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Author's note: This story is inspired by Kamzil118's story, Theater of Space which sparks my idea of making a Mass Effect/World in Conflict series. Yes, just like his story it will contain both humor and parody and a very few Romance in the story. This story will feature character from World in Conflict and use the units from Wargame: Red Dragon because WiC called their units by their role. WARNING!:This story is extremely unrealistic!


Relay 314

It was an average day of patrolling, no pirate activity, no merchant or civilian vessels, just nice and quiet. But that was going to change rather suddenly, the small fleet of Turian vessels were patrolling the relay when it just sprang to life by itself. Surprising everyone present with the sudden nature of it all.

Reaching the command center, the captain of the fleet looked to his subordinates, "Report! What just happened?" The captain demanded.

"I don't know sir, Relay 314 just powered itself up!" The sensors officer replied, rapidly typing on his haptic interface.

The captain nodded and looking to his communications officer he ordered, "Break off the Gallant, tell them to inform Palaven command, we might be dealing with a first contact scenario. We'll go in to investigate first."

"Understood sir."


Early 1990

Earth, Heidelberg, West Germany

"This is Frederick-1-2 closing for CAS requesting coordinates." the East German pilot reported, flying his Mig-23BN toward the scene of battle.

"Frederick-1-2; there are enemy tanks approaching our position near the town square. I saw 3 Challengers, 18 Pattons, and a few APCs. We will mark our location with red smoke." Said the Czechoslovakian radio operator as he deployed a smoke grenade.

"I see you, keep clear from the fire zone, and enjoy the fireworks." the pilot said as he dropped his cluster bombs on the NATO tanks, damaging many of them.

Meanwhile in a field outside the city, a huge battle between NATO and NSWP raged between armor and infantry, fighting for the domination of a radar station.

"Fire!" ordered Capt. Helitzer, as his Chieftain's gunner fired the 120 mm APFSDF at a T-55 blowing its turret off.

"Reinforcement have arrived!" Cheered the the infantry surrounding his tank as he saw a column of armored vehicle headed their way.

"Retreat! Retreat!" the Warsaw aligned soldiers declared in fear, slowly withdrawing from the battle.


Orbit above Earth.

"So are you sure that this is the planet that activate the relay?" Desolas asked his officers.

"We traced the path of activated relays and it leads to this system. It's the only planet habitable in the system, and there are also a few old satellite orbiting around the planet. But none are good enough to reach the relay… So... No we have no evidence claiming that they are even capable of knowing the relay was even present. Current evidence concludes that the in system Relay had been covered in ice and would have been invisible to visual detection. They also only use radio signals, meaning it would take months for them to even activate the relay."

The officers last sentence gave Desolas confusion. They have the ship but don't have the capability to reach their own relay let alone the dozens of relays to relay 314, then...who activated them?

"But either way, we must discover who activated the relay. I want a review of all recorded data while we were patrolling around relay 314. In the meantime we will need to ensure that a private party on the planet didn't somehow activate it." Desolas said.

"But sir we don't have the evidence to prove that they are guilty. We may have the legal right to attack anyone not of the Citadel Council, but this could make a really bad name for the Turians at large." Desolas' executive officer cautioned.

"We have no choice on the matter, if we don't figure out who is responsible we could run into even more problems then our image." Desolas replied sadly.

"Everyone let's get to work. I want an orbital bombardment now at strategic locations, rapid response after the fact, we don't have heavy armor to spare so send it to critical locations, focus our attacks as much as possible and try to access their communications hubs. Understood?"

"Yes sir!"


NATO Radar Base

"Sir! SIR! I'm detected hundreds of unidentified objects coming through the atmosphere, it's all over the world; Europe, Asia, Africa, even the Americas!" The operator reported as he pointed at the screen, showing hundreds of unidentified objects coming into the atmosphere.

"Oh god, these aren't natural occurrences either! I'm getting active pings from all of them, I don't think someone destroyed a lot of satellites."

"Sir!" Another operator came from the next room, holding a few papers, "We lost contact with the ISS, this was the last picture sent."He gave his CO the picture, showing dozens, perhaps hundreds of spacecraft.

The officer looked at them stunned, and slowly the room fell quiet as he looked at them, "Call command, call the reds, call everyone... I think ET is coming to visit, and they don't look happy."


Earth, Korean DMZ, Aerok Hill.

The hill changed hands every day, between the two sides of Korea and today it's the South's turn to retake the hill then promptly abandon it in the face of overwhelming numbers of North soldiers.

In the trench near the hill, 1st Lieutenant Kang-Eun-Pyo, and a division of South Korean Infantry awaited the signal, when huge artillery batteries would soften them up and drop a barrage of smoke grenades to cover their advance.

Cheering they saw about 15 F-4s escorted by 4 F-16s enter the airspace, carpet bombing the area and targeting determined dugouts.

The North Koreans immediately launched SAMs to intercept but the few remaining AA weapons could do little against the superior number of South Korean aircraft and their countermeasures. It had been like this for weeks, whittling the North Korean supplies of weapons, ammo, and manpower until they could no longer keep up the fight against the superior economy of the South.

The ROK bombing raid went off better than last time, the F-4s dropping their payload of 14 quarter ton bombs onto the hill.

After the surgical strike and a few waves of artillery, Kang and his men moved up under the smoke.

"Move up!" Kang ordered as his unit advanced under sporadic and chaste suppressing fire, the North Koreans unable to waste ammo on unseen targets due to supply constraints.

"Spread out! We have to hold this hill at all cost!" A North Korean Captain ordered, even audible to Kang, as he and his men appeared out of another cursed underground tunnel to try and man their positions.

"MG nest 5 o'clock!" A South Korean soldier announced as he fired at the MG nest with his K2, gaining the North Korean's attention and soon found himself riddled with bullet holes as every NK soldier without a target zoned on him. It was almost funny if it weren't his own guy. Many of the North Koreans being conscripts kept shooting even when he fell.

"Roast them!" Kang ordered from his own cover right at the lip of the first trench.

The Flamethrower nodded and covered the entire trench in sticky flames, incinerating a dozen Koreans. About to leap the trench and move onto the next their designated flamer was killed by a sniper.

"Don't stop, suppressing fire on those spider holes and MG nests. First squad move up, second and third keep them pinned!" Kang ordered.

Kang leading the charge, made it to the second trench under cover fire, roaring as he and his men fired down into the trench at the defenders, slaughtering them. Trench warfare in the modern age was a nasty affair, once they got to the trench, nothing was stopping your enemy from shooting down on you. Jumping in with his comrades to better clear the trench he was surprised by another enemy leaping from a dug out and swiping at him.

Kang effortlessly parried the strike and grabbing the figure from behind after their reckless attack, he bashed the soldier against the metal bar holding the wall up, dazing his opponent.

The cloak obscuring his foe parted to reveal a woman, which explained why she fought him so poorly and she was so easy to dispatch. The Koreans must be desperate if they have to conscript untrained teenagers.

Kang was about to finish her off when suddenly he heard an unusual sound from above. Looking he saw dozens and then hundreds of streaks in the clear cloudless sky. All of them forming contrails like jets. It was then when he looked to their apparent destination he saw great big black smoke clouds form in the sky. All of them in South Korea.

"Whats going on?" He pulled his radio operator close so he could hear him.

The operator looking confused, then followed Kang's eyes, and slowly, the entire battle stopped as they finally heard almighty thunderclaps of explosions, dozens of miles away. "Sir… that wasn't the North Koreans."


Human Faction





West Germany






South Korea



REDFOR/Warsaw Pact



North Korea



East Germany



BLUEFOR: Almost every country have different equipment but some use the weapon bought from other BLUEFOR Nation (ANZAC and Canada use British Equipment, ROK and Scandinavia use American/German equipment for the before 80's era.

REDFOR: Most equipment are from the USSR, almost every country(Except China) used Russian Tankds and Aircraft(MIG and T-series MBT). Some countrys might have their own unique small arms(Every country have their own designation for the small arms but they are just a cheap ripoff of the Soviet one.(Ex. North Korean Type-68 is a cheap ripoff of a Russian AKM.)


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