Everyone, bar Joker, was blushing at the audacity the man in black showed. Joker showed only mild surprise. Belle blushed even harder; she wouldn't know how to react in this...situation. Beast's temper flared up quicker than a match to an explosive. She aimed her leg to meet with the stranger's head, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU PERVERT?!' In an instant, Joker put his arm around Belle to push her behind him defensively.

But the man was too fast to get hit, 'Oops. Ahh, that was rude of me. I've never seen someone who dresses so shamelessly act so modestly so...' Oh God, he's making it worse! Belle thought in panic. If something wasn't done soon...she didn't want to think of the wrath of Beast.

Beast got out her whip, all common sense leaving her because of her rage, 'YOU BASTARD!'

Meanwhile, Doc was trying calm the madness happening around in his medicinal tent, 'HEY! Hey, Beast! Stop it! You're against a customer!' He looked towards the other in desperation, 'You guys, help me stop her!' Yeah, but what can I do?! At the corner of her eye, Belle noticed that Dagger was shaking.


Somehow, Belle wasn't sure if it was possible, the man in black landed lightly on one of the strings holding up the tent, 'Even though I didn't truly touch her skin...It somehow seems like I might as well have been.' He grinned smugly.

Goddammit! Fan the flames even higher, why don't you?! Belle wished for nothing more than for the trespasser of "Big Sis's Purity" to shut up as she tried to reason with Dagger, 'Dagger, stop! At this rate, the tent-'

'More important than the tent is...' Dagger got more daggers in his hands at the ready, 'SIS'S PURITY!'

Belle shielded her eyes, expecting to see a bloody customer on the ground. But there was no red liquids, nor was there the sound of a crash like a body would from a height. She peeked from in between her fingers.

A saw the man still standing on the rope, wearing a smug look. Each of Dagger's knives in between each of his fingers. 'No way...'

However, Beast was not impressed, 'DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY!' she cried as she raised her whip to try to strike the man one more time. But before things could get any worse, Joker finally stepped in, bringing out his cane.

Which sprouted out beautiful flowers into Beast's face, 'Here. Okay, that's enough now.' he said in a familiar jovial tone.

'Boss?!' Dagger complained

'Why didn't you stop them sooner?!' Belle cried out! I can never tell what's going on through his head sometimes!

Beast argued as the wrongdoer landed with an almost inhuman ability onto the ground, 'But he-'

'Now now,' Joker caressed Beast's leg, 'This pretty leg...It's not I can't understand wanting to touch it.' Belle couldn't help but feel a pang of something she was not used to feeling... 'Use these flowers to cheer up.'

The man was returning the knives to Dagger when Joker spoke again, 'My, you got great reflexes. I'd kinda like to scout you-'

Before he finished the sentence, with inhuman speed, the stranger was almost too close for comfort in Belle's opinion, 'Really? The truth of the matter is, my current master is spoiled and rather shocking.' Somewhere on the carriage home, an Earl by the name of Ciel Phantomhive sneezed.

With the conflict relatively gone, Belle was more willing to converse with the man, 'Your master? So you're a servant at some kind of manor? The way you looked made me think that you were some kind of gentleman.'

'Me, a gentleman? How absurd, Miss Belle. I am but a butler to the core.' His attention went to Joker, 'So, a moment ago when you said you'd like to scout me, was that true? If it is, I would certainly like to accept, but-'

'Are you serious?'

'Aren't I always serious?'

What Joker did next shocked not only Belle, but most of the occupants of the tent, 'Pfft! Yer pretty funny! I like you! So, if it's okay with you, I don't mind if you come at any time!'

'Hold on Joker!' It was Beast, 'What are you deciding on so quickly!'

But Joker was not affected, 'Now now, he's got outstanding talent-'

'Um...The truth is, there is someone else I'd like to introduce you to.' Again, Ciel sneezed.

Joker seemed interested, 'If you got another person like you that's great! But we have an entrance test.'