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Annabeth stared out the window of her house, and she sighed. From outside her room, which was locked, she could hear the sounds of her parents arguing and yelling.

All her life, Annabeth had heard the sounds of her parents fighting and yelling. There was no soft voices to sooth her to sleep, to calm her down, to comfort her.

She'd grown used to the shouts of her parents, and coming home from high school and locking her door was something that she had done so many times, she now did it instinctively.

Her mother, Athena Chase, was a successful architect, designing one of the most popular buildings. Athena was at work throughout the whole time Annabeth was at school, and while she wasn't yelling at Annabeth's father, she was designing more buildings. Never once had Athena been a regular mother to Annabeth, caught up in her own work.

Her father, Frederick Chase, was a whole different story. He used to work as a professor in Harvard, but had retired. Now, his days were spent drinking and lounging in the couch. Annabeth never understood why he had retired, and he always refused to tell her. Annabeth had gotten used to the neglection, yet she never understood why her parents wouldn't get a divorce if they despised each other so much.

It was Saturday, barely dawn. Annabeth was woken to the sounds of her parents, once again, yelling and screaming.

She looked outside the window, and opened it. Next to her window, there was a pipe, just large enough for Annabeth to grab and climb with the ledge of her window. She pulled herself up, grabbing the pipe for leverage, praying it didn't break. She shut the window with her foot. Just above it, there was a brick out of place, which Annabeth pulled her foot towards. She again, pulled herself up. The roof of the attic was face to face with her, and Annabeth took a chance and let go of both the pipe and the brick, and with her heart pounding, she landed on the roof.

Taking a shaky breath, Annabeth got up and walked over to the edge of the roof, careful not to walk off and break her neck. Having done this at least a hundred times since she was 12, which had been three years ago, Annabeth knew how to do it by heart.

She sat down on the ledge and pulled her legs aside, letting them hang from the roof. The roof had a bumpy edge to it, and it was light purple, but Annabeth barely noticed. She looked up at the splash of colors in the sky, and shivered when the cold morning chill ran through the air, pulling her tank top over her hands. Even though it was July 1st, Annabeth felt cold, both inside and out. She wished she'd have worn something better than short shorts and a white tank top when leaving.
Annabeth glared at the sky, her emotions everywhere. Her eyes shone through the light as she stared at the purple, blue and light orange decorating the sky. She had nobody to tell her emotions to, and she kept them bottled inside. Would I ever get my happy ending like everybody? Would things ever change for me? Is this how I'd live my life, letting my parents control it?

Even though she never showed it, Annabeth wished her parents would show her a little love for her, instead of either putting the blame on her, or completely ignoring her. She had thought about running away, multiple times. All she wanted was a place to feel safe, to feel loved. Not unwanted. Not useless. There was never a day where she didn't think about running away. Annabeth knew that there was more to life than sitting home alone, feeling terrible. She knew her happy ending was somewhere, and she'd have to make it.

Annabeth looked at the street below her, cars passing, even at dawn. She'd considered simply leaving, no note, just leaving. To live, to find what her purpose was. Yet , she knew it was irrational. She'd have no place to stay, and it wouldn't be safe. Instead, she studied, hard, in hopes of reaching her dream college, Columbia university, and moving to her dream city, New York City. To finally leave San Francisco. To leave, and never look back. But she knew in order to achieve that dream, she'd have to work for it.

However, that didn't mean she didn't want love from her parents. Maybe she was overreacting, but she didn't know what to do any spent nights awake, praying she'd find her happily ever after. Wishing that somebody would show her care, to show her she was more than just a disappointment. But of course, not all wishes came true.

She threw her hands up in exasperation. Annabeth was sick of hiding her feelings and pushing them away, letting herself become numb. Picking up a rock that was next to her, small yet heavy and smooth, different shades of white, Annabeth threw the rock down, nearly fainting when she heard a voice say, "Ow! What the hell?"
Annabeth looked down, terrified she'd hit somebody. She squinted and saw that familiar sea-green eyes were staring back at her, rubbing his head with his hand, wincing. "What was that for?"

The school's most popular boy and neighborhood star, Percy Jackson.

Percy looked at the room in front of him. It was the living room, and at the very end was the door where he could escape for a while. However, there was something blocking his way.


His stepfather was sprawled on the couch, beer bottles scattered all around him. The TV was still playing, showing a show Percy would never even think about watching. Gabe was snoring, and even ten feet away from him, Percy could scrunched his nose when he smelled the faint scent of whiskey.
But Percy was used to it by now.

Growing up with an abusive stepfather, Percy had no childhood. His mother had passed away when he was just a couple days old, dying from a heart attack. There was no Mother's Day for Percy. No Father's Day. No birthday parties. No "father-son" time. Of course, there was verbal abuse. Physical abuse, throwing of beer bottles. Stealing beer bottles at four in the morning.

Yet, Percy pretended to be happy at school, in front of others. He tried to make everybody smile, just so they wouldn't be like him. In attempts to hide how broken and tired he was, he put on a smile.

Percy quietly went through the room, praying Gabe wouldn't wake up. He passed Gabe, holding in his breath and almost flinched when Gabe mumbled something incomprehensible in his sleep.

When he reached the door, Percy let out a sigh of relief. Opening the door, he winced when he heard the squeak of the door. Opening the door just big enough to slip through, he cursed as he left, knowing well he probably woke Gabe.

Percy shivered as the chill of dawn rushed through him, sending shivers down his spine. He stuck his hands in his pockets and started walking towards the street. The house where Gabe and him lived in was not a large neighborhood, but their house was at the very end, then it split between houses on the left, and right.
Percy always loved walking towards the left houses, remembering how him and his old childhood best friend, Annabeth used to sneak out as 12 year olds at night and morning, and used to walk together there. There was just something about dawn, the feeling of a new day and new start, and knowing he could control what he did today.

Percy and Annabeth had separated once high school started, both finding new friends and new people. Percy had always had a crush on Annabeth, and even three years later, it hadn't gone away.

Shaking off the thoughts, Percy decided to take the right path this time. He noticed the sky was a light pink color, and the sun was almost up.
As he walked, he saw Annabeth's house up, and he felt a burst of emotion as he remembered all the memories him and Annabeth had done in that very house. He walked towards it, a strange feeling in his stomach.

He missed Annabeth's grey eyes and the way they used to shine. The way her hair used to flow in the wind and how she was willing to help Percy with his dyslexia.
Lost in thoughts, Percy jumped when something hard hit his head. He looked down, where the object had fallen and saw it was a rock. "Ow! What the hell?"

Even though it had been years, Percy remembered Annabeth meeting when he had accidently thrown a rock at her roof, and how it had woken her up. The rock was an oval and it was extremely smooth. Percy remembered finding it when he snuck out to go to the beach as an 11 year old, which was not too far from his home.
He smiled at the memory, but then looked up to see who had hit him with the rock.

He came in contact with piercing grey eyes, the same ones he had spent nights thinking about.

Annabeth Chase.

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