His large palms and long fingers are pressed firmly against the glass, while her pale white back slides vigorously up and down, her mess of red hair all over the place.

Everything I observe on the other side of that window hits somewhere deep within me, igniting a fire I didn't know was possible.

I watch.

I see.

I feel.

Her legs unravel from his waist, and he spins her around. She braces her hands against the window as her mouth drops open, and he enters her from behind. I get the first glimpse of her face, and she's beautiful. But they all are. Her features are soft and delicate.

This is his favorite position. He takes almost every woman like this. And since it's a favorite of his, it's also a favorite of mine. Well, a favorite to watch. I've only ever had sex in the missionary position, but I've got a good imagination.

I continue to watch. He pushes; she pushes. He pulls; she surrenders. Sometimes, it's slow and sensual. Other times, it's fast and hard. It's up to him. He sets the pace. The women are merely at his mercy, but I never see them leave without a satisfied, sated expression. So I can only guess that it's as good for them as it is for him… and for me.

Her beautiful face contorts as she throws her head back. Judging by the way her mouth is hanging open and her throat is moving, I imagine she's screaming, probably his name.

He bends her over farther, his strong hands gripping her torso as his hips collide with hers, and he continues to thrust in and out forcefully. The sweat coating his chest accentuates the definition of his muscles. Gritted teeth and a tight jaw tell me he's getting close, which disappoints me because I could watch him for hours.

I let out a breath I've been holding, licking my dry lips as I watch him push in even harder, his movements becoming erratic.

I probably shouldn't watch. I'm sure some would think it's perverse.

I don't have a fetish, per se, but I do have to admit I get off.

I'd have to be dead not to.

Eventually, his body relaxes, and he pulls out, quickly walking to a nearby trashcan and disposing of the condom. His firm backside is almost as good as the front. I bite my lip, watching the muscles in his back. I want that. I want him.

She disappears from sight, probably going to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He continues to walk around the living room naked. He's still somewhat erect, and even in this state, it's something that makes my mouth water and my imagination run wild.

I'm definitely going to have to take a bath before the ice cream tonight. There's no way I can stand the throbbing between my legs much longer.

I regretfully place the binoculars down on the window sill and head for the bathroom. I turn on the water, checking the temperature until it's just right. When the tub is full, I step in and sink down, resting my head back and allowing the warm water to envelop me. As I close my eyes, I imagine him. His hands. His mouth. His tongue. I think about what it would be like to be in the window… to be his prey… to be consumed by him.

My hand slips between my legs, and I press my middle finger against my clit and then slip down, repeating the action over and over until I successfully relieve the built up tension. It doesn't take care of the need completely, but it takes the edge off.

When I'm out of the bath and dried off, I walk to the freezer, making my selection for the night.

Red Velvet Cake.

After walking back over to the window sill with my carton of ice cream, I curl my legs under me and pick the binoculars back up.

He's alone, and he's no longer naked, but this look is a close second. The gray sweatpants he's wearing hang loosely on his hips, displaying the V of his muscles that lead down below. His hair is wet. I don't know why, but thinking of him being in the shower at the same time I was in the bath makes me feel connected to him in some way. I like it. Sometimes, I like watching what he does after the women leave almost as much as I enjoy watching what he does while they're there.



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