I had this rolling around in my head since last night, but was finally able to put it down after running all of the errands I had. Sorry it's so short, but since it's a poem...

Now, I added something that is NOT in the books whatsoever. I added it because I like the idea of Matthias being the descendent of Gonff one way or another.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I am not nearly the writer that Mr. Jacques is.


I have watched as seasons have come and gone.

I have watched as creatures come and go, live and die.

I have remained in order to watch over the creatures that reside here.

When it is time, I come to one of my Redwallers in order to warn them.

I aid them in wars and battles.

I aid them even when there is none to be fought.

When my spiritual descendant from my best friend's line was born...

I knew I had chosen correctly.

I-am that is...

My sword shall wield for me.