Chapter 13 – Epilogue

December 1995

"Just a little more, be careful Harry," Harry spoke to himself as he was pouring the tiniest amount of Hani's Powder into his Potion.

He managed to get the right amount poured into the cauldron and it began spitting blue sparks. He now had to leave the potion for thirty minutes for it to simmer.

As he watched the Potion, he reflected on the events of the last good few months since the conclusion of the Triwizard Tournament.

The bodies of Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort could not be retrieved from the animals that killed them. No one had wanted to go near Jaggy to retrieve Dumbledore. Jaggy was just too dangerous. As Fluffy had literally ripped Voldemort to shreds they could not find anything.

Dumbledore's funeral was a quiet one. His brother Aberforth had his name erected on the Dumbledore grave in Godric's Hollow. Aberforth and Elphias Doge were the only attendants.

Harry had started his apprenticeship with Allen Wrickman back in September. Allen had stayed at Hogwarts to take Harry in under his wing. Harry was working with the man closely, learning as much as he could. Allen sometimes used Muggle chemicals on his Potions to get a better result and had encouraged Harry to do so too. However, Allen arranged their contract so that Harry could have one more year of schooling too. He wanted Harry to at least pass his O.W. L's. Once Harry had that finished, he would be in the apprenticeship full time.

Fleur had gone back to France for the meantime. She had now graduated from Beauxbatons and was under the guidance of her father Julien learning about French Politics. Sadly, he and Fleur could not see each other very much now, due to both being remarkably busy.

But every time they got together it was a different kind of magic from the magic he was used to. They had given themselves to each other over the Summer and were closer than ever. They always had fun when they reunited. He was looking forward to their next meeting.

Viktor Krum had gone back to Bulgaria, wanting to finish his studies. He had promised to come back to be with Hermione for good when he finished. Viktor and Hermione maintained contact by letter. After much coaching from Fleur on love, Harry could tell Hermione was truly in love with Viktor. She was completely heartbroken that he was so far away.


"Oh no," Bathsheda muttered. She looked up at her fiancé Sirius Black while cradling her belly. She was now as big as a house. She knew she was giving birth shortly, but she was not expecting it to be tonight.

"Sirius," she screamed. "My water broke."


Harry was accosted by Headmistress McGonagall on his way back to the Common Room after the lessons with Allen.

"Mr Potter."

"I came from my lessons with All- I mean Professor Wrickman," sputtered Harry. "If I'm out past curfew I swear I didn't notice the time."

"It's not that," the Headmistress smiled. "Sirius has contacted me. Bathsheda is in labour and he wants you there. Follow me."

Harry dashed after the Headmistress, smiling. Sirius had informed him months ago that Bathsheda was pregnant. She had gone on leave a few weeks before Halloween to relax. He and the headmistress went into her office where she handed him the Floo Powder.

"And Harry," the headmistress spoke. Harry looked up at the smiling woman. "Congratulate Sirius and Bathsheda for me."

"I will."

Upon announcing St Mungo's Maternity Ward, he disappeared into the flame.


"Harry, say hello to Carrie," Bathsheda said.

She held the sleeping baby out to a teary-eyed Harry, as he held the new bundling joy in his arms.

"Carrie Black," murmured Harry. "That's a lovely name. Where'd you get it?"

Bathsheda looked at Sirius and grinned. "Sirius wanted to name her that as we were watching Stephen King's Carrie the night I told him I was pregnant."

"Quite the old romantic, eh Sirius," joked Remus, who was there too.

Sirius blushed. Composing himself he looked straight at his oldest friend. "Remus, me and Carrie would like to ask you a favour."

"We would like to give you the honour of being Carrie's godfather," said Bathsheda.

Harry handed over the sleeping baby to Remus, who took his first godchild into his arms.

"I would be honoured," said Remus, hugging Carrie close.

Harry smiled.



There was a massive crowd in Diagon Alley for the opening of one of its new stores.

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

Harry was going to be the one cutting the ribbon. While not fond of his celebrity status, he knew it would make great business for Fred and George if he was the one doing it.

"Harry, do you have your speech prepared," Colin asked.

"Right here," said Harry, patting his breast pocket. He had it memorised though.

"And now, it gives us great pleasure to hand over the reins of this podium to our good friend, Harry Potter," the twins announced.

The applause was deafening. Photographers from publications like The Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly were there.

Harry stepped up and cast a mild Sonorus on himself.

"Fred and George Weasley contain more immaturity than anyone else I have ever met," smiled Harry. "Which means they have great minds when it comes to pranks and jokes."

The crowd laughed.

"However, I have a similar mind," spoke Harry. "I have been involved with them doing pranks since my Fourth Year at Hogwarts. There is a major prank, composed of many, we did in one day. However, I cannot divulge what it is as Headmistress McGonagall is here in the crowd today."

Harry flashed a smile at the Hogwarts Headmistress, who scowled at him. She clearly knew the prank he was referring to.

Harry spoke for another two minutes.

"And now it is time to let you all in once I cut this ribbon," Harry brought his wand down and sliced the ribbon to applause.

That night he after the shop closed, he, Colin, and the twins celebrated with some Firewhisky.


"Harry, stop fidgeting," Remus whispered.

"I'm not exactly fond of wearing suits, Moony," Harry whispered back.

Today was Sirius and Bathsheda's wedding day. They were in Bathsheda's hometown of Oksvoll, in the municipality of Ørland in Trøndelag county in east Norway. It was a beautiful village set next to the Norwegian Sea.

Harry watched as Bathsheda walked up the aisle. Bathsheda's mother was holding Carrie who was now six months old. When Sirius and Bathsheda kissed Harry clapped along with the rest of the crowd.



Harry was not expecting himself to be wearing a suit again so quickly after Sirius got married the previous year.

But here he was, once again at another wedding. The wedding of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Sirius naturally was best man while Harry was a groomsman.

"Stop fidgeting, Harry," said Remus, smiling at him.

Despite wanting to scowl, Harry flashed the man a beaming smile. Since Sirius had been exonerated, he had grown quite close to his former teacher. He now saw the man as a mix between Uncle and older brother.

Their close connection had Harry desiring to help the man by trying to discover a cure for Lycanthropy. Although Remus was now able to afford and brew the complicated Wolfsbane Potion, he still was not fully cured. Harry had since vowed that he would help his 'Uncle' with all his heart to help him.

When Remus and Tonks finally kissed, Harry's cheer was heard above all the clapping.


Harry looked upon Daniel Black with wonder and joy.

Sirius and Bathsheda had their second child just the previous night. When Harry came by to congratulate the couple and welcome the new Marauder into the family, he was asked a serious question.

"Sirius, Bathsheda," he spoke wondrously. "I would be honoured to be Daniel's godfather."


"Well, Harry," said Allen. "This concludes the Apprenticeship."

Harry was delighted. He was now a full time Potion Maker, having secured a contract with St Mungo's to purchase his supplies. The contract also offered additional money for any new inventions. Any potion created by him alone would also net him profits for each one sold.

He went home that night in high spirits to tell Fleur the good news. He and Fleur were now living together in County Donegal in Ireland. They both had gone there on holiday two years prior and fell in love with it. They had travelled the whole country of Ireland, but both felt Donegal kept calling them back. They bought a lovely, modest sized house in the countryside, with the local town of Raphoe being only a mile away.

"I'm so proud of you, Harry," smiled Fleur, pulling Harry close and kissing him.

Harry melted into the kiss.

"I love you my flower," said Harry lovingly.

And the rest of night was oh so special.



Harry passed his Driving Test in Ireland at the start of the year and proceeded to buy a new car for himself. He went to the local town of Letterkenny which was twelve miles away and bought an expensive BMW. The dealer was sceptical that someone Harry's age was able to afford it without a loan but as Harry had the money, he could not do anything but accept.

Harry and Fleur went on a trip to a beach called Rossnowlagh in West Donegal. It was a beautiful area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Despite being February in Ireland, the sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was unnatural to Harry as he was so used to the rain in this country.

He and Fleur spent the day around the scenic area. Harry clearly had something on his mind and Fleur had noticed.

"Are you okay, Harry?" she asked.

"Never better," said Harry, smiling at her with that damnable smile.

Fleur knew he was up to something, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it.

They went for dinner in a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the ocean. Fleur smiled as she looked out the window from their seat. She would not have minded living here, but she had grown to used to being raised near a beach growing up that she liked living in the countryside with the sights and sounds.

She and Harry had gained new friends in their neighbours too. The area they lived in mainly composed of bungalow houses. She had learnt the history of the area they now lived in. It was once run by a wealthy Catholic family who sold the land to the Irish government when they wanted to build a road there. There was still plenty of members of that family living in the area, one being an elderly couple who used to live in Scotland until two decades ago and moved back after they saved enough money.

After having their dessert they both had another glass of red wine. The manager was convinced Harry was underage, but Fleur told them Harry was twenty, which of course was a lie. The staff were very friendly and courteous to them throughout the entire meal otherwise though.

"Isn't this a beautiful sight," commented Harry.

"It is," said Fleur turning to face him, only to see he was looking at her. "Thanks Harry."

"You know, Fleur," said Harry. "There have been moments in my life where I wasn't happy. None of those moments were with you though."

Harry got out of his seat and came over to her. He pulled something out of his pocket and got down on one knee.

"Fleur," spoke Harry. Fleur's breath hitched. "Would you do me honour of being with me forever? I want to be happy for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?"

He opened the blue box he had and she saw it. Harry took the ring out. "May I?"

Fleur nodded. Harry slipped the ring on her wedding finger. She could see it more clearly now. It was a blue sapphire ring with a single crystal on it.

"Yes, Harry I will marry you," she exclaimed, dragging Harry up to kiss him. She could hear the clapping in the restaurant but she drowned it out.

They stayed in Rossnowlagh that night in a hotel where they celebrated their new engagement privately.


This was the third time in three years Harry was in the Hospital.

The previous night Nymphadora give birth to a healthy baby boy. She and Remus named him Theodore (Teddy) after her dad, who was standing there looking enormously proud at meeting his first grandchild.

"He's beautiful, Nym," said Harry. He didn't want to call her Tonks anymore after she took Remus' name.

"Harry," said Remus. "We would like you to be Teddy's godfather."

"Me," Harry was stunned. He honestly thought Sirius would be godfather to Remus' and Nym's first.

Remus chuckled. "As much as I love Sirius, something is just telling me you are destined to be Teddy's godfather, no matter what. I told Sirius myself last month, and he agrees."

Harry looked at the bundle he had in in his arms. He was already godfather to Daniel, Sirius' son. And now he was asked to be a godfather for the second time, and before he had even turned twenty.

"I would be honored," Harry smiled, holding his second godchild close and giving the baby a small hug.



"Harry, calm down, nothing is going to go wrong," Colin insisted.

Harry felt like he was having a nervous breakdown. This was the day he and Fleur were getting married and he kept having a feeling something bad was going to happen.

Colin was his Best Man and was trying to make him be realistic, but he felt he was already being realistic.

"But what if I mess up, this is supposed to be Fleur's day," he almost screamed.

Colin scowled and leaned forward, slapping Harry upside the head.

"What the hell, Colin?" questioned Harry.

"This is not Fleur's day," said Colin fiercely. "This is both your day and Fleur's. Weddings are not always perfect. When my parents got married, apparently my Uncle Connell got completely sloshed and made a very embarrassing Best Man speech. But my dad didn't care. He was just glad he married my mom on what he calls 'the greatest day of my life'."

Harry smiled. He had met Colin's Uncle Connell a few months beforehand. The man was at least fifty and was incredibly fun with a fondness for karaoke while drunk.

"Looks like I got you smiling," said Colin. "You think you can keep it on your face through the ceremony, or should I call Fred and George in here."

Harry paled. Choosing Colin for Best Man would be better than Fred and George. The both of them would have had a fun time with the Best Man speeches embarrassing not only him, but everyone. Fred and George were still his Groomsmen.

Gabrielle was Fleur's Maid of Honor. Hermione and Ginny were Fleur's Bridesmaids. Fleur had relatively few friends but her whole family was here.

The press were gathered outside for what they called the 'Wedding of the Century' and it wasn't just because of Harry. Julien Delacour, Fleur's father, was now once again the Minister For Magic in France and the English media were here in France too, painting Harry as marrying into Royalty.

Harry and Fleur decided to get married in France in Fleur's hometown of Les Trayas in Eastern France. It was less than an hour away from Nice.

On the altar podium Colin noticed something Harry was doing while wearing his suit.

"Harry, stop fidgeting," whispered Colin.

Harry looked down at Remus sitting at the front of the aisle with Nym before he realised Colin had said what he had heard, and he chuckled.

"I hate wearing suits," Harry whispered to Colin.

The music started and Fleur walked in wearing that insatiable wedding dress, her arm in her father's who was walking up with her with a smile on his face.

Harry's breath hitched as he looked into Fleur's eyes. He just couldn't tear his sight from his soon to be wife.

"We are joined here today in holy matrimony of Harry Potter and Fleur Delacour."

Harry paid rapt attention to the representative so he didn't miss out on anything.

"Do you, Harry James Potter, take Fleur Antoinette Delacour to be your lawfully wedded wife."

"I do," said Harry smiling at Fleur.

"And do you, Fleur Antoinette Delacour, take Harry James Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband."

"I do," said Fleur, smiling back at Harry.

"Then by the power vested in me and in magic, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harry lifted Fleur's veil and kissed his now wife for the first time.

The reception was grand. Everyone was talking away with each other when a glass was clinked.

"KISS, KISS," was chanted.

Harry leant over Fleur and give her a strong and tender kiss, drawing clapping and cheers from the crowd.

Harry stood up and spoke of his love for Fleur, for his family and friends, and proceeded to thank each and everyone for coming to celebrate the greatest day of his life.

Eventually, the Best Man speech was to happen.

Colin made to stand up but was suddenly pushed back into his chair.

"We'll handle this Colin," Fred and George said, smiling devilishly at Harry.

Harry groaned.

"Well, that was embarrassing," grumbled Harry, after the twins did their speech, which had only lasted two minutes but had everyone holding their sides laughing at the twins jokes.

Colin eventually stood up and gave his own Best Man speech. He told everyone how he met Harry, how he was obsessed with Harry, and how Harry brought him around to see Harry as normal. He talked about the first time he met Fleur, and spoke of many anecdotes for fifteen minutes.

Harry was happy with Colin's speech until he got to the end.

Colin turned to Harry and said, "if I have done a good job with the speech Harry, can I be Best Man at your next wedding too."

Everyone laughed but Harry wanted to sink into the ground. Gritting his teeth, he knew he would embarrass Colin when he married Ginny. Colin and Ginny just got engaged the previous month.


"Now this I was not expecting," commented Harry.

He was once again in Hospital. Bathsheda and Nym both had their third and second child just mere hours apart the previous night. Remus and Sirius were both grinning like crazy, overjoyed their new children were born on the same day.

Sirius and Bathsheda had a boy whom they named Niles after a character on a TV show called Frasier that Bathsheda loved.

Remus and Nym had a girl named Annie. She wasn't named after anyone. They both just liked the name.

"Imagine these two together stalking the halls of Hogwarts," said Sirius, smiling like a kid in a candy store.

"Poor McGonagall," said Harry. "She'll probably retire after these two are finished First Year."

Sirius and Remus laughed. They made each other godfather to their new children.

Remus had taken on the job of DADA instructor at Hogwarts after working with Sirius the past few years on Politics.

Sirius was now the Supreme Mugwump on the ICW. He had a brilliant mind for the position, and had earned tremendous respect among the International magical communities for his Political ideals.



It was now Colin and Ginny's wedding and Harry was once again fidgeting with his suit throughout the ceremony.

He was looking forward to his best man speech. He had been writing it since Colin asked him to be his Best Man.

He started his speech introducing himself.

"Gentlemen, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it is a sad day today as another beauty leaves the available list," he smiled at Ginny, who smiled back. "And ladies, I'm sure you'll agree with me, that today has passed by, without much of a ripple."

Loud laughter permeated all over the room, while Colin gave Harry a half-glare.

Harry continued speaking, enjoying every moment. Eventually, he got to a line that Mrs Weasley basically wrote for him in a conversation with her that morning.

"I was talking to Ginny's mum this morning at the ceremony, Mrs Molly Weasley -one of the best cooks I know- how it felt to see her daughter get married, and this is what she said: 'It seems like only yesterday she was going to bed with her dummy'" everyone laughed, including Molly. "Well, it's funny how history repeats itself, isn't it."

Fred and George were holding their sides and laughing the loudest at that among the rest. Colin now felt mightily embarrassed, openly glaring at Harry. Ginny was laughing her head off at Harry's antics. Eventually seeing her new husband's embarrassment, she decided to rectify it. She pulled Colin in for a soothing kiss.

"All joking aside, I am very glad to be here. I never had a family growing up. No brothers or sisters, but I have gained a brother in Colin, and I know he thinks the same of me," smiled Harry. "And I am very proud to be standing here, at my brother's wedding, to one of the greatest women I know."

Harry raised his glass. "And now, I hope you all join me in wishing this beautiful couple all the happiness they deserve. To Colin and Ginny."

"Colin and Ginny," the crowd chorused.

Harry knelt down and hugged his 'brother'. "Thanks, Harry," he whispered, smiling. "But don't do that at my next wedding."

"Next wedding?" Ginny whispered, looking at Colin.

"I'm joking," Colin defended. Then he smiled. "Our first near argument as a married couple. I love you Ginny."


In the Summer of 2000, Harry and his friends all managed to finally meet up for the barbecue he and Fleur were hosting at their home.

Harry barely ever got to see Hermione anymore primarily since she was in a rigorous training course with the DMLE. She was rising fast in the course and was expected to be in a position of power in the years to come. She and Viktor were still together after five years, but were not engaged yet. Viktor had wanted to be closer to Hermione once he graduated from Durmstrang. He came back to Britain and did a three-year course on Magical Sports. He had been promoted as the Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Sports last month.

Colin and Ginny had now been married five months and both were in high spirits. Colin was working as a freelance photographer for the magical newspapers of Britain, selling his photos for the publications in them. He and Harry were also partners in Fred and George's shop, which had now expanded and bought out Zonko's. Ginny had been playing for the Holyhead Harpies the past two years.

Remus, Sirius, Nym, and Bathsheda were also here. Their gaggle of kids were running about with Herbie the dog. Herbie belonged to Harry's elderly neighbours, Dan and Margaret. Dan always named his dogs Herbie due to his love for the infamous car. The couple had gone to visit their grandchildren for the day so Harry and Fleur were keeping an eye on Herbie.

Harry and Fleur also had special news they wanted to share. First, they all had their food, chatting away with everyone.

"Everyone," called Fleur. "I have an announcement to make. Me and Harry are having a baby. I'm pregnant."

Everyone cheered for them, congratulating the couple.

Once it quieted down, Ginny spoke, "Well, Fleur you're not the only one, I'm also pregnant."

The evening was one to remember. Sirius and Remus put their kids to sleep in two of the spare bedrooms and they joined the rest of the couples with their own wives, sitting in the conservatory and talking with each other.

Dan and Margaret came back from visiting their grandkids at eight and joined them having a celebratory drink. They all enjoyed the company of the elderly couple. Dan was an extremely friendly man who loved everyone. Although Margaret was quite sharp, she was incredibly kind and loved company. They showed them pictures of their three grandkids: Conor, Daniel, and Kevin. Harry rested his eyes on the picture of Conor. The six year old boy was the pure spitting image of him. He hoped he would meet him someday.


And he did. A couple weeks after the barbecue Dan and Margaret had their son and grandchildren visiting. Harry and Fleur had never met the elderly couple's family and were delighted to meet them.

Their son Frank was an absolute laugh. He was basically the Muggle version of Fred and George. The man loved jokes and was absolutely devoted to his family. He was highly respected in the local town and a very popular stage actor, able to do any voice or accent on a whim.

His son Conor struck him as odd though. One moment he would be quiet, silently writing on paper with the most beautiful handwriting Harry wasn't expecting to see from a six year old, but the next moment he was completely bonkers, screaming and running around.

He asked Frank's wife Deirdre if the boy was okay. Apparently Conor had mild Autism, Mosaic Down Syndrome (which apparently was incredibly rare), and Asperger Syndrome. One moment he would be calm, the next moment he would be screaming his head off. Despite the young lad's disability, he had very high social skills which apparently stumped his parents. They told him that Autistic children generally have trouble making friends or even starting a conversation.

He played with the children with Dan and Frank too. They went across the road to the scrapyard and looked at the wrecked cars. Conor seemed to love cars, talking away about the models of cars that were being ready to be crushed.
And he indeed was the spitting image of Harry, from the hair to the glasses at that age. The only thing missing was a scar.

Harry smiled walking through the scrapyard with the Muggles. The McCarron's were such a friendly bunch of people. He was glad to have found such friendly people here in Ireland.



Harry was honestly not expecting to be in this position again.

The previous night Fleur gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. They named him James Allen Potter, after Harry's late dad and his mentor Allen Wrickman. Harry wasn't sure if Fleur would allow him to have full control over the name, but she understood him wanting to name their son after his dad. Her only condition was that she could choose the godmother, whom was going to be Gabrielle.

However, Fleur was not the only one to have a baby that night. Harry met Colin in the hallway after James was born. Ginny just had a baby girl the night before too. Colin was now a father to a beautiful baby girl named Evanna, named after his grandmother who had passed away the previous month.

The two friends hugged each other congratulating the other.

"Harry, you'll be godfather," said Colin.

Harry's eyes widened. Another godchild already. He had a feeling he would have more godchildren than children. "It would be an honour, Colin. Will you be godfather to my son."




Harry was once again at another wedding. A double wedding.

Fred and George were getting married today.

Fred was marrying Angelina Johnson and George was marrying Alicia Spinnet.

Both Weasley men were looking very dapper wearing their suits and were smiling like lunatics. They wanted a double wedding after they both got engaged last year. Angelina and Alicia thought it would be cheaper so the readily agreed to the idea.


Harry was immersively stuck in his potion, swirling in the new concoction of xenon he had added into the potion.

The potion was primarily Wolfsbane though. As Wolfsbane was able to control the emotions of the werewolf like fear and anger, Harry was sure the addition of something else in the potion might be able to abolish lycanthropy.

When Harry deemed it calm, he put in a pinch of flour to stabilise it. Using flour would also determine if the potion would work or not, depending on the amount.

His eyes widened as the potion turned into a musky red. Harry managed to cast a shield charm on the potion before it exploded.

"Damn," Harry muttered, as he cleaned up the mess.

There was one potion he had managed to create with an exotic plant he had planted. The Cure for Madness. He had successfully tested it two years ago on one of his lab rats.

He had it done on Frank and Alice Longbottom for free. It took them a few days to come out of their Cruciatus Cursed mindsets. Neville had been overjoyed but so was Harry. Alice was his birth godmother and was close friends with his parents.

Neville got married to Hannah Abbott the previous year and they had their first child a month ago. Harry once again became godfather to their son, Trevor, named after Neville's old pet.



Harry sobbed back tears of happiness as he met his daughter for the first time.

Fleur lay back on the bed, exhausted but happy.

"Welcome to the world, Celine Elise Potter."

Named after Fleur's favourite singer, a Muggle named Celine Dion and her grandmama Elise.


Two months after Celine was born, Ginny gave birth to a baby boy named Arthur.

Harry, naturally went to the Hospital to congratulate the couple and meet his new 'nephew'.

He had so many 'nephews' and 'nieces' now and he couldn't believe it.



It took them ten years being together, but Hermione and Viktor finally got married.

Harry served as a groomsman while Viktor's brother Georgi was Best Man.

Harry smiled as Hermione walked up the aisle in that beautiful dress. When the couple kissed Harry's cheer was the loudest.

He had the pleasant moment of dancing with his 'sister' later on at the reception.

"I have been waiting for you two to get married the past five years," said Harry, smiling at her. "I can't believe it's finally here."

"I can't either," said Hermione, giggling. "But we wanted to have our aspirations settled first before taking this step. So many people get tied down too quickly, too fast, that it eventually doesn't work out. No offense, Harry."

"None taken," smiled Harry. "I was just miraculously lucky to have met my future wife at fourteen years old."

"And I was fifteen," smiled Hermione. "Now shut up and dance with me."



Harry stared at Fred and Angelina in horror.

Angelina had twins that very morning at six sharp.

But that wasn't the horrifying part. Today's date was the sixth of June 2006. 666. And the names they selected for the pair were Damian and Mara. Damian after the Antichrist from the film The Omen and Mara, the demon in Buddhism that personified evil.

"You two are off your rocker," said Colin.

Harry nodded, looking at Fred and Angelina in worry, who smiled back at them.

"Harry, would you be Damian's godfather?"

Godfather to the Anti-Christ. Harry pulled himself together, telling himself this was just a baby.

"I would be honoured."

Harry had no idea of the terror he helped unleash in the halls of Hogwarts.


"I got it. I got it," screamed Harry in happiness. He'd finally done it. He'd finally done it.

He had discovered the cure for Lycanthropy.

He immediately called Remus around. It was less than a week from the full moon. Harry was sure it was better testing it close to the full moon.

"Are you sure about this, Harry?" asked Remus.

"I am sure," smiled Harry. "I already tested it on a few lab rats. I am absolutely convinced it is working."

"Why me, though?" asked Remus. "There are people like me far worse off."

"Because Remus," said Harry. "You are my honourary godfather."

"What?" Remus was flabbergasted.

"Not just my honourary godfather," said Harry, hugging his 'Uncle'. "My Uncle Moony, whom I have adored since I was an infant. A big brother, if you will. You are family, Remus. I can't help others unless I help my family first."

Remus pulled Harry in for a hug. "Thank you, cub."

One week later Nym came through the fireplace, screaming Harry's name.

Harry jumped. Did something bad happen?

"Harry, it worked," she exclaimed, pulling Harry to his feet and dancing a jig with him. "Remus is exhausted now, but he didn't transform. It worked, it worked, it worked, I can't believe it worked."

Harry was overjoyed it worked.

Nym calmed down to look into Harry's eyes. "Harry, thank you so much. What are you going to call your potion."

Harry smiled. "The Remus Concoction."


Harry made headlines around the world with the Remus Concoction. Remus became world famous too as the Potion was named after him.

Harry provided one hundred of them free of charge. St Mungo's had to tighten security for a week as the entrance kept overcrowding with werewolves who were affected during the war. It was also around this time the Ministry had located Fenrir Greyback. Greyback had gone into hiding following the hunt for Death Eaters back in 1994-1995. His anger regarding werewolves being treated for their Lycanthropy made him come out of hiding, only to be captured one day later. He was too dangerous to be placed into Azkaban so he was tossed through the veil in the Department of Mysteries.



2007 was quite a year for one reason.

Fleur, Ginny, Angelina, Alicia, and Hermione were all pregnant.

That was five trips to the hospital that year for new babies.

Harry and Fleur had another boy named Spencer, who was born on Harry's twenty-seventh birthday.

Hermione and Viktor had a daughter named Diana, born in February, who immediately became Harry's sixth godchild.

George and Alicia had a baby girl named Roxanne on April 1st, giving Harry dread. He knew any children of the twins were going to be trouble.

Fred and Angelina had a girl named Charlotte who was born in March.

Ginny had a boy two weeks before Fleur. They named him Harry after their own close friend. Harry himself was honoured they named their son after him, and happy to accept when they asked him to be godfather again.

Harry now had seven godchildren.


"I'm nervous, Uncle Harry, what if I'm not accepted?" asked Carrie Black.

"Come here," said Harry. Carrie sat up on her favourite uncle's knee.

"You will be accepted," said Harry in the soothing voice he always used when he talked to the kids around him. "You're going to start at Hogwarts. You will make some incredible friends, pull off pranks, and get into all sorts of mischief. But make sure to pay attention to the teachers, especially Professor Black."

Carrie giggled, knowing who he was referring to.

"Will you do that for me?" said Harry, bringing his arm around his 'niece' and laying a kiss on her forehead.

"I will," she said smiling.

"Glad to hear it, now why don't you go off and play with your cousins."



Harry was the first to visit Hermione and Viktor when they had their second child, Alex.


Harry always made sure to have time for his 'nieces' and 'nephews'. They all adored him.

But now it was time for the family trip just for the Potter's. Harry and Fleur brought their kids to eastern France. They stayed in the Villa that Harry had just bought for his family. They went cycling, swimming, going to kid friendly shows, and boat rides. The last day of the holidays had Harry and Fleur treating the kids to Disneyland in Paris. James and Celine were now eight and five and both adults had trouble keeping up with the hyperactive children.

They stayed at a nearby five-star hotel their last night before heading home. Fleur was working the day after next.

Fleur was now the French Representative in the ICW, like her father had once been.



George and Alicia had their second baby, a girl named Daisy. She became Harry's eighth godchild.



Harry and Fleur were walking with their kids at Kings Cross.

James was starting First Year at Hogwarts.

Harry believed Fleur would have liked them in France but she actually preferred them to go to Hogwarts.

"Dad," spoke eight year old Celine. "Can I go, please, dad?"

"Now, why does this seem familiar?" asked Ginny who walked up with Colin and their kids. Evanna Creevey was starting at Hogwarts this year too. Currently she and James were already in their compartment.

As the train moved off, Harry waved to his son and goddaughter. As the train rounded the corner and disappeared from sight he felt somewhat empty.

"I miss him already," Harry smiled ruefully. Fleur rested her head on Harry's shoulder, bringing him back to the land of the living.

He kissed his wife, ignoring the 'ews' that came from his children and nephews.


Harry was quite sure he had enough children, but fate didn't think so.

Which was why he was now holding his fourth child, another girl. He and Fleur named her Grace Lily.


Hermione also had her third child that year too. A girl named Rose.

Harry rubbed his temples after visiting. He had a procedure not long ago that would prevent him having more children. He felt like he had enough children. After all, next to his own children he had sixteen 'nieces' and 'nephews' where half of them were his godchildren.


Next Few Years

Harry continued to work on his potions, raising his family, spending time with his wife, his 'nephews' and 'nieces', and tending to his garden. He had grown quite fond of the outdoors and had planted many flowers.

He barely had time to himself anymore. But he knew very well, life doesn't work like that.



The next big reunion Harry and Fleur had had with their friends, it was at Kings Cross on September 1st, 2018.

That year, every single one of them had a kid starting at Hogwarts.

Headmistress McGonagall had just retired and Remus was now the Headmaster.

Remus had been teaching DADA for nearly twenty years now and had confided in Harry the reason she had retired. Harry's original assessment of Damian and Mara Weasley was correct. The twins had started the previous year, pulling pranks at every opportunity, driving the Headmistress through the roof. The amount of letters Fred and Angelina received from the school rivalled that of Fred and George's for all seven years of their Hogwarts days.

This year was seeing Spencer Potter, Diana Krum, Harry Creevey, Charlotte and Roxanne Weasley starting Hogwarts.

They all saw their kids on to the trains.

Harry held his almost six year old daughter Grace in his arms.

Grace waved at her brothers, her sister and her cousins on the train.

"Daddy," the girl said, facing Harry. "Can I go to Hogwarts too?"

Harry kissed his daughter on the forehead. "Someday you will, I promise you."

And Harry knew she would, the girl set his brand new BMW on fire the previous month, after all.

Smiling at the memory and hugging his daughter, he walked back to his family and friends.

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