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A day out
By, Clayton Overstreet

Aeka sighed and lay back on the couch. She had finally gotten her family
back together, but had still lost Tenchi. Sure he was going to stay at home
with them. And he loved her and she loved him. But he loved her as family
and was attracted to Ryoko. It didn't hurt as much as it might have. After
all she had known that the choice had come down to Ryoko and Sakuya. He had
picked Sakuya, Yugi had read his mind so she knew exactly what to say and
do. But Sakuya had never existed and Tenchi was with Ryoko now. She was
happy that Tenchi was happy, but she just wished he could have been happy
with her instead. And finding out that he had been out on a date with Ryoko
before he knew that Sakuya wasn't real hadn't gone over too well with her.
But he was happy and he was home so she had to be happy with the cards she
was dealt. While Earth may not be as beautiful as Jurai was to her, the fact
that she didn't have to put up with being forced to do things as a princess
made up for it. She wished Ryoko would show her a bit more respect though.
Even Sasami got more respect from the pirate than she did and Aeka had been
the one to pardon her crimes while under the influence of Yugi's henchman.
Then again she was the only one that didn't like the pirate. Even Kiyone and
Mihoshi had become friends with her after they realized she wasn't
interested in hurting anyone any more. "Ugh, listen to me. Like I can do
anything about this." She sighed and leaned back into the couch to watch her
soap operas.
Ryoko laugh. "Oh that's it. That's where we'll go!" She had just found
the perfect place for that second date Tenchi had promised her. She had
spent a lot of time thinking of where she went wrong the last time and what
she did right. In retrospect it was a mistake to try showing off. He already
knew what she was capable of. But on the plus side he had seemed to really
like her at the end. Maybe if she toned it down this time. And this was the
perfect place to do it. "Maybe he'll even kiss me this time."
She smiled and flew out through the wall heading towards the shrine. When
she got there Tenchi was sitting on the steps reading another note from his
friends in Tokyo. She smiled and teleported behind him and covered his eyes.
She grinned and leaned down whispering into his ear. "Guess who Tenchi." He
blushed and a bit of blood came out of the end of his nose. Ryoko giggled
and took her hands away, "I take it that you guessed."
Tenchi smiled up at her. "Good afternoon Ryoko. What brings you out here?"
She smiled and traced her finger down his cheek causing him to gulp
"Do I really need a reason Tenchi dear?" She leaned forward and put her
face in front of his.
"I... I guess not." He tried to act calm and smiled, but his face was
completely red.
Ryoko laughed and backed up a bit. "Well you were right. I came to collect
on a promise you made me."
Tenchi looked up at her still a bit nervous. "And which one would that
be?" He tried to remember the last promise he had made Ryoko... no, he'd
gotten her the video. He had bought her that giant sized Sake bowl. So what
could it be? Ryoko however wasn't going to let him off the hook.
She mock pouted and looked at him with soulful eyes. "Aw Tenchi. I can't
believe you don't remember. And after all the trouble I went through to look
good. I even put on lipstick just for you."
Tenchi smiled and nodded. "You've figured out where you want me to take
you on our next date."
Ryoko laughed and nodded. Then she stopped and looked at him. "If you
really don't want to go though I wont hold you too it."
Tenchi smiled up at her. "No Ryoko, I'd love to go on another date with
you. So where are we going and when?"
She smiled and winked. "I'll tell you where when we get there, but as to
when... how is tomorrow afternoon for you?"
Tenchi smiled and nodded. "Sure Ryoko, sounds fun." Ryoko smiled and flew
off happily. Tenchi watched her go, "She always keeps me guessing." He put
the letter from his friend's away in his pocket and began sweeping again. He
knew Ryoko was still a bit insecure because of Sakuya, but they had talked
it out and the matter had been dropped. She hadn't really existed and Tenchi
was over her. He smiled trying to imagine what Ryoko had planned. Their last
date had taken the two of them all over Tokyo. Tenchi had been a little
embarrassed, but in the end had actually been a little surprised and sad
that she had cut the date short.
By the end of the day he had gotten himself so worked up that he could
barely believe it. He was smiling like and idiot and knew it, but couldn't
bring himself to stop. When he got home that evening Sasami greeted him and
asked what he was so happy about. "Ryoko has picked out a spot for our date
tomorrow and she wont tell me where it is." Sasami giggled and shook her
head. "Sounds like her. So when you get back will you tell me where she took
you?" Tenchi grinned and took his chance to tease the little princess. "Well
that depends Sasami." Sasami pouted and looked at him. "On what?" Tenchi
ruffled her hair, "On how good the dinner you made is." Sasami grinned and
ran off into the kitchen. Tenchi went upstairs to change and shower before

(Now as filler I'm also going to add a side story. That's right, for the
price of a single Tenchi fan fic your favorite author is not only giving you
a Ryoko and Tenchi story, but one of his equally good Kiyone and Mihoshi

Mihoshi grinned at Kiyone as they walked home from the bus stop. "I can't
believe I agreed to go on a date with you Mihoshi. What was I thinking?"
Kiyone asked.
Mihoshi smiled and looked at her. "That I'm cute and you really like me
even if I do make you mad sometimes." Kiyone sighed. It was true. They had
been going out unofficially for a while now. But this was the first honest
to goodness date her partner had ever asked for.
"So where do you want to go? We can't afford to do too much. And we can't
go back to the karaoke bar after what happened last time." Kiyone asked.
Mihoshi thought about it for a while. "How about a nice lunch at that new
restaurant in town and a walk through the woods?" Kiyone thought about it
for a minute. "That actually sounds like a good idea Mihoshi. But not a bag
lunch. We still owe Tenchi that back rent ok?"
Mihoshi nodded and put her arm around Kiyone, causing her to blush.
"Alright Kiyone." Kiyone bit her lip and put her own arm around Mihoshi,
leaning her head against Mihoshi's soft blond hair.
They got home just after Tenchi did. Walking through the door they both
flopped down on the couch and slouched back. Mihoshi yawned mightily. Aeka
smiled at them and shook her head. "Another long day at work Kiyone?"
The green haired girl nodded and moaned. "I'm just glad we get tomorrow
off. You are so lucky Aeka. All you have to do is the normal household
Aeka giggled. "Well you know Tenchi said you two could do that too."
Kiyone nodded and said, "I know, but I wouldn't feel right about it.
Besides, Mihoshi and I enjoy being able to shop on our own money."
Aeka shrugged. Anything she or Sasami wanted she just ordered from Jurai.
Sometimes she would get something from off world that one of the others
wanted, but most of the time they seemed to stick to Earth related supplies.
"Well at least it's quiet around here so we don't have to do much police
work." Kiyone nodded.
Fifteen minutes later Sasami called everyone for dinner. Noboyuki had
arrived home as had Yosho. Tenchi came down the stairs with his hair still
slightly wet. Washu had come out of her lab to eat as well. The three girls
from the living room came and sat down while Ryoko materialized next to
Tenchi. Sasami came out of the kitchen carrying the food. It all looked and
smelled delicious. Sasami winked at Tenchi and they all began to eat.
"So what's everybody doing tomorrow? It is a weekend after all." Noboyuki
asked. Aeka smiled and said that Sasami had promised to teach her how to
cook. Yosho was going to work at the shrine as always. Noboyuki was planning
on fishing at the lake. "Care to join me Tenchi?" He asked.
Tenchi shook his head. "Sorry Dad. Ryoko is taking me out somewhere."
Noboyuki grinned and Sasami giggled.
Aeka raised her eyebrow. "Nothing inappropriate I hope Ryoko."
Ryoko simply shrugged and grinned. Ryo-oki meowed up at Sasami. "Sure
Ryo-oki, you can cook with Aeka and me." Tenchi looked over at Mihoshi and
Kiyone. "So where are you two going to be tomorrow?"
Kiyone blushed and Mihoshi said, "We were going to check out that new
restraunt and maybe take a walk." Tenchi nodded and said that that sounded
Ryoko grinned and whispered into his ear. "You don't know what fun is yet
Tenchi." Tenchi blushed and quickly took a bite of food before he said
anything stupid. Ryoko laughed and Sasami giggled again.
The next day Tenchi woke up to find a note on the pillow next to him. He
picked it up and read it. 'Good morning Tenchi. Sorry I'm not there to hug
you this morning but I'm getting ready for our date and I want you to be
surprised. Meet me at the west entrance to the big park off of Main Street
in Tokyo at 11:30. Don't worry; I'll be on time. I promise. Love, Ryoko.'
There was a lipstick print at the bottom. Tenchi smiled and put the note
onto his dresser. He quickly got dressed and headed down stairs.
Aeka was still asleep while Yosho and Noboyuki had already gone out.
Tenchi sat down with Mihoshi and Kiyone. Sasami came out with their
breakfast. Sasami looked at them and smiled. "You guys will be sure to tell
me all about what you do on your outings today right?" The others just
grinned and kept their mouths shut.
Sasami laughed, "Fine if that's how you're going to be I'll let Aeka make
dinner by herself." Tenchi shuddered. Aeka was almost as bad at cooking as
"Sasami I'll wait until after the date to answer that question."He
Sasami giggled and said, "Alright, but if you wont tell me I'll just ask
Ryoko." She stopped and looked around. "Where is Washu?"
Mihoshi looked at Sasami and said, "She said she had something she was
looking into today." Sasami sighed. She always worried when Washu missed
Ryo-oki hopped into her lap and meowed. Sasami smiled down and scratched
behind her ears. Ryo-oki rubbed against her again, then hopped down to the
floor where she had left her carrot. "Thanks for cheering me up Ryo-oki."
She said. The cabbit just ran off with her carrot in her mouth.
After breakfast Tenchi went to catch a bus into Tokyo and the two GP
officers started the walk towards town. Tenchi was wearing clothes similar
to those he had on his first date. Mihoshi was in a blouse and short blue
skirt. Kiyone was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. They waved to Tenchi
as he got onto the bus and Tenchi waved back. It was going to be a fun day.

Tenchi got off the bus and looked around the park. He spotted Ryoko
sitting on the edge of the large fountain that sat just inside the entrance.
She was twirling her fingers in the water and hadn't seen Tenchi's bus
pulling up. She was wearing a green dress with a black ribbon on it. Her
hair was hanging down her shoulders like it always did, but Tenchi noticed
she had worn her lipstick again. It made him feel kind of special that he
was the only one she'd ever worn it for.
He walked over to her and said, "And what are you doing here all by
She looked up and smiled at him. "So there you are Tenchi." She stood up
and put her arms around his neck. "How do I look?"
Tenchi blushed and said, "You look great Ryoko."
She smiled and stepped back blushing herself. "Thank you Tenchi." Tenchi
took her hand and asked her, "So what were you planning today?"
Ryoko smiled and squeezed his hand too. "I was thinking that we'd see what
the park has to offer. Last time we went all over the city. I want some time
alone with you today."
Tenchi nodded and they started walking down the path and into the park. He
put his arm around Ryoko's waist and she leaned into him.

Mihoshi and Kiyone arrived at the restraunt at about noon. It was a buffet
style restraunt so they just had to pay at the door. Once inside they went
through to fill their plates up and sat down at a table. Kiyone looked
around at the mirrored walls and listened to the quiet music playing. "Wow
Mihoshi, this place is nice."
Mihoshi nodded and smiled at her. "I hoped you'd like it." Kiyone blushed.
She wasn't used to going out on dates with anyone and this thing she had
with Mihoshi was new to her. Mihoshi saw the blush and smiled more before
taking another bite of her food.
After a little while she looked up Kiyone. "Kiyone there's something
that's been bothering me for a while." She sounded genuinely worried so
Kiyone immediately looked up. "What is it Mihoshi?"
Mihoshi bit her lip and looked down at her plate. "Well, do you remember
when we were in space and had infiltrated Ryoko's gang?" Kiyone nodded.
"Well I was just wondering if... well were you serious when you asked Ryoko
if you could have Tenchi? I mean I wouldn't blame you or anything. I know
you've never dated a girl before and I can't do everything a guy could..."
She stopped when Kiyone put a hand on her cheek. "Mihoshi, I was just
trying to get Ryoko to come back to Earth. Tenchi is family, nothing else.
He loves Ryoko and... and I love you Mihoshi."
A tear fell from Mihoshi's eye and she put her hand over Kiyone's leaning
into her palm. "Thank you Kiyone. I love you too... I just had to know."
Kiyone nodded and rubbed the tear out of Mihoshi's eye with her thumb.
"It's alright Mihoshi." They sat back and smiled at each other.

Ryoko was having a blast. First they had gotten hotdogs from a street
vender and had ended up throwing the buns to some of the ducks in the pond.
Then they had taken a long walk into the park. Finally they came to a man
drawing portraits. Ryoko saw him and asked, "Tenchi can we?"
Tenchi smiled and nodded. He walked up to the man. "How much?" The old guy
looked at them and smiled. "Well usually it's ten hundred yen, but for such
a cute couple I'll settle for five." Tenchi paid him and then he and Ryoko
sat down on the bench across from him.
When he was done they walked over and took a look. He had managed to get
the looks on their faces just right. Tenchi gave him an additional five
hundred yen. The man smiled and dug into a bag next to him producing a
frame. He put their picture into it and sent them on their way. Ryoko looked
at the picture and smiled. "Thank you Tenchi. I want to remember this day
Tenchi smiled at her. "I know I'll never forget it." Ryoko blushed and
Tenchi put the picture away in his jacket.
After a while they found themselves outside the zoo. Tenchi looked at
Ryoko. "Want to go in and check out the zoo?"
Ryoko smiled and nodded. "Sure, sounds fun. Um... what's a zoo?" Tenchi
smiled and lead the way through the gate.

Washu smiled as she watched the monitors. Tenchi and Ryoko's date was the
perfect excuse to test her new nanocammeras. The microscopic robots followed
them around recording the sites and sounds around the two. "If Ryoko knew I
was doing this she'd probably kill me." Washu laughed hysterically. She
switched the camera view to Mihoshi and Kiyone. "Let's see what they're up

Kiyone and Mihoshi walked through the woods holding hands. Cherry blossoms
fell from the trees around them. Kiyone looked at Mihoshi and saw the
blossoms in Mihoshi's hair. "You look really pretty Mihoshi."
Mihoshi blushed and squeezed her hand. "Thanks Kiyone. You look great."
Kiyone smiled and they leaned against each other. Suddenly a squirrel ran
out in front of them across the path. "Ahh." Mihoshi let out a small cry
causing Kiyone to jump. They both looked at each other and bust out
laughing. "Kiyone you almost jumped out of your skin."
Kiyone grinned and pushed her finger into Mihoshi's chest. "Oh yeah? Well
at least I wasn't scared by a squirrel!" Mihoshi grinned back.
After a while they came to a large cherry tree that already had some fruit
on it. "Ooo, those look good." Mihoshi said reaching for them. Unfortunately
the tree was so big that the lowest branches with cherries were several feet
out of reach.
Kiyone laughed and shook her head. "Don't you ever stop eating?" Mihoshi
looked at her pleadingly and she let out a sigh. "Oh alright. Get down here
so I can get on your shoulders." Mihoshi smiled and kneeled down. Kiyone
climbed up onto her back and Mihoshi stood up shakily. "Whoa Kiyone. Who is
it that eats too much?"
Kiyone leaned down and looked her in the eyes. "Hey, one more remark like
that and you wont get any cherries." Mihoshi closed her mouth in a
tight-lipped smile.
Kiyone looked up and reached for some cherries. She got a rather large
handful before from below her she heard the all to familiar sound of Mihoshi
saying, "Uh oh." She closed her eyes as she felt Mihoshi fall out from under
her and landed on her butt. "Ow!" Mihoshi bit her lip and looked at her.
"I'm sorry Kiyone. My foot slipped."
Kiyone groaned then sighed. "It's ok Mihoshi. I'm fine. Are you alright?"
Mihoshi smiled and nodded. Kiyone winked and split the cherries between

Ryoko stared in awe at all the animals in the zoo enclosures. "Wow Tenchi.
There are such beautiful animals on this planet. Those tigers are just
Tenchi smiled and looked at the tigers with her. "Yeah, I used to come
here sometimes with my dad when I was a kid. Back then they didn't have the
habitats. All the animals were kept in cages." Ryoko looked at him
shocked. "Put a beautiful animal like that in a cage with bars? That's not
Tenchi nodded his agreement. "I know. They look so great in their natural
habitats." They walked through the zoo admiring the animals.
Ahead of them was a group of people. Tenchi wasn't really paying much
attention until he heard someone call his name. "Hey Tenchi!" Tenchi and
Ryoko turned and saw Amagasaki and a few of Tenchi's other friends coming
over. The girls and the guys stopped in front of them and smiled. "So
Tenchi, out on a date huh? Who's the pretty girl and how much did you pay
her to go out with you?"
Ryoko growled and a fang peeked out of her lips, but Tenchi laughed and
squeezed her hand. "Very funny Amagasaki. This is Ryoko... my girlfriend."
Ryoko's heart jumped slightly in her chest. She blushed bright red. The
girls giggled and one of them said, "Well Tenchi it seems you have better
taste than we thought."
Amagasaki laughed too and said, "I don't know how you got such a cute
girlfriend Tenchi. I guess now we have to stop signing those letters as
'From your girlfriend in Tokyo'. Huh?"
Tenchi smiled and looked at Ryoko. She had stopped blushing and gotten her
usual fun loving smirk. "You'd better buster, or else."
Amagasaki grinned. "Or else what?"
Ryoko grinned and leaned down to pick up a rock. She glanced at Tenchi who
smiled and nodded. She held to pebble up for everyone to see and then
crushed it between her fingers and grinned at Amagasaki who gulped. "Heheh,
whatever you say." Ryoko grinned and took hold of Tenchi's arm again.
Tenchi smiled and asked, "So what are all of you doing here?"
The girl that had spoken before said, "Oh we're on a class trip. We're
supposed to split up into groups and pick an animal to take pictures of and
write a paper about it."
Amagasaki nodded and held up his camera. "Sorry we can't stay and tease
you some more Tenchi, but we only have a little while." He and the others
turned to go stopping to wave a ways down.
After they were gone Ryoko looked up at Tenchi. "Did you mean it?"
He looked back. "Mean what?"
Ryoko blushed and hugged him close. "When you called me your girlfriend."
Tenchi smiled and nodded. Ryoko let out a squeal of joy and swung him
around. "Oh Tenchi I'm so happy!" Unfortunately she didn't have that good a
grip on him and Tenchi went flying. She stopped and looked around. "Oh my
gosh! Tenchi? Tenchi where are you? Are you alright?"

Mihoshi laughed at Kiyone. The green haired detective had put a cherry
over each eye and made a funny face. The cherries fell out and Kiyone smiled
back. Mihoshi grinned and winked. "Want to see a real neat trick I saw on
Kiyone nodded. "Sure." Mihoshi took a cherry stem in her mouth and worked
it around for a minute. She stuck her tongue out and Kiyone saw that it was
tied in a knot.
Kiyone grinned and picked the stem up off her tongue. "Nice trick
Mihoshi." Mihoshi winked and looked at Kiyone.
Kiyone popped the stem into her mouth and then stuck her tongue out. The
stem was now untied. Mihoshi grinned and Kiyone dropped the stem to the
ground. "Now if it's blatant come ons you want Mihoshi..." She held up a big
cherry and said, "...remind you of anything?"
Mihoshi blushed and Kiyone sucked the cherry into her mouth. "Now Kiyone
you know it isn't nice to tease." Kiyone winked and they both leaned forward
to kiss. Mihoshi moaned slightly and wrapped her arms around Kiyone. Kiyone
moaned in response and ran her hands down Mihoshi's sides. When they broke
apart Mihoshi laughed and showed her the cherry that was between her teeth.
Kiyone laughed too, "Cherry thief!"
Mihoshi swallowed the cherry, stem and all. "Well it was the last one. And
what are you going to do anyway?"
Kiyone scooted forward and looked Mihoshi right in the eyes. "I might just
have to go after it." Mihoshi grinned and Kiyone reached forward to run a
hand through Mihoshi's blond hair. Mihoshi giggled and leaned in again.
"If that's what you have to do..."

Ryoko heard Tenchi's voice from one of the enclosures behind her. She ran
over and looked in. He had landed in one of the streams that surrounded one
of the environments. "Tenchi, are you alright?" Ryoko called down worriedly.
Tenchi looked up and smiled. "I'm fine. I just need to get out of here and
dry off." Ryoko jumped the fence and floated down next to him. She stood on
the water then leaned down to help him up. Tenchi took her hand and stood
up. "I'm so sorry Tenchi. Are you sure you weren't hurt?"
Tenchi smiled and nodded. "It's alright Ryoko. I'm fine and... Watch out!"
The last bit was said right before Ryoko felt something hit her from behind
and knock her into the cement wall.
Tenchi gasped and looked at her. "Ryoko are you alright?" He was
distracted by the huge polar bear that had knocked Ryoko down. It focused on
him and roared. "Ahhh!" He yelled and backed up into the wall of the
enclosure. The bear raised its paw and swung at Tenchi. He closed his eyes
and prepared for the worst.
After a minute he peeked out his eyes and saw Ryoko holding the bear's paw
in the air. He glanced to where she had hit the wall. All that was there now
was a hole about the size of her head.
He turned back and saw Ryoko looking right into the bear's face, her eyes
glowing red. "You ripped my dress."
Tenchi yelled, "Ryoko don't hurt it." Ryoko growled and threw the bear
away from her. It picked itself up and ran away. Ryoko turned to Tenchi and
picked him up flying them back to the sidewalk.
Tenchi looked at her and saw a huge bruise under her left eye. "Oh Ryoko,
you're hurt."
Ryoko blushed and shook her head turning away from him. "It's nothing
Tenchi. It was my fault and I'm fine." She tied the tear in her dress
together. Tenchi put his hand on her chin and turned her head to face him.
The bruise had gotten a bit bigger.
"Wait right here Ryoko. I'll be right back." He ran around the corner
leaving Ryoko standing there. He came back a minute later with a small bag
of ice. He smiled at her, "Now just hold still Ryoko. This will help the
swelling go down." Ryoko shivered and smiled nervously as Tenchi held the
bag against her eye. Tenchi took her hand and lead her to a bench where they
could sit down.
"Tenchi, you don't have to do this. I'll be fine in a little bit and it
really was my fault." She protested.
Tenchi smiled at her and shook his head. "It was an accident Ryoko. It
wasn't your fault. Now just let me help you alright?" Ryoko nodded and
smiled at him. After about ten minutes Tenchi took the ice away and saw that
the bruise was gone. He smiled at her and Ryoko smiled back. Setting the ice
aside he reached up and wiped the drops of water off of her cheek. He was
about to pull his hand back when Ryoko reached up and held it in place. He
stopped and looked into her eyes. Slowly they both leaned forward and closed
their eyes. Their faces stopped a fraction of an inch away from each other
and they both felt each other's breath on each other's lips.
"Hey Tenchi!" They both jumped back as Amagasaki came running over. "Come
on you two. I want to show you this really cool polar bear!"

Kiyone and Mihoshi lay in each other's arms at the base of the cherry
tree. Their hair was a mess of leaves, twigs and cherry blossom. Kiyone
grinned and looked into Mihoshi's eyes. "This was a great date Mihoshi.
Mihoshi smiled and Kiyone kissed her quickly across the lips. Mihoshi
kissed her back and ran a finger down her cheek. "You're welcome Kiyone."
After a while they got up and cleaned each other off. Kiyone had a twig
stuck in her hair. Mihoshi reached out and slowly pulled it out for her.
"Thanks Mihoshi." Mihoshi smiled and Kiyone brushed a few blossoms out of
her hair.
"You know what Kiyone?" Mihoshi asked innocently.
Kiyone smiled and asked, "No, what?" Mihoshi leaned forward and kissed her
again pulling her close and running her hands down Kiyone's back.
When she finally broke apart she looked right into Kiyone's eyes. "I love
you. I may not know much else but that's something I'm sure of."
Kiyone smiled and rubbed her nose against Mihoshi's, "I love you too
Mihoshi." They took each other's hand and started walking again.
Mihoshi bit her lip. "Kiyone... can I ask you something else?" Kiyone
smiled and nodded. "You can ask me anything Mihoshi." Mihoshi looked at
her nervously and leaned close. "I've been thinking about this for a long
time. I mean I know it isn't exactly the usual way of doing this and
everything but I was wondering if... would you..." She stepped in front of
Kiyone causing her to stop again. Kiyone looked into Mihoshi's eyes and
gasped, having guessed the question just a moment before Mihoshi said, "Will
you marry me?" Kiyone took a deep breath and stood there quietly for a
minute, staring into Mihoshi's eyes.
She bit her own lip in a mirror image of the look on Mihoshi's face. Then
slowly... ever so slowly, she nodded and said, "Yes..." Mihoshi squealed and
hugged her. Kiyone wrapped her arms around Mihoshi and held her just as
tight. Tears streamed down both of their cheeks and across the others back.

Tenchi and Ryoko had been following Amagasaki and the others around to all
the cages. "You see Tenchi I figured that if we were all going to be here
anyway you might as well see the zoo with your friends right? And Ryoko
hasn't really gotten to know us yet." Ryoko sighed. She had been so close!
She had felt his breath on her lips when this guy had just run up and
totally ruined it. Now Tenchi was walking next to her holding her hand
tightly and smiling reassuringly.
They passed by the elephant cages and moved on to the enclosure with the
rhinos. Amagaskai was bragging that if one of them charged him he'd be able
to take it down. "Yeah right. If that thing started running at you you'd
take off running in the opposite direction." One of the girls said. Tenchi
smiled and looked around. It was about three in the afternoon. Suddenly from
the other end of the zoo they heard a man call out loudly that it was time
for the class to go back to school.
"We'll see you later you two." Amagasaki said as they ran past them.
Tenchi nodded and watched the kids all pile into the bus.
Ryoko smiled and looked at Tenchi. "You have some interesting friends
Tenchi smiled and nodded. "Yeah, they're ok." Ryoko smiled and took his
hand. "So what else it there to do at this park?" Tenchi thought about it
for a while. "Well since my clothes are still a bit damp how about we go to
the roller coaster and dry off?"
Ryoko looked at him. "Is a roller coaster anything like a zoo?" Tenchi
grinned and shook his head. "No, it's kind of a ride."
He led the way down the path and down towards where the park's single ride
lay. Ryoko heard someone scream and held up her energy sword. "Keep back
Tenchi, this could be dangerous." Tenchi laughed and put his hand on her
wrist. "It's alright Ryoko, trust me." They came through the trees and Ryoko
stared. Above her stretched a massive line of metal tracks. Tenchi smiled
and lead Ryoko to the ticket booth. She was listening to the screams of the
people on the ride yell and scream and just stared in shock. She didn't come
out of it until Tenchi tried to get her to sit in the ride.
She stopped dead and looked at him. "Are you sure this is safe?"
Tenchi grinned evilly and looked at her. "You aren't scared are you?"
Ryoko smirked, "Of course not..." Then she looked at the seat again and
Tenchi smiled and helped her in. "Don't worry Ryoko, I'll be right here."
Ryoko sat down and Tenchi got in besides her. The bar lowered and Ryoko
considered phasing out and waiting for Tenchi until the ride was over.
Tenchi put his hand on her shoulder and smiled to make sure she was all
right. She smiled back and the ride began moving. It wasn't so bad at first.
It slowly rose up the track and reached the top. Then it suddenly plummeted
downward causing Ryoko to let out a startled yell. She was used to flying.
She had flown in a space ship, had flown on her own, but this was nothing
like that. She had no control as she fell towards the ground and then curved
up into a loop. She screamed and grabbed onto the bar in front of her with
all her might. The ride finally stopped and Ryoko turned to Tenchi with her
jaw hanging down. She pulled her hands off the bar. Tenchi noticed that she
had actually left fingerprints. Then she smiled at him. "Can we go again?"
Tenchi laughed and they went to pay for another ticket.

Kiyone and Mihoshi finally stopped crying and looked at each other.
Mihoshi smiled at her. Then she reached into her pocket and withdrew a gold
ring from her pocket. There was an interlocking pattern through the whole
thing and a diamond set in the middle.
Kiyone stared at it in shock. "How... how did you afford that?" Mihoshi
smiled and winked. "Well we get paid by the galaxy police and can't use the
money on Earth so I saved it up. Then... remember last month when I said I
had to do something and barrowed the ship?" Kiyone nodded numbly and Mihoshi
picked up her hand. She slid the ring onto Kiyone's finger.
Kiyone stared down at the ring like it was going to eat her finger.
Mihoshi looked at her a little worried. "Are you alright Kiyone?" Kiyone
nodded and kept staring at the ring. Mihoshi smiled and looked at her
Kiyone looked up and smiled at her. "It's beautiful Mihoshi. I just... I
don't know what to say."
Mihoshi smiled and held Kiyone's hand in hers. "That's alright Kiyone. I
don't know what to say a lot of the time either." Kiyone laughed and Mihoshi
Then Kiyone looked at her seriously. "You know what you have to do now of
course." Mihoshi looked at her curiously and a smile crept across Kiyone's
face. "You have to take me to where you got this so I can get you one to
match. And maybe some plain gold ones for later." Mihoshi hugged her and
Kiyone hugged her back.
"Kyoeni I'm so happy!" Mihoshi said and kissed Kiyone again. Kiyone nodded
and broke away, "Me too Mihoshi."

Washu stared at the screen in shock. "Wow... didn't see that coming." She
grinned. Today seemed full of surprises.
Yosho came up behind her. "I know what you mean. Who would have guessed
Kiyone and Mihoshi..." He shook his head. She smiled up at him. "How about
we check in on Ryoko and Tenchi again?" Yosho grinned and nodded.

Ryoko and Tenchi laughed. "Oh that was so much fun. And so scary! I don't
know how you could just hold your hands up in the air like that."
Tenchi smiled. "Well my clothes are dry and... Oh no." She looked up as he
reached into his jacket and drew out the picture of the two of them. It had
been totally washed away. "Oh Ryoko I'm sorry."
Ryoko smiled and took it from him tossing it over her shoulder and into
the trashcan behind her. "It's alright Tenchi. I don't need it."
He smiled and put an arm around her. "Really?" She nodded. "Yes, really.
I'll never forget this day." Tenchi smiled at her. Ryoko looked up at the
sky and saw the sun heading towards the horizon.
Ryoko took Tenchi by the hand and lead him through the park over to a
large pillar that was in the middle. It rose above the trees around them and
was covered with intricate carvings of animals and the top was flat. She
looked at Tenchi. "Want to watch the sunset with me Tenchi?"
Tenchi smiled at her and said, "I can't think of a better way to end the
day." She smiled and picked him up, flying them to the top of the pillar,
setting them down softly.
Looking out Tenchi saw the sunlight hit the tops of the trees turning the
leaves gold, orange, and red. Ryoko leaned against Tenchi and the two of
them watched as the sun sank below the horizon. Tenchi put his arm around
her and ran his fingers through her spiked hair. As the sun sank completely
out of site and was replaced by a bright full moon and a sky full of stars
Tenchi and Ryoko turned to look at each other. They closed their eyes again
and leaned closer. This time there was nobody to stop them. Their lips
touched and both of them felt an electric shock go down their spines at the
same time. They broke apart slowly and smiled at each other. "Wow..." Tenchi
Ryoko nodded. "You said it."
A cold breeze shot across them and Tenchi put his arms around her. "Want
to go home?"
Ryoko shivered and nodded her head. "Yeah. There is no way this day could
get any better. Unless..." She looked up at him and grinned. Tenchi blushed
and a drop of blood fell from his nose. Ryoko laughed and shook her head. "I
guess not. Let's wait until the third date for that... by the way, I think
it's your turn to pick where we go next time."
Tenchi smiled and nodded. "That seems fair." They hugged and Ryoko picked
him up in her arms and flew him home.

It was an hour after sunset. Washu, Yosho, Aeka, and Sasami were the only
ones at the table. Noboyuki had decided to camp out by the lake and cook the
fish he had. And the others hadn't gotten home yet. Aeka pouted and looked
around. "This is just because I was cooking." She stopped and looked at
Sasami. "Once again, I'm so sorry for burning the casserole."
Sasami smiled and took a bite out of a piece of pizza. "It's alright Aeka.
We haven't had pizza in a while."
Washu smiled around her piece. "Don't worry. The others should be here
soon. Right Yosho?" Yosho nodded. Sasami and Aeka frowned.
"And exactly how do you two know that?" Aeka asked suspiciously.
Washu tried to say that she had done some calculations but Sasami shook
her head. "I can't believe you two. Spying on them. And you didn't even tell
us what happened."
Washu grinned at the little princess. "Well if you really want I got all
the juicy parts on video."
Aeka looked at Washu. "Absolutely not. I order you to destroy those tapes
immediately." But her words lacked conviction. She was dieing of curiosity.
Washu held up black videotape. "Well if you want Aeka... or we could pop
it into the VCR and watch it." They all piled into the living room and put
the tape in. They watched it for an hour. When it was over Aeka was crying
and smiling at the same time. Sasami and Ryo-oki were just smiling and the
other two looked smug. Sasami then ran out to tell Yugi what had happened
that day.

Tenchi and Ryoko arrived home at the exact same time as Mihoshi and
Kiyone. The moon shined down on them from above and they all smiled at each
other. Tenchi reached to open the door when he saw a note on the door. He
read it out loud for everyone, "'There is pizza in the table for you. Washu
taped you guys all day. The tape is in the VCR.'"
Ryoko growled and crumpled the note. "Washu!" Then she broke out laughing.
"Well we should have known. So is everyone up for pizza and a movie?" Kiyone
and Mihoshi nodded and Tenchi opened the door for everyone.
The next morning found both couples asleep in front of the television with
pizza sauce around their mouths.

The End

Author's note
Was that romantic or what? Please accept this as my apology for the
Kiyone/Mihoshi lemon I just wrote. I usually don't work in the Tenchi in
Tokyo universe, but the last few episodes of that weren't bad and it was a
good excuse to get Ryoko and Tenchi on a date. If you wish to comment email
me at clayton_n@hotmail.com