everyone rushed forward, grabbing towels trying to stop the bleeding. Inuyasha grabbed her hand, " Kagome!"

Pale eyes rolled to the back of her head, the blood not stopping, the healer touched her throat, a chill ran through his veins. No pulse. " She's gone." he whispered.

Inuyasha shook his head, glassy amber eyes looking to his brother, " Do something!"

Sesshomaru simply stared, that hard emotion from before in his eyes, a wall he already began building to block out the grief he knew was coming. " I can not."

Hampton shook his head, " Your sword, use Tensiega."

Sesshomaru stared at his dead mate, his eye not leaving her face, " Tenseiga can only revive someone once, Kagome already died before. There is nothing we can do."

Mae was the first to burst into tears, the babies started to cry at the commotion. Inuyasha shook his head, not wanting to believe it, she wasn't gone. She was his friend. She trained him, talked to him, laughed with him. She knew him like no other, she was his sister. A sadness swept through him, a helplessness filled him, an anger like no other boiled his blood. Tears dropped to the bed, his hands pressed into his eyes, " Kagome!" he screamed.

Akito stood, rooted to the floor, it happened so fast his brain wasn't able to comprehend what was gong on. She's dead. She can't be dead, she was just smiling, just talking, just laughing. He shook his head, " She can't be dead." a hand touched his cheek, they were wet, he was crying, his head shook again, " She can't be dead."

Hampton was consumed with shock, the room was chaos, people crying, the babies wailing, Kagome just laying there dead. What the hell just happened, he shook his head, then turned seeing Sesshomaru step out of the room. A sadness crossed his face, his best friend just lost the only woman he ever loved. He just lost one of his closest and trusted friends. The West just lost the best Lady they could have hoped to receive. Not only will they mourn, not only will the West mourn. Not only will these lands mourn. The whole world will mourn.

Kagome watched from the balcony her spirit was floating by, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. Thanatos stood beside her, slightly bothered at the depressive scene, " It is your fate."

She nodded, wiping her face, " I know. I know." she whispered, watching as the people she loved cradled her dead body. Three bundles of joy crying at the hysteria in the room, the tears came harder, she tried to hold them back, tried to be strong, her voice a sob. " I just, I just wish I had a little more time."

" You are destined for so much more."

She nodded again, this is the bed she made and she will have to lay in it. She wiped tears into her hairline, trying to stay in control, trying not to break down.

" There is work to be done."

Again all she can do is nod, watching Sesshomaru step onto the balcony of the nursery, hands gripping the rail so tight his knuckles turned white. His head was lowered, his shoulders so tense they were shaking. One tear slid down his cheek and he let it fall, allowing himself this one moment to grieve.

A hand covered her mouth as she sobbed, no longer able to hold her composure, " Sesshomaru."

Thanatos watched his prodigy for a moment, his heart didn't beat so he didn't know what type of pain she was feeling, but he understood loss. He understood the concept of heartbreak, a hand reached forward, touching her shoulder, " When you master your new role and your duties become second nature. There will be times you will have quiet moments and in these moments you can return here and watch over them."

Kagome glanced to Thanatos, wiping her wet face again, she smiled, nodding, " Thank you."

He just nodded, turning, walking on air, implying she follow, Kagome took one last glance to the palace. Sesshomaru had the triplets rolled into the nursery, he was standing over her three crying babies, covering them with his aura, touching their heads softly, hushing them into a gentle sleep.

She smiled through her tears, blowing him one last kiss, I'll be back, she promised before turning, seeing Thanatos was waiting for her. She jogged over to him, wiping the last of her tears from her face. " So where are we going?"

His wings flapped once, touching her hand, " Somewhere night never comes, there is no need for substance and time runs differently. Perfect for training, a month here is a year there. The Catacombs."

Kagome frowned, " Sounds like fun."

He grinned, " It will be." pulling her close and taking off into the sky, disappearing into a mist of black dust. And in this moment a breeze blew, a prophecy being carved into stone, destiny being re-written.

In one small moment when light is dark.

A single jewel that carries the mark.

When three unify and three are born.

The original master can then teach his ward.

Hidden from all, the training is done.

The return of a creature that most shun.

When the time is right, all will fear.

The Lady of Death will appear.

She may be gone but she will return. She will keep her promise. She will find a way. She will be back.

The ceremony was beautifully painful, the skies weeped in a light rain throughout the entire day. Everyone was dressed in black, many crying as the once Lady of the West was brought to the burial ground and put to rest. Everyone came to the funeral, the North, East and South,villagers and friends from all over. Suki had stood beside the lord with his hand on his shoulder, the only thing keeping Sesshomaru centered to the ground. His fascade was strong but inside, he was broken, his heart shattered into a million little pieces.

He stood tall though, shoulders back, chin held high, his steps did not faulter, his legs did not wobble, his hand did not shake. He was the first to place the white rose on Kagome's grave before everyone followed suit. He did not speak a word, his voice would not work even if he tried, everyone gave their condolances to him, informing him if he needed anything they were only a message away. He nodded at them, not even seeing faces anymore, just blurs and mumbles as the day went by. Everything was a haze to him, his head was swimming with fish, they clouded his mind, fogged his vision, drowned his thoughts.

He was not aware when or how he got to his study but he blinked and realized he was sitting behind his desk. Suki was standing by the fireplace, arms folded behind his back as he stared at the portrait hanging over the mantel.

It was a painting. A pastel chalk sketch really, of Sesshomaru sitting at his desk. It was so detailed and clear. You can easily see the boredom in his half lidded eyes. His bangs in his face. The graceful laziness as his hand tucked strands behind his pointed ear. His long hair falling down his shoulder and over the arm of his chair, his over free hand holding a scroll, his lips slightly parted, most likely letting out a sigh.

He nodded his approval, " This is very well crafted, who is the artist?"

Sesshomaru blinked, realizing someone was talking, that he wasn't alone, he looked over, a brow raising at seeing Suki in his study. When did he get here? Amber eyes followed his eyesight seeing he was staring at the drawing Kagome made of him. He frowned, his mind flashing images before his eyes, " Kagome." he mumbled, she was dead, this was her funeral, that's why the lord of the south is here.

Suki turned, not knowing Sesshomaru wasn't delibrating trying to answer his question. He sighed at the sight, the young lord was in a zone, trying to block out the pain of losing his mate, his brain was slowly shutting off. Trying to stop all memories and thoughts that would cause him grief, that is why he brought him to his study. He watched the pup all day walking in a daze, nodding to others probably not even recognizing them, not aware of anything that was going on around him.

He moved over to the comfortable leather recliners in front of the large desk and sat down, " Sesshomaru you can not hold this all in, you must grieve."

Sesshomaru blinked, looking to his father's close friend, his voice just a mumble, as if he didn't even have the will to speak, " Missing her will not bring her back."

Suki frowned, " It will help heal you, it will help let her go, she is in a better place now."

He shook his head, " No she is not, she is now Death as was her deal with Thanatos." amber eyes glanced to his desk, the vase of lavenders in the corner were dying, Kagome was the one that usually changed them, he frowned feeling again that ping in his chest, " We both knew this was her fate." he muttered, staring at the flowers that reminded him of her scent, " I somehow thought I can save her from it."

Suki blinked, he was not aware Kagome was in league with the Grim Reaper, " Sesshomaru..."

There was a sudden knock on the door, it slid back without waiting to be called in and honestly Sesshomaru didn't even care. He was able to smell the wolf from down the hall if he was focusing, Kouga walked in the room holding a box, shoulders slumped and eyes red. The funeral hit him hard, Kagome was so special to him, it was so painful trying to accept that she was gone.

Moving forward, gently he set the box on the desk, " She wanted them for the babies." He mumbled, his voice slightly trembling, holding back the tears that he just got to stop.

He stepped back and wiped his cheek as some drops sprinkled his face, " I told her I would bring them once she delievered." he shook his head, wiping his eyes on his arm, " I just can't believe she's gone." the tears defying him and falling anyways.

Suki stood and patted the young wolf on the back, showing him some comfort, " Once the mourning has passed, we will remember all the joy Lady Kagome has brought us."

Kouga just nodded, again wiping his face before turning and heading for the door, he needed some time alone. Suki turned as the door was closed, Sesshomaru had already opened the box and was just staring at the contents. Suki glanced inside and saw three Dy Wolfe pups, one pristine white, one midnight black and one a slate gray like the moon.

Sesshomaru did not glance up as he stood, " She told me about them." he mumbled, picking up the box, " She was afraid for the babies." heading out the door.

Suki followed him down the empty halls, everyone was still in the ballroom, reminising of Kagome and showing support for those in pain from her lost. Sesshomaru walked briskly to the the family wing of the palace, " Dy Wolves are the most loyal and protective of the demon species." he mumbled, opening the door right beside his own.

Suki blinked, this was the first time he was in the nursery, it was huge, the entire room was a pale sky blue, white doves have been painting on the borders. A soft pearl rocking chair and stool was in one corner, a three shelf bookshelf stood beside it filled with scrolls and books of children stories. Teddy bears and toys littered another corner of the room, the floor carpeted in the design of a pond, pink lilly pads dotting the soft pale green rug. There was a tree painted on one of the walls, the branches spreading across walls, three cribs were pushed against that same wall. Thick branches intwined with vines streched over each crib, a cute little monkey swinging from its tail. In its small hands each one was holding a scroll where the name of the child was written.

Sesshomaru walked over and looked into the cribs, his childern slept like angels, all with their hands above her head. Just like their mother, he thought, reaching in to the box he picked up the first wolf pup. Laying the black one with Shiro, laying the gray one with Atomi and laying the white one with his little girl Saya. Suki watched with the Inu lord, the pups sniffed at the babies they were laid with, licking at small cheeks. The babies hiccuped with soft giggles before small arms clutched at soft fur in in tiny hugs before falling back to sleep.

Suki stepped closer, surprise on his face and in his aura, not at the Dy Wolves, he knew the contact was needed immediately so a bond can be forged. He was surprised at the babies themselves, this was his first time seeing them, " They're full blooded."

Sesshomaru stepped back, nodding, " Yes."

The phoniex shook his head, how is that possible, Kagome was a human when she concieved. " Was it a spell?"

" No, they were born naturally, we all were expecting half breeds. The healer suggested because of the combined power of us both full bloods were created."

Suki stared at the babies, they were cute little things, he can already feel the power in them, they were going to be formidable. He stood straight and turned, Sesshomaru was again staring off into space, amber eyes focused on the tasperedy that was above all the teddy bears and toys in the corner. It was of him and Kagome, heavily pregnant, her face all smiles as her small hands held one of Sesshomaru larger hands to her large stomach. He remembered feeling the pitter patter of small feet kicking and then her giggles, I can't wait to see you too little ones.

" Sesshomaru."

The demon lord blinked then turned remembering Suki was still with him. He glanced to his children again before heading for the door. Suki frowned following the inu, mind already made up, he would have to stay in the West longer than expected. He couldn't leave the pup like this, watching as Sesshomaru walked briskly back to his study, back straight, head high, the empty crate still in his hand, his body completely on auto pilot.

Reaching the study, Sesshomaru slid open the door and walked over to the fire and tossed the crate in it. Suki just took a seat again on a recliner, " You are not alone in this Sesshomaru. We all miss her."

Sesshomaru moved over to his desk, busying himself with the paperwork he been neglacting, " I do not wish to talk about this anymore." about her anymore. Out of sight, almost out of mind, he thought.

Suki sighed, " It's okay to grieve."

" I am grieving." Sesshomaru muttered through clenched teeth, the scroll he was holding in his hand melting under his acid. He frowned and tossed the mess over his shoulders, picking up the next scroll.

Suki just watched, he should have known talking some sense into the boy wasn't going to work. He would have to pull a move out of Inu No Tashio's playbook when it came to handling a moody Sesshomaru. Distractions.

Suki leaned forward, elbows on his legs as he dropped his head between his knees, he groaned loudly, shaking his hair around his shoulders. Sesshomaru blinked, looking up from his desk, he raised a brow at the odd behavior, " What is wrong with you old man?"

Suki groaned again, a hand touching his forehead, " I suppose it could be my old age, I just suddenly don't feel so well. I think I might..." a hand went to mouth as if he was holding down vomit.

Sesshomaru immediately stood, he did not want the phoniex throwing up all over his desk. Moving over to him, he grabbed his arm, helping him stand, " Come lay on the couch."

Suki leaned his weight on the younger demon, mentally smirking as Sesshomaru helped him lay on the soft leather. Sesshomaru moved an empty basin beside him just in case he did throw up, Suki sighed deeply, " Thank you my boy, it seems this day has just been too overwhelming for me."

" As for us all." Sesshomaru mumbled, pouring water from the pitcher into a glass, " Rest. It should help."

Suki took the glass from him, only taking a sip, before handing it back. " I think you're right, I do need some rest, but I need to be getting back to the South." he said then groaned again, clutching his stomach for effect.

Sesshomaru set the cup on the coffee table in arms reach just in case he wanted some more, " As soon as you are able you will travel, until then you will stay here." strong arms crossed as he watched the quick smirk play on the elders face.

He raised a brow, suspicious of the demon, he was definitely pulling a rouse, " What ills you?"

Suki blinked, then shrugged, " I am so old it could be anything." he groaned, rubbing his forehead, " I just feel so dizzy and light headed."

Sesshomaru frowned, he was sure the phoniex was full of shit but he didn't know why he was suddenly playing sick. Regardless of the reason if the lord wanted to stay for awhile that was fine with him. There was a knock to the door, Sesshomaru turned smelling Jaken before he sensed him, the toad didn't have the most pleasant scent. " What Jaken?"

The emp did not open the door, " You have visitor my lord, someone who states to have known the late lady personally."

Sesshomaru was tempted to roll his eyes, Kagome got to know alot of people personally. " Fine. Send them in." he replied, sure it was just someone else that wanted to give their condolances.

Suki sat up as the door slid back, a man stepped forward, he was an older gentleman with a withered face and gray hair but sharp brown eyes. He walked in carrying a long thin box under his arm, waiting for the door to close, he bowed low to the ground, " Lord Sesshomaru it is an honor to finally meet you."

Sesshomaru raised a brow to the human, " Who are you?"

The old man just smiled, " They call me Gin the locksmith, the Asa Shin Fujo was a dear friend of mine."

Sesshomaru blinked, remembering Kagome mentioning a locksmith before, " You are the one that made her weapons."

Gin grinned and bowed his head, " Aye, I did many things for Fujo san. The last time I seen her was when she purchased the ring you wear now."

Amber eyes glanced to his hand, the pinky ring bold and masculine on his finger, Suki blinked, now interested in the old human. " Are you here to pay your condolances?"

Brown eyes glanced to the demon lord of the South, Suki felt he was being tested with the sharp eyes, as if they were assessing his worth. After the quick scan the human bowed his head respectfully, " Aye I am."

He turned back to Sesshomaru, " I am also here to deliver a final request." he set the long thin box on the desk before again nodding to the inu lord, " May I?"

Sesshomaru nodded his permission, Suki now standing, curiousity peaked, the human mumbled a spell, the box sparkled for a moment before he opened it. One by one he pulled out a weapon. A katana, two short swords, a set of kais and a set hand scythes.

He stepped back as Suki examined the weapons, they were all well crafted, " She left specific instructions on what she wanted done. Short sword for a boy, a set of hand scythes for a girl, the katana for the fox and a set of kais for the young miko."

Suki blinked, holding the short sword in his hand, the balance was perfect, Sesshomaru continued to stare at the weapons, not daring to touch them. Of course she would leave something like weapons behind, it was so like her, each one was so individualized to fit each person.

The human smiled at the softeness in the amber eyes of the lord as he thought of his late mate, " She also left this." he whispered, pulling a scroll from his sleeve.

Sesshomaru looked over, blinking, seeing a hand holding the parchement. He tensed, did he want it, he knew it was some sort of will. She had, for once, thought ahead and prepared for her untimely end, something that surprised him since he was use to her being so impulsive. It would be the last thing she could ever say to him. The last thing he would have of her. The last... he didn't want it, didn't want to know, didn't want her to be gone.

Suki took the scroll from the human and nodded, " Thank you for being a friend to Lady Kagome."

Gin smiled in return, " She was a sweetheart to me and will always be in my prayers." bowing his head once more before leaving the room.

Sesshomaru was still staring, now at the weapons again, he can clearly see in his mind's eye his children wielding the weapons chosen for them. Even Shippo and Rin, they were all hers, making them all his.

Suki watched the young inu go through his thoughts, he can almost hear the words, the hurt and pain the young demon was feeling. He held the scroll in his hand, glancing down, it was sealed with a dagger mold. That is so like Kagome, she was a huge fan of her knives. He sighed, then stepped a bit closer to the young inu, " Perhaps I should open it."

Sesshomaru blinked, glancing over to the lord, then to his hand, he stared at the parchment for a long moment, almost hoping it would just morph into Kagome. He would give anything to have her back her with him.

Suki frowned at the staring, knowing how hard this must of been for him, his hand moved to break the seal. Sesshomaru quickly snatched the scroll out of his hand before he could open it, " Don't."

Suki just sighed, watching the inu take a seat at his desk, and continued to just stare at the scroll. He crossed his arms for a moment before sighing again, the boy needed proper closure, " Open it Sesshomaru, it will help you." he mumbled, heading out the door to give him some privacy.

Sesshomaru didn't respond, as if he didn't hear the phoniex, he didn't look up when the door slid closed, he just continued to stare at the scroll. He can smell her sweet, smoky scent on the paper so he knew it really was from her. A hand reached out and picked it up, turning it over and over. How would this help him he wondered, how was reading the last testement of his mate will help him. He missed her so much, whatever was written on this thing could literally break him at this point. He didn't need any more distractions, everything already reminded him of her. He didn't need anymore pain, he should just burn it, he thought.

He stood and walked over to the fireplace, he should just get rid of it, he didn't need anymore heart break. He held his hand out to feed the scroll to the flames in hopes it will also burn away his misery and pain.

And yet he couldn't toss it in, with a frown he pulled the scroll back and slid a claw under the seal breaking it. Curiousity killed the dog not the cat.

His breath caught in his throat as her scent filtered through the air as if she charged the paper with her power. Slowly he rolled it open, just seeing her elegant hand writing made his legs weak. He sat down on the couch before he crashed to the floor and started reading.

To my love,

If you are reading this then it means I am no longer with you. Thanatos must of made good on his end of the deal we made. Know that I miss you my love and I will always, forever love you. I am so sorry it had to be this way and I wish with all my heart I could change it. I wish that I can be with you right now. I know I left you with three babies to take care of but I know you can do it. I know you will be an amazing father. You got this baby. You got this. And don't think for a second I want you to have some tramp playing mama around my babies. I'll take that bitch out in a second. I'm coming back, I swear to you that I will find a way back to you. Don't give up on me baby. I will fight for us if you fight for us.

Your miko and always yours,


Sesshomaru smirked as he reread the letter once more, it was so like Kagome to get jealous in a letter. A soft weight lifted from his shoulders as he stood, walking back over to his desk, again rereading the last line of the letter. I will fight for us if you fight for us.

" I will always fight for us." he mumbled, sliding the letter into his draw.

Instead of sitting down, he turned for the door, he wanted to spend some time with his children. He took a shortcut to the nursery that Kagome showed him a while back. Sliding the door open, he walked in and noticed the babies were already awoke, a mere week old and they all were already able to sit up.

One by one, he took the babies and their Dy wolf out of the crib and set them all the floor. They cooed and hicupped adorably as they crawled around the soft rug, their wolves gently corralling them away from running into the walls or sharp edges. Sesshomaru sat in the rocker, watching his children giggle and play with each other and their pets.

There was a soft knock on the door before it slid open, Suki who wanted to check on the inu, stepped in. He smiled at the cute babies for a moment, watching as Saya and her wolf played tug of war with a teddy bear and Shiro and Atomi copied the playing of the wolves and wrestled with each other. He glanced up to the demon sitting in the rocking chair, there was a definite change in his aura, " You okay?"

Sesshomaru glanced to him then back to his children, for a moment he stared at them then looked back up. He nodded with a soft smirk, " I got this."

He glanced back down to his kids and felt another soft weight lift from his shoulders, he believed his mate and knew she wouldn't stop until he found a way back them. All he had to do was wait. I will always fight for us, he thought.

Don't hate me! She had to die! it sets up for the sequel I got in mind. Bye bye for now!