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Chapter 7: Thought-Speak

          Elrohir let instinct kick in, immediately diving to the right even as he felt Legolas move in the opposite direction. The Warg that had tried to attack them sailed past between them. Elrohir rolled as he landed, coming to a stop in a crouching stance. Breathing slightly heavier, he backed up quickly until he felt a wall behind him. He peered into the blackness, searching for anything, any sign, any movement in the darkness around him. It was so dark he could barely tell if his eyes were open or closed. He could hear the Warg that had jumped at them, growling and sniffing as it sought out its prey. Wargs, he reminded himself. There were now two in this chamber with them.

          He took a deep breath and calmed himself, reaching out with his other senses in hopes of finding Legolas or the way out, preferably both. But the darkness that claimed his sight seemed to also put a blanket around everything else. The only sounds were the muted, rumbling footsteps of the giant wolf. I have to get to Legolas, he told himself. A thought, out of nowhere, popped into his mind. Elves can communicate without speech, but usually only with close kin. He himself had used the thought-speak with Elrond and his twin, but had never tried it with anyone else. And now seems like the perfect time, he decided, as the sniffs and growls of the Warg grew closer to him.

          He braced himself, and then reached out in his mind with as much strength as possible, concentrating on his friend. 'Legolas?'  he called out silently. He waited. Anxiety began to grow in his stomach, the restriction of sight wearing on his nerves. The Warg came closer.

          Suddenly- 'Elrohir? I didn't know you could do this.'  A pause. 'I didn't know I could do this.'

          Despite the situation, Elrohir smiled slightly. 'Now is not the time to celebrate, Prince of Mirkwood. Do you have any idea how to get out of this situation?... Unharmed?'  The Warg was now within ten feet of him. He could smell the blood and grime on its foul breath.

          Elrohir could almost feel Legolas glare in his general direction. 'While I don't appreciate that insinuation, I don't see many options. The only exit is on the other side of this chamber. The way I see it, we have to sneak very quietly past these two large, hungry Wargs and hope we get lucky.'

          'And how many times does that happen?'  Elrohir waited for Legolas' comeback. None came. He waited a second longer. 'Legolas?'  Silence. 'Legolas?!'

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          "Elrohir!" Legolas finally answered, this time out loud. Elrohir heard scuffling from where he assumed the opposite side of the chamber was. A shout from his friend and a loud growl confirmed his fear. The other Warg had found Legolas. Throwing caution to the wind, Elrohir stood up and tried to rush to his friend's aide. Tried being the operative word. As soon as he stood up fully, Elrohir was hit with an intense wave of dizziness and nausea. He nearly fell to the hard dusty floor, weakly grabbing at the wall behind him for support. Gasps for air on the other side of the room told him Legolas was feeling the same. So this is why thought-speak is only supposed to take place between blood relatives. There are side-effects.

          Another growl, this one closer, shook him out of his thoughts. Another Warg had finally found its prey. Elrohir made it a few steps before tripping over something on the ground. He stumbled onto his knees, his hands finding what felt like a sharp club. He picked it up, gripping its smooth surface and feeling slightly better now that he had something to defend himself with. At that moment, he sensed the Warg leap at him. He sidestepped to the left, bringing the club down as the Warg sailed past him. It howled in anger and pain as it tried to turn back towards him.

          A loud, thunder-like crash sounded from the direction he knew Legolas was in.

          "Legolas?" he called out warily.

          A grunt was his reply. "Take care of yourself!"

          Elrohir wasn't reassured, but had to take his friend's advice as the Warg came back to attack him a second time. He felt it surge forward at him, managing to catch his arm. Gritting his teeth against the sudden pain, Elrohir raised his club and brought it down on the Warg's head with all the strength he had left. The Warg faltered, and Elrohir struck it again. This time the beast collapsed in front of him. The Elf hit it once more time, making sure it was dead. Shaking his head as another wave of dizziness swept through him, he turned to help his friend.

          He had made it a few more steps when he heard something large hit the ground in front of him. For a few seconds there was no movement in the chamber, no light, no sound except for the Elves' harried gasps for breath.

          "Legolas?" he asked again, his voice slightly strained.

          "I'm here," a voice just as weak replied. "Are you feeling this?" Elrohir heard his light footsteps come closer to him. He started to nod before remembering the darkness.

          "I feel it. I think it might be some effect from the thought-speak." He reached out, finally touching Legolas' shoulder. "Can you walk on your own?"

          He could almost feel Legolas grin mischievously into the darkness. "Can you?"

          Elrohir smiled in return. "Let's just shut up and help each other out of here." Legolas was about to reply when light suddenly filled the chamber. They both whirled around unsteadily, expecting another attack. Instead, it was just the two torches burning brightly, flames dancing as if to mock them.

          Legolas stared at them. "How did they-" then he shook his head, wincing at the movement. "I don't want to know."

          Elrohir gave a half-hearted chuckle. Realizing he still had the club in his hand, he looked down at it and suddenly shuddered. It was a bone. He let it fall to the floor with a hollow crack and turned away, searching to distract himself by studying the dead Warg that had attacked Legolas. "How did you kill it?"

          "I got the damned thing to run head first into the wall." Elrohir nodded- that was the bang he had heard. "It had a chain around its neck-" Legolas nodded his head at the beast's ragged and bloody throat. "I used that to strangle it."

          Elrohir next looked over his companion. Legolas looked okay for the most part. Only a couple of fresh bruises added to the old ones. He was paler and weaker than before, but that was probably due to the thought-speak. The only real wounds Elrohir saw were the large gashes and cuts on Legolas' hands. He looked up into the prince's face, only to see that Legolas had been giving him the same treatment.

          "You're bleeding," they informed each other at the same time. Elrohir started and looked down at his arm, having completely forgotten about the bite.

          "The chains," Legolas explained as they tore off pieces of their tunics to wrap the wounds in. He wiggled his fingers, testing his hands for flexibility.

          Elrohir nodded. "I. . . used my arm as bait."

          Legolas grinned and opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. "Let's get out of here." They turned and headed out of the chamber, leaning against each other for support. As they were just outside the exit-way, Legolas suddenly reached out and smacked his friend on the back of the head.

          "Ow! What was that for?" Elrohir whipped his head around to look at Legolas. Too fast, he reminded himself. Way too fast.

          "Idiot," Legolas smiled. "If you could use thought-speak, why didn't you call for your father or tell him where we are?"

          "I. . ." It was a good question. "I don't work well under pressure, okay? And there was a slightly more pressing matter at hand!"

          They smiled at each other. "And of course, now neither of us are strong enough to try it now. . ."

          "You know, sometimes I really love our unbelievably wonderfully bad luck," Elrohir concluded. They eventually came to another fork in the hallway. The Rivendell Elf muttered something under his breath. "With all that happened back there, I almost forgot about this cursed maze. I really love your father too," he sighed.

          Legolas grew solemn. "I'm. . . I really am sorry you got dragged into this, my friend. You shouldn't be here," he said quietly. He was looking down at his feet, absentmindedly playing with the bandages on his hands.

          Elrohir stopped and forced his friend to look him in they eye. "You shouldn't be here either. This is not at all your fault, understand?"

          The prince sighed. "I know. It's just. . ."

          Elrohir nodded, echoing with a sigh of his own. "I know."

          "This whole thing proves to me what I'll have to do about him." Elrohir looked at him, a question in his eyes. Legolas blinked once and then met his gaze again, his own eyes a mixture of sadness and determination. "My father. I'll have to kill him."

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