Rozelle found out first.

She hadn't meant to. She had just gone to the bank to make a deposit when she had seen the blonde detective in the line across from her's. Though he wasn't facing her, she could tell by his stance, and his suit, that it was Wes. If it had been any other member of the therapy group, Rozelle would have gone over to talk to them, but, Wes had always seemed so averse to everyone that she doubted that he would appreciate her company. Luckily, his attention seemed more to be focused on the man at his side, so he hadn't yet noticed her staring. The man himself looked rather attractive, he looked to be in his early 40's with messy brown hair, black leather jacket, dark wash jeans, and what looked like combat boots. If Rozelle was being completely honest with herself, the guy looked like the exact opposite of someone the high strung blonde would associate with. In fact, aside from the skin color, the guy looked a bit like Travis.

At first, Rozelle thought that the detective was there on a case, the idea of Wes doing anything remotely normal, like going to a bank, just didn't fit with her perception of him. She dismissed the notion almost immediately when, after a cursory glance, she noticed that the detective's partner wasn't there.

She tuned forward and took a step as her line moved.

Turning back toward the two men, she continued to watch them with interest. There was a loud, slightly obnoxious, giggle. Rozelle rolled her eyes as she noticed the same couple that had gotten in trouble for practically having sex on the bank floor when she first came, was at it again. The two were practically hanging off of each other, her legs opened invitingly with her boyfriend's knee practically jammed into his crotch. Rozelle snorted with disgust. She was all for public displays of affection, but there were lines. Turning back to Wes and his strange companion, Rozelle suddenly noticed the two men's body language.

Both had turned to face the couple, Wes's face, now visible, had a look of disgust on it, while his companion had a look of mild amusement. The older man was standing only a hair's breath away from the blonde. Wes, for his part, didn't sem to notice. That alone spoke volumes. Wes was a man who didn't even like to be hugged (the one time anybody had even tried to even pat the blonde's shoulder, Wes had stiffened up so fast that the other thought he had had a mild seizure) let alone have anybody he didn't know less than three feet from him at any given time. About the only people he would willingly let into his personal space were Travis, his ex-wife Alex, and Dr. Ryan (Though Dakota and Mrs. Dumont seemed to slowly be worming their way into his good graces). Rozelle wasn't jealous about this, per se, she understood that Wes had issues that he was slowly yet surely overcoming, but seeing him get so close with an unknown man sent a spark of annoyance through her.

The annoyance quickly turned to understanding as the man slid his arm underneath Wes's open suit jacket and wrapped it around the smaller man's waist. The man then pulled Wes closer until they were pressed together. Rozelle's jaw dropped open. Despite being in therapy together for the past year and a half, and witnessing a myriad of emotions from him, Rozelle had never before seen a look quite like this on Wes's face. Not even when they were talking about Alex.

Looking at him now, Rozelle couldn't help but think she was looking at a different person. Wes had always been good looking (both she and Mrs. Dumont had had lengthy discussions about Wes's beauty), but now, he was gorgeous. The tension and stress normally present on his face was gone. In its place was a softness that seemed to melt at least ten years from the man. As the brunette pulled him closer, Wes automatically leaned into the embrace.

Something warm rose in Rozelle's chest to see the normally uptight, pretentious detective look so content. The brunette turned his face into the blonde's hair and pressed a kiss to his temple. Wes relaxed further into the other man's grasp, closed his eyes, and let a small smile steal over his lips. Rozelle felt something warm settle into her chest as she turned away from the pair.

If Wes wasn't ready to share his new found love interest with the group, then Rozelle wasn't going to bring it up. From the looks of it, Wes didn't really need her opinion on it anyway.

Though she didn't envy him the conversation he and Travis would undoubtedly have once the latter found out.