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When we get to the beach we all begin to race into the water, i stop at the shore as i feel the damp sand beneath my paws, a small sensation of dread flows over me.

"coming in Wocky?" Zuma asks after stopping and waiting for me

"ah... Well... Um... I don't think so" i say back to the puzzled pup

"pweas Wocky, fow me" he asks with his puppy voice. I could never say no to his puppy voice. I slowly place one paw in front of the other, and then another and another. Until I'm standing with the water just up to my ankles, i feel a huge amount of fear strike directly at my chest.

The fear must be showing because Zuma asks, "Wocky, awe you okay?"

I don't say a word, but just stand there with the fear controlling me. I feel tears start to swell up behind my eyes as i begin to remember why I'm so scared of water. I turn around and start running for the edge of the beach and the tears start poring out. My breathing is heavy and i can't control the tears as they pour down my cheeks. I hear Zuma racing towards me.

"Wocky, I'm sowwy, i shouldn't have made you go in" he says as he comes to my side. I don't say a word, i just let the tears role as i continue remembering.

I cant breath. I cant move. There's a hand holding me under. I scream for the person to stop, but all that comes out is gargles. I feel the darkness creeping upon me, i cant let it take me.

The hands force on me stops and i struggle to the surface, when i peer out of the water i see a man, and my mother with her jaw rapped around his leg growling

"Argh!" the man yells as my mother digs her teeth deeper into his leg.

"Run Rocky!" my mother yells with the mans leg in her jaws

"But Mummy" i plead.

"No Rocky, run, now" she yells with a fierceness in her voice. I quickly jump out of the small tub that was going to be my death place and race to the door. when i get out side, i turn around to give one last look at my mother before running into the forest. After a minute of running i hear a loud bang and a piercing scream, i don't stop running until i now that the terrible man wont find me.

I'm pulled out of my memory by the voice of Zuma yelling, "Wocky, stop it please, I'm sowwy i made you go into the watew". Zuma begins to cry also as he pulls me into a strong embrace.

"Zuma?" i say as i wipe away the tears that have drenched my fur, he pulls away from me and wipes away his own tears

"Wocky I'm sowwy" he says giving me a dreaded look

"Zuma, it's okay" i say trying to comfort him

"How is it okay?, you looked like you wewe going to die" he asks with more tears beginning.

"Zuma, it's okay because... i got to see my mum"

"What do you mean?"

"I had pretty much forgotten what my mum looked like, but i saw her, just now". I say with a smile growing across my face.

"Weally?" he asks sniffling back is tears.

"well yea, i guess i did feel the worst pain I've ever had, but other then that, i got to see my mum" i say with excitement, "and Zuma, you can't tell anyone about this, okay. cos' if they found out, i would never get them of my case about it" i add, making Zuma giggle a little bit

"okay Wocky, i pwomis" he says back.

After a bit, Zuma heads back into the water with the others leaving me alone to my thoughts, thoughts of my mother.

She was beautiful, her fur was like mine. A pale gray with a few dark spots here and there and a slight blue tint, i don't know what breed she was, that's why I've always just gone with 'mix'. Ryder said he could do a DNA test if i wanted, but i just said i didn't want to ruin the surprise. I think he still did it anyway.

I don't remember my Mothers name, just that it was mum or mummy. I never knew my dad and i don't think i had any siblings, it was just me, my mum and that 'man', that is until he tried to kill me and my mother. He succeeded with one of us.

Her eyes weren't the same as mine, they were a bright blue. I remember always feeling happy when i looked into her sky blue eyes. I guess there about the same as Marshall's, maybe that's why i feel so close to him, like he could be my brother or something. But that's silly, or is it?.

When i look up at the other pups i notice that two particular pups are missing. Sky and Chace. I wounder were they could have gotten off to. I stand up and head down the beach in search of them until I'm blocked of by the cliffs. I just start going around them, making sure not to fall into the crashing waves. I keep going until i come across an entrance to a small cave, I've been here before with Marshall and Chace, a few years back we came across it in our adventures. I slowly head inside making sure not to make a sound in case there are bats or other nocturnal creatures. To my surprise, i don't come across some night animal, but Chace and sky. Chace is on his back, and Sky is leaned over his lower region making a liking noise.

"Oh God" i yell as i witness Sky Jacking Chace off

"Ah!" both the pups scream as they jump up. Chace has a full erection and Sky has a bit of white stuff surrounding her mouth. Chace's dick is bigger then i was expecting, but what do you expect from a German Shepard, there bred to be big and tough.

"Rocky, what are you doing here?" Sky tries to say with a dignified tone. She must not know that she has cum surrounding her mouth

"yea" Chace adds while trying to hide his erection.

"well...um, i was wondering where you two were, and i guess i found out" i say with a snicker as i begin to leave the small cave, "oh and don't worry about me telling Ryder about your little get-together in here, we all have our secrets" i add as i walk out the entrance with a laugh.

When i get back i notice that Marshall is now out of the water and siting where i was a minute ago, i walk up to, and sit next to him.

with a smile i ask "guess what i just saw?".

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