SUMMARY: Vic thought her day had gone bad with a busted knee, but nothing prepared her for this.






Vic could hardly control her breathing. Her chest rose and fell with ragged gasps in response to Walt kissing his way down her stomach. She felt her muscles quivering with each press of his lips as he moved further down to the waist band of her jeans. Watching him kneel between her parted thighs, Vic was mesmerized by the way he freed the button and lowered her zipper revealing the hem of her black underwear. He leaned back down nibbling flesh just above her navel. Vic pressed her head back into the pillow, a moan escaping her. She couldn't believe how good the stubble along his jaw felt against her abdomen.

Walt sat back, his hands going to her jeans when she stopped him. Vic got off the bed to stand before him letting her unbuttoned shirt slide to the floor leaving her torso clad in just her bra. He came to the edge of the bed, feet planted on the floor, and his hands going to her hips where he pulled her between his parted knees. She had reached around to undo the clasp of her bra, but stalled her actions. Walt wanted to do that. His hands traced the elastic edge of the black cotton until the tips of his fingers hit on the clasp, where he released it. The thin straps fell down her shoulders and fell to the floor.

Vic breathed in sharply when a breath of cool air whispered around her body, her skin shivering, and her nipples hardening. Walt brought his hands up, cupping her, his thumbs brushing over her, sending little ripples of pleasure through her. She brought her hands up to rest on his shoulders. He brushed his lips lightly over the hard bud of her right breast bringing forth yet another moan that had her sinking her teeth into her bottom lip. Then she dug her fingers into his shoulders when he closed his mouth over her. His tongue swirled around the sensitive nub. "Oh, god… Walt…" Vic moaned his name.

Walt concentrated on the taste of Vic in his mouth, the feel of her ripe berry against his tongue. Lazily he suckled her, delighting in the feel of her nail biting into his skin. Pulling back, he looked up at her, seeing her head thrown back. It spurred him on to mimic his actions on her left nipple. He just wanted to take the time to explore her, to learn what drive her higher and higher. Walt let her go, his hand going to her hips where his fingers curled into the jeans peeling them down revealing her hip bones. It was too tempting to pass up, so he angled his head nipping at the subtle rise wrangling yet another moan from his feisty blonde.

Vic wanted to stop him. She wanted her chance to touch him, to have her mouth on him. Her intention was to stop him when his hands gripped the back of her thighs. The strength was that of a man. She let him take her back to the bed where she had been, stretched out before him. Walt continued to peel her jeans down, making her feel fully exposed to him. She had the smallest amount of a blush creeping into her cheeks, but that was pushed aside in light of his ravenous gaze going up and down her body. The jeans vanished, with Walt kneeling between her thighs, her knees on either side of his hips. Vic sat up placing her fingers against the buckle. Pulling it free, she dropped it to the floor, and then yanked the button open before lowering the zipper with a loud hiss.

Walt moaned when Vic lowered the worn fabric of his jeans relieving some of the pressure that had built up from the fabrics restriction. He didn't want to move. He wanted to stay gazing at her spread out beneath him. Leaning down, his lips took hers once more as he gripped her wrists, gentle at first, but then passion took hold of him. He wanted to devour her. Walt ravished Vic's mouth, kissing her back down to the bed, pressing his body to hers. She was pure heaven to his battered body, the way her knees gripped his hips had him wanting to be inside her. Walt had to dig his fingers into her skin to reign himself in. He wanted to savor her.

Vic didn't know what to feel first. Walt possessing her mouth, the way his rested over her with such delicious weight she could feel his heart beating against her breast, or the way she could feel him just pressing at her entrance. It would take much to shift, to have that first little bit of him sliding inside her. When she started to shift, Walt stopped her by gripping her wrists tighter. They both froze, both looked at each other. Vic could see what he wanted, but she wanted something else. She wanted him. She hungered for him to take her, to be out of breath with him.

Walt loosened his grip, reluctantly removing himself from Vic's seductive embrace. He didn't want to be making love to her with his jeans down around his ankles like some teenager. Standing up, and without meaning too, he had his back to her, his scars easily seen. They never spoke about them, about how he got them other than what little he told her in his, as Vic would put it, 'Mono syllabic Gary Cooper crap'. Walt felt Vic get up, felt the heat of her naked body bleeding into his back. She touched the longest of the scars, the tip of her finger moving up slowly. He frozen to the spot from her sweet touch. Then he felt her lips pick up where her fingers left off.

Vic never wanted to ask Walt about the brutal scar he bore upon his back. They were from a dark time after his wife was murdered. It wasn't fair of her to ask. She wanted to know, like anyone would, but she wasn't going to ask. When Walt turned around, taking the sight of his back from her eyes, she didn't mind. She placed her hands on his chest, sliding them up to rest on his strong shoulders as his hands came to her hips once more. Vic leaned in, her lips pressing into his, sweetly, gently. She let him guide her back to the bed where she welcomed him once more between her thighs.

Walt levered himself up onto his forearms to look down at Vic. The heat of her body soaked into him, hardening him further. His manhood nudged between her wet nether lips, the tip of him poised to enter her. She bit her bottom lip, her eyes fluttering closed. Walt thrust forward, sinking home inside her, moaning as she gripped him. He could barely breathe from the feel of her.

Vic's fingers gripped Walt's side, her head pushing back into the pillow. "Oh, god…." She moaned letting her body grow accustomed to the feeling of him inside her. Vic dug her right heel into the mattress, giving her the leverage to move a little bit. Walt moved with her, drawing back. She locked her eyes with his, seeing the passion darkening his gaze. He thrust into her, this time she moved with him, meeting him thrust for thrust. At first he was easy, each thrust testing her depths. "I won't break…" Vic gasped.

Walt let some of his control slip, thrusting a little harder. He moved, his hips meeting hers with ease. They kept their gazes on each other, falling into each other until all he could feel was her. The way she gasped from each thrust, the way she gripped him; all of it was branded into his body, into his soul. "Vic," Walt took her lips picking up the pace. He drank in her moans, spurred on to give her what she wanted.

Vic felt the fire racing through her veins, the ecstasy of having him over her, inside her. With each thrust from Walt, her muscles tightened trying to hold him before he pulled out. The friction radiated through her, sparks snapping her nerve endings. She was already close to falling over the edge of oblivion. Vic moaned into Walt's kiss, hiking her knees up higher, deepening his drive inside her. He lunged into her again, hard, and It triggered the sensual explosion that had been buildings. She broke their kiss, crying out holding Walt close to her. He tried to move away, but she wouldn't let him, she wanted the weight of him, warm and solid, over her. Lightly, over and over, she kissed his cheek.

Walt gently fell to Vic's side. He couldn't stay atop her, even as strong as she was, he still had more muscle than she did. Lying on his stomach, turning his head to see the red tint on her cheeks, the way her chest rose and fell with the effort to take in a deep breath. Vic looked at him, a lazy sated smile on her amazing lips. She turned on her side, pressing against him, and her lips kissing the closest scar on his back. His heart was racing and he didn't want it to stop. Being with Vic was more than he thought it would be, better, passionate. He was feeling his heart starting to heal after all this time.

Vic didn't want to let this intimate atmosphere leave them so soon. She wanted to bask in the afterglow for as long as she could. And yet, that didn't keep her from opening her mouth and saying, "You never told me how you got these." The best time to loosen a man's tongue was right after he'd made love to a woman.

Walt closed his eyes against the feel of her finger running up and down the long jagged line on his back. On days when the memories surfaced, he could feel the cold bite of steel slicing open his back. His first instinct was to remain silent, to bury what happened even deeper. That was his intention, and yet, he started to talk. "I went to Denver to kill Miller Beck." Walt said. "He was with two other addicts, all of them high, but all I saw was Beck, all I wanted was to take his life. I was so focused that when the first blow came from the blade I was disoriented, and then enraged. That rage made me careless and I barely made it to the hotel where Henry was waiting." Walt moved, sitting on the edge of the bed. He could still feel traces of that pure white hot anger burning inside him, reminding him of the darkness he was capable of.

Vic didn't let him put distance between them. She pressed herself against his back, her arms wrapping around his torso. There was nothing she could say to that. So, she stayed quiet, and held him while he wrestled with the repercussions of what he'd very nearly done. In the end, she knew, he wasn't a killer. That had been David Ridges, he'd killed Beck. So much had happened to Walt in just a few years. Any other man would have cracked under the weight, but not Walt. He not only made it through the personal hell of his grief, but he brought the real killer to justice and freed his best friend. This was the Walt she followed loyally.

"Don't think any less of me, do you?" Walt asked, because he had to ask. What Vic thought of him mattered, more than it should.

"No," Vic shook her head, her chin resting on his strong shoulder. "I would have done the same thing." At least she thought she would.

Walt rested his temple to Vic's drawing in as much of her body heat as he could. "You're a good woman, Vic." She didn't respond except to hold him as tight as she could. Her touch felt good, it felt right mending his heart against the terrible pain.



Vic breezed into the office with Raphe following her. She wanted to get this last bit on record, and then she was done. Her life in Philadelphia was over, there was no going back. Reaching out, she pressed the record button on the video camera and said, "The last time I saw Ed Gorski was in Philadelphia after all the bullet casings that were left in my locker, on my car, and after he broke into my house. I was putting in my papers just before my now ex-husband and I transferred out here to Durant, Wyoming. Everything I told you is all I'm going to tell you."

"Victoria…." Raphe cut off the camera. "I know there is more you're holding back." He said hoping it would draw her back to her chair.

"Yeah, there's plenty I'm not telling you. What I haven't said can't help you because the rest of it happened here, outside your prosecutorial jurisdiction." Vic put her hands on her hips. "I'm done talking about the nightmare Ed Gorski put me through. He's locked up, getting what he richly deserves and I'm here. Free from it all." She truly was. Gorski had wanted her to lose everything. That night at Gilbert's place, she thought she had, and so had he. It was what made him leave her alone finally.

"Alright." Raphe nodded his head. "I hated to put you through this…."

"No, you didn't." Vic shook her head interrupting him. "You wouldn't have known about my dealings with him had Vincent not told you. My brother is the reason you're here. And now you can go home." She was ready for Vincent, her mother, and Raphe to leave Durant. They were upsetting the balance she'd found here, especially with Walt.

"It's true, Vincent pointed me in your direction." Raphael confirmed. "He knew you would talk to me rather than him, seeing as the two of you end up shouting at each other. I wouldn't let you get away with using your sarcasm."

"Whatever…" Vic rolled her eyes. "You're just lucky I like you." She cracked a small smile. They'd known each other since they were kids. Raphe had been one person she could talk to easily.

"Then what would you say to dinner tonight? My treat of course." Raphe offered.

"Uhh... Raphe…. I'm involved with someone." Vic replied hoping he didn't ask for a name. How would he react to the fact she was dating Walt?

"Oh?" Raphe asked playfully. "It's the Indian bartender, isn't it? He seems like he'd be into blonde's."

"Henry? God no!" Vic laughed. "He's nice but not my type." This was Raphe joking with her. It felt familiar and it did plenty to wipe away the annoyance she had when he was questioning her.

"Then bring your guy along." Raphe offered. He wanted to have some time with her, to talk to his old friend even if her significant other was along for the conversation. It had been too many years since last he'd seen her, talk to her. Raphe found he missed her brand of humor.

Vic's detective senses tingled at Raphe's offer of dinner, and bringing Walt along. "You're fishing. Why?" She asked. Raphael was a very good lawyer, and he was even better at finding things people tended to want to keep buried. "Did my brother put you up to this?"

"I'm happy you're seeing someone. Sean was all wrong for you, a convenient escape. But whoever you're with now, you seem actually happy." Raphe admitted. It had been a long time since he'd seen true bliss in her eyes.

"I am." Vic answered. She was really happy with Walt. All that she'd gone through with Ed, with Sean, he was able to wash it all away and make her feel like someone new, someone without so much emotional baggage.

"And you can't tell me who it is because….?" Raphe tried again.

"You might not understand." Vic said lightly checking to make sure the camera was really off and so was the recorder he'd had on earlier. Everything was off. "You might see it as me making the same mistake I've already made." She shrugged Really, it didn't matter what Raphe thought, or her brother, or even her mother. When all was said and done, Vic was happy.

"It's Longmire, isn't it?" Raphe asked, his voice soft enough so only they could hear it. He didn't see it as a mistake. No one could help who they fell for. No one. That night in the Red Pony he'd seen her go to him. He'd watched the way she stood close to him, the smile on Longmire's face when Vic came towards him. Raphe didn't need to be a genius to see what was going on between them.

"Yeah," Vic nodded. "He's the one. You still want to have dinner?" She chuckled when Raphe shook his head. It wasn't so terrible for her to know that he knew about her and Walt. At least Raphael wasn't as judgmental as her brother was, or her mother. "So, when do you three go home?"

"Tomorrow." Raphe answered. "You should tell you mother the truth, the real truth about why you're never coming back to Philly."

"Ha!" Vic scoffed. "No, she could not handle it." She didn't want to subject Walt to her mother's scornful gaze.

"You're right about that, but she should still know." Raphe advised. "I'm only telling you this as a friend."

"I know," Vic walked over to him, putting her hand on his shoulder. At one time, she knew he wanted more between them, but that wasn't meant to happen.


Walt sat in his Bronco with Vic in the passenger seat looking at the entrance to the Red Pony, Henry's bar. This afternoon, after the lawyer left, Vic told him the details of her conversation. Then the rest of the day had gone by without anything happening in the county. Now they were going to have a bite to eat before heading back to the cabin. In truth Walt could forgo the meal and would happily turn the engine over and take the road towards home. "You don't have to do this." Walt muttered gripping his keys.

"I know," Vic nodded keeping her eyes on the door. The rental car Raphe had was in the lot which meant Vince and her mom was also in there having dinner before their flight home tomorrow. She had been all set to go in there, tell them the truth, and then leave. But as she watched the door, her determination wavered. This wasn't her. She wasn't known to back down in the face of anyone, including her family. "Raphe is right. I should tell my mother about us. As much as I hate to say it, the idiot is right."

"Then why are we still sitting here?" Walt asked. Not that he was complaining. He wasn't eager to see Vic face off against her brother and mother again. Vic had seethed in the passenger seat on the way to his cabin for twenty minutes after the last confrontation she had with her mother. It actually made Walt a little uncomfortable waiting for her to calm down.

"Because, I can already predict where this conversation is going to go." Vic sighed heavily. "We go in there, they see us, I pretend to play nice, and then I come clean about who we are to each other. Then there will be a moment's pause before my dear mother starts in with her judgments, and her general lack of faith that I can make a good decision ever. I'll get mad, say some very hurtful things, and then storm out under a steam of righteous anger." She knocked her head back against the head rest.

"Let's go have a drink. Don't go to them, let them come to you." Walt suggested. He wasn't exactly eager to get out of his truck. He was too old to be dealing with mother's. Hell, he was too old to be the boyfriend. Walt shook his head. Vic was worth it, that much he knew with utter certainty.

Vic knew he was right. She'd run away once already. Once was allowed. Twice would make her a coward. Though, was it cowardly to avoid a fight she already knew was coming? She didn't know, but she wasn't one to back down and she certainly wasn't going to hide from her brother or her mother. Vic had changed from who they used to know. Steeling her nerves for the coming storm, she got out of the Bronco.

Walt preceded Vic into the Red Pony, making sure to hold the swinging shutters open for her. They made their way to the end of the bar, where Walt usually sat, and ordered two beers. Vic scanned the crowd looking for her family. He could see her watching them at the table by the fireplace. Under the bar, Walt reached out taking her hand to keep her from clenching it into a fist again. Vic did confrontation in an explosive manner. "Don't lose your head, Vic." He muttered.

Vic sucked in a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and nodded. "This is going to be worse than the time mom found out I had sex with a senior in high school."

Walt arched his brow. He should be used to her saying things like that, but he wasn't. "Really?"

"Told you I was a bad girl." Vic shrugged feeling the first ebb of amusement. Rattling Walt always made her want to smile wickedly.


Vic turned to look at her mom. "Mom." This wasn't feeling awkward at all. "We need to talk." She looked to Walt who motioned for her to use Henry's office. With one last look to her cowboy lover Vic closed the door giving herself nowhere to run and no choice but to face her mother.

"Vicki, what's going on?" Elizabeth crossed her arms.

Vic turned, resting her back against the door. "You asked why I didn't want to leave Wyoming. Well, now I'm going to tell you."

Out in the bar Walt fought with himself to keep from watching the door. "I'm too old for this." He mumbled moments before his best friend stood before. "I need a shot and a beer." Walt ordered.

"That bad?" Henry asked.

"Yup." Walt said. "If you hear things breaking, it's not going well."

Henry eyed the closed door of his office. "I will keep my distance." He muttered walking away to tend to the orders of two new patrons who had taken a seat at the bar.

Vic sat on the small couch in Henry's office with her forearms resting on her knees, her fingers laced together. "You've never approved of my choices, not since I was in high school. This is going to be one more choice I've made that will have you pulling your hair out. I'm not coming home because of my life here, because of who I'm with."

"I knew you were dating someone!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "It's the young handsome blonde deputy you work with, isn't it?"

"Branch?" Vic arched her brow at her mother. "You think I'm dating Branch Connelly? Uhh…. No!" She got to her feet, her arms crossing over her chest. "It's not Branch. It's Walt." Vic sucked in a deep breath waiting for the explosion of her mother's disapproval to rain down on her.

"Walt as in Sheriff Longmire?" Elizabeth asked. "Victoria Moretti, when will you stop doing this to your life?"

"Here it comes." Vic muttered.

"Do have a self-destructive nature? The last figure of authority you had relations with, he ended up stalking you. And now, you turn around and put yourself in the same type of situation." Elizabeth ranted.

"Walt is not a stalker." Vic defended getting to her feet. "He is the very definition of 'Honorable'. Does it even matter to you that I'm happy with him? For the first time I actually am not in fear for my safety with him."

"I will never understand how you make such a mess of your life." Elizabeth shook her head. "Why do you do this?"

"Because it's my life." Vic stated, a bit of a bite to her words. "And that's what irritates you so much. I'm living my life differently than you and dad. Does it kill you to know that I might actually be in love with Walt?"

"I'm you mother, and I want the best for you. I don't think that man is right for you." Elizabeth closed the distance between her and Victoria. "I want you to have the life you deserve."

"Walt's what I deserve." Vic answered. "Whether you like it or not, being with him makes me a better person." She had lived too long with secrets before coming to Durant. Walt gave her the strength to move forward with her life.

"I don't see this lasting," Elizabeth sighed and then walked out of the back to return to her son.

Vic wanted to say she felt hurt her mother had turned her back on her, only, she didn't. She told the truth about her and Walt. It was out there for her mother to know and that made the weight on her chest lighter. She was breathing easier when Walt walked in coming straight for her. Vic didn't let him say anything. Draping her arms over his shoulders, cupping the back of his head, she kissed him. This was where she was supposed to be, and she was alright with that. Pulling back, she smiled at him. "Buy me a drink?"

"I take it that didn't go so well?" Walt asked, slightly confused by Vic's reaction.

"It went about how I thought it would, and you know what? I'm not bothered by it." Vic answered. "I'll never live the life she wants me to. This is where I want to be. Right here in Durant, with you."


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