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"We must arrange a married soon" Inu-No-Tashio huffed as he paced the small birthing room.

"Mate, your heir was born only a few hours ago" Sora smiled as she softly growled to the sleeping pup in her arms.

"Yes but if we do not arrange a marriage to a strong pack our land will be taken from us."

"Hush mate" Sora nipped "None of the other clans have female heirs yet."

"Yes but we must be head of the rest" Inu-No-Tashio pinched his nose "I must scout out their packs, see who is the strongest."

"But-" Sora reached out as her mate flew from the open window "We haven't named the pup" Sora looked down to the small white ball in her arms "Sesshomaru" She whispered.


5 year later

"Two females have been born my lord" a young Inu announced.

"From which clans" Inu-Tashio stood.

"North and the South."

"So the Foxes of the North or the Dragons of the South… hmmm" Inu-No-Tashio thought for a moment "I must talk to both, bring the guards we shall leave soon" In a swift movement he walked from the room, he walked down three more halls way to find his mate and son playing.

"Head up, never show weakness" Sora growled.

"But mom it's a game" Sesshomaru whined.

"What did I say Sesshomaru!"

"Fine!" Sesshomaru growled as he saw his father come into view "Good Morning Father" Sesshomaru bowed.

"Good morning" Inu-No-Tashio smiled as his pup but turned to his mate "Two females have been born."

"Which clans?"

"Fox and Dragon."

"A weak fox or a powerful dragon. I wonder whom you will choose" Sora laughed.

"Fox have numbers, something we do not have" Inu-No-Tashio arched his brow.

"You cannot be seriously considering the foxes" Sora snarled.

"I will not make my decision until I see the females, I shall return on the next full moon."

"For so long?" Sesshomaru stepped up.

"Yes my pup, I shall find you a mate" Inu-No-Tashio knelt down.

"But I do not want a mate" Sesshomaru gave a look of disgust.

"Ah not now you don't, but one day you will."

"I doubt it" Sesshomaru snarled.

"Good bye Mate" Inu-No-Tashio nuzzled against Soras neck.

"Be safe" Sora licked her mates cheek.


"Well, Well if it isn't the great lord of the West Inu-No-Tashio."

"Good evening Hinoe" Inu-No-Tashio bowed and looked to the man sitting in front of him, his dull grey hair pulled back in a low pony tail with a green strap, his long robes were like a waterfall down his body, he was smaller then Inu-No-Tashio but not by much, his green eyes were bright against his pale skin.

"No need for that" Hinoe stood from his throne "What do I own the pleasure of the great lord visiting the den of the sliver fox."

"I heard you have a female heir, I came to see her. A marriage to my son will provide a truce and strengthen our packs."

"Ah" Hinoe face fell and Inu-No-Tashio noticed as well as felt the waves of sadness.

"Did the child die?"

"No! of course not, strong as can be!"

"Then do you not approve of the possible arrangement?"

"Come I will show you" Hinoe nodded toward the birthing hall.

Inu-No-Tashio followed Hinoe down the large hall way, the smell of blood violating his nose, when he was about to ask why, Hinoe held up his hand. As they entered the new born's room Inu-No-Tashio noticed a strange scent in the room, again before he could ask Hinoe held up his hand, stopping next to a large pile of pillows.

"My mate has defied me, she rutted with a wolf and became pregnant, she covered the scent so I could not end the kit before she was born." Hinoe pointed to a small black ball of fur "when she was born I was so out raged I killed my mate, as I was turning to kill the kit, not a week after begin born she stood and attacked me, feeling my anger. I growled to show dominance and I'll be damned if she didn't growl back" Hinoe laughed "I left the kit to die in that room, and I am not sure how the even without her mother she survived nearly three days, I thought she died. When I sent my servants to clean up the mess the body was starting to rot. 'the kit was alive and vibrant, her mother was rotting in a corner."

"Did she survive eating her mother?" Inu-No-Tashio wondered.

"No, the only other wounds on her body were the ones I put there, I still don't know how she did it but my kit still lives, I ordered one of my concubines to care for her for now" Hinoe touched the small kit "She may not be my kit by blood but I will take her as my heir, now Inu-No-Tashio, do you wish to consider my daughter as a mate for your son?"

"This does put a twist in my plans but I will still consider your child" Inu-No-Tashio looked down on the sleeping Kit.

"As you wish, you may sleep in the guest wing" Hinoe turned "Her name is Kaori" and with that Hinoe left the room.

Inu-No-Tashio bent down and sniffed the kit "Lavender... Such a mystery." Inu-No-Tashio left to his guest quarters.

~~~~~~ A Few Days Later!

"Before I leave to the south I would like to test your kit" Inu-No-Tashio bowed to the Fox lord.

"Do as you wish, I will have my servant take her to the woods."

"Thank you, We shall speak again soon" Inu-No-Tashio left with his guards on his heels.

Inu-No-Tashio watched as the servant walked deeper into the woods with Kaori behind her jumping on the butterflies that flew by, as they entered the clearing the servant put a powerful barrier up, one Kaori wouldn't realize was there. She paused and looked from her to left to her right, next smelling the ground but the servant also hid the scents so that Kaori could not find her way back.

Kaori howled in the air for a response but received nothing, Inu-No-Tashio scratched against one of the trees he was perched in, and watched as her ears perked up, Inu-No-Tashio looked to his right hand man, and the man growled deep, nearly shaking the ground, Kaori's ears flattened against her head, and a whimper escaped her throat but she held her ground.

Inu-No-Tashio looked to his left nodding to the Inu, in a heartbeat the Inu jumped from the tree landing behind the kit growling deep in his chest, the kit turned to face the unknown threat, Inu-No-Tashio watched as his left hand man sent waves of power toward the kit, she was shaken but still held her ground, the Inu stalked toward Kaori his paws leaving dents in the earth, with all the power she could give the Kaori yipped and nipped at the air as a warning.

The Inu laughed and lunged at the kit, she dodged the attack and nipped at the Inu catching his ankle, a small drop of blood barely leaked out where her sharp tooth scratched the surface.

"Hahahaha" Inu-No-Tashio jumped from the tree "I love the fight this one has" Inu-No-Tashio called off his guard "I shall keep my eye on you young one" Inu-No-Tashio looked toward the south "You make take the young princess back to your den, and tell lord Hinoe to train this little one, I will be back in a few years to see her progress."

~~~~~~ TO THE SOUTH~~~~~~~~~

"Good morning Inu-No-Tashio, I guess you heard about the birth of my daughter" a deep voice echoed in the dark

"I have heard the news, I was wanted to see if an truce could be made, with an arranged marriage"

"I smell the foxes on you, I am hurt Inu-No-Tashio, you would see the pitiful foxes before the Red eyes"

"I meant nothing by it, I must consider all females"

"I will ignore it, for now" the voice became closer "How have you been, old friend."

"Seen better days, Ryuuga" Inu-No-Tashio watched as Ryuuga came into view "This is an honor, greeting me in your human form" The tall skinny lord came in to view his red eyes were glowing in the dim light of the cave, his black hair covered the left side of his face covering the deep scars on his cheek and jaw, his clothes where lose on his body and were ripped in several places.

"Don't be flattered" Ryugga hissed "Come, See my daughter, it is the reason you are here."

Inu-No-Tashio nodded to his right, the deep growl rumbled the trees, the young drake fell to the ground sparking fire and whimpering, Inu-No-Tashio watched as his left jumped to the ground and attacked the drake, she sparked fire at the Inu and he attacked the drake screeched and curled up into a ball waiting for death, Inu-No-Tashio jumped down and looked toward the servant "Take Kagura back to the cave, train her, I will be back in a few years time."

"Yes, my lord" The Servant collected the shaking drake and faded into the darkness.


Kaori - Strong aka Kagome :P

Hinoe - Fire.

Kit- Baby Fox.

Drake- Baby Dragon.

Ryuuga- Dragon's fang

Sora- Sesshomarus bitchy mother!

Well Let me know if I should continue this... I'm not really sure if I want to, I have tons of ways I can go with this but I need to know if you guys are interested on knowing what happens next... sorry I didnt go into detail to much on the Dragon clan, but I will get back to them if I continue.