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Original release date: 6/23/15

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the Borderlands and Harry Potter universe. Obviously this is Alternate Universe. This story begins after Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands the Pre Sequel are done with.

Setting: This story is set after all of the Borderlands main series games have completed, the Vault Hunters in the first two games have taken over Helios Station, and the 6 vault hunters from the Pre Sequel haven't been sighted, but may appear on either side at any moment. Now to the next important piece, Harry is raised by Sirius and Remus, as Lily and James died, Neville has his parents still, just like my fanfiction, Unseen and Unheard From. Essentially their tech and such carry over to this story, but will be getting their gear as I see fit.

Chapter One – The Beginning

Standing around in Jack's office on Helios Station, Lilith plays the found recording for the rest of the Vault Hunters.
"Rumor has it that there a vault that contains riches that no one has ever seen before under a castle called Hogwarts on a planet called 'Earth'. With it Hyperion can finally oust Jack and rule the galaxy!" states a masculine voice.

"Vault Hunters, I think we should go to this 'Earth' and try to get to this vault before anyone else does. Who's with me?" shouts Lilith.

"Are there crumpets there? Because I want crumpets." states Tiny Tina, bouncing around the room.

"I called dibs already" states Brick putting his fists together.

A siren goes off, causing everyone to look around for the source, quickly spotting Mordecai leaning up against a panel with some buttons and levers. Before anyone can say anything, the Helios Station system announces, "Transport to Earth beginning now".

Arriving just outside of Earth, a tablet like device exits Jack's desk, turning itself on. Lilith quickly reads over it, eyes widening with each page read.

"Apparently the Vault is under a magical school and…we need to infiltrate it" begins Lilith looking around the room, eyes landing on Tiny Tina and Gaige, "and I believe Tina and Gaige would be best for this."

"What kind of school?" asks Gaige uncertainly.

"The document just says a magical school for witches and wizards starting at…age 11. So you two would need a disguise, so you two seem younger than you are. At least you will, Gaige" replies Lilith still skimming the tablet.

"What about Tina? Why shouldn't she have a disguise?" asks Gaige, somewhat angrily.

"Tina is close enough to the starting age that she can manage it without one" states Lilith giving Gaige a look that ends any discussion.

"Fine, but I get to choose how to disguise myself then" replies Gaige before exiting the office.

/*hours later*/

"Gaige, Gaige, where are you? calls out Maya, entering some form of workshop.

A younger looking Gaige walks out from behind a nearby shelving unit, temporarily stunning Maya.

"Gaige, what happened to you?" inquiries Maya.

Smiling, Gaige replies, "This is my disguise. I built a mechanism to project a younger form of me around me, and even if you try to touch my arm, it will adjust where your hand goes, and sends it to my arm."

Blinking rapidly, Maya responds, "That is…brilliant. Well, Axton made dinner, so I got to come look for you."

/*the next day*/

"Supposedly there is an entrance to this 'Diagon Alley' in some building-" begins Lilith before a feminine voice asks, "I suppose you are Tina and Gertrude McWaterson?"

Turning around and spotting the Hogwarts logo on the female and remembering it was in the document that she had been reading, Lilith replies, "Uh, yes, we are. I'm Lilith and this is my husband, Axton. "
The Hogwarts professor smiles and replies, "I'm Professor McGonagall, and I'm glad you have recovered from your illness. You should be aware that we could have cured you if you hadn't declined treatment."

"Now, Tina and Gertrude need to get their school supplies. Hogwarts has a small fund for muggleborn students—"begins Professor McGonagall before Lilith interrupts, "Don't worry about money, Axton and I have given Tina and Ga-Gertrude some money to buy their supplies with."

"Wonderful! You can join us, or I can escort Tina and Gertrude and get them back to you later today, once they have their supplies" offers Professor McGonagall.

Smiling, Lilith replies, "Tina and Gertrude are old enough to stay out of trouble, so they don't need us hanging around watching them."

Professor McGonagall escorts Tina and Gaige into Diagon Alley, to get their books, robes, wands, and any other school supplies that they might need. Strolling down London, Lilith and Axton begin taking in their world, while Maya, Salvador, and Mordecai stay on Helios Station, watching and listening through their ECHO communicators to the new world that they have arrived at.

Not even five minutes later, four average looking people, two adults and two children show up outside of the Leaky Cauldron, waiting for a Professor McGonagall.

Hours of shopping later, Professor McGonagall hands Gaige and Tina their tickets to the Hogwarts Express, and how to board the train, before letting them return to Lilith and Axton. Taking one of Gaige's inventions to mimic a Fast Travel Station, just portable, the foursome quickly arrive back on Helios Station.

Stomaching that a dinner that Mordecai and Salvador had apparently prepared during the absence of Lilith and Axton, the Vault Hunters listen to Gaige's commentary about their day, before Lilith turns to Tina and asks, "Tina what did you think?"

Hearing nothing from Tina and getting a murderous look as well, Gaige exclaims, "Oh wait, I need to turn her ability to talk back on", before messing with some switches on a small rectangular device that she pulls from her pocket.

"Finally! Gaige, you ain't my bff anymore!" exclaims Tina, finally allowed to speak.
Turning to Gaige, Lilith asks, "What did you do to Tina?"

"Just threw on a small gadget that stops from sound from Tina's mouth from being heard, so others don't think we're anything other than students" replies Gaige.

"Tina, it might be smart to not talk so much and let Gaige do most of it, at least when you can" says Lilith calmly, before Tiny Tina erupts into an expletive filled tirade targeting both Gaige and Lilith.

Authors note: Thanks for reading. Yes, this is a weak start to this story, but I think it will get stronger and better as I add some more chapters. That is, assuming that I get some positive feedback and the likes to continue this.