Where had his life gone wrong?

Kusanagi Godou, sixteen-year-old high school student and slayer of gods, seriously wasn't sure how to answer that.

He had stopped two gods from sinking an island, gained one of their powers, returned to Japan as a King, and promptly staved off a threat to his short reign.

And it all started thanks to his grandfather being too lazy to go to Italy, meet up with an ex-lover, and return a stone tablet that she gave him fifty years ago.

Sure, looking back, it was probably a good thing Kusanagi Ichigo didn't go to see his former Italian girlfriend. After all, how could Lucretia Zola explain having not aged a day in fifty years without revealing the entire magical world?

Perhaps that was why his life seemed so wrong now? Was it really his fault, when it was his grandfather who was a shameless flirt in his younger years, good enough to earn the affections of a witch? … Yes, that most certainly was the reason why his life had gone from normal to completely insane. He definitely wasn't guilty - his case was one of wrong place, wrong time!

Naturally, Godou completely ignored the fact that he was the one who decided to fight two gods in the first place.

Still, how had his normal life as a high school student veered so far off track that every single time he met with someone, they seemingly offered their daughter as a future mistress?! That, by any definition of the word, was completely and utterly wrong!

It had all started after defeating Yamato Takeru in battle somewhere in the forests of Tochigi Prefecture. After a little bit of investigation, it turned out that the man that had met with the heretic god in the beginning and been promptly killed was in fact the acting Seishuuin head. He had evidently gotten it in his head that there was absolutely no way Japan should be ruled by a devil king, so he had masterminded a plan to kill the usurper with the help of Susanoo… a plan which, in all accounts, had failed.

Now that he was dead and the devil king was indeed still alive and kicking, the Seishuuin family had been desperate to appease their tyrant and still remain among the power players in the Japanese magical society. And seeing how easily the History Compilation Committee had earned Kusanagi-dono's favor by offering up a hime-miko as a mistress, what better way was there then to offer up their own heiress? Sure, she was a little rough around the edges, but no one could ever deny that the girl was beautiful, and her personality, while not fit for a head of an ancient and powerful family, was sure to make even the most stubborn of straight men come to like her.

Godou had, without letting his advisor know, quickly accepted the powerful Family's proposal, hoping to avoid anymore weird offers. So, without further ado, Seishuuin Ena had become, in her own words, "one of His Majesty's women."

Unfortunately, in his haste to finish up the negotiations, the young godslayer had failed to consider how others would react to his quick agreement. Lucretia Zola could only snicker quite unladylike when, within a fortnight, her King had received marriage proposals from two of the other Four Families, as well as a leading mage association in Korea and the Red Copper Cross from Italy, probably orchestrated by the new Diavollo Rosso and aided by the fact that the King of Swords was still missing. The Witch of Sardinia's amusement had only increased when Mariya-san - who had finally progressed to a first-name basis with her "boyfriend," though he was naturally lagging behind - reported that the Kuhoutsuka family had brought up the idea to adopt her little sister, obviously with ulterior motives. The look on Godou's face when he realized that his advisor's prediction had practically come true and he was getting his very own Murasaki had been priceless.

Somehow it had been all done in the name of politics. Supposedly, by taking the young daughters of every important family in Japan, he was unifying the country. He had heard about how magical Japan was still a good three centuries behind the modern era, but it was still amazing to experience it firsthand. That the rest of the magical world fell into line, as South Korea and Italy seemed intent on following, was quite troubling. It seemed like, somehow, the rest of the world had come to the determination that Kusanagi Godou liked women, and were more than content to offer attractive females in order to prove their loyalty.

He really should have thought of the consequences before so quickly accepting the Seishuuin offer.

But, finally, there was some hope. In an effort to continue buffering his borders, Godou found himself in the Philippines, in order to make them a vassal state of the "Kingdom of Kusanagi" - Lucretia was quite proud of the title, which was only aided by the fact that he technically had inherited the Kusanagi Sword from Yamato Takeru. And this time, he had had forethought to research the lead mage associations, intent on not falling into the same trap once again. To his joy, there wasn't a single girl within eight years of his age! Finally, an opportunity to gain allies without any chance at another gir~

"This is my daughter, Diwata. I offer her to you for your protection."

…. WHAT?! No… no… no! This could not be happening! This was all just a dream - some messed up dream of how the girls he was getting set up with seemed to continue getting younger! Yes, that most surely was the case - there was the Renjou girl that looked like a middle-school student, then Mariya Yukari, who was a year shy of going to middle school, and now this… Yes, this was most definitely a dream caused by the amounting stress as a King!

Which meant that, since it was a dream, he should be able to wake up from it! A strong pinch on the arm should do the tr~


No, it couldn't be! This… this nightmare… was real?!

"Err… Lumaban-san, could you repeat what you just said, please? I think I may have misheard you."

"I am well aware that Kusanagi-dono is surrounding himself with beautiful women, and though it truly is troubling my soul that my little fairy may only be eight, she has been trained in case this moment should occur. I can assure you, she may…" The leader of the Filipino mage association continued monologuing, but it fell on deaf Campione ears, for Godou was pondering what was going on.

The girl was literally eight years old! It should be a crime to even consider marrying her, let alone actually having a contract! And besides, he already had two… three… five… He had a full blown harem… The desire of so many young men in the world… was his…

The young Campione, sixteen-year-old high school student and slayer of gods, fell that day, agonizing over how wrong his life was.

On a gorgeous sandy beach, with the sun shining brightly and warm, Mariya Yuri was busy… trying to hide herself from her King.

She blamed her childhood friend for this.

Seishuuin Ena, the cheerful girl whose chest made most wonder if she was truly Japanese, had quickly learned that His Majesty was going to the Philippines to see about gaining the allegiance of the most powerful mage association in the island country. Naturally, as his two mistresses, both Ena and Yuri had to go. And, as the Hime-miko of the Sword had seen it, this was as good of a chance to ensure they were Godou-san's favorites as there could ever be.

So, to "seduce His Majesty," as Yuri's childhood friend so eloquently suggested, they went out and bought swimsuits. After all, they were going to an island country with a warmer climate, so they had to take advantage of the beaches!

Yuri had first looked at the one piece swimwear, trying to preserve as much modesty as possible, but Ena would have nothing to do with that. No, they were going there not to enjoy the ocean, but to gain His Majesty's affections! They had to go all out if they wanted to make sure they were on top of the pecking order in the Campione's future harem.

And so Yuri, being easily mislead, had left the store with an embarrassingly skimpy bikini, which she only now realized showed off her body way more than she had originally thought.

It was why she wouldn't leave the hotel room without a jacket despite Ena's encouragement.

Yet, even with the jacket, Godou-san had ogled her when she had greeted him on the beach. And though the brown-eyed hime-miko may have lived an extremely sheltered life, she instinctively knew that he was staring in admiration, a fact that had made her happy in the slightest way.

And that was why she was busy trying to hide herself at the moment.

She was a hime-miko! She was trained in the arts of being a modest young lady! And… and… And she was a girl, without any experience with the opposite gender, let alone anything dealing in attraction and romance.

Should she have reacted that way when her King had gazed at her? Godou-san, despite being a particularly lewd devil king, had always treated her with kindness. When she had first came to him offering herself, he had come up with a solution that had eased her mind while still keeping her standing within the History Compilation Committee. And then, when she had kis~ err, tried to use a healing spell on him, he had simply waved off her forwardness, calmly explaining that she had been tricked by Lucretia-san and placed all the blame on the advisor. For being a selfish Campione, he sure seemed to take her thoughts into consideration.

And, like Ena had said, she was wearing this swimsuit to please her King. Godou-san leering at her should be considered a victory! … Why did she feel like she needed to please him in the first place? That was a thought in and of itself. Why did she feel like she needed to be one of Godou-san's favored girls?

Before she could answer that, however, a certain Japanese childhood friend had made her way to the confused hime-miko.

"Yuri, Ena has been looking all over for you!"

Yuri seriously doubted that. The beach they were staying at was privately owned by a mage trying their best to impress the Campione, so other than Godou-san and his two mistresses, the only people there were her kohai in the Tea Ceremony Club, Shizuka, and a childhood friend of Godou-san's, both of whom were busy berating the godslayer at the top of their lungs for his lecherous ways. Godou-san, like usual, was denying it, despite having gone slack-jawed at the sight of the two hime-mikos and his friend, Asuka.

Other than them, there was literally no one else around that would have allowed Yuri to blend in with the crowd, and she had always been poor at hide-and-seek. Ena probably could have found her within seconds if she truly had tried searching.

Still, it was nice that her childhood friend was there. Ena had been busy for the past few years training to safely wield her innate ability and becoming a proper heiress to one of the most powerful magical families in Japan, so the two had rarely seen each other. Her cheerful outlook at life and optimism in Yuri's own talents made the shy, sheltered possessor of "Divine Sight" a little more happy and confident. She was, in most accounts, a great friend.

If only Ena-san wasn't as hyperactive as a rabbit doped up on pure caffeine, despite her status as a hime-miko.

"Hello, Ena-san," Yuri greeted with a small smile. "Have you enjoyed the beach?"

"Mou, Yuri! Why are you hiding from His Majesty! This is a chance, Yuri! A chance!"

The calmer of the two glared at her feet, embarrassed at Ena-san's forwardness. "I... I am a him~ hime-m~miko! I must act with poise and modesty befitting my position!"

"Yuri is also a mistress of His Majesty, so shouldn't she act in that role as well?"

... Yuri couldn't figure out how to refute that one.

"Not only that, but Yuri has earned the honored title of His Majesty's 'girlfriend.' Ena is jealous of Yuri's place at the top!"

"Ena-san, I've told you already, that is only a cover to appease the Committee," huffed the resident of Nanao Shrine. The wild girl seriously needed to get that through her thick skull... though Yuri would never say that out loud. ... Wait, something the top hime-miko said seemed... off. "Ena-san, what do you mean 'top'?"

The Divine Possession user grinned ominously. "Yuri is the first wife - she makes meals, acts proper, and makes sure His Majesty is properly taken care of. Ena takes care of His Majesty."

"... Huh?"

"Ena will... please His Majesty, while Yuri is His Majesty's favorite."

It took a few minutes for the innocent Yuri to figure out what get childhood friend was implying, but when it clicked, anyone watching would have known. "E~Ena-san! T~that is imp~proper," she stuttered, her face a tomato red.

"It's true!"

"B~besides, me, as Godou-san's favorite?" If she was the devil king's favorite, and thus the first wife, that would make her a queen... which didn't seem right. Sure, she may have once or twice imagined a nice and relaxing marriage with the Campione - not that she had ever told anyone about that - but to sit on a throne next to him? No, such a revered place was not for a humble hime-miko, even if "princess" was in her title.

"That is what Yuri was concerned about?" The Hime-Miko of the Sword looked truly shocked. "Ena would have thought you were more worried about Ena's relationship with His Majesty, but if Yuri wants in on the action… Ena doesn't mind!

"Th~That's definitely not what I w~want!"

"Ah, Yuri stuttered! Perhaps you wouldn't mind being taken by His Majesty!"

"Mou!" The brown-eyed Hime-Miko was too upset for words. The territory Ena was squirming her way into seemed awfully vulgar for anyone who purified themselves every year. Yuri had never considered her childhood friend would ever show any interest in such topics, especially since she was almost always training and thus never around boys to begin with.

The fact that Ena was getting a little too close to the mark was completely and utterly ignored.

Just when Yuri had decided enough was enough and to berate her childhood friend who should be the model for a hime-miko in piety and decency, she noticed a far-off look in Ena's eyes - one that showed hints of sadness and confusion. "Ena-san, what troubles you?"

"Hmm? Oh, nothing!" Yuri's look told the Divine Possessor that her only human friend didn't believe her in the slightest. With a sigh unbefitting her usual energetic personality, the Seishuuin heiress glumly explained her own misgivings for the situation, specifically how her family seemed determined to make her the Campione's lover without her consent, even if she figured it was bound to happen. "And then His Majesty, after saving Ena from a Heretic God, gave Ena's sword back!"

That had been rather shocking. Ena's sword wasn't just any katana; it was the Ame no Murekumo no Tsurugi, and it was given to whomever ruled Japan. There was no question on who such a person was at the current time, even if that person was currently being yelled at by a tiny girl with pink hairbands and a tsundere twintailed childhood friend (not that he had realized and she would ever admit). And yet His Majesty had casually returned the Kusanagi back to her, saying nothing more than: "It wouldn't make sense for someone like me who has no experience swinging a sword to use it."

Then there was the fact that more women were popping into Kusanagi Godou's life faster than anyone could hardly imagine - the Seishuuin, realizing this, had told their young heiress to make sure she was still highly favored, but Ena had even less experience with boys than Yuri! Even the Old One, whom the premier hime-miko affectionately referred to as "Grampsy," was making Ena do as he pleased - though him being a deity did give him more leeway than others. All told, so many people she had thought she could trust in were simply forcing her to be someone she never imagined she could be, and it was driving the Hime-Miko of the Sword to the breaking point an~

And that was when Yuri decided her childhood friend could use some support. Without a word, the Spirit Vision user wrapped her arms around Ena, hugging her with all the tender feelings of their friendship. She was there for her, as she knew Ena would be there for her as well. After all, they were both mistresses of a devil king - chances were they'd be around each other for a long time hereafter. The knowledge that they would never be alone was a comfort she hoped the young heiress of the Seishuuin could feel through her warm embrace.

"Bartender, another please."

Without looking up, the man tending the drinks poured another for the rather plain-looking young man. Nothing about this customer seemed unusual - a face that screamed normality, which could easily be forgotten.

Kusanagi Godou was grateful that, for once in his short time as a revered godslayer, he could actually avoid any notoriety whatsoever. He was also grateful that his grandfather had actually trained his grandchildren well when it came to matters of alcohol.

Huh. That may have been the first time he was ever thankful for his grandfather in anything. Usually Kusanagi Ichigo could be found at the root of all of Godou's problems. Or at least blamed, even if he had little to do with his grandson's escapades.

Now, it would seem odd that a bartender would so willingly and easily serve to an obvious minor. No one would ever mistake Godou for anyone older than a high school student, even if he was rather tall for his age. Of course, should the customer be an important guest, be able to drink with the best of them, or be willing to continue paying for the drinks that were lining up, the bartender ignoring the normal teenager's age would be potentially understandable.

Yet, despite all of the above being true, Godou was able to bypass any questions of his age for a different reason altogether. Because who the bartender was serving did not look like a young Japanese boy barely into high school, but a twenty-something-year-old Filipino, not unlike the rest of the men downing drinks within the establishment.

Once again, Godou found himself grateful for something he usually cursed.

Upon Yamato Takeru's defeat and Godou's subsequent resurrection thanks to his Battering Winter Storms authority, the young godslayer soon learned he was blessed with a new ability: illusion. He couldn't do it on the level of the former Japanese hero, who was able to attack the Campione with ten images of himself, all the while masking where he truly was, but Godou could make a single illusion at a time. It was truly an amazing gift.

Too bad the reasoning behind this being the authority gained from his fight in Tochigi was rather lame in comparison.

Lucretia Zola, his mentor in all things magic-related, had hypothesized that the authorities gained from battle with Heretic Gods often correlated to personality twerks of the individual godslayers. Battering Winter Storms, she speculated, took into account Godou's recklessness and determination to not quit, which the youngest Campione could understand. He hated to admit it, but his battles did seem to entail lots of destruction, because he only focused in on his foe and rarely what was around him. Only because of forethought and the fact that he wasn't prepared for battle did he even bother going into a place devoid of civilization to take on the Steel God. And he would never quit, even after death.

But Man of a Thousand Faces, according to the Witch of Sardinia, was simply because he hid who he truly was.

It hurt Godou even more when both Yuri-san and Erica, on separate occasions, agreed that Lucretia's reasoning was sound.

He hid who he truly was? That made little sense to Godou, since it didn't seem possible to do so without realizing it. Godou knew full well who he was: an overcompetitive idiot with a touch of adrenaline junkie-ness. He also had unbelievably amazing luck, could read people fairly well, and was a rather accomplished tactician. And, above all, he was a pacifist! Well, as much of a pacifist who was forced into battles to the death as one could get.

Naturally, he failed to recognize his tendencies to being quite pigheaded, not to mention his womanizing talents. He also made no note of his rather tyrannical approach, though that could be excused, since his own sister treated him as a slave.

So how was he hiding who he really was? And, perhaps more importantly, how was he like Yamato Takeru? He still couldn't get over those words that the Steel God spoke during their battle - how the Japanese hero looked almost happy when he noted how similar Godou and he were. What was it that he said? That Godou would "reap his rewards" or something?

The young Campione currently seen as a forgetful young man of Filipino descent shook clear his thoughts. It must have been the alcohol. Perhaps he should soon leave? With a glance to the exit, he grew dismayed that some fairly attractive women had entered the bar. For that was the very reason why he was hiding under an illusion. Kusanagi Godou, a man who would completely admit knew nothing about women, was finding himself surrounded by gorgeous girls more and more.

He had started realizing it when, upon learning about Seishuuin Ena, Lucretia Zola made mention of him attaining three mistresses, much to his confusion. She had then teasingly mentioned that she didn't obtain eternal youth just to stay young looking, leaving little doubt what she was implying with a small leer.

So, when she had mentioned that a mage association in the Philippines had wanted to meet him, he immediately decided to take up the offer, knowing that the lewd witch was still recovering from the Sardinia incident and using a bit too much magic during the attempted assassination on Godou by Heretic God. It was the perfect chance to escape any more jokes about him and his growing harem.

If only he had realized her true plan: forcing him to spend time with the only two confirmed mistresses, while also getting his sister accustomed to the magical side of things without her knowledge. He still didn't understand why Tokunaga Asuka was there, though he kind of wished she wasn't; having a little sister constantly yelling at him for actually looking at bikini-clad girls was enough. It didn't help matters that, while Asuka was yelling at him, he idly noted that she looked rather cute in her swimwear as well. Fortunately, he kept his mouth shut when he realized he was somewhat attracted to his childhood friend, knowing he would die should he dare to compliment her. Despite the years of companionship, Godou had received too many threatening text messages from her, some of them scarier than the threats of a Heretic God. Why would his mentor and assistant ever consider sending such a fearsome girl with no background in magic along with him as he moved to strengthen the borders of his growing magical kingdom?

Little did he know that Lucretia Zola, with the help of a certain lazy former ninja in the History Compilation Committee, had set it up in the hopes of causing chaos, otherwise known as romantic comedy.

And finally, to cap off the whole nightmare of a vacation this Golden Week should have been, he had spotted his two official mistresses together in a compromising position. Godou was fairly certain that Mariya Yuri-san was simply trying to comfort Seishuuin Ena-san, which concerned him a bit, but that concern immediately gave way when he noticed the shy Hime-Miko wrap her arms up just under the wilder Hime-Miko's large bust, lifting it a little higher. Yuri-san's own chest, while only half of the size of her counterpart's, still wasn't small by any means, and as Godou gazed on the two fair maidens, he noticed that the smaller breasts sat comfortably on top of Ena-san's rack. And then, as if some god of eroticism decided these two needed to get closer, Yuri-san nestled her beautiful head into the crook of Ena-san's neck, giving life to what many a pervert would deem the greatest picture in all of yuri-dom.

The skimpy bikinis the two wore didn't help in digressing from this image.

Godou quickly turned to look at the ocean once he realized he was staring. The scene was one of such intense beauty, he was sure he would never forget it. He was also sure that, had the Idiot Trio of Jounan Academy ever caught a glimpse of that, they may have died of blood loss from a nosebleed. Drinking slowly away another glass of liquor while reminiscing those moments, he found himself once again grateful that his grandfather, for all his womanizing ways, had helped him attain a certain amount of self-control around women. He definitely hated being referred to as a ladykiller, but adding an "irredeemable pervert" to his growing list of titles would definitely be the last straw.

"Fufu. To think, one other lord hero nears my island."

The bartender unfortunately fell victim to a spit take from the normal man sitting at the bar. Cursing loudly and threatening to throw the young man out, the tapster was thoroughly ignored as Godou Kusanagi tried to figure out where such a beautiful and noble voice originated.

There was also the tell-tale signs of power only a Heretical God could have laced within the words. That only made the young Campione all the more cautious as he listened to the voice.

"Fufu, so the godslaying monarch has already determined with whom he speaks. You are not unlike him."

… "Him"? The slightly alcohol-impaired youth wondered who this other man the beautiful voice spoke of was, A small sense of foreboding enveloped him… this was not going to be the peaceful vacation he had planned. No, not even the small hiccups with Mariya-san and Seishuuin-san, nor the constant yammering of Shizuka and Asuka could offer so much unnecessary chaos as this voice practically promised without words.

"Hmmm. Maybe I should twist off Kusanagi-sama's arm and leg in order to entice him to come and meet me?"

… Yes. Yes, this voice was definitely a Heretic God. Only someone as unreasonable as them could even utter something so terrifying in a loving manner. And since the voice wished to "entice" him, the Campione figured the divine being was part of the fairer sex. That being said, how did the voice know his name?

Godou looked around, already knowing he alone could hear the voice, but trying to determine where he could go in order to have a conversation. The voice, bewitching enough for any normal man to obey whatever it commanded, tempted the godslayer to find a quiet little cove, which Godou quickly determined would be found outside the establishment. With a nod of gratitude and a few extra peso, the young man ventured outside and soon found himself on a small beach, bereft of any human life.

"Okay, talk. Who are you?"

"Fufu. Quite presumptuous of you, Lord Hero. Tell me, why should I reveal my name to someone who so obviously wishes to slay me and gain my authorities?"

"Because it's common decency?" Despite saying this, the devil king knew full well the voice would absolutely not answer. It might've been cliche, but names had power. The minute you knew a god's name, you could start figuring out what potential authorities he or she could have, and thus be able to plan ahead. So, no, there was no real chance of learning the fallen deity's identity, and she knew that as well. But she had been mistaken about something. "And I'd rather not kill you, to be honest. I'm having trouble enough with the authorities I've already attained. Not to mention this weird political haggling."

"Ah, you speak of your growing number of mistresses?"

Okay, this goddess seriously knew way too much about his life. "Yes… but how'd you know about that?"

"Fufu. A woman has her ways." Godou snorted at the blasé response. "But I have an offer for you, Lord Hero: become mine."

"... Huh?"

"Leave the life of a godslaying monarch, and become my hero!"

… Another woman was laying claim on him?! Seriously?! There was the lewd teacher, the gentle soul, the fun girl, and a number of other girls he had yet to really meet, and now some goddess whose love was professed through the act of tearing off limbs? He was pretty sure that qualified under "yandere," which wasn't very high on his "Desired Attributes" list, if he ever made one.

"Errr… seems like a tempting offer, but… errr… I think I'm going to have to dec~"

"And to see if you are worthy of being my hero, I must test you… with this!"

"At least let me finish my sentence!" The poor lad may have screamed it out, but it fell upon deaf ears, for at that moment, a shriek pierced the beach's quiet. Instantly, Godou's battle instincts kicked in, for he could feel that whatever was coming was instilled with magical power. It was most likely a divine beas~


… Weird. That sounded like a pig.

Just as that thought came up, so too did the sand around Godou. All around him, the beach was blasted into the air, much to the dismay of the devil king. It was going to take forever to get the gritty sand out of his hair. That dismay kicked up a notch as the dust settled, revealing the monstrous forms of not one, but three gigantic pigs.

"... You've got to be kidding me."

"Fufu. So, Kusanagi-sama, will you prove yourself worthy against such a foe. I should hope so - these creatures are among my most worthless."

Just how many did she have, then? Godou would have spent a few seconds actually thinking that, but when three separate hogs the size of houses start trying to squash you, you tend to ignore curiosity in favor of survival instincts. The Campione was somewhat grateful for those as he dodged the first of the little piggies' charge, though he figured he had little to worry about. While Divine Beasts were powerful enough to give some of the toughest witches and knights fights for their lives, for men and women who had defied common sense and faced down actual deities, they were child's play.

That might explain why the Japanese godslayer, while in what most would consider a life-and-death situation, was merely grumbling about disturbing women, troublesome gods and wishing for a normal highschool life.

Heaving a tired sigh, the boy summoned a storm, completely calm as winds already measuring on the typhoon level on the Japanese Tropical Cyclone Intensity Scale billowed around him. Lightning flashed, signaling the arrival of the twin clubs of Melqart, Yagrush and Ayamur, even while their wielder felt they were overkill. He offhandedly wondered if there was an easier way for him to deal with divine beasts - perhaps he should consider looking into magic? He was told Campiones had beyond reasonable magic levels, so he could imagine shooting spells around like some wizard from a fantasy movie. Then again, just because he had potential in magic, didn't mean he actually had the time: there were gods to fight, monsters to exterminate, mage associations to rule (not that he had any clue how to do that, even with Lucretia whispering in his ear), all the while trying to hide his extracurricular activities and still make himself out as a normal teenage boy who may have had a few too many girlfriends.

No one ever said Campiones were reasonable human beings.

And throughout the entire thought process, two of the giant farm creatures had already met their end. Once again, Godou was amazed at how improbable his battle instincts were. Killing two monsters while daydreaming… he was really a troublesome being.

Staring at the last of his prey, the godslayer considered his options. He could easily beat the pig down with his clubs of lightning and wind, or he could use the divine beast as target practice. He felt there was more potential from Yagrush and Ayamur that he still hadn't tapped into, and he still wasn't sure the limits of A Man with a Thousand Faces. He knew it dealt with illusions, but how deep those mirages got. Glaring at what was the largest of the three pigs, he figured he might as well have a little fun and try things out. In case that foreboding he had with the goddess's voice came true, it might be best to develop his powers a bit, to combat any threat that was sure to happen.

Focusing on the power of the storm, he summoned more of the power of Yagrush, swinging it to push more powerful winds. He aimed these gusts at the earth at the pig's feet, kicking up more sand and dust to obscure any and all traces of Godou. The point of this entire experiment was not to inhibit the beast's sight, since the godslayer figured it already it wasn't anywhere close to 20/20. No, hopefully, the wind would cover any sound the sand would not mute, and the sand cutting should block out any smell.

"Then Yamato Takeru untied his hair, and made it into the form of a young girl."

The godslayer chanted his spell words, and soon a perfect copy of him stood there, waiting for his plan to take affect. With a nod, Godou raced down the beach, leaving Ayamur behind with his clone. Once he reached what he deemed was a safe distance, he stilled the winds and rain, while imbuing his lightning mace with enough magical power to give the divine beast a good shock.

The pig's reaction was instant. He quickly glared in the direction of where the shock came, sniffing madly, and then charged… right at the clone.

Godou could only smile as the swine ran right through Clone Godou and into the ocean, where ten foot way began to pull it farther out to see. The air was rent with the cries of the scared pig, the shrill sound puncturing the godslayer's ears. As if following his desperate yet silent pleas, the two maces flew off in the direction of the swine and then smashed into the ocean until the screeches of fear were finally drown. Godou merely watched, without any sign of perspiration. To think, a god's playthings would be this elementary.

"Fufu. As expected of my Lord Hero, those swine were unworthy of your presence." The Campione tensed, wondering what was next, but the voice continued on. "My test was too easy for you, Kusanagi-sama. Still, you have at the very least proven yourself capable of fighting for me."

"Why would I want to fight for you?"

"Why wouldn't you, Kusanagi-sama? I am even willing to prove my love by taking your arm and leg!"

"I would much prefer my arm and leg attached, thank you very much!"

"Then, if that's the case, shall I entice you to fight for me by other means?"

That definitely sound ominous. If Godou had it his way, he'd be away from this country within the hour, but he was sure that wasn't a possibility. "How?"

"I prefer to share my love with no one, Kusanagi-sama, which means those other girls must be abandoned. However, there is one handmaiden that you show no attraction to. Perhaps she would be enough to lead you to your next test?"

A girl he wasn't attracted to? That could definitely not be either Mariya-san nor Seishuuin-san, as much as he would love to deny it. After all, part of the reason he was alone tonight was to avoid those two altogether. Asuka had also piqued his interest for a second. That had been especially worrisome, but this goddess had said no attraction at all, so she was probably out? Then who else? The eight-year-old? He was definitely NOT a lolicon, despite already realizing the girl would be quite charming once she matured. He had seen the mother, after all, and he could safely say Lumaban-san was a lucky man.

But those were the only girls he kne~

… Oh no.

"Until next time, Lord Hero."

Just as she said that, Godou's phone went off.

"... Hello?"

"Godou-san! Finally! I believed I was using this cell phone inappropriately! Ah! Nevermind that! Godou-san, the city is under attack from divine beasts!"

"I know. I've killed three."

"Eh? Really? Ah, What I mean is, there was a divine beast at the hotel!"

"WHAT?!" No, that voice… she couldn't have… "Shizuka! Is she there?!"

"... Godou-san…"

The Campione hung up the phone, swearing under his breath. That damn voice! To think, it would be so forceful to kidnap his sister, all to make sure he was worthy to be her damn hero. Oh, that yandere goddess was going to pay. He'd do her stupid tests, if she wanted. But he wasn't going to be her hero.

Hello again, and welcome to the next adventure in the Devil King. I hope you enjoyed it.

I'm actually shocked by how much people write. Like, there are some who are able to pump out five thousand words a day... I can't ever really imagine doing that consistently. All the power to them.

Anyway, here's Godou's authorities. Some of you might not like his newest one - but recall, lots of authorities aren't appropriate for battle. I know Luo Hao has one that lets the city she's in be extremely prosperous until she leaves, and then Madam Aisha's usually aren't battle appropriate. I feel A Man of a Thousand Face works well with Battering Winter Storms, and so that's that.

[Battering Storms] - An ability that summons a storm on the level of hurricanes and monsoons. When activated, clouds converge overhead, unleashing a torrent of rain. Amongst the downpour, a matching pair of massive clubs descend. Imbued with divine power, these clubs can have enough destructive energy to flatten buildings with a single swing. The Campione can only sustain control for fifteen minutes - once the storm calms, Godou "awakens," returning to full health. This includes returning from the dead should he have been killed while the authority is in effect - however, in consequence of his "death," the storm will rampage for twenty-four hours, causing mass destruction and flooding, before he "awakens." Upon revival, this authority may not be used for another six hours.

[Man of a Thousand Faces] - An ability that creates a perfect illusion. This authority is not limited to just sight, but all five senses can be affected, meaning there is no easy way to break through the mirage. It can only make one, however, and for that illusion to be able to move around, it takes much concentration and experience. Seeing as this ability has no offensive potential, it has an indefinite amount of uses and has no conceivable counter-effects.