NOTE: The following story, in light of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's coming release, has becoming AU content. It will have no direct ties to the new sequel, outside of some references, so that you can call it an "alternate sequel to JW" of sorts.


"Raptors are pack hunters." As Blue had always heard Owen Grady, say.
Her pack was her family and they were always there to protect, aid each other, and provide emotional support. They were together from the beginning and Owen was always their "Alpha".

But then, the park fell and all that Blue had in life fell with it. In a single night chaos wrought by the Indominus Rex killed her three sisters, and left her feeling abandoned when Owen chose to leave the island with the other humans.

For two months Blue struggled to survive on her own. Food was harder to catch and defenses were weakened without a pack...until one day Owen returned with a plan.

Sedated and transported, Blue finds herself relocated to a mysterious island the humans called "Isla Sorna". Its a new and intimidating place where dinosaurs thrive, and raptors like herself live freely.

After saving a pack's young from death, Blue is faced with the challenge to adapt and the urge to regain pack acceptance. Can she win the alpha's trust? Can she have again what she so desperately missed?

Bravery is called, bonds of trust are tested, and all that Blue holds dear is put within the ruthless claws of death itself. When an unexpected enemy rises from the shadows and a game of gods is played, will she be strong enough, or will she lose it all again under hateful amber eyes?

Hello FF readers, Books here.

So I saw Jurassic World last Sat. and I have to say it blew me away, more or less. There were some points that put me off a bit but overall it was an awesome movie and now one of my great favorites.

So, from watching the movie, I came across a realization towards the ending. With her entire pack dead (I'm one of those people that think Delta did not otherwise survive the Indominus Rex.) Blue might not have had a very high chance of survival due to her being raised in captivity. Her dependence on her sisters would have been very high and without the strengths of a full pack hunting and defense would have been made much more difficult.

While it would have been certainly possible for Blue to survive, I don't think that would be the case for very long.

I had this idea, and thought it would make a good fanfic and ease my mind over Blue's ending in the movie until the sequel comes out. (Which I am hoping she will make an appearance in.)

Note that I will be using key aspects from the previous movies Jurassic park II and III, despite Jurassic World having rumored "booted them out of the way". I think it will give a bit more to the fanfic.

Anyways. I hope you like it, and I hope you drop off a review with your opinion on what you think. I enjoy criticism and while I know I'm not any "five star writer", I hope to improve and you guys can help with that. :)

Good luck in the wild world of writing!

"Jurassic World: Why So Blue?"

Chapter 1

"I'm Going Back"

"Owen you're insane!"

Even from behind the hotel room door, Owen could hear the disgust and anger dripping from Claire's voice. Occasionally her fists would rap out a few knocks, and her shoes would pace the hallway...but to all of that the man just shook his head and got back to buttoning up his vest. His amusement for Claire's racket was starting to fade behind frustration.

He wanted to make a short reply to her tantrum, but he knew better. When situations like this called for Claire's anger, his own arguing would only make it worse.

That didn't mean he wouldn't ignore her.

Owen chuckled weakly and reached to the nightstand beside his hotel bed, where he grabbed an unloaded 45 cal pistol, inserting a full clip of ammo and slipping it into a holster at his belt. The longer he remained quiet, the louder the shouts came from behind the door.

"Owen! Answer me!"

It drew a huff from the former Jurassic World employee. He rubbed his temple with his fingers, just as sharp laughter rose up from across the room.

"She's not going to give up you know."

A glance upwards brought Owen's eyes to a chair across the room, in which his friend and past coworker sat grinning like a Cheshire cat, lacing up his hiking boots. His white teeth flashed and his dark eyes sparked in amusement.

As Owen recalled that morning, he remembered how frantically Barry had come crashing into his room. He remembered seeing the shocked look on his face, as Claire stormed into the building and sent her wrath down like thunder and lightning. He barely managed to escape with his neck intact.

The woman was practically spitting fire. Barry had the light heart to chuckle and mutter something in French, but Owen could see something tainting his happy expression.


Yes...that was quiet possible. After all, they weren't on the coast of Costa Rica for a beach vacation. They were on a secret mission...that Claire somehow knew more about than he would have liked.

Two months had passed since the Isla Nublar incident - or, more popularly known by former tourists, "the Jurassic World disaster". After the multitude of law suits, death reports, and media battering, nothing much was left for excitement in the eyes of once admiring dinosaur fans. Sure some were still crazy enough to care, but with its owner Simon Masrani dead there was no one left with enough money willing to keep it running.

Not even a stack of guest liability wavers could stop the blood sucking lawyers from pinning their load of paperwork and guilt upon the park's benefactors.

For everyone's safety, all access to Isla Nublar was cut off by the government, and the idea of theme park dinosaurs was tilted dangerously on the edge of a trash bin. Problem was, it wasn't a trash bin Owen was done rifling through. He had something special lost in the junk and he would stop at nothing to retrieve it.

Since the very moment he had stepped foot off the island, he had been plagued by thoughts that bit, clawed, and scratched in earnest at his mind. Like a caged animal it wore him thin and brought him crawling back to Costa Rica.


Inhaling a deep breath, Owen reached up to scratch at the stubble on his chin, then groaned and closed his eyes. It hadn't taken his girlfriend long to discover what they were planning, and when she did she wasted no time in taking action. How she found them, or managed to catch up to them, he could only imagine one answer.

Even after the consequences of Jurassic World she had her family ties to keep her well funded, and if Owen knew anything then it was that money was certainly capable of buying A-quality transport and information when the seller was interested.

There was a shift of movement from Owen's side, just before a thundering knock exploded from the door and the infuriated woman behind it. Barry's voice was laced with a tense chuckle.

"You don't talk to her soon, she'll knock the door down and tear you apart long before you let any dinosaurs do the job themselves."

Opening his eyes Owen looked up at his friend with a smile, "I think I'd prefer the dinosaurs at this point."

"Come out here before I find a way to come in myself!"

If it wasn't for the increasingly loud shouts and thunks, Barry would have given Owen a good eye roll. He could only shake his head and chuckle as Owen growled under his breath, then straightened and turned on his heels in a stride for the door.

Such a stubborn woman. At this point Owen was ready to admit she could put even the most sincere of mules to shame.

Unlocking the door, the man twisted the handle and huffed, "You're not going to change my mind, Claire. I'm going to that island."

The door swung open and the woman's snorting retort could be heard, "Then I'm coming with you."

Oh that was amusing. Claire? Go out into the jungles of Isla Nublar and help him find his raptor, amidst even more loose dinosaurs than last time?

Owen could only look back at her getup during the fall of Jurassic World and chuckle, as he expected to see her there in an equally unpractical outfit unsuited to anything outdoors much less traipsing through a jungle.

He expected a skirt and high heels, but what he found before him made his eyes widen.

Bright red hair pulled back in a clip, Claire stood with hands on her hips and a determined look in her eyes. By all standards of miracles she was wearing a brown button up blouse with jeans and laced hiking boots, while a canvas pack was strung over her shoulder.

Owen blinked at the surprising sight, but eventually managed to clear his throat and remind himself to remain austere.

"And why should I let you do that?"

She dressed somewhat appropriately, he had to give her that. Was it any sort of factor that changed his mind?

No. Absolutely not.

Claire barely had the survival knowhow to stay alive when the Indominus first escaped. Now two months later the island had to be as dangerous as ever, and Owen wasn't sure he wanted to risk her going along for the ride. She'd be killed.

Completely unaware of the decision already made in his head, Claire pursed her lips with a huff, "Because like you -more than you-, that island was once a part of my responsibility. You expect me to let you go alone on this suicide mission and sit back here twiddling my thumbs? I worry for you Owen!"

Her voice lifted in intensity, but Owen only shook his head in exasperation.

Was he not allowed to worry for her?

He kept the mission from Claire to keep her safe, because he knew she'd do something like this and want to go along.

As for the suicide mission she mentioned, Owen didn't want to think about that. He knew it was dangerous and there was a chance it would land him into some deep trouble, but at the moment he wasn't willing to let that stop him.

Blue needed him. He didn't care if he got hurt in the process...but he couldnt see Caire get hurt.

He would have a much better time of concentrating on the mission if he didn't have to watch both of their backsides.

Looking down at the woman, Owen remained silent, with a stern look he had often given his raptors when they tried to challenge him. His eyebrows were furrowed low and his lips thin with confidence; body language was body language and the raptors had known that face well.

Glaring right back however, Claire dared to move foreword until they nearly touched noses, growling, "Go to the island thinking like this and you'll die. I don't care what you say, but you're chasing for a lost cause. What are you willing to risk for one silly raptor?"

Her words hit Owen hard. He blinked, then came out of his hunched position and took in a shaky breath, looking away to hide the pain in his eyes.

Silly raptor? She thought that lowly of Blue?

The fall of Jurassic World almost took everything from him. He lost his job and his home, but most importantly he lost his pack. The raptors he cared for since birth, held as hatchlings in his arms, and trained for exhausting hours every day of every year. Echo, Charlie, and Delta were all murdered right before his eyes...and it hurt him more than he could ever prepare for.

Once the initial chaos calmed down and the government had things mostly in order, they gathered all park staff for interrogations, and asked Owen what dinosaurs he knew were still on the island, and what shape the park was in. They asked him about his raptors, and required that he fill out a report stating which of them died in combat.

Owen remembered the stony look on the federal agents' faces. He remembered their flat voices as they questioned him, how they stung at his ears and made him angry.

"Subject four - AKA 'Charlie'?"

Owen had replied and tried not to sound like he was choking.

"Shot and killed by a direct RPG blast."

"Subjects three and two? Echo and Delta?"

"Crushed in the Indominus Rex's jaws...and burned to death."

One of the agents had faltered at that, looking up with a confused frown as he cast a small look to his partner.

"Burned to death?"

Owen tried not to wince too hard as he replied. He thought back onto the Indominus battle, and all he could feel was pain and regret.

"She was thrown onto one of the open restaurant grills."

Suddenly, the interview was broken by a quiet snicker, and the first agent wrinkled his nose in amusement. His partner smiled like it was all some funny joke.

"I heard dinosaur tastes like chicken. Not much different right?"

They laughed, and Owen made a half hearted smile and chuckle, pretending he was fine with the teasing. Inside his head he was imagining a hundred different ways to break one man's arm and throat punch the second.

"Yah. What a way to go, huh?"

Once the laughing quieted down, the agent holding the files got back to business.

"And subject one? Bravo?"

To that question Owen had frozen. He didn't answer right away, but instead stared at the wooden table before him, eyes blank and memories drawn to the name "Bravo".

"Her name is Blue...and she was lost as well. Crushed by the Indominus."

That answer was a lie, but the agents just wrote the information down and asked Owen to sign the completed files. They left him waiting there like a kid in the lost and found, until everyone was given the green light to go home and relax.

The weeks following that interview were hell. A little voice just kept chanting in his head, over and over and over until he almost couldn't take it anymore.

You left her behind! She's alone on that island, and you left her behind! Some alpha you are!

The last Owen saw of his beta, she was running off into the jungle after the final battle. He remembered listening to her calls in the lonely dark...and he was tortured by that sound. He thought leaving her behind was for the best, but time only revealed that decision was a mistake.

"Raptors are pack hunters", as he had always told the other workers. Raptors depended on each other like a human depends on its family, for strength, emotional support, food, and protection. Like wolves they stuck together in order to survive.

Blue's bond was broken from her sisters by death. She would be a victim to vulnerability and some form of emotional damage, without a pack to keep her going.

Owen realized that his last raptor could die, if he didn't go back and set things right with her, before it was too late. She would fall apart until there was nothing left.


Coming back to reality, Owen looked down to see Claire giving him a look. The coldness in her eyes made him grimace, then shake his head and sigh.

"I have to do this, Claire."

She lifted her eyebrows in confusion, "Why?"

Owen was about to answer, when footsteps sounded and Barry pulled up behind them. He was carrying a heavy looking black duffle back over his shoulder, and appeared a bit discomforted by its burden, but he nodded to Claire with a quiet voice.

"We're going to retrieve Blue and relocate her to an area where she will have chances to establish a new pack. Owen came to me asking that I help him."

His answer seemed to draw Claire's face blank, and Owen tried his best to further explain, "I left Blue on that island without a pack, Claire. Without a pack she could die," he looked to her and hoped in some way she might listen to what he had to say. "We owe her, for what she did to make sure we got out of that park alive."

Claire could remember the battle with the I-Rex all too easily. It made her grunt and straighten, as the scenes played over in her mind and her skin got goosebumps from the fear she tried to forget.

How could she forget that moment, facing off against the hybrid, when her heart raced with uncertainty and anticipation? How could she forget holding her nephews close, as giants fought in the streets and buildings blew apart around them.

Blue was in the middle of it all. She protected them in a way, by keeping her loyalties true to Owen and fighting to take down the monster hell bent to kill them. She was the one who gave the Tyrannosaurus an upper hand.

If there was any way to "owe a raptor", this was it.

Crossing her arms Claire stepped back, "Then let me help you return the favor. First of all, where exactly are you going to relocate her? A zoo?"

Barry said they would take her to a place where she could establish a new pack, but how was that possible? There were no other living raptors on earth besides...but...they couldn't possibly mean that place. It wasn't an option...Was it?

Of course Owen answered against her wishes.

"Isla Sorna. I've heard rumors that its still a sanctuary for John Hammond's animals, and if there's anything left out there for Blue, I believe its our best bet."

Isla Sorna AKA "Site B". It was the sister island to Nublar, and claimed a wildlife sanctuary by Jurassic Park's founder John Hammond before he died. Costa Rican Government had it locked up tight so that no human had stepped on its beaches in years.

In the time of the first Jurassic theme park, Isla Sorna was the location of Ingen's major genetic laboratories and enclosures. There the majority of the park's dinosaurs were created and grown, then shipped to Isla Nublar to be added as attractions. After the incident of Jurassic Park and in a fit of evacuation caused by panic, the islands were both abandoned and their attractions set to run wild of their own accord..

Nublar was revived after the construction of Jurassic World, Sorna was left to itself to honor John Hammond's wishes.

Keeping to the point. Because of John Hammond's claim of wildlife sanctuary, an untold amount of species lived in abundance on the island, including many many packs of Velociraptors. It was perfect!

When Claire said nothing, Owen grew uneasy. Shifting on his feet he nodded in an effort to reassure her. He couldn't go anywhere if he had her running at his tail throwing a tantrum.

"We'll go in, find Blue and sedate her for transportation, fly to Isla Sorna, and drop her on the southern beach."

More silence, then a reply.

"Fine...I'm still coming with you."

The stubbornness was obviously a strong trait in the Dearing family.

Owen sighed softly and rubbed his eyes, but hearing a muffled grunt from behind he moved aside so that Barry could exit the room, duffel bag in hand. They would be meeting their helicopter's pilot down at a landing platform near the docks. If they were late, he wouldn't be pleased, and the concern was rising that he may back out on the deal, along with what cash they gave him as down payment.

Still rubbing his eyes Owen muttered something too low to hear, then peeked at Claire whom still stood strong and stared at him.

Oh for pete's sake he really had to go along with this? Lord help him.

Forcing Claire out of the doorway by moving foreword, Owen closed the hotel room door and locked it, all the while glancing to her in a steady silence. She didn't move, and he grunted in defeat.

"Come on then."
He heard her breath of astonishment as he shifted past her, before the woman recovered from her shock of victory and followed after him. He was disgruntled by the victory smirk on her face but he kept his eyes ahead, trying to make it all work out.

What would she do for the mission? Although Owen admired his girlfriend for her bravery in the fall of the park, he felt like she wasn't yet suited for their particular line of work. When the Pterosaurs attacked she had shot a Dimorphodon off of him, but he hadn't made any efforts to further educate her on firearms since then, so wouldn't trust her with one on the mission.

As they exited the hotel and made their way to the parking lot, Claire's smirk slowly melted into a frown. Owen noticed this and looked over, "What?"

She was quiet for a moment, but eventually muttered, "We're going to be flying through restricted airspace on both islands correct?"

Owen nodded softly as they approached the car they rented the night before, "The officials didn't exactly agree to my plan."

"Which means its illegal. How much exactly did you pay for a pilot to agree on these terms?"

Claire was curious, but Owen noticed her voice twist into amusement and teasing.

"You don't exactly have a high pay rate and business of this kind tend to run on the end of expensive."

Look who was getting snarky. Claire had been getting quite witty with her comments and lately she didn't make any hesitation to tease him when the opportunity was provided. Owen pursed his lips, but held back his own smile. If she wanted a game, she was going to get a game. It was just his luck that the odds were in his favor this time.

Opening the backseat door of the car Owen smiled sweetly and gestured for his girlfriend to take her seat, "You're right, it really was expensive."

Claire nodded in victory and snickered, "Owen Grady spend a little too much on his pets?"

She folded her hands neatly in her lap and Owen leaned against the open door, "Nah. Claire Dearing did."


The woman blinked, and Owen gave a cool nod, then shut the door, "There are advantages to knowing your rich girlfriend's bank info."

The car window muffled the answering shout but it might as well have been music to his ears. After all what was a little borrowed money for a good cause? It certainly wouldn't break her bank, and he'd have it paid back by-...well...whenever he could raise 12,000 dollars.