Hello readers! After a couple months of not updating I'm back in the FFN world! Because of my new spare time due to Christmas break, I've gotten some more time to do some writing. And thus I have decided to post the Prologue to The Sequel of the Canadian Digidestined. I'm hoping to make this fic much better than the original. It's going to be a little more dark than the previous one. The characters from the original fic will not make much of an appearance, instead I'm introducing a whole new set. You will see the original characters, but not as much as you did before. Before I begin make note that the narrator of the Prologue is Kris.

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Canadian Digidestined II: The Next Generation

Prologue: An Ending and a Beginning

Fingers tapped nervously on the computer monitor. I stared at a blank word processor document, trying to form the thoughts in my head that I hoped to turn into zeroes and ones of computer data. It wasn't as easy as one might think. I was always able to form the words perfectly in my head, but when it came down to actually digitizing them, they hid away in some deep recesses of my mind that I had no access to.

The blank document before me didn't help either. The cursor sat there blinking among the emptiness, mocking my inability to think.

Finally an idea began to from in my mind, and I began typing.

"It all started eight years ago I -" I immediately stopped stopping, and screamed in frustration. I pushed the Backspace button several times, ridding myself of the aggravating opening sentence.

What the hell was I thinking? What decent writer begins a long epic tale with such a clichéd statement as: "It all started."

How did I get myself into this? I'm a journalist not a writer. I make money on my opinions, not my creative ideas. Actually this didn't require as much creativity as most works would. I knew what had happened. It was just a matter of putting it into words. Words, which refused to enter my brain.

I was supposed to be putting the events of the elite Digidestined's war onto paper (or computer data if you want to ignore the regular expression). It was hard to believe that we had fought that war ten years ago, a whole decade. It seemed like it had been - pardon the overused cliché - just yesterday. Wasn't that the way major events worked. No matter how far you come from them, it seemed like they happened only days. Half of high school, College, and two years of marriage seemed like a blue when compared to that monumental war. A war, that was now a part of human history. One of the reasons I was emptying my memories into my computer.

My boss had invited me into his office a few days ago. I had found it quite unnerving that I had been invited right into his office. I was a freelance columnist, and usually just handed my columns at the front desk. Anytime he ever wanted to say to me, criticisms, compliments, restrictions and whatnot were left with his secretary. I expected either really good, or really bad news. I never expected the news I got.

With Cigar in mouth, he spoke. "So Ronnie, I assume you're wondering why I asked you here."

Ronnie, the nickname he had given me on my fake last name, Ronneck. I had needed to change my name in order to avoid the media's grasp. After the defeat of Malomyotismon, the media had been eager to get their hands on the Digidestined, particularly the elite. Some of had decided to reveal the truth of our identities. The others, such as Jenn and I, changed our names and vanished. So far it had been quite successful.

I nodded nervously. "Yeah - Is there something wrong?"

He shook his head. "Far from it boy. In fact, I have a proposition for you. I believe you're aware of the recent novel just released by Takeru Taikaishi?" I recognized the name immediately, a fellow member of the elite Digidestined, Japanese division. One of the elite Digidestined that had chosen not to hide his identity. I'd read his book, it was the story of the Digidestined's first journey to the Digital world. I'd heard that he was planning on writing several more.

I nodded. "Yeah, of course I have. Anyone with any remote interest in Digimon and the Digital world has read his book, and you know that I have a definite interest in Digimon."

"Yes, I am," he said. "Now this book Taikaishi has written is good, but it only concentrates on the Japanese perspective. As you know there was a second division of Digidestined."

I nodded again. "Yes, those of our own country, the Canadian division." "Exactly, and Canadian readers are interesting in getting that perspective. Which brings me to my proposition."

I tightened my grip on the chair's armrest. I didn't like where this was going. "I believe you should be the one to write the book on the Canadian perspective. I think you would be perfect."

"Me?" I said anxiously. "What makes you think that I would be able to write it. I'm a columnist, I can't write a book."

"Do you really think I have to tell you? It's obvious."

He met my nervous gaze with a confident one, sending the one key question into my mind. Did he know who I was? Kris, the leader of the Canadian division of the Digidestined?

No, what was I thinking. I knew this guy well. He was like Jonah Jameson; constantly searching out Spiderman, without realizing that he was right in front of his face. He was a good guy and all, but he wasn't one to put two and two together. Even when he could, it usually came out as five. My identity was safe. Still, I was curious. "Yeah, you do have to say. There are a lot of good authors out there, that could write a book better than I could."

"Maybe," he said, removing the cigar from his mouth, and tapped it lightly on the desk. "But I would like an employee of this paper to write it. Great publicity."

I laughed mentally. Yep, that's the old boss all right, always looking for more publicity for the paper. Still, even though my identity was safe, I was curious. Why me? I've said it before and I'll say again. I'm a columnist, not an author.

"But there are so many other writer's working for you that could write a book better than me. I have no experience in that field."

He placed the cigar back into his mouth. "Nope, there's no one better. Are you aware of the popularity of your column? You're very skilled in the field of

Digimon. Readers respect your opinions in the Digital field. They see your name on that book, and copies will fly right off the shelf. Not to mention the publicity that it will offer your column - and the paper. And must I comment on your knowledge of Digital life?"

Despite my modest nature, I had to admit he was right. Digimon had been accepted into society for ten years now, and were a common aspect of life. Having a Digimon partner was also quite common. Not everyone was granted the privileges of having a partner. Few adults had a partner, only children who had progresses into adulthood in the last ten years, such as myself, had a partner. Lastly only those who the Digital World felt worthy were granted a partner. However, there were still several aspects surrounding Digimon that were controversial. Like the recent game that had just developed surrounding Digimon, known as Digibattles. Humans would have their partners battle each other, and the winner would receive credits on their Digivice. The credits could be use to make increase the power of their Digimon.

Some argued that such a sport was inhumane, while others argued it was just another sport. I offered my own opinions on that subject, and others, based on my own information on Digimon and the Digital world. As the leader of the Canadian elite Digidestined, I knew a great deal about Digimon. Of course, I never told anyone how I obtained so much information. As far as they knew, I was just well informed about Digital life.

I traced my fingers across my lap. "That's true, but wouldn't it make more sense to employ an actual member of the elite Digidestined. I mean - they did actually go through it."

He sighed in frustration, and gave me a hard stare. "Unfortunately that's not possible. As you know the majority of the Canadian elite have pulled a disappearing act, and I don't exactly trust the writing capabilities of that hockey player." He paused for a moment. "Besides, I'm sure you would benefit from the bonus a lot more than him."

Now that caught my attention. "Bonus sir?" I said with enthusiasm.

He grinned, knowing he finally captured my attention. It was easy to see how he, not only was head of this newspaper, but also owned a publishing company. He knew how to appeal to a man's interest. And a man who was in his first years of marriage, was always intrigued by a little extra money.

"Of course," he said. "You didn't think you wouldn't be getting nothing for writing this book do you? I'd be getting a large percentage of the profits of course, but you would get a fair amount as well. May I also add the raise in salary I'd be giving you if the book is successful." He stood up and placed his hands on his desk. "So Ronnie, do we have a deal?"

I immediately stood up and shook his hand. "You got a deal."

So now, because of that accursed handshake, and that slightly less accursed bonus, I was stuck here with a severe case of writer's block trying to convert my memories into words. Even with the normal inspiration that my office provided me, I was unable to get any ideas. I had decorated the office specifically to give me inspiration.

A bright blue carpet matched the bright blue painted walls that surrounded the desk and my working space. My desk sat against the wall opposite to the door. Four strong legs held up a thick, newly varnished tabletop. It was quite a very admirable desktop. Whoever had used it last had owned it previously, had done a great varnishing job. I often found myself running my fingers along the smooth grain when I should have been typing.

On the wall to the right of the desk was a large, shining window. I had chosen this room of the house to be my office because of the window. It took up about half the wall. Its outer rim was lined with a flower box, which were now filled with flowers that Jenn kept alive. I had tried to grow some myself when we first moved in, but the few plants that I was able to grow would quickly die.

The window itself was rarely seen without some beautiful glow. During the day it the glass would reflect the sunlight, at the same time soothing my body and mind with its heat. And at night, the sunlight was replaced by moonlight. Even when there wasn't a visible glow, it still glowed. The window gave a perfect view of the forest adjacent to our house. At just the right time of day, opening the window would fill the room with an everlasting pine scent. I don't care what revolutions they made in cleaning products. There was no pine scent like that of a tree.

Above my head hung a bare light bulb socket. The light had been burned out the day Jenn and I had moved in. I removed the bulb, without bothering to replace it. I didn't want to. I found it impossible to work under artificial light. I don't know what it was, but natural sunlight was just more mentally stimulating than the radiating, headache inducing rays of a light bulb. So, in order to avoid producing poor quality work, I made sure not to replace the bulb, and avoid the possible temptation of working under the uninspiring light. Little knickknacks I used for inspiration hung. Such items included my D3, and my crest. For a time after the war I had kept them on me at all times. Even though Evamon had been defeated, I still feared that there was still some trace of him, or one of his minions, that would come back. After five years of peace, my paranoia finally faded away and the items were packed away. Then, two years ago I came upon them, and decided to keep them hanging in my home office. Two items that had once helped save two worlds now hung above my desk, used as decoration. Next to the crest and D3, hung two framed pictures. The first was a picture taken eight years ago. A picture of our the entire Canadian Digidestined team. It had been taken the day we all left for university. The last day the entire group had ever been together.

The second picture I kept with me at all times, in one form or another. In this case it was a framed picture on the wall. I also had a copy in my wallet, one in the bedroom, and one on the mantel in the living room. My wedding photo. I wasn't sure exactly what it was about this picture, but just looking upon Jenn and I on the day we were wed, I could feel the lock on my creative mind fall to pieces and the ideas were free to flow. Unfortunately, that wasn't happening now. The lock that was on my mind at the moment must have been made Chrome Digizoid if my love for Jenn couldn't break it.

I was snapped out of my "work" as the door began to creak open. Quickly, I turned my head, and eager to find any excuse to escape the taunting writer's block I barked out. "Come in."

"Hey," a bright feminine voice said. "How's the book coming along?"

It was Jenn. I was surprised to see her back so soon. She had left about an hour ago to pick up some groceries, and it usually took longer than an hour to do. I sighed and turned around in my wheeled office chair. "Coming along aren't the right words." I tapped the blank computer monitor in frustration. "I believe the more appropriate phrase would be: getting started."

A half scolding, and half amused smile spread across my wife's face. It was one I had come to recognize. It was her way of getting me to do something, and at the same time didn't seem her seem like a nag.

"You haven't started yet?" she said. "What have you been doing in here the last couple days?"

"Attempting to start. I think I've gone through at least two hundred opening sentences." I said, rolling my eyes at my own inability to write. "I'm a -" She smiled, rolled her eyes, and finished my sentence before me. "- journalist not an author."

I laughed. "Don't tell me we've become one of those couples that finishes each other's sentences."

She returned my laugh with an identical one of her own. "No, it's just that you've said that about a million since you last got this assignment."

I began to fidget in my chair. I was becoming uncomfortable with this subject. I already didn't feel right about my book's slow start, and despite Jenn's comforting look, having her remind of my productivity only made the feeling worse. A quick change of subject was in order.

"So." I said while nervously trying to think up another subject. I said the first thing that came into my head. "Where are Elecmon and Penguinmon? Putting away the groceries?"

Our moods suddenly shifted. Now Jenn was the one that seemed uncomfortable. Her eyes darted away from my own, and she began to nervously twiddle her fingers, in a manner that I often did.

"Groceries?" she said in a way that only enhanced her nervous manner.

I gave her a cock-eyed stare. "Isn't that where you were?"

She sighed. "Yeah.about that. I wasn't really - um grocery shopping. That's actually why I interrupted you - I need to tell you something."

She needed to tell me something? That was never good to hear. My first instinct, was my natural male jealousy. She said she had gone to get groceries, yet she didn't. Why had she lied to me? Could she be with another guy. Fortunately it took less than two seconds for my good sense to pass it off as nothing but a paranoid thought. I trusted my wife more than that.

I swallowed and nodded as I spoke. "I'm listening. Where were you?" My voice was filled with fear. Even though I had passed off my paranoid thought, I still yearned for her to confirm that it was, indeed a paranoid thought.

After about half a minute - that seemed like hours - of trying to find the right words, she finally was able to speak.

"See, I was at the doctor's and-"

I immediately stood upon hearing the word "doctor." Now I almost wish it was another guy. At least in that case I wouldn't be having the horrible thoughts of death I had now. My mind raced, immediately assuming the worse. Why would she be at the doctor? And what could it be that she found it necessary to lie to me.

"Doctor?" I yelled, quickly rushing up to her. "Why? Is there something wrong?" I placed my arms on her sides, and looked her up and down, as if it was possible for me to spot anything out of the ordinary.

She laughed at my concern. A good sign. For a second, I even felt a bit relieved.

She shook her head. "No, nothing's wrong - everything's normal, but -" Jenn stopped, once again unable to find the words. She knew what they were, but she was nervous, which stopped the words of her brain from traveling to her mouth. I knew the feeling, I felt the same way when I proposed to her. I used the tactic that she used to get the words out of me. I took both her hands in mine, and looked deeply into her eyes.

Nothing I had expected, feared, or even hoped prepared me for it the words that suddenly came from her mouth.

"I'm pregnant!" she yelled, panting afterwards, as if it had taken a tremendous amount of energy to say the words.

As it usually did when news such as this was received, it took a second for my brain to process the words.

Pregnant? But that meant - I was a father? That was right wasn't it? That's how pregnancy worked right? In nine months Jenn would have a baby, which was, of course, mine, so yes of course I was a father. Why did I need to think about this? I took sex ed. Thank god my brain didn't work like this during my Digidestined days, or God only knows how much I would have screwed everything up.

For that brief moment as my brain panicked, trying to comprehend the two powerful words Jenn had just spoken, my face was fixed in a blank stare.

The only thing I was able to choke out was. "P-pregnant?"

Finally my brain began to function, and along with it, my body. I was finally able to show how I really felt about the news. She was pregnant! I was a father! Jenn and I were parents! An immeasurable smile spread across my face as I threw my arms around my wife.

"That's great!" I yelled hugging her tightly. "You scared the hell out of me. When you said you were at the doctor's I didn't know what to think. But a baby - this is the best news I could have ever heard."

We separated slightly, and she looked at me with a slightly less worried face.

"You're taking this news a lot better than I thought you would."

I smiled and held back a laugh. "Why would I take it any other way. You know that I've always wanted to have kids."

"Yeah but.you know, I was just afraid you'd think it was a burden or something. You know we originally didn't plan on having any kids until we were. Plus you have this book to write now, it just means another distraction, more work."

I smiled, brushing a hand across her cheek. "Are you crazy? This couldn't have happened at a more perfect time. The extra cash flow from the book can help us with the baby, and yes, I'm not going to be able to work as much as I thought over the next nine months, but I haven't really gotten anything done in the last week. Who knows, this baby will give me the inspiration that I need to finally get going."

"So we're going to be okay? I was worrying for nothing." She spoke with a look of relief on her face.

I pulled her closer. "Of course. If we can fend off the dark forces of the Digital world, we can handle a little financial trouble."

We tightened the grips we had on each other, celebrating the incredible news that had just been brought upon us; the biggest news a newlywed couple could possibly receive.

Maybe I was tossing reality aside a bit. Things probably weren't going to turn out as well as I had led Jenn to believe. The fact of the matter is, at the rate I was going I probably wouldn't be able to finish the book in nine months, and I therefore wouldn't be getting the money for it for quite a while; definitely not by the time we would really need it. True, I had said that the idea of a baby coming could give me some inspiration, it was a gamble, and there was no guarantee that would happen. In reality, it was far more likely that Jenn's prediction would be true. It could be more of a distraction than anything.

Fortunately for me, I was just too happy to care. I had just discovered I had created another life! I was a father. I didn't care about all the problems this would open up; my happiness far outweighed any stupid financial worries. Who cared about money anyway, I was going to be a Dad! I might tart singing a different tune when the bills came in, but until then I didn't care. I was a father..a father.

* * *


Nine months of pregnancy, and along with it nine months of visit to the doctor's, piles of bills, and worst of all Jenn's constant mood swings. I had prepared myself for hardships ahead, but I never that it would be this tough. I hadn't expected to worry about any serious bills until after the baby was born; was I ever wrong. I expected the purchase of a crib would be the biggest purchase I would have to make. It was, but unfortunately all the little things, diapers, clothing, toys, bottles, and all that other stuff added up to triple the cost of the crib. Actually it was more than that, I stopped adding it up after six months. Worst of all my pitiful salary of a journalist only covered about half the bills. Fortunately Jenn's salary as a social worker was enough to cover the rest, and give us a little extra, which we used to feed ourselves. Despite all the hardships the work on my book had skyrocketed. I had several predictions about the last five months, and so far almost every one of them had been wrong; except my prediction about a sudden rush of inspiration. Watching Jenn go through pregnancy, and anticipating becoming a father was exactly what I needed to free my mind from its creative lock. The words just flew from my mind onto the computer. As a result, I finished much earlier than expected; a month ago to be exact. Unfortunately it wasn't out soon enough to help us pay the bills. The writing of the book was finished, but the editing process was more complicated that I had expected. I had to edit it myself, send it off to a publisher and have them look through it, then once that was over I had to polish it off myself a second time. It had taken me the past month to get halfway through the first step. It would be at least another couple of months before I saw any money from it.

If only that - money - was the only problems that Jenn and I had to face. As any parent knows, pregnancy is never easy for any parent to deal with. Jenn had to deal with mood swing, hot flashes, and morning sickness. Myself? I had to deal with her mood swings, her hot flashes, and her morning sickness. As much as I liked to refer to myself as a reliable husband, it wasn't easy having to comfort Jenn through it all.

The birth was the worst of all. Not only was I late because of a meeting with my boss, but just watching the women I loved in so much pain was more than I could bear. The only thing I could imagine that was more painful was the act of childbirth itself.

So now, I sat here in my bedroom, holding my daughter. My little girl, Krystal. Her name had was a hybrid of two others. The first was an Italian Digidestined Jenn and I had met during our world tour.

The day she was born she was immediately granted three items; a Digivice, a crest, and a Digiegg. Her Digivice a beige D3, a rare occurrence, considering most children of Digidestined received the older model of Digivice. It must have been something she inherited from Jenn and I.

Her crest was, unsurprisingly, blank. She was only a baby, and therefore filled with infinite potential. Her most dominant personality trait could not yet be defined.

Lastly was her Digiegg. It was a few days after her birth that it hatched, and we discovered the identity of her Digimon partner; Shaomon. The baby form of Labramon, the partner of an Italian Digidestined Crystal that Jenn and I met during one of our missions, and one of the sources of Krystal's name. The second person who inherited her name was myself. Jenn insisted that we make her name unique, different than the Crystal we had met in Italy, and eventually brought us to conclusion to change the spelling to the same spelling of my own name. I sighed happily brushing the blond hair out of her eyes. Blonde like Jenn's, but thick and lustrous like my own. She really was a part of both of us. A part of us, and the result of nine months of work, and one would ask myself was it with it? If someone were to ask me that question it would only take about two seconds of me to answer. Of course it was. I loved this little girl in a way I didn't think possible. I could never love anyone, or anything else in the same way.

I couldn't say that I loved her more than Jenn, or Elecmon. My love, and my best friend. But I did love her in a different way, a way that was impossible to put into words. I would lay down my life to protect this little bundle of life.

True, I would do the same for both Jenn and Elecmon, but this was different. I felt an indescribable need, to protect Krystal. She was my daughter, a part of me, and I would kill to protect her well-being, even if she cried all day and night.

That was part of the reason I was looking after her alone. Jenn was exhausted, and I had volunteered to take care of her during the night. After all she had undergone incredible pain for this baby, the least I could do was lose a couple hours of sleep. And so I sat in her room, trying to lull her to sleep. Finally after at least five hours of rocking her back and forth, feeding her, burping her, and changing her, her tiny little lungs, which sure didn't seem tiny, finally gave in and she fell asleep.

Sighing, I placed Krystal in her crib, and quietly retreated to my office. Sleep was out of the question. Luckily I was freelance, I had no set hours, and could work - and rest - whenever I wanted. With a newborn baby in the house it was rare that I got anytime to myself. I had to use the little bit of time Krystal had just granted me to get some work done on my book. This editing needed to get finished if we wanted to give Krystal a college education, or to even just feed her and my wife.

I sat down at the computer, ready to edit, whether I felt like it or not. Little did I know that was the last thing that I was going to be doing tonight.

As quick as possible, I sat down in my office chair, turned on the monitor, and froze in fear, my blood running cold. The screen flickered a rainbow of colours, each in a specific order. It had been a long time since I had seen something like that on the computer. Ten years to be exact. It was a distress signal. The flashing colours wasn't random, it was in method of communication used by Digimon. The Digimon version of Morse code. I didn't understand the slightest bit of it, but it told me enough. If someone in the Digital world was sending it meant something was seriously wrong. Editing would have to wait for tonight. I quickly grabbed my Digivice hanging on the wall. It was the first time in years that it had moved from its that location. With a shaking hand I held it up to the computer.

"Okay," I said to myself. "I'm not getting into a fight here. Just a quick look into the Digital world to see what's happening. I decide what to do after I check everything out.

I couldn't believe it, I was actually going back to the Digital world. I hadn't been there since Elecmon and I visited the Digital desert the day our group had separated. It felt very strange to be saying the words I was about to say.

"Digiport open!"

It happened like it always did. A bright light blinded me as I was sucked into the computer; all followed by a tingling feeling as my flesh was converted into data.

I didn't stay there long; only ten minutes later my Digital data was converted back to it's original form.

I laid kneeling on the floor, panting heavily, eyes wide open with fear, as beads of sweat ran down my face. I was absolutely petrified. I had never been more scared in my entire life. Never in my worst nightmares could I imagine that things what I found in the Digital world could be as bad as what I saw. I barely escaped with my life. I shouldn't have gone in alone, I should have brought Elecmon with me. What was I thinking? Even if I had brought Elecmon with me things wouldn't have been much different. Even Humaleomon would be nothing to what I had just encountered.

"Damnit!" I yelled, unconcerned over the fact I may wake Crystal. "Why now - I'm a father. I have a little girl to take care of! This can't happen now!"

In a fit of rage, I hurled my Digivice across the room.

"Stupid fucking piece of shit!" I screamed at the foul device. "You've caused me nothing but trouble since I got you!"

It was almost impossible for me to control my anger. I wanted to do so much more than just throw my the stupid contraption across the room! I wanted to smash it! Reduce it to nothing but garbage! Burn every little piece and watch it die along with all the curse it had brought upon me. It would rid me of the responsibility of having to save two worlds - yet again. It wasn't fair! I thought I was rid of that accursed responsibility! It was supposed to be all over.

I didn't want the responsibility that it brought me, I just wanted the responsibility of a normal man. I wanted to worry about what I would buy my wife for our anniversary, I wanted to worry about my daughter's future. I wanted to worry about the boys she dated. I didn't want to worry about saving the world! I - I didn't want to have to leave her.

But I had to, I had to fight, I had to. I had told myself I'd to anything to protect my daughter, anything. Including giving her a childhood without her Daddy. I'd protect the world, if it meant protecting her.

I dreaded having to confront Jenn in the morning. I hated having to tell her that, once again, two worlds depended on us to save her. I would, of course give her a choice to fight or not, but I knew the answer already. She was just like me, she'd do anything to protect Crystal, she'd come to.

I wiped a ear from my eyes. Pushed aside my emotions, it wasn't going to help me get any sleep, which I needed greatly. I had a big day tomorrow. The day I would leave everything I loved and cared about behind.

* * *

I shivered, standing on the steps of my brother's porch, as cold rain poured down on my heads. Watching the sudden fear and concern in his eyes. I had just told him the details of our situation, on top of that the tremendous responsibility I was about to lay upon him.

He didn't try and stop me, he didn't resist the idea of taking care of Krystal until Jenn and I came back - if we came back, but I could tell he was hiding all the emotions. He wanted to yell out at me, scream at me not to go. I could be walking into certain death, but he couldn't. Cam knew that this was something I had to do, but that didn't stop him from hating the idea. I'm sure he also knew that didn't want to do it.

He sighed after a few minutes of reflecting upon the news. "To think that I actually reveled in the fact that you were a hero. Now it's a curse. Funny how much big a different a decade and a half can make."

I nodded. "You know - this is just a request. You don't have to take Krystal for us. I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind - she'd understand."

Cam laughed, an obvious fake laugh. "Are you talking about our mother? The mission isn't half as serious as any of the ones that you went on when we were kids. You may be twenty-eight, but that doesn't mean she's going to stop being overprotective of you. she'd never let you so much as take a single step into the Digital world."

Again I nodded in agreement. "I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about taking care of my daughter. You're only twenty-one, Jenn and I are seven years older than you, and we're not even sure we're ready. I don't want to."

He shook his head. "Don't worry about it, you're my brother and you need me. I'm more than happy to do this for you. It's just the two of us, I'll manage. I love the idea of spending time with my niece anyway. You just make sure you two come back alive. This girl needs her parents."

I let out a deep sigh. I didn't respond to his last remark; I couldn't, not without lying, and he knew it.

What came next was what I had been fearing ever since I had discovered how serious everything was, but there was no point in putting it off any longer. Letting an even greater sigh I escape my lips I turned to face Jenn. She was taking this far worse than I was, which was sadly, something I had expected. She was Krystal's mother, the two had shared a body. Even though I was Krystal's father no bond I had for her could match the bond those two had.

Jenn was doing her best to block out everything around her. The cold rain falling down upon us, Cam and I's conversation, and the idea that she may never see her daughter again. She held Krystal as close as she could, for as long as she could, keeping a tight grip on her little girl. Even if it hadn't rained today the moisture of her face wouldn't have changed. The tears running along her face made our rain soaked bodies seem dry.

I did my best to hold back my own tears, but it was useless. The best I could do was disguise them as raindrops. It was something I had to do. Jenn couldn't possibly the strong one now, not with the immense love she had for that child. A love that exceeded even mine. Even though I found it almost impossible I had to be the strong one. Worst of all, I was the one that would have to tear the two apart.

"Jenn," I said, reaching out for Krystal. "I'm sorry, it's time."

She immediately pulled Krystal away from my arms. "Please.there has to be some other way."

I hated this more than anything. Why couldn't I just die instead?

"You know there isn't. We can't take her with us, it's dangerous enough alone with just the two of us going."

She granted herself even more distance from my arms. "But - she's - she's just a baby, she needs her parents."

"I know," I said. "I hate this just as much as you. But she also needs a chance to live. Either way if she stays with us she won't get that chance, you know that. She comes with us she could die. If we stay with her it's only a matter of time before the danger comes to us, and she could die. At least this way she gets a chance to stay alive." I took a step closer. This time she didn't step back. "And as her mother I know that you're willing to do anything to keep her alive..even leave her."

I wrapped my arms around them both. Jenn embraced the hug and snuggled into my arms. One last moment for the three of us to be together, one last chance for me to be close to the two most important people in my life; my wife and my daughter.

I'm not sure how long we held each other that way, but it wasn't nearly long enough. Unfortunately it had to end. Elecmon and Penguinmon stood at our feet, they both allowed a cough to escape their mouths. It couldn't be put off any longer. Time to separate.

And so we did. Very reluctantly, and with a face full of tears, Jenn placed Crystal into my arms. Equally reluctantly I was forced to do the same, and hand her over to her uncle.

"Take care of her." I said. "She's really important to me. God help you if you let anything happen to her!"

Cam nodded, and merely said. "Of course."

No more words were spoken after that. No one had the energy to conjure up anything to say. All that was left now was to leave. Hand in hand, Jenn and I turned, leaving our daughter in the hands of my brother, leaving her forever. She meant so much to me. I didn't believe it was possible to love something as much as I loved her. She was a part of me that had grown into a beautiful little girl. Having to leave her was like having to leave a part of myself. I didn't feel whole, there was an enormous piece of me missing. I piece I could never get back. I had to succeed in this mission. To see Krystal again, to protect her, I'd rather die than see that precious little girl receive so much as a scratch. And so that's what I was about to do. The odds of survival were low, but it was worth it if it meant that Krystal would live.

I looked back, taking one final look at the beauty Jenn and I had created. I would always protect her, even if I couldn't be with her to do it.


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