"so where are we going? sonic or chick-fil-a or something?" I asked once I was in the car

"Nah that was totally a cover, we're going to Josh's party" she said grinning "but if you want I can introduce you to people there" She added. I didn't care about her introducing me to people, I just wanted to be with her, I waited 5 year and she decided to go to a party.

I stayed silent the rest of the way there, she parked and we walked the rest of the way to the house. I noticed her shivering a little and unzipped My hoodie to give it to her "here take my jacket"

"no you'll be cold, i'll survive, we're getting close to the house anyway" I knew when she was lying she never made eye contact or she would look at the floor when she lied.

"how about we compromise" I said before pulling her from behind and wrapping both of us in the hoodie, I couldn't have planned it any better.

we approached the house and she wiggled herself out of my jacket making my hoodie feel like it had way too much space

"this is it" she said over the booming music, I could smell the sour stench of throw up and alcohol

"cool" I said trying to hide how much i knew I'd hate it here

"lets get some drinks" she said grabbing my hand and leading me through the crowded house

"hey El!"

"El you're here!"

"Josh was asking if anyone has seen you El" people we're calling her left and right none of them i knew even from when I lived here.

"so, you're popular?" I asked my voice sounding unsure

"WHAT?" She yelled

"You're pretty popular huh?" I asked again louder

"Ha no, Josh is, so people know who I am, but I'm not POPULAR" She said it, and I know she believed it, but I could tell it wasn't true, people kept their eyes on her, no one even glanced my way.

I opened my mouth to tell her that I wanted to go somewhere quieter so we could catch up but someone called her name "EL! HEY ELLIE!"

"Hi Josh" she said as he approached and slung his arm over her shoulder, THIS was her boyfriend, there is no way, she could do way better than this drunken football loser.

"who's this?" he asked jabbing a finger into my chest hard, I could see him sizing me up.

"That's Dustin, Dustin this is my boyfriend Josh" Again with my full name

"Dusty, I go by Dusty not-" I began but Josh gave me a 'you better watch it look' then grabbed Gabby and kissed her "um ok" I said in shock, that's not something i wanted to see, I could feel my chest hallowing out then it filled with a dull ache

To my surprise and great pleasure she pushed Josh off "Josh!" she said glaring at him "I'm sorry Dusty, he's really a nice guy when he's sober" and the dull pain was back

"Ellie you need a drink, I'll get you some good stuff" Josh slurred with a wink that made me sick to my stomach

"Do you want something?" She asked

"no thanks" I said looking around at all the drunk people and mess. I can't believe she's dating one of them.

"is something wrong?" She asked

"I-" I was about to tell her i hated her dead beat boyfriend but it just so happened he was walking toward us again "no. nothings wrong"

"ok" Josh's arm reappeared around her holding some kind of alcohol

"here babe" Josh said shoving the shot in her face, she gulped it down then took the vodka

"Josh I think that's enough for now" she said, at least she isn't a complete drunk.

"EL, who's this!" some girl said grabbing my arm "He's HOT" she said to my surprise

Gabby rolled her eyes and glared at the girl "This is Dusty" she huffed coldly

"Hi there Dusty" the girl said then began pulling me away

"Wait Hana!" I heard Gabby call as we disappeared into the crowd

"come with me Dougy" the girl, Hana, said

"Dusty" I corrected

"I think the house is just fine" she said obviously misunderstanding. "here we are she said pushing a door open. behind the door there was a bedroom and on the bed were two people making out which seemed to upset Hana very much "GET OUT!" she yelled and they immediately scrambled off the bed and out of the room. Hana then tried to drag me into the room.

"I'm not like that" I said pulling my hand back

"come on, its just once"

"I'm gonna leave now" I said walking out of the room and jogging down the stairs to find Gabby, i finally found her with another girl on the makeshift dance floor, she didn't look too drunk, but she had some alcohol in her system for sure

"Dusty?" i heard someone say next to me "oh my god DUSTY, its me Nelly" a blonde girl said from next to me "we went to elementary school together"

"oh NELLY! Hey"

"so you're in the party crowd?" she asked

"no not really" i laughed

"you were dragged here too"

"yeah were you?" I asked

"yeah, i'm the designated driver" she held up a few sets of keys "lets go somewhere quieter so we can actually have a conversation" she said walking to the back door, I glanced toward Gabby then followed Nelly.

Nelly and I sat outside for a while talking about people who used to go to school with us, and told funny stories till she got up.

"i should go check on my friends" she said

"yeah me too" I got up too and went inside to find that Gabby was no longer dancing.

I has a feeling in my gut that I needed to find her or so I ran in the direction of the stairs so i could go look in all the rooms to make sure she wasn't in any of them with Josh, or any other guy for that matter. my heart hammered against my chest, it was the worst feeling in the world I my foot touched the first step on the stairs when I heard her voice

"You know what. I REALLY REALLY love you" She slurred. I turned to see her kissing him, I could tell that she wasn't holding herself up, Josh's arm was wrapped around her keeping her from falling to the floor.

"Gabby?" I said causing her to break away from Josh

"DUSTY!" She screamed throwing her arms up "ITS AWESOME THAT YOU'RE HERE" She then threw herself towards me to hug me

"Gabby how drunk are you" I asked shocked, I hated seeing her like this, it wasn't her. or maybe Jared was right, maybe this WAS her, maybe time really had just changed her this much.

"Just orange juice" she laid her wobbly head on my shoulder. I took that as her being really drunk

"god, is THIS how you are now?" I pushed her off me but still supported her so she wouldn't fall, I was hurt and angry and I didn't know why.

"Dusty I-" she said slurring a lot less

"If this s who you are now then- this isn't who I came back for." I snapped

"This Isn't me I-" She looked genuinely confused about her actions and upset with what i was saying

"Dude I don't know who you are or why you're here, just leave." Josh stopped her from saying anything else

"oh god I don't feel right" She whimpered holding her head.

"you just- FINE. I'll leave." I said turning around and walking towards the door, I'm sure i could get i ride from Nelly, i had made it a few steps then without thinking I turned back around to look at her and said "Enjoy your new life OK" right after the words left my mouth her eyes rolled back into he head and she dropped to the floor. "Oh my god" I mumbled "Gabby" I was on the floor next to her in an instant "what happened to her"

"Shit" Josh cursed under his breath then he looked at me "get. out." he said eerily calm

"WHAT! no way!" I said holding Gabby's head

"EL is my girlfriend" he said putting emphasis on the name he called her, the name that everyone had been calling her

I looked around and saw a ton of unfamiliar faces staring at me for the first time tonight "fine. just-make sure she's OK" I said reluctantly before walking out the front door.

there was one other conscious person out there, she stood on the side walk tapping her foot impatiently until her phone began to ring so she pulled it out of her purse and answered it "hey where are you? I know, can you please just come get me. No she can't. yeah I know i said she would but she is HAMMERED. yeah yeah I know El never gets super drunk at parties." I hadn't been really listening until i heard her say El, but once she did I couldn't stop "well it wasn't like it was her choice, josh spiked all her drinks!"

"Wait excuse me are you talking about Gabrielle, like Gabrielle Porter?" I asked the girl

"yeah, I'm her best friend"

"shit shit shit!" I began panicking

"What? What happened?" the girls eyes widened

"She just passed out and now Josh-" I didn't even finish before I ran into the house and bounded up the stairs, I looked in every door I passed til I found the one with Gabby and Josh.

"What are you doing? I thought you left?" Josh growled

"Dus-dust-ty" Gabby breathed barely conscious

"Gabby I'll drive you home" I said picking her up off the bed, she was limp and kept groaning "Where's your purse?" I asked her but the only response I got was unintelligible so I just looked around, I checked the living room then the kitchen and I saw it on the counter so I grabbed it and ran out of the house I clicked the unlock button on her keys and laid her across the back seat then I got in the front seat and drove off.