Haiku Horror-Hokage

Haiku Horror-Hokage

Rave's note: Hi ya. Ah this would be my 2nd attempt on haiku, the first was during literature lesson, so forgive me if the format is wrong. I know that there are many rules concerning haiku but I wasn't reallie paying much attention during literature...heh heh =) So forgive me if this doesn't turn out to be haiku. Please give me ya comments on this!

**Bottou-chan… now you know how my work would turn out if I tried to write poetry with a strict structure… Thanx for ya suggestion on this! I'm curious bout the outcome too.


Freezer boy,

Emotionless and heartless.

Melting soon.

Wind child,

Carefree and proud.

Breezes through life.

Man of strength,

Coward and dumb.

Heart made of gold.

Man of honor,

Brave and powerful.

Leader of pack.

Undying woman,

Wise and thoughtful.

Woman of wisdom.

Golden boy,

Happy and cheerful.

Little kid.


Kind and gentle.

Woman of admirers.

Cursed boy,

Cruel and heartless.

Wears a mask.



Rave's note: Arghhh!! I'm reallie reallie sorrie about the wrong format. I couldn't find my literature text book! Ah well at least or so I think it was better then the first haiku I wrote. It was about a frog and a well I think... so please give me ya comments cuz I reallie need it!! Thanx a zillion for reading mi work!!