Through the Compact Disc

Lotta songs that remind me of Helga out there these days. Don't own any of them (except one), or characters (Except Franchesca {Doesn't that fit just right?} and Deana who I made up, just not the name). This just came to me. Don't know why. Set at Christmas, just not the point.

"Wow, Arnold!" cried Franchesca, holding up an open black box. "It's beautiful! Where'd you find the mon--"

"Think nothing of it, Franny," answered Arnold. "It fits my wife just perfectly." He crawled on his knees around her and clasped the diamond and pearl necklace on her neck.

She turned her face to kiss him. "All I got you was Statson cologne and a package of Hanes," she said guiltily.

"Hey, I'm a man; you're a woman. Some things just fit." He turned to look at a ten-year-old girl sitting by the tree and holding up a square CD case up. "Oh, wow, Daddy!" cried their daughter, Deana. "I've always wanted this CD! Everyone's talking about her!"

Arnold bent over to look at the pink and black covered CD case. "Sorry, Dee, but I think Mom got that for you." They both turned around to look at Franchesca. She shrugged.

"Thank you Mom!" exclaimed Deana. "The top of my list was a Helga Pataki disc!"

Arnold's head cocked up at the sound of the familiar name. He looked at the CD again and took it from her. He looked at it carefully. "Who did you say this was?" he asked his daughter.

"Helga Pataki, Dad, don't you ever listen to the radio or watch MTV2?"

Arnold looked at the CD again, trying to figure out how he knew this woman. She was blonde, blue-eyed, and had a lot of small pink ribbons in her hair. She had a sort of desperate look on her face, but the first thing her noticed was the bows. Where have I seen those before? he thought curiously. Then it came to him.

"Helga?" Arnold said in disbelief.

"Who's Helga, dear?" asked Franny.

"This girl was in school with me until the sixth grade! She was my class bully, but somewhere around there she claimed she loved me! I didn't believe her, but--"

Suddenly, Deana jumped up and crushed an empty box walking to Arnold. "No way," she said, staring at her father.


"YOU were the childhood love that Helga based her first hit single on? The one that was mentioned in three chapters of her new biography, while was still named Anonymous?" She sat down very quickly in awe. "My dad is the most famous man in the school. I can not believe it."

There was a small silence from the shock of this news. Finally, Franny said, "Why don't we, um, listen to the CD. Shall we?"

"Oh," said Arnold, snapping back to reality. "Yeah, of course, Fran. Wow, uh, um, wow."

Franny stood up, opened the CD player, placed it inside, and pressed Play.

How mean of me, huh? Anyway, I think this is going to be really good, so I hope you guys like it! Next chapter in a week. Merry Xmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, New Year, whatever!