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Chapter Six – Explosions?!

Sharing their first flight lesson with the Hufflepuffs, the first year Ravenclaw students make their way onto the Front Lawn. Given the very similar instructions to put their right hands over the brooms and state 'Up'. Gingerly sticking her hand out, Tina gets the broom into her hand on the first try. As the minutes pass by as others keep trying and failing to get the broomstick into their hands, Tina yawns tries to stifle the urge to take to the sky.

"You need to say 'UP' firmly not, not timidly" instructs Madam Hooch looking at the three Hufflepuff students that still hadn't managed to get their booms up.

"Now that we all have our brooms in hand, you are to mount the broomstick by placing it between your legs" instructs Madam Hooch.

Half an hour later the lesson ends and the students troop back in, some relieved at the end of the lesson and others like Tina who were disappointed in the lack of significant flying. Arriving in the Great Hall, Tina quietly consumes her dinner and required nutrient potion before disappearing to her dormitory.

Opening her potions book, Tina begins reading and making notes on ingredient combinations while growing more and more excited at the possibility of creating explosives because why not?

/*Gryffindor Common Room*/

"Here are a few catalogs regarding mechanical pieces for order" states Harry handing over a stack of catalogs at least six inches think.

"Thanks" smiles Gaige before going to a corner with a pen and paper and making a list of items to be ordered.

Half an hour later and many sheets of paper later, Gaige stands up and looks around the nearly deserted common room with Harry, Neville, and a few others left. Walking over and handing Harry the list, Gaige remarks, "I'll gladly pay for all of these."

Skimming over the sheets of orders, Harry asks quizzically, "Why do you need so much copper mesh and wiring?"

"You know how technology just seems to fail when you get near to Hogwarts and other magical locations? Based on my observations, technology simply needs to be sufficiently shielded from external interference, or in this case magic" explains Gaige patiently.

"Fascinating" exclaims Harry in surprise.

"I'll take them whenever they arrive. Do I need to give you money up front or what?" inquiries Gaige curiously

"Uh, I'll check with my godfather" replies Harry hesitantly.

Several days later a wooden crate, carried by four owls swoop into the Great Hall, slowly lowering it in front of Harry. Exchanging looks with Gaige, Harry opens the crate and withdraws a piece of parchment with a list of the items inside, and their prices, before passing it to Gaige. Examining the list, Gaige nods her head in approval before withdrawing a small bag and handing it Harry.

Lifting the bag up with one hand, Harry remarks, "That's a pretty hefty bag there."

"I like to pay my debts upfront so I can't get screwed over later" replies Gaige with a smirk.

"I'm not certain who'd want to screw you over, but whatever works" laughs Harry.

"I'll tell you later" answers Gaige with a serious look on her face, resuming her breakfast, very eager to spend her Saturday doing upgrades and playing around with her new crate of equipment.

Grabbing the crate, Gaige winds her way up the several moving staircases and enters the Room of Requirement, eager to begin tinkering and building new equipment. Opening the crate, Gaige spreads and organizes the supplies out on the floor. Looking at a piece of parchment with a list on it, Gaige scans over the list before setting it down and rubbing her hands together, "Let's get started then."

Several hours later, shortly before the final meal of the day is to be served, Gaige packs her finished products into her school messenger bag before cleaning up the remaining parts and placing them into the crate. Picking up the crate, Gaige carries it back to her dormitory, sliding it underneath her bed before taking her bag with her to dinner.

"Where have you been?" inquiries Neville curiously looking at Gaige as she spoons some mashed potatoes onto her plate.

Opening her mouth to reply, Gaige is interrupted by someone shouting, "TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! Thought you ought to know."*

As chaos ensues, Dumbledore stands and bellows surprisingly, "SILENCE! Prefects, you will lead your respective housemates back to your common rooms. Professors, follow me into the dungeons."

Standing up from the tables, the students begin quickly organizing themselves into lines and following their prefects and exit the Great Hall. Scanning the exiting students as closely as she can, Gaige mutters, "Where are you Tina?"

"Don't worry about her, I'm sure she's fine" comes a voice quietly beside her.

Rummaging through her bag while walking awkwardly, Gaige withdraws and begins scrolling through the tablet-like device for several seconds, barely able to not bump into someone else, before exclaiming, "She's nowhere near here. I have to go find her."

Dashing off, Gaige begins taking a winding pathway through the multitude of hallways and moving staircases, the blue dot representing Tiny Tina getting brighter and bigger. The sound of ceramics exploding echoes in the surrounding hallways, causing Gaige to charge head long in that general direction. Arriving in the general area of where the explosion came from, Gaige pauses as the sight of a mountain troll towering over Tina in a bathroom, who bravely stands feet away holding an amber colored beaker of liquid.

"Back up or I'll blow a bitch up" states Tina threateningly at the mountain troll.

"TINA! NO!" shouts Gaige, pulling out a rocket launcher and aiming it at the mountain troll.

"Oh, hiya Gaige. Just wait til ya see this" exclaims Tina happily, tossing the beaker at the mountain troll.

Roaring loudly, the mountain troll takes a step forward, causing Tina to take several steps backwards.

"I'll save you!" shouts Gaige, firing the rocket launcher with ease. Seconds later as the missile comes into contact with the wet spot from the beaker on the mountain troll, causing an enormous explosion with miniature fireballs and splatters of mountain troll to rain down upon the two girls harmlessly, protected by their shields.

"That was fun!" exclaims a laughing Tina.

"That was very reckless of you two!" announces a stern voice from the doorway.

Turning around, the two Vault Hunters spot several professors standing around, a few of which mouths are agape at the scene in front of them.

"How did you two do so much damage without getting a single scratch?" inquiries Professor Flitwick inspecting the two students closely.

"Uh, magic?" offers Gaige lamely.

"How two first year students were able to pull off shield charms in addition to such large amount of damage is simply astounding" remarks a male voice from the back with black hair and a hooked nose.

Looking around the completely gutted bathroom around them, Gaige stops at the sight of a hole in a wall the approximate size of the mountain troll.

"However, they did manage to fight and somehow defeat the mountain troll all on their own, something that no mere first year can manage, at least under normal circumstances" remarks Professor Flitwick peering into the gaping hole in the wall.

"More than likely through sheer dumb luck" adds Professor McGonagall staring at her house member.

"Perhaps we should convene in my office and discover what has transpired" remarks Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes, before exiting the destroyed bathroom.

Following the professors, the two Vault Hunters bring up the end of the procession. Making their way through the enormous castle, a brief buzzing sound catches Gaige's attention, and she looks down at herself and with growing horror realizes her identity masking device has begun to malfunction…

Author note: After reviewing the last chapter alongside reading the Harry Potter series again, I shouldn't have had the Room of Requirement provide tea and crumpets to Gaige and Tina. I believe it is Grawps Law that states that magic can't be used to create food (but correct me if I'm wrong). Thanks to all who have favorited, followed, and have been waiting for an update for over four months. :)

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