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Chloe can't feel her heart.

She's pretty sure that it stopped beating a couple of minutes ago, actually, but Chloe really can't even blame it; frankly, she feels just as happily overwhelmed as the exhausted organ in her chest does, and, if Chloe is honest, she's really just a little bit impressed that her body hasn't given up and passed out from sheer overstimulation, too.

Aubrey's palm still sprawls warmly over top of Chloe's heart, and she thinks the blonde is panting, a little, somewhere near her ear, but Chloe really can't focus well enough to be sure. The redhead absently presses her mouth sweetly into Beca's hair – partly just because she can, but also because nothing else really even seems important, to Chloe, outside of loving these two girls with every part of her whole heart – and she feels Beca's tongue, stroking tenderly along the fresh punctures just above Chloe's breast, in answer.

Distantly, Chloe recognizes how proud and honored and genuinely thrilled she is to – finally – bear that Mark, but- everything else still feels a little bit blurry, for Chloe.

The redhead feels tears drying against her cheeks that she only vaguely even remembers shedding, in the first place, and Chloe's arms coil around the Vampire Queen's neck with such ferocity that Chloe thinks it's probably a pretty fortunate thing that Beca doesn't actually need to breathe – because, honestly, Chloe doesn't think that she could release her Queen, right now, even if she wanted to.

She doesn't quite feel frozen, exactly – Chloe just feels sort of- heavy.

She feels sated and tired and like it's practically impossible to move any part of herself at all, but Chloe mostly thinks that's fine, because she doesn't really need to move, anyway; she already has everything that she needs – everything that matters – right in the bed beside her, and nothing in the entire aca-loving universe could convince Chloe to leave it.

Still, the inability to move should probably concern Chloe a little bit more than it actually does – only, Chloe really doesn't have all that much time to think about it.

The redhead's heart sputters unexpectedly back to life with a couple of near-shattering thumps against her ribs, and Chloe's chest abruptly begins to burn with all of the vicious, demolishing grace of an overcooked volcano; the redhead feels like she is literally erupting from the inside out, and Chloe whimpers out a startled, frightened sound in answer, but it's swiftly followed by a desperately aching gasp, instead.

The pain doesn't last for very long, but it's immediately replaced with something- different.

The sensation shifts, just a little, so that Chloe doesn't actually feel burned, anymore, but- warmed; it feels like Chloe's been carried from inside the bellies of the fire to right beside it, instead, and the comforting heat of that feeling spreads outward from the bleeding injury in Chloe's chest until it pumps all the way down through the redhead's flexing toes.

Chloe's heart pulses radically in instant reply; it practically explodes with a frenzied rush of blisteringly powerful emotion, and- Chloe doesn't actually know what to do.

Chloe just– She suddenly feels so much.

She is so excruciatingly tired, but somehow still charged with raw, electric energy; she is tremendously proud, but also deeply, irrationally concerned; she is more eager than she has ever been and she's more aroused than Chloe ever even knew she could become, really, but she's also so completely satisfied that she literally cannot imagine how she can still so greedily want more.

Above all of that, though, Chloe just feels- love, strong and faithful and timeless, pouring into her heart from pretty much every direction until the thing basically feels ready to burst with it.

Chloe really isn't sure where all of that emotion even comes from, in the first place – because all Chloe thinks is that she is just so happy, here with Aubrey and Beca, and nothing else actually matters, to the redhead, truthfullybut each new emotion feels equally as urgent as the last, and Chloe doesn't even know how to answer them.

Chloe is good at emotion. In fact, Chloe is great at it – but even Chloe has never had to cope with so many of them all at once, and she's pretty sure that her heart might actually be short-circuiting strictly because she doesn't know what to do with them all.

"Oh, Red," the Vampire Queen hums softly into Chloe's chest, and Chloe feels her breath as it spills hotly across her injured flesh.

Chloe trembles, because even though she's pretty positive that her lady parts are too sensitive to even think about taking more, Beca is still the most devastatingly seductive creature Chloe's ever even met, and she really just can't help it.

"You look so pretty when you fall apart for me," Beca tells her on a quiet, lingering sigh, and Chloe gasps when her heart knocks viciously against her ribs with an angry pulse of dire need. "You look so pretty when you're mine," Beca growls softly, as a sharp, delicious jolt of confident possession spears through Chloe's gut, and Chloe practically sobs, in answer. "Can you feel what it does to me?" The Vampire Queen purrs gently, moving soft, pink lips to press into the skin of Chloe's throat, and Chloe hears Aubrey whimper in instant reply to the words, but the redhead doesn't actually understand why.

At least, not at first.

It takes a second – Chloe is overwhelmed and dazed and also about a hundred other things that she can't actually even name, right now – but, eventually, Chloe really hears the question that Beca posed for her.

Beca wants to know if Chloe can feel what it does to her to see Chloe, this way – and, Chloe understands with a long, comprehensive blink, she does.

Chloe is tired, all on her own, but- Aubrey is tired, too, she realizes; Chloe doesn't feel worried, but- Aubrey just felt Chloe's heart stop beating from right beneath her own palm, and Chloe knows her girlfriend well enough to know that Aubrey is probably a little concerned by that, even if the blonde did just suffer through the same experience; Chloe's body still thrums with tiny little echoes of pleasure, but- Chloe imagines that Aubrey's body probably still does, too.

But Beca–

Oh, Beca is an aca-loving powerhouse of energy, right now; she is desperate and hot and she wants – but, more than that, Beca needs.

And Chloe knows, because- Chloe can feel all of it.

It's insane, to the redhead, that she can feel Aubrey's exhaustion weighing down over top of her own; it's insane that she can actually feel Aubrey's worry, stirring nervous little flutters throughout Chloe's already-too-active heart; it's insane that she can feel Aubrey's wholehearted satisfaction, and that she can feel how proud Aubrey is to belong to Beca, the way that she does now.

It's insane and wonderful and Chloe probably adores it, but she isn't actually even sure, because- as exhilarating as it is for Chloe to be able to feel Aubrey, this way, it's another thing, altogether, to feel her Queen, in this way, too.

Beca's emotions are incredible, to Chloe.

The Vampire Queen is so eager to love her and Aubrey that the emotion actually feels too big, for Chloe – like it's too much; like she hasn't lived long enough, yet, to even fathom an emotion of this magnitude, and like her human heart can't even bear it.

Beca has waited thousands of years to know a love like this one, and she has yearned for it; she has wanted this love for so long now, and she feels every part of it so fiercely, Chloe now realizes fully – but, somehow, Beca has reliably maintained a measure of deferential patience, with them, that the redhead honestly just can't even believe.

The Vampire Queen wants them, and they are hers, so she shouldn't even have to wait for them, anymore; Beca shouldn't have even had to wait this long – she definitely shouldn't have had to wait for Aubrey and Chloe to find that kind of relief before her, the redhead thinks – and Chloe–

God, Chloe can barely stand it.

"Beca," she whimpers weakly, testing her capacity for motion and smoothing her palm frantically over Beca's cotton-covered spine. "Beca, sweetie, I don't– I can't– "

Chloe tries, but her tongue is twisted and her mind is practically mush, and that's- honestly just that very best that Chloe can even do, right now.

"Shh," Beca hushes her softly, nose stroking warmly down the length of Chloe's own. "It's alright, precious thing," she coos earnestly. "It's alright," Beca repeats on a sweet, loving murmur. "Take as long as you need, Princess."

Chloe shakes her head with an incredulous, breathy laugh, but it's hard to calm her heart when it's busy swelling up with pride, the way that it is now; she knows that Beca is Queen, and she even has a vague idea of what that title means, among Vampires, but- it makes Chloe warm all over to be named as Beca's Princess, even if that title only actually has meaning for Chloe.

Because, really, it just means that Chloe belongs to her, and Chloe- honestly can't imagine a feeling better than that.

Beca laughs into the redhead's skin and hums out a noise that is, all at once, both delighted and amused, before she murmurs warmly, "Posen liked that name, too. I'll have to remember to use it more often," she smirks, and Chloe can feel the shape of her mouth move as her muscles shift to form the expression.

It takes another moment for Chloe to find words, but she's a little bit comforted by the fact that Aubrey really isn't that much better off; the blonde's palm opens and closes greedily over Chloe's heart, like she wants nothing more in the world than for Beca to offer Aubrey some part of her body, just to touch, and something like a desperate groan spills from somewhere deep inside of Aubrey's chest.

"Please," Chloe whines out eventually. "Becs, please," she begs earnestly. "Let me see you," Chloe pleads. "Let me feel you, Beca, please," she whispers frantically. "God, you need it so badly, honey – I can feel it. Just let me- let me make it better. Let us make it better for you, sweetheart, please."

Beca shuffles around, just for a second, until her weight bears down over Chloe's hips and the brunette's back straightens, creating more than enough room for Aubrey's fingers to drift purposefully across the damp plane of Chloe's chest and brush curiously across Beca's Mark on her skin; it doesn't hurt – which is probably something that Chloe should try and remember to ask Beca about, later – but it feels comforting and sweet and just a little unexpectedly hot, and Chloe moans softly, in reply.

"Chloe," Beca chuckles, deep and low and rumbling, until Chloe's fingers shake where they fall over top of Beca's hips, and the Vampire Queen's nails dig sharply into the muscle of Chloe's stomach, in answer, "if you would like to see me nude," Beca murmurs teasingly, "then maybe you should do something about it."

And that- sounds an awful lot like permission, to Chloe.

Apparently Aubrey agrees with her, because the blonde's fingers curl around the hem of Beca's top in the same instant that Chloe's do, too, and they jointly slide the neck of Beca's shirt over the brunette's ears pretty much as soon as Beca raises her arms toward the air in order to help them do it.

Chloe and Aubrey honestly spare just as little interest for the rest of Beca's clothing, and they aren't especially elegant in their removal.

The redhead fumbles at the strap of a mostly basic black bra, with just a tiny bit of lace decorated along the trim, but Chloe's hands are trembling so violently that she can't actually even help it. When it shakes loose from Beca's wrists, Aubrey eases the Vampire Queen gently onto her side and then down, until Beca lies pliantly on the bed beneath them. Chloe watches from Beca's hip with a small, breathless giggle as Aubrey is forced to slow their pace, inching practically painted on skinny jeans and a pair of underwear that Chloe never even sees down the length of Beca's thighs, over her calves, and past her ankles.

And then- Beca is completely nude.

Chloe's sort of seen her this way once before, maybe, but- not like this.

Beca had tried to cover herself, that day in the shower; she'd tried to hide from Chloe's eager eyes, and she'd averted her own from Chloe's body, too. Beca had crossed her arms and tucked herself inward, eyes admirably drifting toward the ceiling instead of scouring the length of Chloe's frame, and Chloe thinks that memory is probably one of her very most favorite ones, but that's- nothing like now.

Because, now, Beca lofts her brow in silent, smirking challenge, and her silver eyes glitter with affection and command and utter desire; now, Beca lies splayed across her and Aubrey's bed like an offering, arms agreeably resting at her sides, and now–

Now, Chloe can see her.

Beca's eyes seem brighter, in the night – almost like tiny, silver stars – and the slope of her generous breasts casts the most flattering silhouette against her bedroom wall that Chloe has ever seen; it's late and dark and it's been cloudy all night long, but- Beca's pale, perfect skin glows all the way from her scalp down to small, precious little toes, and Chloe swears on the spot that the moon probably hasn't made an appearance tonight because all of its light is somehow snared beneath her Queen's royal flesh.

Chloe can't catch her breath.

Beca is just- beautiful, like this – beautiful in a way that is probably more comparable to a goddess than a girl, Chloe thinks worshipfully – and the Vampire Queen's body is a genuine, seductive treasure.

And Chloe really isn't surprised that Aubrey thinks so, too.

"God," the blonde hisses, fingers reverently stretching outward to stroke delicately across the flexing, frankly ridiculous muscle of Beca's quivering abs. "You can't– Jesus, you can't be real," Aubrey breathes incredulously, emerald eyes following the cautious, gentle exploration of her fingers as Beca growls softly, in reply.

"Beca," Chloe whispers tremblingly, nails scraping just barely across the flesh of Beca's chest, "you're so- perfect," the redhead swears, and Chloe doesn't think that she's ever meant anything more sincerely in her whole entire life. "Aubrey, she's just– "

"No," the blonde interrupts softly. "No, that was– You had it right," she breathes, and there is so much genuine awe in her voice that Chloe thinks she might could cry. "She's perfect," Aubrey swallows thickly, and Chloe watches as she shifts, just a little; just enough to settle Beca's legs comfortably between her thighs.

Chloe is pressed so tightly into Beca's body that she can feel Aubrey calf as it rubs softly against her own, but she only pays attention to it long enough for the blonde to distract her in a different way.

Aubrey lowers her mouth to Beca's ear, and she whispers something soft and sweet and gentle that Chloe can't honestly even hear, but- Chloe doesn't actually need to; she feels a rush of tender affection, and of promise and of endless love, and Chloe doesn't know which one of them it actually comes from, to begin with, but- that feeling is really all that Chloe cares about.

She watches the blonde's mouth as it moves tenderly across the line of Beca's jaw, but when her smudged, swollen lips press into their Queen's, that's basically all that Chloe even thinks she's able to take; she lets her fingers draw circles over Beca's heart, widening the berth a little at every turn, until her fingers ghost across the point of a gorgeously pink, straining nipple.

Beca snarls into Aubrey's mouth in surprise the instant that Chloe's fingers skim across her breast, and Aubrey stops, just for a second, to release a soft, startled little laugh, in answer. Chloe has to smile, though, even if it maybe isn't the most appropriate time; it's just that- a surge of vicious affection swarms through Chloe, and the sheer depth of that emotion makes it clear exactly who it spawns from.

The Vampire Queen positively adores them, Chloe thinks wondrously, and it is such an overpoweringly remarkable thing to actually be able to feel that kind of devotion and unfaltering sincerity swelling wide through her own heart.

It's probably too much, and it probably also might kill her, Chloe thinks, but it's also just- absolutely remarkable.

Chloe's fingers pull softly at Beca's nipple, and the redhead isn't ashamed to admit that she mostly only even keeps doing it just because she likes the way that Beca moves, in answer. She likes the way that her back arches, chest pressing into Aubrey's own until the blonde mewls out something heated and quiet like she can't actually even help herself; she likes the way that Beca's palm rises to curl over Chloe's ass and squeeze, just to encourage her more, like that's something that Chloe even needs.

Like Chloe even requires more incentive to touch her.

The Vampire Queen hasn't asked for them to touch her, yet, though; she hasn't demanded Chloe's fingers between her thighs, or Aubrey's tongue against her clit. Beca hasn't asked for anything from them since Chloe's most recent orgasm, and Chloe's brow furrows in confusion, the moment that she realizes it.

"Becs?" She murmurs softly and frowns. "How- How do you want us to…?"

Aubrey stops moving, mouth hovering over the brunette's neck in sudden curiosity, like she's waiting on their Queen's reply just as eagerly as Chloe is, too.

"Oh, my sweet girl," Beca shakes her head and smiles tenderly, and Chloe gasps as a debilitating wave of pure, honest love crashes down the length of her spine until Chloe's whole body feels like it's drowning underneath of it, "I won't tell you how to love me. Not tonight," she promises warmly. "Do anything you'd like to me; I'm yours," Beca vows, and Chloe feels the sweet, undying truth of that as it pierces through her heart and nearly stills the frantically pulsing organ all over again.

Aubrey whines into Beca's throat, teeth tugging urgently across a small stretch of Beca's skin, and she shifts her hips just enough to grind them down over the brunette's own. Chloe watches as Beca hisses, air slurping violently through elongated fangs that alter the sound, just a little; just enough to make the noise emerge more like an angered animal than anything else, and Chloe is surprised by just how sharply her arousal surges, in answer.

Chloe sighs – something complicated and loving and warm – because they are just perfect, together, and Chloe loves them both with everything that she even is.

Still, Beca's arousal churns with delicious aggression, deep inside of Chloe's core, and that- really shouldn't still be a thing, the redhead considers idly; Beca has waited practically forever to feel their love, like this, and Chloe is tired of building her up for it.

Beca doesn't need foreplay; she just needs them.

Chloe cradles her fingers more firmly around the cup of Beca's breast, and she offers it a gentle, rhythmic sort of massage, just for a second; her lips press fleetingly into Beca's shoulder, across her collarbone, and briefly into Beca's neck, but- Chloe's angle really isn't good for this.

Aubrey is spread over top of Beca like a full-body blanket, and it almost makes Chloe laugh, except that- she can't actually reach most of Beca's body, with Aubrey's shielding it away from her.

It's sweet that Aubrey is so eager to feel her – sweet that Aubrey wants so desperately just to love her – but this really just won't work; Chloe hates to move her, but she honestly can only bring herself to hate it a little, because- Chloe just needs access.

"Bree," she whimpers into Beca's throat, and she watches the blonde's mouth pull dazedly apart from Beca's own, to face her.

The Vampire Queen still smirks – still watches the pair of them with the most intense, intrusively affectionate stare that Chloe's ever seen; still lies expectantly beneath them in wait for what they might eventually get around to doing to her – and Chloe has to actually take a second, after Aubrey pushes herself upward, just to remember why she'd even urged them apart, to begin with.

"Aubrey, sweetie," Chloe pants out finally, "I need to feel her, too," she pleads softly, and Aubrey–

She actually blushes with embarrassment, and Chloe feels the heated, nervous feeling of it as it rages up through her own cheeks.

"Oh, baby, no," Chloe shakes her head with a disbelieving laugh. "I love watching you together. I love it, Bree," she insists breathlessly. "But she just– God, Aubrey, she needs us so badly, and I can't- I can't reach," she giggles, winded and wholeheartedly amazed by the way that Beca makes them feel, and Chloe squeezes a little harder around the Vampire Queen's breast, just for emphasis.

Beca growls all over again – vicious and unrepentant and positively dangerous – and Chloe trembles all over when the Vampire Queen's persistent greed abruptly becomes her own.

It's crazy and hot and so blatantly overwhelming, but Chloe thinks this equal trade of emotion is probably the best thing that's ever happened to her in her whole entire life, and she positively adores that she can feel Aubrey's need swelling in perfect unison with her own; it's sort of perfect, and Chloe really doesn't care if it's also strange and unnatural and maybe a little bit unreal.

Aubrey falls swiftly to Beca's opposite side, and Chloe groans as her own fingers almost mechanically search the strip of flesh between the brunette's heaving breasts. Aubrey's fingers map a trail between Beca's hips, below her, slim digits sinking through dips and coasting with growing urgency across their Queen's trembling stomach, and Chloe–

Chloe has been patient.

She has waited out Aubrey's hesitance, and her doubt, and she has waited out Beca's frankly impossible need to love them 'thoroughly,' and with all the time in the world. Chloe has been patient, even if her patience still can't even begin to compare with Beca's, but Chloe is only human.

She is finished waiting, and Chloe really doesn't give an aca-flying fuck about patience, right now.

In an instant, Chloe drops her greedy mouth over Beca's attention-seeking nipple, and she feels the Vampire Queen's fingers instantly tangle between the threads of Chloe's hair, in answer; Beca purrs out a gently satisfied noise as Chloe's tongue laps sweetly across the sensitive skin in her mouth, and Chloe physically feels the brunette's chest vibrating beneath the pleasure.

Aubrey hums, fingers growing bold as they brave the bare flesh of Beca's heat, and Aubrey abruptly gasps sharply with unprecedented need in the very same moment that Beca's palm closes forcefully over Chloe's hair, tearing the redhead's neck backward until Beca's mouth crashes furiously into Chloe's own.

The redhead really can't even breathe, and when Beca's teeth score familiarly through Chloe's lower lip, a violently insistent feeling of being owned plagues instantly throughout her body.

"Chloe," Aubrey whimpers, and the redhead can really only manage to pant, in reply to the sudden realization that Aubrey can feel it; the blonde can actually feel the way that Chloe's entire body comes to life at the thought of being possessed, by Beca, and it's probably the most relieving thing that Chloe's ever known to realize that she doesn't even need to explain her feelings.

Because Aubrey and Beca already know.

"Just- fuck her, Aubrey," Chloe pleads frantically, breaths pooling over Beca's mouth as blue eyes bear desperately down over the darkening silver of the Vampire Queen's own. "Please," Chloe begs in silent obedience, when Beca expectantly lofts her brow at Chloe's maybe somewhat firm request.

Beca chuckles, soft and slow and comfortingly warm, which is honestly just a little bit confusing, for Chloe – because, at the same time, Chloe feels her Mark begin to throb with hard, impatient desire, and it burns through Chloe's skin like acid.

Aubrey mumbles something rushed and quiet and basically incoherent, but it probably isn't really even all that important, Chloe thinks, because, in the next instant, Beca's hips arch upward and her chest pushes aggressively into Chloe's tender palm. The redhead chances a glance toward Aubrey's hand, and Chloe feels a wave of frenzied need blast through every single part of her body when she finds the blonde's hand positively lost in Beca's heat, palm pressing into the Vampire Queen's clit with every gentle stroke of Aubrey slim, elegant fingers inside of Beca's slickened core.

"Oh, God," Aubrey rasps, and Chloe swears up and down that she has literally never even heard Aubrey's voice scratch quite this deep. "Chloe," she hisses with a shake of her head. "Oh, Chloe, she's so wet."

And Chloe– really can't remember what patience even means.

She whines softly and presses her mouth just fleetingly into Beca's – just long enough for her Queen's tongue to swipe, deliberately slowly, across the bleeding cut in Chloe's lip and moan, once she has tasted Chloe's life in her mouth – before she slinks down the length of Beca's body with tiny, dedicated kisses to every field of luxuriously pale skin that Chloe can find, along the way.

The redhead's lips stall briefly at Beca's hips – mostly because Chloe just adores the satisfying, drawn out keen that tumbles out from Beca's mouth every aca-loving time that Chloe's tongue strokes lovingly into the hollow that the bone creates in Beca's flesh – but it really doesn't take Chloe all that long to reach her goal.

She nuzzles her nose into Beca's mound, inhaling slow and deep and long, and it is just- something overwhelmingly powerful, for Chloe, to smell three thousand years of delirious want spilling out from Beca's heat, all for Chloe and Aubrey; all because Beca loves them.

Chloe can't rationally explain the way that it makes her feel, but her body grows hot all over and a loud, desirous moan grinds out from somewhere low in Chloe's chest; her heart practically bursts with pride, and with need, and with so much undiluted love that Chloe- really can't even hold it.

So she puts it to good use, instead.

She nudges the tip of her nose against the back of Aubrey's slowly-working palm, and Aubrey nods frantically with flushed-warm cheeks as she angles her fingers to keep thrusting gently inside of Beca, while offering Chloe enough room to work, too. The redhead hums in quiet anticipation, breaths pooling over top of Beca's heat, and the Vampire Queen's fingers dart so swiftly to pull Aubrey into her that Chloe only really even knows it happens because of the odd little jerk of Aubrey's hand, in reply.

Still, Aubrey's palm stays out of her way, so Chloe really isn't bothered.

The redhead tows in a long, final breath to her lungs, but that's really all the preparation that Chloe even needs; she feels like she's wanted nothing but this, all year long, and Chloe honestly has no reason to wait for it, anymore.

Her mouth lowers into Beca with all of the reverence and devotion and care that the Vampire Queen has earned, from them, and Beca's entire lower half jumps toward Chloe's mouth with vicious, instant desire. The redhead's palm reflexively presses into Beca's hip to keep her still – something that Chloe doesn't actually think will help at all, in retrospect, because Beca is Queen, and she is old, and she is strong – but the touch seems to ground Beca, anyway, at least enough to keep her from squirming beneath the devoted attention of Chloe's mouth.

Chloe circles tenderly around the sensitive hood of Beca's clit, lapping softly across it with every easy stroke, and, when Chloe glances up the length of Beca's toned, gloriously pale frame just a couple of seconds later, the redhead basically loses her breath all over again.

Aubrey's opposite palm hugs over the flesh of Beca's breast like it's her only tether in this whole entire world, and the brunette's tiny fingers gather the blonde's hair at the back of Aubrey's head. The Vampire Queen's mouth plunders over Aubrey's own, even from beneath her, and Aubrey mewls a small, helpless little noise into Beca's lips, in reply, that makes Chloe wonder how it is Beca being pleasured, right now, instead.

Still, Beca's free hand presses with possession and care and demand into the back of Chloe's neck, intermittently tightening when Chloe's tongue moves in tandem with Aubrey's now-trembling fingers, below her, and Chloe is abruptly overcome by a debilitating need just to watch Beca come for them.

Chloe thinks she needs it, and honestly feels purely crazed by the strength of that emotion as it crashes over her, but she responds to it instantly, anyway; she sucks the throbbing, heated flesh of Beca's clit into her mouth with earnest, rhythmically but roughly smoothing her tongue across it until Beca heatedly growls into Aubrey's ravaged mouth.

The noise doesn't stop, even when Chloe expects it to, because Beca doesn't actually need to breathe; she doesn't pause for a single inhalation of air – she just- keeps growling, until Aubrey's fingers practically trip over themselves to match with Chloe's newly frantic pace.

And then Beca just- snaps.


Her lips spread apart in an instant, bloodied, gorgeous fangs practically glowing from the light of Beca's skin, before they snap fiercely together with an animalistic, predatory sort of snarl. Her palm holds Chloe firmly in place, nails slicing deliciously through the skin at the back of Chloe's neck, and Aubrey's head arches so far backward beneath Beca's unrelenting, abruptly forceful grasp that Chloe feels sure the Vampire Queen has ripped at least a couple of pretty blonde strands from Aubrey's beautifully tangled hair.

Beca pants, even though she doesn't need to, and Chloe does her best just to soothe her; she slows her pace and laps softly over Beca's heat as Aubrey's fingers still completely, hugged too tightly inside of Beca by the sheer strength of her orgasm to move.

And then Beca shifts.

Silver eyes blur into blue, and pale skin dims in the dark; Beca's fangs recede, and even the amount of pressure that closes over the back of Chloe's neck feels lighter.

The Vampire Queen blinks down at them with love and amazement and such utter contentment, blaring vulnerably through emotive, steel blue eyes, and Chloe can feel it.

She can feel the sweet, precious warmth of being loved, more than anything in the world, and she can feel the earnest, devoted gratitude that Beca feels for receiving that kind of love, in return. Chloe can feel Aubrey, practically prepared to sob at all of the cherished emotion that Beca so freely offers to them, and she can feel the blonde's unfaltering, dedicated awe, just at witnessing the sincerely breathtaking image of Beca completely surrendering herself to Chloe and Aubrey's love.

And Chloe–

Chloe just feels all of it, all at once – because Aubrey and Beca's emotions belong to Chloe, now, too, and she thinks they've covered pretty much everything that Chloe might be able to feel, right now, anyway.

So Chloe lets them feel it for her, and rejoices in the feeling just of sharing it.