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26 November 1841
Pemberley, Derbyshire

My Beloved Husband,

It is on this day every November I find myself reflecting on the past year and all its joys and sorrows. Each year with you I am able to count more joy, more love, and more happiness than I ever believed one heart could hold. I do not think I can say too often how very grateful I am for the life we have made. Together in these many years we watched as our sisters fell in love and became wives and mothers. We wept as we mourned the loss of Lady Catherine, my father and lives lost before they were begun. Together we trembled with fear and laughed with joy as we guided our children through all life's little trials. This year has seen much change as our dear Marianne became a wife and Andrew became master of his own estate. I find it fitting therefore that today saw Bennet become a father and we welcomed the next generation of Darcys to Pemberley.

I have always considered this day to be an anniversary of sorts. It was on this day that we each made judgements and choices that would forever alter our lives. And while some might look upon the occasion with sadness, for who could forget the two years following that night, I find I can only look on the date with fondness. This was the date on which we first danced. It was the first time I felt the warmth of your hand through my glove, the first time I admired your form, and the first time I truly wished for you to think well of me. It was the bard who said, the course of true love never did run true*. I shall always treasure this date, because however twisted the road became, 26 November marked the beginning of a journey that lead my heart to yours.

I love you more than words can wield the matter** and I would not wish any companion in the world but you.***

Your hopelessly besotted wife,


* A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act I, Scene II

** King Lear, Act I, Scene I

*** The Tempest, Act III, Scene I

Timeline...Letters from Elizabeth and Letters from Mr. Darcy


January 7 Darcy's first letter to Richard

January 9 Elizabeth marries Mr. Collins, they remove to Kent

January 14 Bingley and Darcy return to Netherfield with Georgiana

January 15 Bingley renews his courtship of Jane, Darcy learns of Elizabeth's marriage

January 16 Darcy's second letter to Richard

January 29 Bingley proposes

February 1 Elizabeth's first letter to Jane

February 10 Viscount Hargrove is engaged to Lady Harriett

February 15 Darcy's third letter to Richard

February 17 Darcy's first letter to Anne

1 March Darcy's fourth letter to Richard

March 16 Elizabeth's second letter to Jane

Caroline tries to break in to Darcy's room

March 17 Darcy leaves Netherfield for London,

Georgiana remains at Netherfield w/Bingley's sisters

March 19 Darcy's first letter to Georgiana

March 20 Darcy's first letter to Bingley

March 23 Darcy and Col Fitzwilliam arrive at Rosings

March 24 Darcy and Col. Fitzwilliam call at Hunsford Parsonage

March 25 Darcy and Col. Fitzwilliam meet Matthias Addison

April 1 Darcy's second letter to Georgiana, second letter to Bingley and first letter to Lord Matlock

April 7 Darcy departs for Longbourn

April 9 Bingley and Jane are married

May 10 Darcy's fifth letter to Richard

April 21 Elizabeth's third letter to Jane

May 10 Elizabeth receives a letter from Mr. Bennet

June 1 Elizabeth's first letter to Mr. Bennet, and only letter to Lydia

June 4 Viscount Hargrove marries Lady Harriett

July 10 Darcy's letter to Lady Catherine

July 15 Elizabeth's fourth letter to Jane

July 17 Lady Catherine calls at Hunsford Cottage

July 18 Elizabeth begins attending Anne at Rosings

September 1 Elizabeth's fifth letter to Jane, Darcy's third letter to Bingley

October 2 Lady Catherine assigns a permanent room to Elizabeth at Rosings

November 26 Elizabeth's sixth letter to Jane, Darcy's sixth letter to Richard

December 10 Darcy and Georgiana arrive at Matlock for Christmas

December 16 Lady Catherine and Anne depart for Matlock

December 23 Anne introduces Matthias Addison to the family


January 15 Lady Catherine and Anne return, Jane's first son, Charles Thomas Bingley is born

January 16 Elizabeth's seventh letter to Jane and second letter to Mr. Bennet

January 27 Darcy's fourth letter to Bingley

March 10 Darcy's fifth letter to Bingley

21 March Elizabeth receives a letter from Mrs. Bennet

23 March Elizabeth's letter to Mrs. Bennet

Colonel Fitzwilliam, Mr. Darcy and Georgiana visit Rosings

1 April Elizabeth's eighth letter to Jane

16 April Elizabeth and Anne arrive at Pemberley, Darcy's seventh letter to Richard

6 May Elizabeth's third letter to Mr. Bennet

10 May Jane and Bingley visit Pemberley

14 May Picnic at Pemberley

15 May Elizabeth's fourth letter to Mr. Bennet and Darcy's eighth letter to Richard

1 June Jane and Bingley return to Netherfield

19 June Anne is engaged to Matthias Addison

21 June Elizabeth's ninth letter to Jane

24 June Anne and Elizabeth return to Rosings Darcy's ninth letter to Richard

1 August Darcy's second letter to Anne

16 August Anne and Matthias are married, Elizabeth returns to the parsonage

17 August Elizabeth's tenth letter to Jane

September 6 Anne and Matthias return

September 10 Lady Catherine and Anne call on Elizabeth. Elizabeth is removed to Rosings

September 12 Lady Margaret Hargrove is born

September 18 Richard is engaged to Lady Amelia

September 20 Darcy begins tenth letter to Richard

September 20 Mr. Addison invites Mr. Bennet to Rosings and writes to Darcy (both by express)

September 21 Darcy completes tenth letter to Richard

September 22 Mr. Bennet arrives at Rosings with Jane, and Mary

October 9 Mr. Bennet, Mary and Jane return

October 15 Darcy's eleventh letter to Richard

October 28 Bingley and Jane purchase Grey Manor but do not take possession

1 November Elizabeth's eleventh letter to Jane, Mr. Collins dies

5 November Darcy and Georgiana travel to London

6 November Elizabeth is disowned by her mother, Darcy's twelfth letter to Richard

7 November Mrs. Bennet is removed to the Dower House (it has been undergoing repairs since October 10)

8 November Darcy and Georgiana depart for Finmere

10 December Mr. Darcy and Georgiana arrive at Matlock

15 December Elizabeth's twelfth letter to Jane

17 December Elizabeth and Lady Catherine arrive at Matlock, Elizabeth renews her friendship with the Darcys

20 December Darcy, Georgiana and Elizabeth go on a sleigh ride

27 December Darcy's sixth letter to Bingley


29 January Jane's daughter Hannah Elizabeth Bingley is born

31 January Elizabeth's thirteenth letter to Jane, Darcy's seventh letter to Bingley

1 February Elizabeth and Lady Catherine return to Rosings, Darcy depart for London

9 February Richard's wedding

10 February Mary travels to Rosings with Addisons, Lydia comes to visit London

15 February Georgiana invites Mary and Elizabeth to Pemberley, Darcy's third letter to Anne

20 February Georgiana, Lydia and Darcy arrive at Pemberley

1 March Mary and Elizabeth arrive at Pemberley. Darcy begins to informally court Elizabeth

5 March Elizabeth's fourteenth letter to Jane

March 10 Darcy's thirteenth letter to Richard and eighth letter to Bingley

April 10 Darcy's second letter to Lord Matlock

14 May Darcy and Elizabeth are engaged. Elizabeth's fifth letter to Mr. Bennet

16 May Darcy travels to Longbourn. Elizabeth, Mary, Georgiana and Lydia travel to Grey Manor

19 May Darcy's fourteenth letter to Richard

21 May Darcy's ninth letter to Bingley

26 May Darcy calls at Grey Manor

27 May Darcy, Georgiana and Lydia return to Pemberley

June 7 Mr. and Mrs. Phillips move to Somerset

June 14 Mr. Bennet arrives at Grey Manor

21 June Darcy and Elizabeth are married.

25 June Anne's daughter Catherine Elizabeth Addison is born

30 June Elizabeth receives a letter from Mrs. Bennet

1 July Darcy's Letter to Mrs. Bennet

5 July Darcy and Elizabeth leave for their 6 week wedding tour

7 September Darcy's third letter to Lord Matlock

26 November Elizabeth's fifteenth letter to Jane


May 31 Bennet Matthias Darcy is born


February 8 Andrew George Darcy is born

March 3 Georgiana marries Mr. Henry Watkins who owns an estate of some £5,000 per annum

April 7 Jane's second son, Thomas Nathaniel Bingley is born


8 July Catherine marries Mr. Stephen Rowley, a vicar and the second son of a duke


5 May Mary weds Mr. Carson, the Meryton attorney

25 May Georgiana's son Henry Fitzwilliam Watkins is born

12 June Mrs. Bennet dies

1 July Mr. Bennet gives Longbourn to Mr. and Mrs. Carson

9 July Mr. Bennet moves to Pemberley

July 13 Marianne Elizabeth Darcy is born, named for her Aunt Mary and Cousin Anne

3 October Catherine's daughter Olivia Catherine Rowley is born

December 1 Lydia weds Lord Ashcroft


Marianne Darcy marries Lord Sommersby

Andrew Darcy is gifted Claywood, with the small estate his parents purchased in his infancy

Bennet Darcy and Lady Margaret Darcy (daughter of Viscount Hargrove) welcome the next heir of Pemberley, Sterling Fitzwilliam Darcy

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