Chapter 15: Bo the Katsaridaphobic, Short, Affectionate, Often Outspoken, Mostly Focused, Possibly Homosexual, stupid Stupid STUPID! Confusing, Desperate, Genderbent, Undeniably Sexy, overly prepared but still not ready Chicken that Probably has ADHD

Kyoko bumped Kanae lightly with their shopping cart, making her jump slightly.

"What are these?" Kanae inquired, picking up one of the box sets of dvd's from the cart. "Is this a sit-com?"

Kyoko nodded vigorously. "See, in sit-coms they always have this situation where guys go on two dates with two girls in the same place. I figure that this is kinda like that, but instead I'm both of the girls going on the date with the one guy"

"Except one of those girls is a guy"

"Right, so I got every sit com I could find with that scenario in them, there's a lot, to prepare"

It was a rare occasion that Kanae could actually follow Kyoko's logic from beginning to end, but she still wasn't sure that the plan made much sense.