Hi! So let me be the first to say that besides the Bamon moments, I hated the finale. I hated the way it ended and the twist kind of pissed me off…so when I finished my last two fics, I wondered—how would I take the mess that the writers gave us writers and build off of it? This came to me at 2am in the morning and I thought I would post it and see if there was any interest. Please show your love/like. As always, I appreciate the interest.

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Five years since the Season 6 Finale…

Bonnie Bennett's cell phone vibrated in her blazer pocket as she juggled her shopping bags and the newest art piece for her condo. "Can you please just hold for a few moments", she whispered as the phone began to ring louder and she struggled to open her condo door.

She finally got the door and dropped her bags, fishing her cell phone out of her pocket. She saw Caroline Forbes' smiling face filling the screen and she sighed. She knew why she was calling and she was hoping to avoid her for as long as she could, but apparently the time was running out.

Bonnie slid the phone to answer and put on her cheeriest voice, "Hi!"

"Bonnie Bennett, I've called you for 2 weeks straight and you just decided to pick up the phone?" Caroline reprimanded her.

"I'm sorry, I've been so busy at work and…"

"And what? You can't spare a phone call to your best friend?"

Bonnie closed her eyes and sighed. The cherry voice was about to disappear, "I'm sorry Caroline, what's going on?"

"I wanted to know if you received the invitation to Matt's wedding, he says that you haven't rsvp'd yet and I told him that something must be wrong—you wouldn't miss his wedding, would you…I mean, I know you hate Mystic Falls and there is nothing here that you particularly want to see or…"

"I received it, I just haven't had time to rsvp".

"Ok…fine, I will tell him you're coming and should I tell him to give you a plus one or…"

Bonnie looked over at her refrigerator door at the picture of her and Chase on their latest vacation, "Umm…just me".

"Just you…you sure?" Caroline asked.

Bonnie looked at Chase smiling with his brown skin, baldhead, dimples and innocent eyes, "Yup…just me".

"Ok, well come into town early so we can spend some time together. I miss you, we all do".

Bonnie nodded, "Mmm, hmm…I know…I will try, if I can get out of work but I will definitely be there for Matt's wedding".

"Ok…I will talk to you soon Bonnie".

"Ok, soon", Bonnie said hanging up the phone and placing it on the counter.

Bonnie looked out of the window at the skyline of downtown Chicago. After leaving Mystic Falls five years ago, she landed in Chicago. She wasn't sure what she planned to do there when she first arrived, but not long after arriving she was able to become an assistant manager to an art gallery in downtown Chicago. It was a nice, stable job and she met many different people doing it. In addition, it was normal…well…more normal than her life in Mystic Falls. The artsy people were a little weird, but they were a good type of weird. She loved going into the gallery each day, finding new pieces to display and meeting customers. In fact, that is how she met her current boyfriend, Chase Kincaid. He was an investment banker, who had an eye for art.

The day he walked into the gallery, he started talking Bonnie up near a portrait of a lemon. He told her it represented the possibilities in life, you can either choose to focus on the lemon (the bitterness) or the sweet (the lemonade)—it was a stupid pick up line, but it made Bonnie laugh and accept his dinner invitation. Chase was a gentleman, he held the door when they entered restaurants, sent her roses once a week and made some of the best pasta dishes in the world. He was good to her and most of all, he had no supernatural abilities and that was one of the best things she could ever hope for.

Five years drifted by since Kai had done the unthinkable and bound her lifeline to Elena's. As long as she lived, Elena would sleep. It was tragic, devastating and it made Bonnie feely guilty every time she looked into any of her friends' eyes. Not only did she feel guilt, but she also felt uncomfortable. She knew that there was a small part of them that wanted to see Elena again and they knew that it meant Bonnie would have to die. It was weird, it was almost as if they were waiting for her to die but never coming out and saying it. After a couple of months, she couldn't take it anymore and she decided to just take off. So she wrote a couple of letters and she left Mystic Falls one night without telling anyone until she arrived at her destination. Caroline was upset, Stefan understood…so did Matt, but Damon? She had not heard from him. There were no goodbyes between them because despite how she felt about him and how he saved her life, when Kai almost killed her—there was some unspoken uneasiness between them because as long as she lives, he can't be with Elena and for Damon, that was torture. He loved Elena and Bonnie knew that. Even though their relationship had progressed from enemies to best friends, she couldn't ignore the fact that Damon probably had a calendar that he crossed the days off every day that she was alive and hoped that he was one step closer to reuniting with Elena. It hurt her. As much as she tried to push those feelings down, it hurt. She realized after Kai's spell and Damon's devastation at what happened to Elena, that she had developed a teeny, tiny, miniscule crush on him. It was a ridiculous crush and it almost made her feel like a child, so that was reason #50 why she had to leave Mystic Falls and never look back. She needed to start over and Chicago had been a perfect place to do just that.

As Bonnie began to take the food out of the shopping bags, the front door of the condo opened and Chase walked in carrying his laptop bag.

"Baby, it was quite a day…one of my clients had a total and utter breakdown, I may have to fly out to New York for a couple of days", Chase sighed as he kissed Bonnie on the cheek, "but all of that doesn't matter now that I'm here with you", he turned her around to face him, "how was your day?"

She shrugged, "Sold some artwork, picked up something new for the apartment", she replied walking over and holding up the picture of the couple walking in the rain.

"Nice Babe…I like it", he said kissing her on the lips quickly, "so you must be in a good mood?"

Bonnie raised an eyebrow, "Good mood…hmm…what are you about to ask me to do?"

"Well…there are some new clients that I want to land and they invited me out to dinner tonight at Alinea and I promised that I would bring my beautiful, intelligent and charismatic girlfriend", Chase grinned as he wrapped his arms around Bonnie, "my girlfriend with the emerald eyes who I swear can get any man to say yes".

Bonnie smiled, Chase also had the ability to make her feel like the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world, "But I was looking forward to the penne tonight".

"I promise I will make you penne tomorrow", Chase said kissing Bonnie lightly on the neck.

"You promise", she said looking into his brown eyes.

"I promise", he whispered.


Bonnie felt Chase's hand on the small of her back as he guided her through the restaurant. This was normal. She was going out to dinner with her boyfriend and some of his potential clients. There was no bloodshed, there were vampires, no witches and no werewolves. There was no need for her open a grimoire or even utter a spell (ok…one time when she absolutely needed these red pumps). She was happy, she was content and there was nothing that could take this away from her.

"Mr. Williams", Chase replied greeting a tall man with olive skin and jet black hair.

"Mr. Kincaid…", the man grinned as he turned and noticed Bonnie, "and who is this?"

"Oh Mr. Williams, this is my girlfriend Bonnie".

"Bonnie, nice to meet you. My wife, Samantha is already inside, shall we go take seats?"

"Of course", Chase responded as he led Bonnie into the dining room.

Bonnie had attended many business dinners with Chase over the course of their two year relationship and each time she was fascinated with the way he handled his clients. He had a finesse with them that most people would be envious of. When a client seemed as if he was on the edge of not closing the deal, Chase always managed to get them to agree. It was pretty interesting to watch actually.


As the dinner drifted on and Derek Williams went on and on about his boats and his villas in Italy, he appeared to not be completely impressed by Chase's presentation and that was indeed a first. Bonnie was amused by Chase realizing that Derek was not interested and seeing how he tried different ways to get him interested—Chase was good, but he was also someone that hated to lose.

"Mr. Kincaid, I appreciate the dinner and you bringing the most pleasant company…", Derek smiled at Bonnie, "but I don't think that this is going to work".

Bonnie took a sip of her wind as she watched Chase's face change for a moment, but then he recovered. He reached over and touched Derek's arm, "Mr. Williams, I guarantee you…if you just say yes, you will not regret it", Chase looked directly into Derek's eyes, "just say yes Derek".

Bonnie lowered her wine glass from her lips as she watched Derek look at Chase and then say, "Yes…on second thought, I think this will work for me…send my secretary the papers".

Bonnie felt coldness come over her body. She had to be seeing things; there was no way…it couldn't be possible…she would know. She would be able to tell.

"Baby, are you ok?" Chase asked leaning over and whispering in her ear.

Bonnie turned to him staring into his big brown eyes, "Yes…I'm fine", she answered before downing her glass of wine.


Later that evening after dinner, as Chase kissed a trail of kisses down Bonnie's body, she willed herself to forget about what happened at dinner. She was creating a situation in her mind that had no basis in reality. She had been with Chase for two years, there was no way that he could be…nope…she was a witch, she would have been able to tell the first time she touched him.

"Baby…are you ok?" Chase asked as he hovered over.

She looked up at him as the moonlight shone into their bedroom, she looked into his eyes. These were not the eyes of one of them, she knew they weren't, "I'm fine…I'm sorry", she apologized.

"No need to be sorry, I guess I have to do a better job of seducing you then…" Chase whispered as he moved down Bonnie's body and she found herself gasping—maybe she could forget about what she saw earlier. After two years, why would she suddenly believe that her boyfriend could be one of them—there was no way.


The next afternoon, Bonnie stood in the middle of the art gallery staring at the new artwork that had been installed that morning. Although, she was supposed to be cataloguing, she was preoccupied with thoughts of Chase. She watched all of his movements this moment and there was no indication that he was anything but human…well that wasn't true, as he ran on his treadmill—she admired that his body looked like it had be chiseled from the Gods.

"Bonnie", Asia, the gallery receptionist called out to her from the front desk.

"Yes Asia", Bonnie turned to her.

"There's a call for you on line 2".

"Oh…who?" Bonnie asked walking over to the front desk.

"He won't say, but he sounds kind of sexy", Asia smirked.

"Are you sure it's not Chase disguising his voice?" Bonnie smiled as she picked up the phone and pressed two, "hello, this is Bonnie Bennett, Assistant Manager of Viva Art Gallery".

"Bon Bon", the deep voice with a hint of smugness said on the other end.

Bonnie gripped the phone as the voice registered in her head, "Damon", she said with a sharp intake of breath.

"Long time no see", Damon replied.

"We're on the phone", Bonnie answered with a slight smile.

"Or maybe I'm standing behind you", Damon stated simply.

Damon's voice was no longer through the phone any longer. His voice was as clear as Asia's to her. Bonnie turned around slowly as she found herself face to face with Damon Salvatore.

"Just great", she mumbled.

"Well Bon Bon…going to give me a hug?" he smirked, "preferably one where you wrap your legs around me".

Asia whistled as Bonnie clasped her hand over her eyes…this was not happening.

I hope to continue this until October, we shall see…