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"Demonic/out worldly voices or thoughts"

(Author's Note/Translation) The ANs that are numbered are at the bottom.

Prologue: Locked Away

It was late one night least he assumed it was night. Stuck in this laboratory with no windows in this god forsaken house of pain that might as well be Hell had messed with his sense of time. He sat in the corner of his tiny glass container, hugging his legs close to him while looking at the floor of his tiny trap. He took the time to raise his head; no person was in the room with him. It was just him, all of him.

He looked to his left at the far side of the lab and saw his own organs on display in glass containers filled with a clear, watery liquid bubbling with air and nutrients and preservatives to keep them alive as machines made them work. To make his heart pump, to force his lungs to inflate and deflate, to force his dismembered arm and hands to twitch, all moving thanks to the commands of the machine. The worse was probably what was done to his brain: electrodes and wires carefully planted in strategic regions and stems of his brain that all led from the top of the liquid-filled sphere and then into the old holographic projection device, giving him his current form.

He should be dead, his cadaver surgically chopped into different pieces and then being forced to see doctors and scientists to poke and prod and slice into them to see your reaction. He looked down at his hand; it was transparent and colored a dull green like the rest of his form. Sometimes they would send volts of electricity through the electrodes to his brain to hurt him, it was the only way they could nowadays. When that happened he couldn't help but scream as his holographic form twist and distort from the pain his mind was experiencing, which prevented it from focus on keeping his image.

Sometimes, they did it as part of an least they claimed it was. Though most of the time they did it as a means to punish him. The people holding him, the Guys in White or simply G.I.W., may be incompetent when it comes to catching ghosts without any assistance but when they do, they are nightmarish in their containment and research methods, but even then they make mistakes. When they made him take on this holographic form thanks to an outdated machine, they seemed to have overlooked the fact that his mind was in the system.

When they lobbed off his head and removed his brain, they incidentally plugged him into their system. He was like a virus, scanning their documents, their blueprints and taking them straight into his brain. Yet when he first felt that shock to his mind that felt as if his mind was going to cook from the inside out, he was forced to leave the inner workings of the computer system of the base. He slipped up and they made sure he got reprimanded. He forgot how long he was here, the torture and lack of any windows or clocks made time travel differently. Hours seemed to be days, days onto months.

There was no escape.

Yet, he wasn't sad; he already shed all of his tears. No. The emotion filling him up was anger, rage at the ones who put him here. The ones he once cared and loved as his team, his friends, his family: The Teen Titans. Just even thinking of them made his digitized fist clench as rage bubbled with in him like boiling lead. Yet...there was no way for him to get the vengeance he desired, to carry out the vendetta that was rightfully his. He closed his eyes and tried to enjoy this moment of peace. He couldn't sleep of course; an eyeless mind can't achieve that luxury.

All he can do is rest, for in the morning he would be reintroduce to pain bolting through his fleshly lobes, destabilizing his AI form, people cutting into his organs in front of him and dreams of revenge he could never have. That is until the distinctive sound of an explosion going off in the distance made his eyes shoot open. He rose to his feet as he heard blows landing and people crying out in pain before dying. He heard footsteps running down the hall."This way! We have to keep them out of labs!" One of them shouted before they were blasted away an explosive blast.

He stared at the door to his lab as an easily recognizable figure opened it and entered his chamber. "Slade...?" He called out to the masked mercenary. Slade, or Deathstroke as he was better known, wore plated armor with an assault rifle in his hand and a sword on his back. His trademark mask was split into two with the right side of his face colored black and smooth with the left being a dark orange with a dark eye staring back at him. "What...are you doing here?" Danny spoke to him from behind the glass that was keeping his form in place.

Slade looked at him; his one eye narrowed at him when he neared him. "Danny?" He asked as he looked at his current state. Slade merely let out an audible, dismissive grunt. "They certainly did a number on you, ghost boy." He said mockingly. Danny merely glared at him as the man turned to his wired up brain. He followed his gaze till he saw his organs on display. He approached his brain and paced across staring at his pieces till he came across the last piece of him the GIW kept: His eye.

"They incinerated…everything else…this is all that's left of me." Danny said in a defeated tone. "But why are you here...? How did you find this place?"

"Simple: I was hired to retrieve you or your 'remains'," he answered simply, yet Danny stiffened at the word 'remains'. "My employer told me that the Titans turned you over to these people and I was to get you out. Finding out where they kept you was tedious but these people are supposed to combat ghosts, they never expected a heavily armed mercenary to come for them, making them talk was easy."

Danny merely stared at him. "Who...hired you?"

Slade turned to him. "The person who hired me paid me more than enough to keep their identity a secret." Danny could sense the smirk he was making from behind that damn mask. "All that I can say is that they want me to bring you to them, or whatever there is of you, so you can take your well-deserve vengeance on the Titans." He said as he neared the glass. "They can restore you, and as part of my payment I will train you." Danny merely stared at him blankly. "Let me help you, I need an apprentice: a warrior capable of fulfilling my role and continuing my legacy. Accept my help or stay here and rot. Make your choice." He said as he placed his hand against the glass, Danny assumed it was his version of a handshake while he was in this certain state.

Danny stared at the hand pressed up against the glass; his hesitation wasn't because of doubt or whether it was even a good idea. If the devil himself came to him and offered him a way out of this hell he would gladly take it. He just had to take this moment and just look upon the twist of fate that he found himself in. He placed his hand against Slade's from the other side of the glass. "When your allies betray you…you have to turn to your enemies for help." He said with a nod.

Slade smiled darkly back at him. He already lost his chance to mold Robin into his apprentice, but now that seemed like a minor setback to the fact that he now had the Ghost Boy as his apprentice. He wondered if the Titans themselves knew what Danny was fully capable of or even what he had already accomplished before becoming one of them. In the end, it doesn't matter as it was obvious that they had a hand in creating the thing that will ultimately destroy them in the end. "Good," he said as he ordered two of his henchmen to retrieve his organs.

"Wait..." Danny told him. Slade turned to him with a curious look, " are clone my body," He said in his AI voice. "Then you only brain tissue. Destroy the rest...of them; I...want the Titans to think...I can't come back..."

Slade nodded as he turned to the two machines. "Incinerate all the organs but the brain." He ordered. The two looked at him before affirming and carrying them away. Danny stared as the machines carried away his heart and lungs. With that and knowing their fate, it seemed Danny Phantom is now dead and something new was taking his place.

Sometime Later

Danny didn't know how long it had been, after Slade removed his mind from the machine everything went black like he was dead but at the same time he knew he wasn't, as his mind and thoughts stillremained; almost like he was in a coma. Nothing but blackness but aware enough to not be asleep but stuck in stasis like death. After what seemed like several hours, his senses came to him. He looked around and saw that he was in another laboratory, only different.

The GIW facility was white, almost insanely bright white and sterile as if it wasn't even a real place. Yet this lab looked more normal, or as normal as a lab would be. The GIW base was populated with doctors in full scrubs as if they were constantly prepared for surgery and men in those trademark white suits and sunglasses, here these people were clearly normal citizens wearing lab coats and plain clothing. Danny watched as one of the scientists approached him with an intrigued and polite smile on his face. "Hello?" He asked as he tapped the glass. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes." Danny answered, he's eyes went wide as he placed a hand against his neck. He was shock to hear his voice, his real organic voice, come out of his mouth. Out of surprise he looked down and saw that his holographic body was just like how recalled it, only with a slight blue hue radiating off of his body. "I'm...still a hologram?" He asked.

"Yes, we have you installed in the same manner as you were contained back at the GIW base." He answered as he started writing something down. "Only this time it should only be temporary as we are cloning you a new body from samples of your brain tissue."

"How long will it take?" He asked.

"It is a long and complicated process," the doctor started. "That alone should take five...maybe even six months. Not to mention that it isn't an exact clone."

"What do you mean?" He asked narrowing his eyes suspiciously at him.

"My employer, the one that hired Mr. Deathstroke, also told me that he wanted us to perform some gene therapy during the cloning process. You see, he didn't want you to be restored: He wanted you to be improved, upgraded. Something that here at the company we are more than excited to work with someone of your unique genetic make-up."

"Company? What Company?" He asked.

The scientist stared at him awkwardly, " didn't know?" He said as he pointed to his name tag. Danny looked and his eyes went wide with shock at the trademarked green 'L' next to his name. "Lexcorp."


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