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In the temple of the goddess of light...

*Yawn* "Lady Palutena, nothing to report again today?" Grumbled a very bored Pit.

"No, sorry Pit." She sighed. "I actually am starting to agree with you Pit, it's gotten pretty boring since our last game ended." Overhead there was another character, who dropped to the ground elegantly.

"Tell me about it!" He said. "Pittoo"! Pit and Palutena said at the same time.

"Ugh, I thought we got over that in the last game! Do not call me Pittoo! PLEASE!" Shouted Pitto-

"HEY! WHAT WAS THAT JUST NOW?" He screamed at the Narrator.

(Narrator) I mean shouted Dark Pit...

"Thank you..." Said Dark Pit.

All of a sudden, a heavy rumbling started going through the ground, shaking the very foundations of the building.

"Wh-wh-wha-a-t i-is ha-a-app-e-en-in-g?" Shouted Palutena.

"It f-f-fee-l-ls li-i-k-e He-a-avy R-u-m-mbl-i-ng! Pit replied.

"Of course it is. Cant you read?" Mocked Dark Pit as he pointed to the above text.

Meanwhile, somewhere nearby...

A mysterious figure walks along the central control deck of the Dark Horse, checking the progress of the flight pattern and the crew. If Pit and the rest of the group above the margin had seen them, they would definately be confused. For these people were made of cubes. Cubes top to bottom. Nothing but squares and cubes. The leader, a brown haired 18 year old wearing a red checkered hoodie and a headset. He seemed to have a set of weapons on his belt-

"HEY! Please let us introduce ourselves too!" Shouted one of the crew.

Fine. Jeez, give me a break. "Katana, when will the rift open?" The man he was addessing was also 18, as with everyone on this ship. But this person had black hair and wore a green hoodie, as well with a headset. He seemed to be typing, one hand on a keyboard determining status, the other a holographic screen that seemed to be displaying Call of Duty. "Dude, Seriously?" Questioned the leader. "25 kill streaks dont stay when you're afk bro." Replied Katana. As Katana dropped a nuke, the leader turned to the other crew member.

This one was way more relaxed. He had blond hair and wore blue. As he went over velocity by voice commands, he sipped a mango and peach smoothie and ate pizza. "Terminus, is the armor plating enabled?"

"Seftano, you know ZACH knows this stuff not me. He's the one who enables this stuff and i forget." He said. A booming robotic voice echoed through the cabin. "Sir, the armor plating is enabled. You should expect no less from a gentleman."

"Well, now we have that out of the way, we will begin transcendance to the velocity we need to acquire to achieve partical-accelerance which leads to transdimensional travel." Terminus and Seftano stared at Katana, trying to make heads or tails out of what he was saying. He sighed.

"The rift is opening." He explained. "Ok, yeah. We get it" Said Seftano. "But bro, you need to cut down on the scinece talk. Maybe you should CHILL out, okay?" Katana grimanced and Terminus burst out laughing, almost choking on his smoothie if even possible. For Katana was what you would know as a cryomancer, which-

"Hey Mr Narrator bro, could you just tell them to look it up? We dont have much time. Is everyone strapped in?"

Just then, the door to the overwhelmingly large cabin area opened and a girl strode in. She was dressed in a silver jumpsuit that gleamed with the lights onboard, and wore her gray hair in a ponytail that snaked along her 16 year old back-

She turned to the Narrator. "Yes yes we get it, im beautiful, heard it a hundred times already. Give me a fricking break!" She turned back and continued across the pathway. Without turning around, Seftano said "Ah, Justice. How are you?"

She replied "Hmm. Seftano. As percievant as ever I see. How did you know it was me?"

Katana chuckled and said "The Narrator."

She grumbled, but didn't walk away. She was used to Katana, her brother's tricks. Instead she offered the group a plate of cookies, straight out of the oven. They all took one.

"I still don't know how you make these so good!" was the summary of what they all said. She smiled. Cooking still was her specialty, after when she was 4, when she accidentally threw a fish her father caught into the fire and it came out perfectally fine.

All of a sudden, a black hole appeared in the air in front of them. "There it is." Seftano said as the ship piloted through the hole in reality onwards to a new game dimension...

Back in Palutena's domain...

When it had stopped rumbling, Pit and Palutena picked themselves off of the floor. "What was that?" wondered Pit as he stared at the ensued chaos that lay before them. Dark Pit stood up slowly and said "Read the above text? Like before?"

"You're not allowed to read that part!" hissed Palutena. Dark Pit rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, there was a huge BANG! All three of them fell to the floor, clutching their ears in agony as waves of hot air rushed over them.

"Ooow..." Pit moaned as he tried to make his ears work again.

Palutena frowned. "This is very strange. I have no idea what could've caused this. Maybe..."

As if summoned by thought, Viridi suddenly appeared at the door.

"WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO?!" She yelled. "I was in the middle of my training with Cragalanche when that ferocious quake happened! My troops are so disorientated they can't tell up from down!"

"Wait, so it wasn't you?" frowned a confused Pit.

"What gives you that idea?" she replied suspiciously. "Wait, was it not...you...guys?"

All three of them shook their heads. Dark Pit rolled his eyes. "Guys I told you, read the above text-"

"YOU STILL AREN'T ALLOWED TO READ THAT!" everyone yelled at him.

Pit went out of the doors to the great building to catch a break from all of the arguments. Suddenly, his eyes grew wide from shock. "Lady Palutena!" He yelled.

Palutena walked out of the door. "Yes Pi-" She stared in shock.

A huge, sleek black jet was slicing through the air like a knife through hot butter. "Wh-what is that?!"

"Whatever it is, it sure isn't natural." Viridi commented as she joined them.

"It is probably a threat. We need to get rid of it, quickly!" Palutena instructed. Viridi said she would get the forces of nature to help. As she zoomed off, Pit grabbed the closest weapon to hand, which turned out to be a first blade, and ran out the door into the bracing night.

Back on board the Dark Horse...

Seftano smiled in anticipation. "Okay. We should now be in Kid Icarus Uprising. Katana, can you give us a brief rundown on this world?"

"With pleasure." Katana pulled out a file on the holographic screen as Seftano listened intensely and Terminus polished off his 8th cookie.

"Kid Icarus Uprising. Released 23 march, 2012, this 3rd person shooter game stars Pit, a flightless angel who must protect the land from the evil medusa with the help of the goddess of light Palutena. He has a doppelganger named Dark Pit, or Pittoo, and a friend who is also his enemy, Viridi the goddess of nature. If you guys at home want more details, here is the link":


"Okay. But if it was released 3 years ago," said Terminus "and they're at peace, why are we under attack?"

Only then did the other three look up and notice the red flashing light.

"Evasive manouevers!" yelled seftano as he jumped into the pilot's seat, switching over to manual control immediately. As the jet swooped and dived, Katana jumped out of the window while Terminus swung onto the roof, activating his magnetic shoe soles.

What was suprising was what they were under attack by. They seemed to be...Flying acorns with eyes?! As Katana zoomed up from the ground using an icy aura, he was at first shocked, and then started to laugh.


One of the nutski's belted him in the back. Now it was Terminus's turn to laugh.

"Nutski's?! HAHAHA-"

"STAY FREAKIN FOCUSED." Yelled Seftano as he brought the plane into a barrel roll.

The fight was on! The forces of nature and centurions fought wildly, but were no match for the mighty trio-

"AHEM! I am still here!" Yelled Justice at the Narrator.

Anyway, the leading troupe of nutski's advance on Katana launched a laser attack but was met with shock. Shock and being destroyed! Katana froze the lasers and threw the icy balls of energy back at the flying enimies. He then shot a laser that pierced a column of centurions, freezing them instantly. Back on the ship (Literally ON the ship) Terminus wasnt doing too bad either. He ducked and dodged while letting off burst rounds from the SMG that he grabbed earlier that morning and threw empty cartridges at his foes. Some bullets went stray, but most of them hit the unrelenting swarms of enimies. And then there was Justice. She was flinging plates left and right, before grabbing a gun and blasting the Nutski's with deadly accuracy, felling huge numbers swoops at a time, while teleporting between them. However, all three were overwhelemed in form of numbers, and the ship was taking heavy damage.

"The ship is taking heavy damage!" yelled Seftano over the intercom.

"Uh, yeah. It says so just above. Can you guys not read?" Justice rolled her eyes.

"Sir, we are beginning to fall out of the sky. Shall Master call on me?" Terminus was glad to hear that ZACH hadn't been damaged. "Yes, we will need lots of firepower here."

"Already on it sir." Seftano just had time to dive out of the cockpit when the black jet seemingly dissappeared. Thus began the magical process. The metal merged with Terminus to create a being that could be rivalled be almost no other. A mastery of machinery and mass.

Terminus opened his eyes. "Now its on".

Back to the Pit crew... Hehehe

"L-lady Palutena! What happened to the jet?" Pit panicked. He had never seen such a powerful force!

"I-I don't know. S-stay on your guard!" Palutena sound just as nervous.

As pit flew closer, the power of flight suddenly cut out. He let out a brief yell before crashing to the ground. "Ow!" he moaned as he crashed into the ground.

"Oops, sorry Pit. I guess I wasn't watching the duration of the power of flight. You're going to need to get there on foot from here."

Pit rushed to where the three invaders landed, and stared in shock again. "Lady Palutena! Th-they're made of cubes!"

"I just don't understand! Who are they?!" Palutena asked. She sounded frustrated and very nervous at the same time.

Pit thought for a bit. "How about I ask the Narrator?" He turned to where the narrator was only to find a sign saying "Gone for lunch". "Fine" Pit grumbled. "I'll just ask them" and zoomed towards the chaos.

However, when he let loose his first slash, it was countered by another. One of the cube men who had black hair and wore green with no hint of armor underneath, had parried Pit's blow with a shining blue sword. Pit attacked a few more times, with the same result. The stranger, who we know as Katana, stepped in and did a hefty combo to knock back Pit. Slash, Jab, Thrust! But Pit was not so easily deterred, coming up again only to blasted back. The man now seemed to be floating, just as Pandora used to when she wasn't an amazon.

"Pit. Why have you intruded us?" he questioned in a tone like ice.

"Lady Palutena! H-he knows my name!" Pit yelled as the man smiled dissaprovingly.

Before she had a chance to reply, the man leapt up further into the air and threw an icy orb of energy. As he preformed a side-dash, the spot where the orb landed turned into a spiky ball of frozen ice. He barely got time to throw in a shot or two between dodging. But the final straw was when the man summoned up a huge freezing laser which froze one of Pit's sandals. He almost didn't escape. "Okay" he thought to himself. "I think i'll target a different one."

Before long he saw his chance. A brown haired man wearing red was blasting back skyworld forces. Pit got lots of shots in before he turned around. He seemed to be holding a mechanical device-

As Pit was listening to the Narrator, he was blasted against the wall with the man's rocket launcher. This, of course was seftano. Before long, Pit began to hit the rockets back but by then he was using another weapon. This one-Bzzzk!

Pit was electrified. It was the worst feeling in his life. It was like being tased by a million tasers. Finally, the man sent the angel flying with a cannon that seemed to shoot plasma.

As the angel gritted his teeth, Palutena finally got through. "Pit? Are you there?"

"Yes lady palutena. Loud and clea-aaah!" Pit came face to face with Terminus.

Out of the robot thing's arm, came a silvery-blue blade. They would have duelled eachother to a standstill if the robot's blade didn't instantly destroy his.

"Lady Palutena! I NEED HELP!" Pit yelled, trying to duck out of the way.

"Deploying Cragalanche!" Pit leapt out of the way to find Cragalanche the Mighty battling the robot. "Thanks Viridi!" he called.

But then, a plastic hexagon filled with bullets formed on the robots back. On the other side Cragalanche saw a giant gatling gun form on his arm. A tube ran between them. Then, suddenly, the robot started spraying bullets all over cragalanche. However mighty he may of been, he could not withstand such a severe attack. He toppled to the ground, defeated.

"What will we do now?!" shrieked Pit as they advanced.

"Alright, I'm going to need my final jewel for this." Viridi used almost all her strength to summon-

"A RESET BOMB?!" Cried about everyone else in fear.

"I was saving this for a special cause... Now THEY get it!" She smiled as it plummeted throught the sky. However, the team acted in unison. First, the robot fired two jet fists into it to slow the descent. Next, the brown haired man fired rockets into it, exposing the core. Finally, the black haired man muttered something, summoning a ball of ice energy bigger then the reset bomb. They collided- and froze solid.

Everyone was horrified. If these four had the power to stop a reset bomb, what would they do now?!

Everyone cowered in anticipation of death, however the black haired man just simply threw it up into the stratosphere. He spoke in a booming voice. "We did not want to make war, so we are stopping it. We need to borrow your finest forces, and you have demonstrated them."

The brown haired man announced "Pit, Lady Palutena, Dark Pit, and Mistress Viridi.

Pit couldn't believe his luck. Not only was he alive and well, he would get some explanation.

They introduced themselves as Katana, Terminus, Seftano and Justice.

Dark Pit commented "Katana? What are you, a sword?"

Katana replied in the same tone. "Dark Pit? What are you, a dark hole in the ground?"

Dark pit stormed inside the Jet that was slowly forming from Terminus's suit.

One hour later...

"So, that's the multiverse dimensional theory. Anyone have any questions?"

They all pretty much got it. There were warps between different game worlds. They could travel between them with the warps. BlahdeBlahdeBlah.

"So what is the actual time in your sense?" Viridi enquired.

"It is..." Seftano checked his watch. "6 in the morning."

Pit's stomach rumbled. "Oh so now can we have breakfast?"

Everyone laughed. Justice cleared her throat. "Ahem! I am fine with that, being the ship's cook and all."

3 minutes later, everyone was ready for something to eat. And the food was ready!

Lucious stack of pancakes almost reaching head height, delectable hash browns cooked perfectly, eggs that just smelled great, and bacon that would make a master chef proud.

Pit, almost incredulous, said "Woah! Is this some kind of trick?"

Justice smiled and replied "No. Consider it a free gift. Tuck in!"

All of the newcomers were a bit suspicious, but all of them tried it. And after that, they were digging in like there was no tommorow. Pit especially.

"This is the best thing I've tasted in my life!" he said as he went through his third course.

Palutena agreed. "Its really quite exceptional."

So did Dark Pit. "How is this so good and yet done so quickly?"

Same with Viridi. "This place might not be that eco friendly, but this food is still really delectable!"

When they had all finished, Seftano stood up. "Okay. We are now travelling to our next location. Please strap yourselves to the seats provided"

A strange robotic voice came from seemingly nowhere. "Seats have been provided. Please watch the safety movie for safe travel.

Viridi, clearly puzzled, said "Who was that?"

"I am ZACH, Miss Viridi. Short for Z-Atrributed Channeling Harness. I am this jet's conscience as well as Terminus's suit and servant."

Terminus let off a hearty laugh. "ZACH, bro theres no servants here! We're all friends!"

ZACH replied with a "Yes sir."

ZACH repeated the safety announcement.

"Okay okay, we get it, jeez" grumbled dark pit as they sat down.

Terminus called out to them. "Hey guys, if anyone's still hungry, there's cookies in the left armrest." Unsuprisingly, Pit immediately checked the left armrest immediately and started munching down.

"Okay, so the Warpline vector's calibrated, and the equilibriul shift is deployed. We are prepared for jump to universal colonisation.

Everyone stared at Katana, trying to make heads or tails out of what he was saying again.

He chuckled and sighed. "We are ready to launch."

"Okay" said Seftano, "Engage!"

And so, the rift opened and they sped along to a new universe.

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