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2 Years Later

"Hey, have you seen Gina?" Emma asked.

"Oh yeah, I've seen her." Tina said with a suspiciously large smile.

Rather than ask about the wide grin, Emma just hoped the brunette wasn't in trouble, "Where is she?"

"Her booth is across the field, you should be able to spot it." The teacher laughed, "Oh, and take this, for me." She said, reaching into her purse and pulling out two dollars.


"Just trust me."

Emma shook her head, taking the money and beginning to trek across the large green. The field was packed with kids, teachers, and parents as everyone was celebrating the start of the new school year and Storybrooke Elementary's opening field day.

As she neared the far corner of the grass, she could hear excited yelling and cheering, followed by some jeering, "Is that all you got!? You throw like my grandmother!"

When she finally made it all the way across, the sight before her made her laugh aloud. There were two large pieces of plywood standing up painted one as a knight (the school's mascot), and one as a pirate (the mascot of their rival school in the town over). They each had a cut out oval where a face would be painted on.

The painted plywood, however was obscured slightly by a white goopy mess of whipped cream.

"Not even close, kid!" Killian called from where his head was stuck through the cut out oval of the pirate cartoon. Regina rolled her eyes from where her head was poking out in the knight cut out beside him.

Mary Margaret had one of the widest grins Emma had ever seen on her as she filled pie tins with whipped cream. Of course at field day, this would be her job. Though she and Regina had been getting on better since Regina and Emma got truly serious in their relationship, the two brunettes still knew how to get to each other.

The next kid stepped up to the line, and handed Mary Margaret his two dollars and was bestowed with the tin. He wound up and flung the tin with all of his might at the knight cut out.

Regina closed her eyes, but the tin hit just to the left of her face, a couple flecks of whipped cream getting in her pulled back hair, but other than that, she was unscathed.

Killian on the other hand, had whipped cream dripping from his face, and he had clearly been hit hard a few times already.

Emma got in line, handing Mary Margaret her two dollars when it was her turn and smiling at Regina. The brunette had not noticed her up until that point and when she did, she shot Emma a warning glare.

"Emma." She began.

She didn't get to finish her threat though as she was cut off by the whipped cream filled pie tin solidly connecting with her face.

Regina gasped in shock, backing out of her plywood cut out, and wiping the sugary mess from her eyes. Emma laughed in triumph, snagging a couple paper towels from Mary Margaret and approaching her brunette with them raised as a peace offering.

She didn't see it coming when Regina pounced on her, wrapping her arms around Emma's neck, and tangling her fingers through the blonde's hair so she couldn't escape when she sloppily pressed their lips together.

Regina laughed into Emma's mouth as she made sure to try and spread as much of the whipped cream onto Emma's face.

Regina pulled back when she was satisfied that Emma was as much of a mess as she was, both women laughing fully.

"You're a goof." Emma accused with a wide smile.

"Mhm, you are too."

"That's why you married me." The blonde smirked.

"If you say so." Regina teased.

"Hey!" Emma laughed, capturing her wife around the waist, "Admit that you love me." Emma demanded, tickling her wife's sides until she relented.

"Alright, I love you."

"Good." Emma smiled, claiming her wife's lips in a sugary kiss.

"PDA!" Mary Margaret called, "Really, it's an elementary school event."

Regina just rolled her eyes and stole the paper towel from Emma, wiping her face off and kissing her once more just to annoy Mary Margaret, going as far as to slip her hands in the back pocket of the blonde's jean shorts, before she dutifully backed away and went back to her post behind the plywood.

Emma had a doofy smile as she went to stand next to Mary Margaret who was already filling the next pie tin with Whipped cream, "My wife is perfect." The blonde sighed.

Mary Margaret plunked the roll of paper towels in Emma's hands, "You have whipped cream on your nose."

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