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And a warning to everyone. this story is a little graphic, it will contain lemons. yes there are gay pairings, if you don't like it then don't read it.

Ryder says we have to go to school now, like we don't have enough on our plate as the Paw Patrol. "Rocky" a voice says "eyes to the front please" it's Ryder. Some how he thinks a ten year old can be a good teacher, the sad thing is, that he really is a good teacher.

"Sorry, Ryder" I say back.

I haven't really been paying attention to him, he's been teaching us how to read and write, something I all ready know how to do. I've been focusing on the pup in front of me, Zuma. Well not all of him at least, just the bottom area. His tail has been waging since he first took his seat, his beautiful tail I might add, every time it swings from side to side I get a nice look at his firm ass. I'm starting to get a little happy, and not at a good time.

I've always liked Zuma, since the first day I met him, two years ago. And I mean like, like, as in I get a boner thinking about him in bed. Sadly, I don't think he feels the same about me, and if he dose, he certainly doesn't show it.

Zuma's always wanted to be able to read, I've tried teaching him a few times but he never caught on, until now that is, I guess I'm not a very good teacher.

I've known how to read since I was was with my first owner, James. Every day after school he would tell me about everything he had learned, that also means Sex Ed. I still have wet dreams about that day.

When he moved to Australia and left me behind with one of his friends, I told my self I would never trust another human again, that is until I met Ryder. He was only eight at the time, but he was already a genius when it came to tech. I felt something different with Ryder, like I could trust him, not so much with Chace though, he's to following, yes he takes charge, but only when he's told to by Ryder.

Your probably wondering if I've had any other love interests, well yes. There's been Josh, Charlie, Nick, Zack and Mike. I've only slept with Mike and Charlie though, both times I was the boy during sex.

Mike broke up with me during our second time, when I said Zuma's name instead of his, we were already stuck when I said it, a very awkward forty minutes that was. As soon as my knot was gone he went raging out of the front door never to return, well, more limping that raging, if you get my drift. And the others I broke up with because, I just never felt a connection with any of them.

I've had a girlfriend before, her name was Jessie, I thought I liked her. This was before I found out I was gay of course, as it turns out she was gay also, she almost vomited the first time we kissed. I guess we needed each other to find out who we were really attracted to.

I'm not the only member of the Paw Patrol that likes the same sex. Marshall, yep, Marshall's gay. He asked me to not tell the other pups after a saw him watching Chace with a little surprise between his legs. After i found out about him, i told him about me and how i like Zuma, every now and then we just sit down together and talk about how we can never get the men we love.

Sadly for Marshall, the is no chance that Chace is gay. I walked in on him and sky doing the dirty a while back, while the rest of us were out side playing. I told Marshall and he just said that jacking of to the thought of Chace was good enough, obviously he's never had sex.

"Rocky" i hear Rubble whisper next to me, pulling me out of my trance, i look up at the clock. holy crap, I've been staring at Zuma's ass for the last twenty minutes. Hope no one noticed.

"Rocky" Rubble whispers again

I turn to look at Rubble and ask back "yea, whats up?"

"whats the answer to question five?" he asks. What is he talking about?

"question five?" i ask back. He gives me a strange look and points to my table saying "on the test." I look down at my desk to see a piece of paper with the words 'Reading and writing: test 1' across the top.

I look down to question five, it says 'How do you spell "Hello"'. I look back at Rubble thinking "how dim can this kid be". "Um Rubble, it tells you in the question"

"it dose?" he asks while looking down at his page. "Oh, so it dose" he says after staring at the page for five minutes. I cant really blame him, he is the youngest one of us, and he's a pit-bull, there not really known to be the brightest of dogs.

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